The Medallion Pt. 1

She was coming up the escalator towards me as I traveled downwards. A gorgeous, mature brunette wearing an orange vest that displayed her magnificent breasts prominently. It was these that I was focusing on as we approached one another, my gaze intent on the enticing cleavage visible peeking from her top, the hint of nipple pressing against the fabric.

Just as we were about to pass one another, I glanced up at her to find her looking directly at me, a slight smile playing across her lips. Christ she was even better close up, straight dark hair framing her tanned face with long lashed brown eyes piecing mine causing a slight stirring in my dick.
Yep, this was a MILF of note. I smiled back nervously and looked away hurriedly as if embarrassed to be caught staring, relishing the pounding in my chest as I contemplated my next move.

I resisted the urge to turn around and admire her from behind in case a husband or boyfriend was present. Although this wouldn't cause too much of a problem I wasn't in the mood for hassle or sharing today.

I waited until I reached the bottom of the escalator by which time my cock was an iron bar in my pants, throbbing with expectation. Turning around to look up to the second floor of the mall, I was delighted (if not really surprised) to see her standing at the railing, still gazing at me. My cock gave a massive pulse as I surveyed her properly, her breasts had clearly been worked on as they were too full, pert and round for her body and age but that was certainly not a problem for me, I love fake boobs!

She must have been in her late-thirties but clearly looked after herself as she was pretty trim with a nice shapely ass, which she was subtly displaying for me by twisting her hips gently. Noticing that I was checking her out, she raised a quizzical eyebrow. I pointed at myself with a shocked look on my face; she nodded slowly and smiled fully, her white teeth flashing against her red lips. I shook my head as if in disbelief and mounted the escalator to join her upstairs.

This was an old ploy of mind to give the illusion that it was all her idea. Right now, she would be telling herself that she can't believe what she is doing but the excitement of her illicit thoughts would be hardening her nipples and moistening her cunt. Her heart would be pounding in the back of her throat as I approached, asking herself if she was really going to do what she was thinking of doing. She would look at me as the unsuspecting lamb that was being drawn into her seductress lair, which was fine by me. The thrill would heighten the pleasure for both of us.

As I neared the top, I saw that she was walking off, glancing behind to make sure that I was following. When it was apparent to her that I was, she began swaying her hips to provide me with a tantalizing view of her ass as she moved towards the exit. My dick was like a guided missile, leading me towards her, aching to be inside her.

We made our somewhat stealthy way towards the indoor car park; it appeared that she was parked on the second floor as she strode with purpose towards a slightly darker area of the lot. I was running through a list of possibilities where we could carry out our inevitable session. There was a hotel within the mall but it was pretty expensive and might frown on an afternoon only lease. I guessed we could drive somewhere (maybe her place or mine which was at least fully equipped for whatever she had in mind) but I grinned when she stopped next to a typical soccer mom minivan conveniently parked in a darkened corner - God bless the busy shopping day. This would be perfect. My dick gave a confirming throb, a dose of pre-cum oozing out.

She had opened the back door of the car to put in her shopping; a few small parcels probably some clothes or accessories to spoil herself. This shielded her from my view and I also noted that I couldn't really see what she was doing on the back seat. Which meant that no one else could either. We had just found our location.

She stood up straight, closing the door slightly so that she could turn towards me. Her face flushed, her chest and tits heaving with excitement, the hint of nipple now turned into raging points straining against her top.

"Hello," she whispered huskily, "I'm Carla."

"Err hi," I stammered, "I'm Jay-Jason."
playing out the confused innocent routine although a glance at the bulge of my trousers would probably cast doubts on my act.

Thankfully, she was too caught up in the excitement of her actions to notice anything yet.

"Hello Jason," she continued, her eyes darting around to see if anyone was noticing us.

I could have reassured her but wasn't about to break the air of tension that surrounded us. This was going to be amazing. She was really up for it, months, possibly years of repression and sexual dormancy were welling up from her about to cascade over both of us. The hand holding the door slightly open bore a wedding band and I noticed that there was a child seat in the back. We were definitely dealing with a mommy here. Sweet.

"I saw you looking at me," she carried on." You know it's not polite to stare at a married woman like that."

