The Massage
I never had a massage before. I was nervous when it was recommended that I get one for my back pain.

I sat nervous in the chair, wondering what was going to happen in that room. one part of my answer came when the masseuse came out, calling my name. My stress went to another place when she turned to the waiting room.

Why couldn't it have been a man? Or at least a woman who had smaller breasts? The shirt she wore only made them stand out more, not that they wouldn't have anyway. She brushed the raven hair from her eyes, then asked me to follow her.

The room she led me to was not something one was use to. A small waterfall in the corner filled the room with tricking sounds, a very unusual guitar music playing from a nearby boombox.

"Please sir. Would you disrobe and lie on the table?"

I looked to her with shock. "you mean to my underwear?"

She giggled. "No sir. Completely disrobe."

She stepped out of the room, and I nervously stripped down.

I got on the table as soon as she returned to the room. I could barely see her legs, as high and toned as they were, through the hole in the table.

"So, any ideas on what you wanted me to do?" She asked.

A naughty thought entered, and quickly shook out of my head. "It's my first time doing this, so I have no idea, honestly."

"Oh a virgin." She giggled again, sounding like a school girl hearing her first profane word. "Well then. How about I just do what I think you need?"

I mumbled something of an acknowledgement, then she began rubbing along my back, moving her hands in ways that made it actually feel really good.

Certain positions she chose, though, actually had her pressing her breasts against me. I bit my lip, trying to keep from going crazy.

Her hands moved to my butt, and my hands white-knuckled the sides of the table.

Down my legs she went, again making odd contact with her breasts on my legs. Even this weird contact was making me hard, which i fought to not happen.

Then she said the words that made my blood drain from my face.
"Please roll over on your back."

I did as asked, and now she began again, rubbing the front of my shoulders. It was an incredible sensation, but I had to keep my eyes shut tight, as one gaze upward was blocked by her bust.

She reached down from this position, now her breasts making contact with my face.

Apparently, my biting my lip wasnt enough.

"Oh. Sir, are you okay?" she asked, moving her breasts off my head.

When i questioned why she asked, her hand went to my crotch, my hardon standing proud.

"Well, I cant let you stay this tense, now can I?" she giggled again.

Almost in a blink of an eye, her shirt was on the floor, her massive bust heaving into view. My cock bobbed, approving.

She rubbed again, now just using my stomach as an avenue to my hip. Her hands circled around my raging boner, now stroking it slowly. She moved to my side, her hands still working me.

The table had a part that folded down under the legs, suddenly having mine hanging loose. She spread them apart.

"I think I'm going to need to use something more for this." She lowered her ample chest onto my hip, my cock enveloped in the soft flesh of her chest.

She pumped my cock with her breasts a moment, again my hands clutching the table.

She stared at my cockhead, poking out the top of her cleavage. "Well well..." She licked at the head of my cock, now leaking precum. She lapped up some of the juices, then wrapped her lips around the head, finally getting a moan out of me.

Her tongue ran laps around the head of my cock, teasing all that she could. Looking down on her revealed a scene that almost made me blow right then.

She removed her lips and breasts from my cock before I could though. "Easy, Mr. Virgin. Can't have you spraying all over the place."

I would have questioned what she meant, but the appearance of her butt, as she turned around stole my words away.

"I can't let you have my little cunt. Thats for my boyfriend, tonight. But he wont do my ass...will you Mr. Virgin?"

Lust and the sudden dizziness from the shift of my blood supply made me nod my head.

"Now, don't move. Let me work you." She reached behind her, now guiding my cock into her butthole. I felt the intense pleasure as it spread open to take my probing member. A happy moan and giggle escaped her lips, now moving down my shaft slowly.

She began to move her hips, sending shivers down my spine as our sodomistic union continued. She moaned happily, guiding her hips down the track to flush against my hip.

Her hips began moving quicker now, another series of moans escaping my lips. An odd sensation on my shaft told me she was fingering her "saved" pussy while our act made her writhe and contort, trying to get all she could out of our "session".

When the all too familiar feeling began to overtake me, she started moving her hips at an incredible speed.

"Climax...climax Mr. Virgin. I'm....i'm gonna..."

Her words were lost to a flurry of squeals, moans and "Yes!" as she suddenly came hard, clamping my cock hard. This pushed me over the edge, causing my cock to spurt load after load of cum deep into her ass.

Her legs were weak as she attempted to get off my cock, softening inside her butthole. I helped her off, and she thanked me by sucking the remainder of my sperm out of my cock.

The remainder of the massage was not so eventful, as the weakness caused by our "session" made her doing her work more difficult.

But, at its end, she did give me one last gaze at her incredible bust, before reclaiming my clothes.

As I redressed myself, she stood next to me, also getting settled.

"Now Mr. Virgin. Will you come back again?"

I nodded.

I payed the 60 bucks for the massage, then called my friend, telling him he better start running.
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