The Loss of Pride
We arrived at the club as it opened once again. We had gotten comfortable with the atmosphere, the people, and generally were very comfortable using this place as our "head quarters" for scenes and playing. Over the course of the week, my owner had been dropping hints that because I had been serving well, I was going to be rewarded with my favorite sub activities and even, much to my delight, orgasms. All week I had a spring in my step anticipating a "subbie dream come true" session on Saturday.

As we entered, I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet (as is one of her rules) and invited her to take a seat and get comfortable so I could worship her feet properly. As I began my massage, Ma'am started asking me questions like, "You've been looking forward to tonight haven't you?", "Is your erection ready for the release we talked about?", "Which of your favorite things would you like to start with tonight?" It seemed as though I was going to get a royal sub treatment. Ma'am is very kind and loving, and since I had done everything in my power to serve her well...I was "Proud" that she was recognizing my efforts and planning a reward for me.

As I finished her massage, she rose up and asked me to follow her. We usually play in a semi-private room on the far side of the club and I picked up the toy bag and off we walked...but...instead of walking all the way through the main play room, Ma'am stopped in the middle and ordered me to strip. I was a little shocked, but since we were the only folks in the room at the time, I figured she was just mixing it up a bit...she's very creative. I had on the red panties that she had asked me to wear, and she told me to leave those on. So in the middle of the room I stood as she stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes, and spoke,

"Although I have told you my plans for tonight, I haven't been forthcoming with way these plans will be executed. You are a good sub, you have taken directions well, you have done as I've asked...but I believe you have a little "pride" issue that needs to be taken care of. Tonight, we are going to remove this "pride" from you."

She pushed me a couple steps back, and I was standing under a suspension rig that sits in the center of the room and opened the toy bag, removing 4 cuffs and placing them on my wrists and ankles. Next she attached me to the overhead pipe spreadeagle...arms straight out and up...legs slightly apart and attached to the base of the rig on each side. I was stretched out well and she was pleased as she pushed my stomach and saw that, except for a little sway front and back, I was restrained very well. I thought to myself, this was fun, since there wasn't anyone there except her and I and I was "on display"...something as a sub that always was a fantasy, but shyness and pride had mostly kept me to a "semi-private" sorta sub. Ma'am spoke again,

"You're probably thinking this is a quick diversion before we move to the smaller room. Well my dear subbie, it's not. You are hanging here in your beautiful panties...and essentially...your a piece of meat. Tonight you are learning a lesson in humility, trust me, obey me...I greatly desire this and you will do it for me." She took out a blindfold and suddenly the room went black. I panicked. I was in the middle of the main play sexy red panties...strung up like a puppet...unable to really move or escape in any way.

I heard her rifle through the toy bag...recognized the zipper of the nipple clamp bag and then felt as Ma'am placed the clamps on, adjusted them to a nice uncomfortable tension, and let the chain that connected them fall and hang against my chest.

"Still feeling prideful my dear? I've already made good on my first promise...that I would do some of your favorite things to you...tight bondage and nipple play. Now its time to begin on my second promise...orgasms. With that she reached between my legs and grabbed my erection through my panties, "When a whore wears panties...they often get wet from her arousal...time to get yours wet." With that she quickly and rather roughly jerked me until I exploded into my panties. I quivered and quaked against my cuffs as the orgasm rippled through every part of my body. "You are such a slut" she laughed as she let go of my still hard cock. I had no idea what was next, but didn't have to wait long as Ma'am spoke again,

"Here are the rules Hawk. That was your first orgasm in've left quite an unseamly load in your panties.

When you are recovered to the point you can orgasm again, you will speak these words out loud, "I am a whore for my Goddess" When you do you will have 60 seconds to cum and you will have help in the same way I just jerked you off. Whether you are successful or not, I will add one weight to your nipple clamps starting with the next one.
With each orgasm you have, I will be making a tally here on your belly so everyone in the room will know how many loads of cum are in your panties.
You will remain in this position until one of 3 things happen. You achieve 5 orgasms, you can't take the nipples clamps any more, or 3 hours pass. It's that simple. Whichever of these three things happen first...we're done with you for the night.
You know I never wear panties, but.....I did today...and now to add to your humiliation..." with that she stuffed her panties she'd been wearing all day into my mouth.
You are now an interactive decoration to the room for the night for everyone to enjoy. You may say thank you for my keeping my promises to you.
I mumbled "Thank you" as thoughts raced through my head. There I was in complete darkness, hanging on display, wearing a soggy pair of sexy red panties, with nipple clamps dangling from my chest, and a pair of her juicy panties in my mouth. I felt as something cold touched my stomach. Goddess had taken a lipstick and marked my first orgasm tally. With that she took a comfortable seat near me and admired her sub hanging for her pleasure. I heard voices entering the room. I heard Ma'am say hello, followed by her telling them all about my plight, the rules, and then whispers I couldn't make out. The voices then came right up next to me...a man and a woman. They spoke,