I shuffled a bit. "Yeah, sorry but you're so hot... I mean beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I'm really sorry..I...dunno.." Jesus I was laying it on thick. But it appeared to be working.

"Tell me what you like about me, "she ordered, moving away from the door slightly, and opening herself up to me.

I inched towards her as I replied.
"Your eyes and your tits..I mean breasts."

She smiled, right answer. I was now right in front of her, looking into her eyes. She really was stunning.

She placed her hands on my hips, pulling me towards her. I jerked, taken somewhat by surprise despite myself. My rock hard cock digging into her, this time she couldn't but notice it. She gasped but didn't release her hold on me. Her mask of self-confidence slipped slightly though.

"Oh my god," she said, "I can't believe I'm doing this! I've always fantasized about something like this but never had the nerve. I dunno, when I saw you staring at me like that, something just made me want to do this."

The medallion glowing warmly against my chest has alerted me to this fact on the escalator. She would feel no guilt after our encounter, would in fact remember it more as a vague dream than an actual experience. Of course, if she or I were in the mood for another encounter, there would be no hindrance, moral or otherwise, to prevent it but that was for the future. The present was snaking an arm around my waist towards my crotch.

I had placed my hands on her ass by now, forcing our bodies even tighter together so her questing fingers were forced between them to stroke my dick through the fabric of my pants. It leapt like a puppy dog at her touch, straining against my zipper with that pleasurable ache.

"I see you also want to do it," she cooed. We were still staring at each other but were pressed up tight together. I could feel those fantastic tits pushing against my chest. I began to slowly pivot her behind the door, opening it wider as I did so, so that we were now standing behind it, hidden from prying eyes. Not that I really gave a shit but from experience I knew that the secrecy it provide would elevate her excitement.

Taking command for a bit, I leant forward to kiss her. Immediately she was there, her tongue like a dervish in my mouth. I moved a hand to cup one of her breasts gently twisting the eager nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"Mmmm," she moaned into my mouth, grind her pelvis even harder against my spoilt cock.

"Wait," I said suddenly breaking away, relishing the taboo I was about to aid in, "What about your husband, I mean you said you were married and I guess you must have kid."
I nodded towards the kiddies seat. Despite this protestation I continued toying with her nipple and thrusting my cock against her.

"Oh fuck that," she said, her eyes alight with lust. "If David ever looked at me like you did today then we wouldn't be here."

She gave a final glance over my shoulder to confirm no one was watching (as a matter of fact several people were milling around - it was a parking garage on a weekend after all but we were pretty secluded where we were and I (or rather the medallion) was ensuring that no one would take any undue notice) before dropping down to sit on the seat facing outwards towards me.

"Take it out," she moaned, her hand replacing mine to play with her breast.
She licked her lips while staring at my groin. Whether this was intended or not, it had the desired effect. As unlikely as it seemed, my cock got even harder as I slowly unzipped and pulled it out.

"Oh my god, it's huge,' she said in awe as I slowly stroked it into full erection, a bead of pre-cum lubricating the stroke. I knew that it was an imposing sight. About three fingers thick and about 10 inches long at full arousal although thanks to the medallion, even this was variable. It could basically sense the optimal length the lady in question desired and make the necessary arrangements. Clearly Carla was lusting after it big and thick because I was at about maximum now. She was leaning forward as if to grasp it but I wanted to see some skin.

"Wow," I said, "you are so beautiful. Please let me see you. Take off your top."

"You're being too polite now," she countered."You weren't so polite when you were gawping at me earlier. And a cock like that shouldn't have to ask nicely."

Yes please, we've got a live one here I thought.
"Ok. Take off that top so I can see those tits."

"Call me bitch. I want to be your nasty bitch. Your nasty cocksucking whore"

"Take it off you fucking bitch! And then come over here and suck this cock like the slut you are!"

That did it, with a groan of passion; she lifted her arms up to remove the top. She had been braless so her tits bounced outwards in all their glory. The nipples alert like pert pencil erasers, her aureoles small and dusky.

"Wow," I repeated, "those are some nice tits Carla."

"Thank you" she said smiling and tweaking her nipples again, a small shudder of pleasure running through her.
"Now suck my dick bitch!"

