The Magic Tree - Part 1
Jessica is a 15 year old girl who currently attending a cheerleader camp out in the middle of the woods in Ohio. Jessica is a secret bi who always liked to slip off in the woods and finger herself to the thought of all the girls she is around. Today, on day 4 of the 18 day long camp was no different.

Jessica had just gotten out of an arobics class and need to get some much needed release from seeing all the hot girls in tight clothing. Jessica quickly went off the beaten path and climbed a tree that had some thick green vines hanging from it. She got to about midway up the tree and perched herself on a very sturdy branch. Jessica slowly slide down her shorts revealing to the forest her nice smooth hairless pussy.

"Damn those girls are hot." Jessica sighed.

Jessica lifts up her shirt and bra off as her 30B breasts flop out. She starts to rub and squeeze her breasts. Jessica leans her head back against the tree letting out a soft moan. Just as she let out that moan a vine comes down from the tree hitting her arm.

"Eeep!" Jessica squealed, "Holy shit that scared me. That is a thick vine."

Jessica seemed fasinated by the vine. She grabs it and brings it closer to her, taking in the flowery scent of the vine. Jessica then let out a slight giggle for the vine looked like a cock. Jessica gave the vine a slight squeeze and out the end of the vine a bit of thick, sticky liquid comes out. Jessica takes her finger and wipes up the liquid from the vine and brought it to her mouth.She sucks the liquid from her finger and is amazed how sweet the liquid is.

"Oh my god that is so good." Jessica moans "I wonder."

Jessica brought the end of the vine to her mouth. A smirk came across her face as she pulled the end of the vine into her mouth and started to suck on it, making the sweet sticky, thick liquid to flow out. As Jessica sucks on it she started to rub her breasts more. Then her hand slips down and she starts to rub her pussy.

Little to Jessica's knowledge, two more vines are magically making their way towards Jessica. Jessica continues to suck on the vine as the endless nector poured from it. The vine then started to shove its way further into Jessica's mouth and down her throat. Jessica tries to pull it out but it keeps getting further in. Jessica starts to moan and groan trying to get it out.

One of the vines that are now next to Jessica forces its way under Jessica and starts to enter Jessica's asshole. This causes Jessica to moan in pain and pleasure as the vine works its way further into her ass. The final vine finds Jessica's pussy and slides right on in the soaking wet hole.

Jessica felt like she was in paradise, getting fucked by the tree or whatever magical being is fucking her. The vines move in and out of all three holes fast. Then they started to move faster and harder. Then they started going really fast ad Jessica was about to cum. Jessica is about to cum when the vines all of a sudden swell up then explode the thick, sticky liquid inside Jessica. This intense rush of this liquid in her causes Jessica to cum in an intense orgasm. The three vines slowly slide out of Jessica and retreat up the tree.

"Oh my god, that....was....great." Jessica moans.

Jessica after a few minutes to catch her breath gathers her clothes and puts them back on and slowly climbs down from the tree. She was expecting the liquid to pour out of her ass and pussy but nothing. Jessica shrugged it off and walked back towards her cabin. She passes by a few girls from her classes.

" Hey Jessica, you heading over for lunch?" one of the girls asks.

"Nah, I am not really hungry" Jessica says shrugging.

She walks right past then and to her cabin. Jessica was shocked though, that she wasn't hungry. Maybe the liquid that the vine shot into her filled her up. She gathered her stuff for a shower. In the shower she is alone. She takes the detachable shower head and tries to wash the liquid from her ass and pussy, but nothing again is coming out. Jessica stuck a few fingers in her asshole and felt the liquid in her, but when she pulled her fingers out, they were clean.

"It will have to come out sometime." Jessica says softly as she finishes her shower.

The rest of the day went on as normal. That night though, after lights out, Jessica wanted more of the vines. Jessica got up from her bed and carefully slipped out of the cabin. She looked around for any of the older cheerleaders who were in charge of looking out for anyone sneaking out at night. Jessica carefully slipped through the middle of the camp and into the woods. Little did she know she was being followed by one of the older cheerleaders and one of the hornier ones also, Virginia.

