The Love of My Life
It all started as a perfect weekend getaway with the person I felt was my soulmate for life, we left for Lake Tahoe on friday for what was to be our weekend to remember,.. I remember how excited Jesse was to be hitting the slopes and relaxing with me, all nice and cozy around a lovely fireplace with nothing between us but a bearskin rug. The drive up was fabulas, her nestled beside me , napping with sweet sighs ocassionly coming from her soft lips. I awoke her just as we were pulling into the lodge and the fresh dusting of snow on the mountions was breathtaking, she leaned in and kissed me softly and told me how much she loved me for taking the time from my busy schedule to bring her on this trip. Once inside the lodge as I unpacked our things Jesse ran a nice warm bubble bath and I could hear her splashing around in the huge tube, I walked over to the doorway and asked her if she would like for me to join her, Oh yes please do she replied and I slowly began to slip out of my jeans,. Jesse never took her eyes off me as I slipped my bra and panties off, and stepped into the warm water facing her. Jesse slide up close to me ,wrapping her soft tan legs around my waist,,her hands slowly caressed my thighs as she leaned in and kissed me.

As her tongue penetrated my aching mouth ,her fingers slid deep inside my wet hole .Her movements were slow and calculating ,knowing just her touch sends shivers down my spine. My hands fondle her soft breasts ,her nipples fully erect, after a few minutes Jesse slids back and eases one leg under me and then slides forward till our hott mounds are firmly pressed together.

Slowly rocking in harmony as our bodies become as one, Jesses breathing becomes more heavier and I know she is on the verge of cumming, I press harder and faster till were both at our climatic highs, we lye back in the tub regaining ourselves when all of a sudden we here a knock at the door.

I reach for my robe,and Jesse says for me to relax she"ll get it. I close my eyes and enjoy the warm water as Jesse disappears into the other room.

I can faintly hear voices but cant make out what is being said, suddenly Jesse is tugging at my arm and asking me to come in there with her, I get up from the tub as water beads trickle down my body,slip on my robe and as we enter the other room, there stands a gorgous young man with shoulder length hair.

Surprise ,Jesse said Tom is going to be our guide for tommorrow and I thought Id invite him for a drink so you two could get acquainted. As it turns out Jesse has known tom for sometime and he has wanted to meet me,but was kinda shy.

He already knew about mine and Jesses relationship and she had told him that guys have joined us before, but with no strings attached.

Tom sat down on the sofa and Jesse went to the bar to pour us a drink, I told him it was nice to meet one of Jesses friends, and how I was excited about tommorrow. Jesse handed our drinks and then sat down on the sofa next to Tom, wouldnt you like for Lisa to sit over here she said and I cuold see the redness appear on his face.

That would be nice he replied and I got up and walked over in front of him. Sit here he said as he patted the cushion on the sofa, Id rather sit here I said as I knealt down in front of him, I could see his groin growing in size as my hand rubbed up his inner thigh.

Jesse began kissing his neck as my fingers pulled at his zipper,I loosened his belt an as I undone his pants he raised a little so I could pull his pants to his knees. Toms cock was pressing hard, wanting to be freed from the prison of his briefs.

I slipped them down revealing a beautiful 8 in cock,so thick and as hard as a cock could get. Jesse watched as my lips engulfed his deep dark purple head, slowly inching my way down savoring every inch of his manhood. Toms hand had found its way to Jesses pussy ,slipping a couple fingers inside her.

Her moans excited me more as Toms stiff cock filled my wet mouth. I wanted him inside me so bad so I climbed up on his lap and slowly guided his huge member to my hungry slit, inch by inch his cock slid into my soaked opening till he was completely buried inside. as I slowly slid up and down his shaft Jesse got up and put on her 7 in strap on, I knew what was coming and almost came just thinking about it.

Tom began sucking on my hardened nipples as Jesse lubed herself up and positioned herself behind me.she slowly rubbed the dildo up and down my anal opening till she had me in total bliss. Toms cock was swelling inside of me as Jesse penetrated me from behind.

I tried to match her rythm feeling the two cocks rubbing together, filling me with an insatable hunger. Jesse had her dildo buried deep in my ass when Tom exploded filling my pussy with his hot seed.

Jesses thrusts got faster and harder till I couldnt wait any longer .My hot juices mixed with Toms and began seeping from my overfilled hole. I collapsed onto Toms chest as Jesse pulled her dildo from my ass. She sat down beside Tom ,hugged us both and said ,looks like we need another bath. I smiled at her and kissed her sweet lips and told her I loved her and we headed back too the tube.

That weekend was the one weekend Ill remember for the rest of my life. The rest of the weekend it was just Jesse and me.

To those of you who dont know, We had an accident on our way home ,and Jesse was hurt very badly. I
lost her several months back and I feel as if I may never recover from that.


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