Before the words were even out my mouth, she had leant forward to rip my cock out of my hands and into her mouth. I dropped my pants to the garage floor as she did so.
"MMMMMM," she hummed as she sucked vigorously on the head.

"Oooh yeah, that's the way," I groaned, leaning back.
She worked it like a professional, I leaned forward again to cup those wonderful tits and play with the nipples. She wriggled forward to allow me better access to them, her hand working up a lather on my dick with her spittle and my pre-cum.

"Look at me bitch," I said through gritted teeth. "Play with my balls"

She looked up at me, her beautiful eyes latching onto mine, she smiled and I popped out her mouth. She looked unsure for a second and then with a wink she spat loudly on my dick before grabbing it again and shoving it down her throat. She then moved up and down on it never once breaking eye contact but sucking it like the whore she wanted to be. A hand tentative at first and them more confident cupped, tickled and fondled my heavy scrotal sac. The delicate, tingling sensation in counterpoint to the vigorous tonguing my dick was receiving.

"Suck it you sexy whore," I whispered. She bit lightly on the head, her tongue flicking the slit. She made as if to look away but I called her back." No whore, keep looking at me when you suck my cock. Oooh god that's so good Carla, you're gonna make me cum. Are you gonna swallow my cum? Do you want it you cum craving whore?"

I could hold my load for ages but I sensed that she wanted it quick and dirty besides I couldn't wait to face blast her. She released my dick from her mouth and started jerking me off, cock aimed at her mouth, still maintaining the eye contact, squeezing my balls gently to aid my arousal.

"Yesss, give me your cum. I want it! Give it to me!"

With a grunt, I came into her mouth, my cum spraying in an arc against her lips, teeth and chin. She giggled in surprise and closed her lips with my still spurting head inside her warm mouth. She sucked hard and swallowed as I shot another load of white-hot spunk down her throat. It was dripping off her chin to run over and between her breasts. When I come, I come hard and I come in volume. Her eye widened in surprise when she realized just what she was in for. Finally the spasm died down. To her credit she swallowed a substantial load without gagging or choking.

"Yes bitch, swallow it," I gasped, shuddering as she released my dick from her mouth, the last few drops dripping onto her already quite well coated chin and then onto her quivering chest.

"Whew," she said, "you were certainly eager."
There was a tinge of disappointment in her voice, obviously thinking that I had blown my load and now, like her husband, that was that.

"Well," I lied, "it has been a long time. But I don't think I'm quite done yet." With a grin I wiped my still rock hard cock against her face. "Let's get at that pussy."

She laughed in delight, scooching back on the seat as I gently her pushed her backwards, stepping completely out of my pants as I did so

"Oh my god," she said again, "I can't believe I'm doing this! I've never swallowed cum like that before." The pride in her voice was obvious; she really wanted to be a nasty whore. If her husband could only see her now, he would be shocked at what he had been missing out on.

"Carla, "I growled, "We've only just begun. Now get those fucking jeans off so we can fuck!"

My words were like an electrical jolt to her. She thrust her hips upwards so she could undo her jeans. As she zipped them down, I grabbed them and pulled them off with such force that her panties came with them. Before she could even think I rammed my cock into her exposed pussy.

"Ooooooooh!" She moaned as I entered her."Fuck me Jason. Fuck your slut!"

Jesus she was wet and surprisingly tight." Take it bitch! Take my big cock!"

"Oooh god yes!" She moaned as I plowed her. I kissed her violently, my cum still on her lips and chin, the by now familiar taste mingling in our entwined tongues. The cum on her chest was seeping into my shirt and onto her car seats but bothered neither of us. I began kneaded her tits, luxuriating in the fullness, my cum forming a lubricant to aid in her pleasure. Her hands fell down to cup my ass, nails digging into the soft flesh, thrusting me even deeper inside her.

I am a great fuck. I say this without too much arrogance but more from certainty. I can't take all the credit as the medallion guides me in what I need to do to fulfill the lady. With Carla it was hard, almost violent thrusts that made the entire car shake. Her pleasure is almost guaranteed and mine - well it goes without saying. I fuck a lot but every time is intense and immeasurably pleasurable. It's pretty much my life and I couldn't be happier.

