The Man in the Car.
I jumped as two people practically jumped on the hood of my car in the parking lot. At first I thought she was being attacked, then I heard her moans.

"Fuck me. Fuck ME!"

Intrigued and aroused, I watched him flip her over as he slipped his cock inside her pussy. I was sort of nervous about her seeing me but to my relief she had her eyes closed. The look on her face was pure ecstasy. I could tell she loved to fuck, get fucked, and watch people fuck, all by the look on her face while she was cumming.

I couldn't help myself, I pulled my cock out and stroked it. I was so hard and getting harder. I started to imagine what her lips felt like around my cock. I closed my eyes for a second to imagine my cock thrusting in and out of her tight wet pussy. When I opened them, she looked right in my face and smiled. I was sheepishly trying to hide the fact that I was stroking my cock so lovingly to her getting fucked on the hood of my car. She stood up and came around to the passenger door.

She pulled her skirt down and signaled to the man that was fucking her to go. Right there in the parking lot! This woman always got what she wanted. And I thought I could tell what she was going for.
I fumbled to put my erection back in my pants before she got into my car.

"Don't put him away," she said, in a sexy low purr, "I want to play."
I stopped fumbling as she took my cock in her warm hands and started stroking for me.

"W-W-What are you doing?" I stammered.

She answered by sliding my entire 12 inch cock into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat and I jammed my cock further. She slurped and sucked and licked. I was so close to cumming when she pulled her mouth off my cock and started jerking me off.

"I want to see you shoot your hot load into my mouth."

That did it. I fired all of my cum into her wide open mouth. It dripped out of her mouth and she caught it with her tongue. She kept jerking until I was completely empty and she sucked just the tip of my head to make sure she didn't miss anything. As she started to open the door I grabbed her hand And put it back on my rising cock.

She looked surprised, yet pleased as she grabbed it again.

"I'm not done yet, missy." I growled in her ear.

She looked at me with desire burning in her eyes and I slid her own fingers inside her.

"Make yourself cum for me, baby."

She moaned and said, "Yes, sir."

I hotter on the verge of her first orgasm when I stopped her. I made her watch me stroke my cock annd said, "You want this cock inside you, huh? Beg for it. C'mon, let me hear is, baby."

"Please," she moaned, desperately, "Oh, GOD, PLEASE! FUCK ME!" she practically screamed.

I pushed her down on my cock hard and felt her pussy contract immediately. I thought I was going to cum, right then and there, she was so tight. I felt her body shake as she pulled up. I slammed her down again and she shook even harder. She ground her hips against mine and pushed my cock so deep inside her pussy I couldn't take it I thrust a few more times before a wave of pleasure hit us both.I felt her pussy contract and I came inside her.

Warm wetness cover my cock from both of our orgasms. She rode me gasping for air coasting on the end of her spasms. I pulled her up and watch our cum drip out of her hot wet cunt and on to my still hard dick. She smiled and said "I need to accidentally getfucked on your car more often."

I replied, "Why don't you come home with me tonight? My girlfriend will definitely want to meet that pussy of yours." ;)
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