"You have quite a pretty sub here Ma'am." said the woman. "I'd like to fuck that pretty ass" said the man. The feeling of humiliation in me sent shivers down my back...but it also turned me on...I felt my penis getting hard. I'm not sure if it was the man or the woman, but I felt a hand gently caressing my shoulders...then my back...and then my ass was being petted and squeezed. I suddenly remembered Ma'am's instructions and through the panties in my mouth I said as loud as I could, "I AM A WHORE FOR MY GODDESS".

Ma'am and the 2 inspecting me laughed out loud, and Goddess asked if one of them would like the honors. "Oh I would!" I heard the female say...and like a vise her hand was on my erection, pumping furiously. I came quickly...about 20 seconds...and they all laughed again. The man chuckled..."It really is a whore" I felt again a lipstick tally on my stomach. That was 2, as a weight was added to my nipple chain.

As you can imagine, the minutes seemed like hours. People came and went through the room, and Ma'am made sure to tell each of them all about what she was doing and the state of my plight. I felt used, helpless, humiliated, and most of all prideless. I managed another orgasm about 30 minutes later to a familiar female voice, though with my blindfold had no idea who it was. I'm pretty sure Ma'am was there sitting near me the whole time, although if she had left for a smoke or the restroom I'd never have known. There were others playing near me as I heard the whacks and moans of another sub being tortured. Those sounds helped me to achieve yet another erection and subsequent orgasm (from Ma'am I believe, but can't be sure) That was 4 orgasms, and I'm pretty sure my cum was leaking out of my panties as i felt some slowly start dripping down my left leg. The pain in my nipples from the added weights was intense, but I was able to manage the pain and fight through it. Impossible to measure time, I just endured...being the butt of jokes, being poked, tickled, fondled by strangers I could'nt even see. I thought there is no chance of my getting a 5th erection capable of an orgasm...and resigned myself to hanging there until 3 hours had passed...when...I heard Ma'am speaking to someone just feet away from me....and then...i felt a hand on each of my hips and breath on my neck...lips and a tongue working their way to my right ear...and then a the lips touched my ear...

"Your Goddess told me she really wants 5 loads in your girly panties and she asked me to make sure she gets them." It was a woman's could smell her perfume...I could feel her breast pressing against me...and her hand moving around behind me and cupping my ass. My cock started to grow and grow and grow until it was strained against my panties...."I'M A WHORE FOR MY GODDESS" I mumbled through the soggy wad of panties in my mouth...and the womans hand moved from my ass and clamped onto my erection tight. It started to jerk me slowly...seconds were burning away and I knew I only had 60 seconds...faster and faster the hand yanked my cock in and out...back and I felt it coming...felt it coming...time running out...and OMG...I came a powerful 5th time. I heard some clapping and a few "woots" as the woman back off and I felt myself hanging there alone. And then light...lots and lots of light...the dimly lit room seemed like a sunny day as Ma'am removed my blindfold. There were about 5 or 6 people around the room, some of them playing...others with eyes straight on me. Ma'am looked me in the eyes as she first removed one then the other nipple clamps causing an extreme rush of intense pain...they had been on for over 2 hours. Ma'am undid me from the rig and I fell to the floor sore from being hung so long. She carefully slid off my panties making sure to mop up all the cum from my balls, legs, and now shrunken and limp cock. She smiled and said,

"You are such a good sub, but I think there is just a tiny bit of pride left in you..." as she took her panties out of my mouth and replaced them with my own heavy cum-laden pair. "Suck on this until you have cleaned up all your personal pussy juice"

We then sat and chatted with each other (I tried although it was difficult with my panties in my mouth) and the other people in the room. A rather attractive domme came and sat by Ma'am and introduced herself as orgams numbers 3 and 5. She thanked Ma'am for letting her be part of our "pride stipping" ceremony and gave me a smile. Ma'am thanked her as well and soon it was time to go. It was a quite ride home, but I knew going forward...Pride...would no longer be an issue with my submissiveness and from then on...Ma'am could be Proud of her prideless little Whore.

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