Carla was in ecstasy now, her head rolled back, murmuring "Fuckmefuckmefuckme" like a mantra.

"Come for me Carla," I whispered in her ear and almost immediately she began to shudder. She bit down on her lip as her orgasm began to take flight, "ooooooohhhhhhh" she moaned. I rose up on my knees, lifting her legs under my arms so that I could fuck her ferociously as she came.

As she peaked, her hands clenching her tits, I removed my cock from her and came with a roar. My load arced through the air to splatter across her torso in a milky torrent. Three more spurts, the second actually hitting her nose, before I collapsed on her, momentarily spent. She held me in her arms as we breathed heavily, slowly coming down from the rush or shared orgasm.

"Wow," I said,"that was fantastic." This was no lie.

"Oh my God! I don't think I've come like that in years. Good lord, you did pretty well yourself." She was busy wiping some of my cum off her face.

Well, she may have thought that this was one fuck city but I was going to have to remind her once again that this wasn't her husband she was dealing with.

"I'm not done with you yet bitch," I said," Lick that cum up and then turn around. A bitch needs to be fucked like the dog she is."

Her eyes narrowed at first, a momentary flare of anger. Thinking our game was done, she had lapsed out of persona a bit but a thrust from my still hard cock on her thighs snapped her back.

"Fuck. You're still hard." She dropped a hand and gave a dick a few pumps to confirm this.

"So what do say? Ready to come again?"

"Hell yes!" She licked some cum off the palm of her hand and pushed me off her so she could get on her hands and knees. I admired her fine body, stroking my cock as I did so. It was warm and slick with a mixture of our cum and juices.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her face still dripping cum. "Fuck me with that big dick of yours."

I smiled at her then tapped her ass lightly with my cock.
"Not yet," I said. "Show me the whore you are. Open that pussy for me, show me where you want it."

"Oooh yes," she squealed. She stuck a hand between her legs and parted her pussy lips with her fingers, inserting her middle finger into the pink wetness revealed.

"Ohh godddd!" she moaned as she finger fucked herself. I too was jerking off to the sight before me.

"That's right bitch, fuck your pussy!" Time to drop the surprise, "While I fuck your ass!"

The head of my cock lightly pushed against her asshole, which had been winking at me for the last minute or so. It was going to be a tight fit but it was going to happen. She tensed slightly but then relaxed as with more pressure I pushed my dick head into her ass.

"Fuck my ass!!" she commanded me. "Ooh god it hurts but don't stop, ooh yes fuck my ass"
Slowly I forced more of my engorged cock into her ass. She was finger herself harder now to counteract the pain I was causing so that she was experiencing a sort of painful pleasure, which she would crave from now on. With about half my cock in her, I started to withdraw until just the head was inside. Then with a grunt, I slammed back into her and then it was faster and I was fucking her ass for all it was worth. She was grinding against me in delirium. My balls swatted against her hand as she fucked herself. Christ it was tight but so fucking good.

We fucked like that for some time until I could feel her spasming again and she fell forwards with a long moan as she came again in orgasmic waves that tightened her asshole around my cock in a delightful manner. Unable to hold back any longer, I explode inside her, jism spurting out of her ass as I pounded it in. Eventually I withdrew with an audible PLOP as a stream of come gushed from her ass to soak her thighs and backseat.

We collapsed on top of one another, spooning as we recovered from the exertions. I cradled her breasts in my hands, lightly toying with them.

"Fuck, that was fantastic, "she said, "I always wanted to try anal but was worried it would hurt too much."

"So what do you think now that your anal cherry has been popped?"

She giggled." Pretty damn good. It hurt but in a good way. Thank you for that and thank you."

The last was directed to my semi-hard cock, which she was holding loosely, giving it a gentle squeeze as she did so.

"My pleasure ma'am," I goofed. Man. She felt good in my arms, warm, sticky and her tits still continued to amaze me. I rolled a pliant nipple in my one hand, relishing the post coital intimacy we were sharing.

"God, I still can't believe we did that. That is so unlike me, I mean I've never cheated on my husband with anyone." She paused. "Although I'm not sure I can say the same about him."

"Well I guess that doesn't matter anymore. I reckon you've come out ahead."

"I certainly did come." She giggled and gave my hardening cock another playful squeeze.