"Which tree is it?" Jessica whispers to herself looking for the tree as best she could, "Here it is."

"Where do you think you are going missy?" came a voice from behind Jessica just as she was about to climb the tree.

Jessica turned around and there stood Virginia. The tall blonde with 40B breasts, stood before Jessica staring down at the younger blonde. Jessica fully looked at Virginia trying to think of words to say.

"Well?" Virginia asks arms crossed.

"I was just coming out for some fresh air" Jessica says nervously.

Virginia just shakes her head and walks up to Jessica and pulls her in close and kisses her deeply.

"I know what you really want, you want to go finger your horny pussy in peace." Virginia whispers, "Don't worry I can help with that."

Both girls kiss hard as Virginia lifts up Jessica's shirt. The minute Jessica's breasts hit the cool night air, Virginia bent over and started sucking on them. Jessica throws her head back moaning softly. Jessica open her eyes and sees one of the vines come down from the tree making its way towards her. Jessica just smirks and gets more hornier.

"Oh yea Virginia." Jessica moans softly.

Virginia stands back up removing her top. Jessica leans in and starts to suck on Virginia's breasts. Virginia slides her shorts down, then reaches down pushing Jessica's down. Jessica moves up and starts making out with Virginia.

The vine Jessica saw a little bit ago has now slide up and has started to enter Jessica's asshole. Jessica starts to moan holding Virginia close their breasts now pressed against each other. Jessica continues to moan and groan a bit as she feels the vine snake its way through her bowels.

"Oh yea, you are an awesome kisser." Jessica moans softly as she feels the vine now enter her stomach.

Virginia just smirks and goes back in for another kiss. This time, the vine shoots up through Jessica's throat out her mouth and into Virginia's mouth and right down her throat. Virginia's eyes shoot up in shock as the vine starts to work its way to her stomach. She tries to pull it out but the vine pushes her back against Jessica from inside.

Jessica just holds Virginia close as they kiss as best they can. Another vine comes from the tree and enters Jessica's pussy. Jessica wraps her arms around Virginia moaning against the vine and her lips. The vine that is now inside Virginia finally has worked its way out of her asshole and turns and slams itself up her pussy hard.

Both girls let out muffled moans as the third vines slides up between the crushed flesh that is their breasts. The vines start going faster and faster, harder and harder. Both girls moan loud as they can with the vine in their mouths. The vines start to move very fast and hard.

The vines and the girls all at the same time explode. The vine that exploded in Jessica's pussy shot so much liquid that it caused Jessica's stomach to swell a bit. The vine that was between their breasts shot a ton of the sweet, sticky liquid on their breasts, coating them. The vines all finally retreated back into the tree. The one that was in both of them after it left the girls gasped for air.

"Oh my fucking god." Virginia moans panting holding Jessica close to her body, "That....that is why you snuck out."

"Mmmmhmmm, don't tell anyone." Jessica moans softly.

Jessica looks over at Virginia who as passed out from the intense fuck. Jessica carefully set her down against the tree and saw Virginia's pretty pussy. Jessica got down on the ground and between Virginia's legs and started to lick the older cheerleader's pussy. Jessica moaned as the hot liquid the vine shot in her started to flow out into Jessica's mouth.

"Oh god yes, just what I wanted!" Jessica moans.

Virginia just let out slight moans. The vines returned and one of the them slide back into Jessica's ass and started to fuck her. The other two vines fought their way both into Jessica's pussy. Jessica screamed against Virginia's pussy in pleasure as her pussy was getting double pentrated by the vines. Virgina, still passed out had let out a bit of a louder moan as she cummed into Jessica's mouth as all the sweet vine sperm had flowed out of her.

"Ohhhh fuckkkk yes yes fuck me vines!" Jessica moaned a bit loud.

The vines go harder and faster than they did before. The intense fucking causes Jessica to cum many times. Then finally one last burst from the vines causes the already swelled belly of Jessica to fill up even more. The vines retreated once again. Jessica slowly stood up and looked down at her belly and it looked like she was pregnant.

-more to cum
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