The Magic Tree - Part 2
Jessica runs her hand along her now bloated stomach. Jessica couldn't believe what she is seeing and hoping no one notices. Jessica gets dressed then gets the passed out Virginia dressed and takes her to her cabin's patio. Jessica slips back into her cabin and curls up in bed.

The next morning, Jessica is woken up by the feeling of two tongues on her pussy. Jessica moans as she opens her eyes. She looks down and sees a blonde girl and a brunette licking her pussy.She reconized the blonde. She is Amber at 15 year old with A cups. It does not take long for Jessica to cum. When she does, Amber slides up kissing Jessica before leaving.

"Great way to wake up." Jessica sighs.

"I agree" the other girl says smiling as she climbs up and sits next to Jessica.

She reaches over and starts to rub Jessica's now 40DD breasts. Jessica looks down at her bigger breasts. The looks at the girl who looks about her age. She is wearing Jessica's clothes.

"Who are you and why are you wearing my clothes?" Jessica asks sitting up holding the girls hand.

"Well I am wearing your clothes because I have nothing to wear" The girl smiles, "And I am your daughter."

Jessica's eyes widen looking around for anyone. She stands up and looks at the girl.

"You can't be my daughter, you are what 14?" Jessica asks confused.

The girl just nods with a smile. She then leans in and kisses Jessica softly.

"Yep I am your daughter, the forest got you pregnant and you had me last night while you where asleep" The girl continues to smile, "So what is my name mommy?"

"You look like a Brie to me" Jessica says " Yea your name is Brie."

Brie giggles at her new name and then hugs Jessica. Jessica hugs her back and then pulls away a bit holding her hand. Jessica lets go and sturggles to put on some clothes that barely fit her. Jessica takes a deep breath as her and Brie exit the cabin where the other girls are all hanging around.

"Morning Jessica!" One of the girls shouts, "Good Morning Brie!"

"Morning girls!" Brie waves all smiles.

Jessica is amazed as they walk around, everyone seems to not care. Virginia comes out of her cabin sporting massive 36E breasts. She walks up to Jessica and Brie. Jessica could feel her heart sink.

"Morning Jessica." Virginia says with a smile, "And how is Jessica's wonderful daughter doing today?"

"I am doing great Virginia, mommy and I were heading for some breakfast." Brie says hugging Virginia.

The two head to the mess hall and grab some breakfast. Jessica had to get some answers but didn't want to ask Brie. She had to go back to the forrest and find the source of this. Since it was Saturday, no classes, after breakfast the two exit the hall.

"Alright, I need to go to the forrest for something, can you be okay without me?" Jessica asks.

"Yea mommy I can" Brie says smile kissing Jessica softly, "Don't be too long please."

Jessica quickly went off into the forrest in search of the tree from yesterday. For some reason, Jessica could not find the tree. Jessica was getting tired and didn't want to be long. She quickly leaned against a tree to rest her feet a bit.

When Jessica lets out a big yawn,to her surprise a bit thick purple vine enters her mouth. Jessica groans in surprise as the thick vines shoots some liquid in her mouth. Jessica's eyes go wide as her tastebuds are shocked by the tart taste of the juice. The vine moves further in her mouth till it was in her throat. Two more purple vines come down from the tree and Jessica looks at them, she slowly lowers her shorts.

The two vines find their way inside Jessica's pussy and asshole, much like the green ones. The purple ones though go much faster and harder. Jessica moans and groans. She looks and see the vines start to swell more and more. Then, just as Jessica cums, the vines unleash their loads into Jessica. There is enough liquid to fill Jessica's stomach, and uterus. The vines now all shriveled up retreat up the tree.

"Great, is this going to get me another child?" Jessica wonders as she pulls her shorts up and walks back towards the camp.

When she gets back to camp, no one seems to care what she looks like. Everyone except Brie. Brie comes running over after making with another girl.

"Mommy, your back!" Brie comes over hugging her mom, "Oh my, your pregnant again."

"Seems so." Jessica says "Great so I have to wait over night to have this one?"

"No, just a few hours" Brie says smiling, "Yay I am going to be a sister!"

"Congrats Brie!" a girl shouts.

Brie hugs Jessica. Jessica hugs her back. Jessica walks over to the stairs to her cabin and sits down. Brie comes over and sits next to her. Brie smiles as she starts to take her clothes off.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asks.

"Oh I figure I will make you happy," Brie says now naked.

Brie's body is just like Jessica's just with brown hair and 30B breasts. Brie, once naked lays down on her back spreading her legs. Jessica looks at her and smiles. Jessica adjusts her body and slides her head between her daughter's legs. Jessica starts to lick Brie's pussy.

"Oh yea mommy, lick my pussy." Brie moans.

As Jessica licks her pussy, she feels her pussy start to twitch. Then it starts to expand a bit. Jessica continues to lick Brie's pussy faster. Brie is about to cum, when Jessica's shorts fall down and a naked girl falls out of Jessica's pussy. Brie cums, Jessica sucks it all up before looking down at the naked girl at her feet.

"Hi mommy!" The red head says with a smile.

She has thick red hair with C cups and her face is dotted with a few freckles.She stands up, dusts herself up and goes over and hugs Jessica.

"Oh my god, I have two kids now." Jessica says hugging her new daughter.

"What is her name mommy?" Brie asks getting dressed.

"Lisa." Jessica says before getting up seeing she is no longer looking pregnant, "I will go get you some clothes."

Jessica enters the cabin and comes back out, but when she returns, both Brie and Lisa are gone. The clothes Brie was wearing are on the ground.

"Oh great, where are they?" Jessica asks.

All she hears is their giggling in the near distance.

"Hey control your kids, Jessica!"

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