"Yeah," I laughed," Me too. We made a bit of a mess."

"We?" she said in mock shock. "This mess is all you buddy. Do you always come so much or has it been backed up for a long time?"

I shrugged, "A bit of both I guess. Although I have to say that you being such a hot bitch helped. Don't think I've come so hard three times in a row like that."

A bit of a white lie but I knew she would lap it up.
There was harder pressure on my cock now, a light stroking movement, her fingers teasing the sensitive underside of the head.

"Well, then I guess it was my pleasure too. Thank you Jason, that was fantastic but I'm afraid I really need to get going. I hope we can meet up again soon."

This somewhat abrupt brush-off was not new too me. There was no rudeness implied. The medallion prevented feelings of remorse, guilt (along with protection from any nasty diseases or unwanted consequences) but also precluded any real emotional connections. The fucking was over and she needed to carry on with her life. Suited me fine except....

"Well I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem here Carla. I can't really go out in public like with this," I nudged her with my now rock hard cock which she was still absently stroking. "Besides which, I may have fucked you like a slut but I still want to make love to you like the beautiful woman you are."
I lightly kissed her neck and made the nipple play slight more forceful.

"My god, you're smooth," she gasped," Are you really up for a fourth time? Don't answer that, the answer is right here."

She pumped my cock again as I lifted up a leg so I could slip into her moist cunt.
This time we fucked nice and slow, my cock plowing swiftly through her cunt but with little force. She turned her head around so we could kiss passionately; our tongues wrestling in each others mouth. I had one hand on her tit and another on her clit.

"Aaaah god, fuck me with that big fat cock. Tell me what makes me sexy."

"I love your beautiful eyes, your gorgeous body especially these big beautiful tits. I've always fantasized about fucking a MILF and thanks to you, I now am."

"Oh god, I don't believe it, I'm going to come agaiiiii...."

Her voice trailed off into a soft moan as she spasmed. This time though, I didn't want to come with her, at least not yet.
"One more," I said, fingering her clit and nipples, thrust my cock unerringly against her g-spot. "Come again for me you beautiful creature."


This time it was a wave of orgasms that crashed inside her. I rode her, holding a leg up as I pumped her pussy. As she slackened off, I threw my head back and howled as I came inside her. The cum gushing out her pussy in a cream pie fashion as I continued to fuck her as I spurted. We kissed passionately once more as I felt my cock deflating inside her until it slipped out her sopping cunt. She was literally coated in my cum as I ran my fingers over her naked body.

"God, you're beautiful, "I said, lost in those beautiful brown eyes before kissing her once more."Thank you."

"No no thank you, that was...indescribable. But I really must be going now, much as I wish I didn't."

"We've made a bit of a mess," I said somewhat apologetically." You going to need to valet this car and you're a bit um, sticky."

"I know," she grinned. "Isn't it wonderful?"

She was fumbling for her clothes so I reluctantly released her from my grasp to stand up outside and put my pants on again.

"I'm going to drive home like this, all sticky with your cum. I'm going to kiss my husband with these lips that had your dick in them and caress him with hands covered in your spunk. Then I'm going to have a shower and probably finger fuck myself thinking of you."

"Well, the next time I jerk off, I'll definitely be thinking of you."

"Listen can I give you my number if you maybe sometime want to meet up for a drink or..."

"A fantastic fuck?" I finished. "Let me give you mine rather."
I produce a rather plain looking business card that read simply JASON with a phone number.
She gave me a furtive smile and I leant in to kiss her one more time as she pulled her pants up.
"Thanks. I'll be calling you."

"I'll be waiting."

She stood up before me, fully dressed and as radiantly beautiful as when I first saw her. We embraced, squeezing one another's asses as we did so. Even in the dim lighting of the garage, I could make out the sticky snail trails on her chin and face.

"You might want to give your face a bit of a clean," I motioned to wipe away a more prominent cum stain but she swatted my hand away playfully.

"Leave it, I want to look at myself on the way home, covered in your cum."

We kissed one more time before she got into her car and drove with a toot and a wave.
Feeling a little bit worn out, I made my way slowly back to my car parked somewhere on the same floor.

Not a bad bit of Sunday shopping.
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