The Magic Tree - Part 3
Jessica quickly picked up the pile of clothes and started looking around for her two teenage daughters.

"They are in Jen's cabin; you need to take care of your children." A girl says.

Jessica ignores her and runs to the cabin where they were last seen. Upon entering the cabin she sees Lisa grinding her pussy down on Jen's pussy and Brie grinding down on Jen's mouth. Jessica walks over just as all three cum. When Lisa and Brie pull away from Jen, vines also come out of Jen's mouth and pussy and return to inside Lisa and Brie's bodies.

"Girls get your clothes on, now!" Jessica yells at them.

The two grumble as they grab the clothes and put them on. Jen gets up and grabs Jessica by the hair.

"Control, your girls, slut!" she barks, before letting go.

Jessica quickly gets her girls out of the cabin. She escorts them back to her cabin. She sits the girls down on her bed and looks at them.

"What am I going to do with you girls?" Jessica asks shaking her head.

"Why don't you go ask daddy." Lisa says smiling.

Jessica sits down next to them wondering.

"But we have two different dads Lisa!" Brie snaps at Lisa.

Amber comes into the cabin smiling. She walks over and hugs all three of them.

"Having problems with the girls Jessica?" Amber asks.

"Can you watch these two while I go for a quick walk to clear my head?" Jessica asks.

Amber just nods and Jessica gets up kissing both her daughters on the cheeks. The girls start to remove their clothes and start making out with Amber as Jessica leaves. Jessica heads back into the forrest.

"Alright, you stupid, horny vines where are you?" Jessica asks loudly.

Jessica picks up a large stick ready to keep the vines away. Not watching where she is going, Jessica trips over a rock, dropping the stick as she falls. Before she hits the ground she is caught. She looks down and sees it is the green vine that first fucked her. When the vine sets her back on her feet, she grabs the vine.

"You, you got me pregnant and then another vine got me pregnant, now I am a mom!" Jessica yells at the vine.

As Jessica was yelling, three blue vines and the other two green vines reach Jessica from behind. The green vines carefully slide down her shorts and panties. Jessica looks down seeing the vines and goes to move, but one of the blue vines shoves its way up into her ass.

"AHHHHH!" Jessica squeals as the vine slides deep inside her ass.

Jessica goes to scream again, but another blue vine slides into her mouth, and these vines are thicker than the other two. The final blue vine slides into her pussy. The thick vines start to pump their juices into Jessica non-stop. The green vines start to whip Jessica's breasts and ass cheeks. Jessica's stomach starts to swell with the juices in her stomach and pussy. The swell gets larger and larger, much larger than the earlier two. Jessica begins to cum many, many times.

The vines continue to pump into her before pulling out. The blue vines pull back into the tree the green vines however start to inflate as they lift Jessica's shirt over her already large breasts. The vines gets fatter and fatter, then they burst their juice all over her breasts, then retreat into the trees.

"Oh fuck not again." Jessica moans.

-more to cum-
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