The Magic of Christmas
The Magic of Christmas
By: Rachel R.

Winter was early this year as the young woman fought the streets of Chicago. The wind roaring off Lake Michigan and the snow was swirling, falling in magical array as she scurried for the shelter of her doorway.

Christmas Day was upon her as she slowly climbed the stairs, systematically, until the five flights of stairs were behind her and she was at the door to her apartment.
Sue opened the door and stepped inside with her packages.
She and Rachel had been seeing a lot of one another lately and this had been on her mind all day. Their last night together had been over a week ago and both woman, caught up in the rush of the Christmas season and time was a premium. They both had their own places and stayed overnight with each other when they could.

It was nigh on a year ago that their relationship had begun. Sue felt it was kismet that had brought the women together and as time elapsed their desire grew met and both desired the other.

Sue pulled her coat off and put the packages she had been carrying under the Christmas tree. The windows beckoning her to walk to them and she stood in the ambient light watching the tops of the buildings as the fresh snow fell and her mind wanders.

Their lovemaking had been explosive for both of the women. Rachel could really arouse her pangs of desire as no lover had before. Sue thought of the hot nights they had spent together in each other's arms. The year was 2040 and this is a decade for women. A decade where all things were equal, and a new decade following on the heels of a true sexual reformation that altered the views of sexuality in the country during the last decade. Sex, no longer repressed in this new utopia and a true sexual freedom for all is a protected right. It is a place where a person one may pursue and enjoy sexual predilections openly with complete acceptance.
Relationships have changed so much over time she thought as she went to undress for a bath. Men no longer held an interest for her as they once had; now men were more of a turn off rather than a turn on and that fact she has accepted.

It has been four years since that fateful night that she had met Rachel at a party. Her life was not to be the same as change was underfoot that night. Many changes took place that night. Clothes had changed a lot too as she thought back to that night four years ago as well as attitudes.

Sex, no longer tucked away in the sanctuary of the bedroom, now open, accepted without recriminations. The clothes you select, the amount of skin you reveal and what you wore, or more importantly what you did not wear, just did not bear any relevance to your character as a person in this day and age.
Sue did not care for the office parties very much, but for some reason she went this time. They all seem to be the same languorous parties, each one a replicate of the previous party. Shortly after arriving, a man had tried to stick his finger into her and she had moved away to the windows at the skyscraper party. The windows seem to be her refuge, her place of solace as they have been all her life.

She had been looking out the window onto the city when she heard a soft gasp behind her and startled, she had turned. Standing there, looking at her was the most exquisite woman she had ever laid her eyes on.

Rich brown hair hung to her waist and her eyes were almond shaped and the darkest blue eyes she had ever encountered and they were staring back into her green ones.

We each were sizing the other up with cool eyes that steamed a heated fire as they seemed to approve of each other. Each woman is wearing the obligatory, sheer, off the shoulder little cocktail dress that is social mandate of the new society for women. Sue's dress, a pale green dress and Rachel's, a light caramel color and both women, smiling approvingly as to the vision of beauty that stood before them. The tops were so skimpy that their breasts clearly showing firm and voluptuous, with Rachel's breasts larger that Sue's.

Each surveyed the others curves and then the eyes drifting lower to the sensuous V between their legs. Sue had dyed her fine pubic hair a dark shade of brown, almost black, and manicured triangle highlighted her vagina. There was a fringe edge of natural blonde pubic hair framing the dark V of Sue's pubic hair.
Rachel could not help but admire the artistry of Sue's mound. Rachel on the other hand, elected to keep her pubic hair the rich natural brown color. She kept the pubic hair trimmed in a perfect V and her labia shaved only enough to highlight her slit. Sue wondered what the fine hair would feel like brushing against her soft lips.

Both women enjoyed each other's company and spent the evening in each other's presence. They liked what they saw and the remainder of the night they were inseparable. The night had been enticing for both women and when the time to depart they were last seen promenading walking to Sue's place for the infamous nightcap. Both women, knowingly, wanting to share more than a little libation.

Upon entering the apartment Rachel had put her arms around Sue, pulling her to her and began kissing her soft red lips with passion. Sue felt the heat as they stood there and reeled in the freshness of sweet sensuality and the scent of female arousal. Their dresses removed, they lie naked in front of the crackling fire. Fingers are exploring each other's body, toying with hard nipples and dancing on the soft fleece of pubic hair. Subtle moans of approval as soft butterfly kisses rained on the most intimate of body parts. They shared the nectar of each other's ambrosia as they drank from each other's cup of sex. They bodies sated with repeated orgasmic paroxysms as they made love through the night.

Now that night they had settled down in front of the fireplace on Sue's white bear rug with a glass of wine and talked till the early morning hours only interrupted by decadent pleasure of the other's sinewy body invoking another climax.

As Rachel was leaving she gently reached over and took Sue's mouth and savored her lips. Gently and so sweetly that Sue began to crème right there and then.

Coming to Sue thought of that kiss so long ago and it brought fire to her insides. It was a night that they repeated many times over the next four years and each time it was as intense as the first night.
Running water steaming hot, this would settle her yearnings some as she slipped, naked into the foamy, lavender bubble bath.

Rachel did not rush their relationship as she knew Sue had not been with a woman before. They both worked ad took time to see each other when they could.

The first night that they had made love to one another was at Sue's place in front of the fireplace. It had been the best lovemaking she could have hoped for.

That night had been so different; they had come in from their evening out. Rachel had watched her all night with heat in her eyes and her lions, every time the blonde vixen moved.

As they sat down on the rug with their glasses of wine Rachel had looked deeply into Sue's eyes and saw the want there and then proceeded to kiss her hungrily and then slide down to her breasts which were already on fire.

Sue thought she would go out of her mind as Rachel teased each bud harder with each lick. That night the girls bonded to each other as the juices flowed. Rachel did things to her she had never enjoyed fully with any man.

With her bath over Sue prepared for bed. Christmas Day would be here in a few days and she wanted this to be the best Christmas the two had ever had. Snuggling deeply into her blankets she thought of Rachel as she drifted off.

Dreams came easily to Sue as she drifted into Rachel' arms once more. The night passed in opulent love making and Sue wanting more as she woke for work. She was wet from her nocturnal dreams.

The next days would be hard for both women as their jobs surrounded them with massive work.

The nights were pure ecstasy as each woman thought of the other, envisioned the lust and the fury employed to placate the cravings. The cravings stayed by a brief respite of carnal pleasure provide by fingers and vibes. Christmas Eve Day came and work was of no concern as each woman focused on the pleasure of the other.

The two women met up and proceeded to have some eggnog at a diner close to Sue's apartment. Leaving there they walked the city and enjoyed the season together with all its Christmas cheer and caroling.

Just before ten o'clock, both women tired and happy ascended the five flights of stairs to Sue's place.

As the two women, stood naked, at the windows, taking in the cities winter beauty, they both turned and looked at each other and giggled.

Rachel and Sue walked to the fur rug and snuggled in front of the fire together enjoying the warmth and love they both felt for each other.

As midnight approached and the church bells rang out the Christmas morning Rachel handed Sue a boxed present she had hidden.

Looking into her eyes, Rachel had proposed to Sue and on this Christmas night Sue accepted her offer of being together forever.

Both had accepted the other and love and joy had come that Christmas night.
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