The Meditation Room
At work we have this room that is called "The Meditation Room" and it is for obviously meditating and resting and or reading. No cell phones or anything like that allowed.

Today being a holiday hardly anyone is here in the building in fact the only person I have seen was one person that I am supposed to relieve and before they leave for the day I go to take my lunch break in the meditation room, I am not hungry and there is no food allowed in there anyway so I go to take a nap. I set my telephone alarm for 1 hour and I drift off to sleep. It is a very cozy room with a fountain, sofas, lounge chairs ottomans, and earth music like birds, ocean, rivers, thunder, rain and other sounds of nature.

I hear a noise and wake up to see a man walk in, I have seen him around and know his name is Patrick but I don't know for sure where he works or what he does. I say hello and he says hello in return and close my eyes again.

I drift off again and the next thing I know I feel my body being touched, my skirt is being lifted and he pushes my legs apart and pulls my panties off, I start to speak and he says shush just enjoy this. I do as I am told and he moves down between my spread legs and spreads them further and begins touching me and as I feel my body responds he leans down and begins to nibble on my hot mound and I hear myself moan and move my legs open further. I start to move my hands to his head to pull him in closer and realize that somehow he managed to tie my hands while I slept. I wiggle and say what the fuck? He says "shush, I know you want this and your body tells me it is enjoying it...look how wet you are getting! Now shush and let me do what I want to do and besides you have no choice.

No one is here today, no one can hear you or us and so you are mine and you are at my mercy! So just lay back and enjoy this. His face comes closer to me and kisses me so passionately on the lips and says shush and opens my blouse exposing my breasts and he releases them from my bra pulling each nipple into his mouth and sucks and nibbles on them as they harden in his mouth and I feel myself getting wetter yet. I feel my pussy begin to pulsate as he moves down my tummy to my mound again. His tongue licks me in small licks at first and he licks around my hardening clit begging for attention and you pull on it with your lips and teeth with a little bite that feels almost painful yet stimulating all at the same time and pulls it into his mouth almost a little roughly and his licks become longer and harder as he plunges his wonderful tongue inside me and I moan. He moves it in and out of me so quickly and rough it makes me crazy and I want this man now and begin to cum on his tongue and in his mouth and he attacks it with all he has in such a fury.

His tongue moves out and down to my ass as he makes my ass so wet and presses his tongue and finger inside and I close my eyes and push my hips towards his mouth, finger and face. He says you are so hot and I want you and I am taking you now and he unzips his pants and pulls his hardened cock out, strokes it a few times and I tell him to stop, he says you don't mean that and I can tell so just shush and let me do what I want and what I know you want too. He grasps my hips and lifts and moves my ass up and closer to him then he rubs his bulbous cock head over my labia and with it he then opens me up and plunges his cock inside me. I close my eyes and gasp for air. He is grasping and holding on to my hips firmly and he begins with a slow stroke in and out of me and his pace begins to pick up as his strokes in and out of me moves faster and full deep strokes as I feel his balls slap my ass. I feel his cock get even harder and his balls are so tight they hit my ass hard as he drives himself into me hard and fast. I scream out that I am about to cum and he digs his nails into my ass as he fucks me so hard and fast and I feel his cock spasm as my pussy does at the same time and as I begin Cumming I feel him as he shoots his thick cum inside me. I hear us both moaning as we mix our juices and I feel them spill out of my pussy and down my ass.

His strokes slow down but he does not begin to get soft instead he seems to be just getting started as he repositions me pulls his cock out and moves it to my ass, moving over it with its wet head and the juices all over my ass he moves it to my tight opening and presses the head of his cock inside and I hear myself let out a scream in pain Stop and he says shush now! It is a mixture of pain and excitement. Part of me wants him to stop because it hurts but it is also exciting and I feel myself getting wetter yet again and so I want him to continue. He asks if I really want him to stop and I say No...please don't Please please please keep going and with that he presses himself all in one firm stroke into my ass and his cock is buried deep inside me, the feeling is indescribably delicious as he pulls my legs up over his shoulders and holds my thighs as he pumps his hard cock in and out of my ass and tells me how good it feels and as my legs and body quivers I couldn't agree more.

I ask him once again to fuck me like I never have been and he says anything for you and I was wondering if you would let me. I can't do a thing with my hands as they are still tied above my head like I was sleeping and he begins moving his cock in and out of my ass and I'm loving each and every stroke. I feel his body begin to shake again as he yells out to me that he is getting ready to shoot his cum deep in my ass and as he finishes saying that I feel him push hard into me as his cocks begin squirting his hot seed in my ass and as he slows his strokes in me I cum again too as my body shakes and my pussy quivers and I feel with each pump into my ass his juice gets push out of me. I feel him as he slows his strokes and I feel him squeeze out his last drops before he pulls himself from me. He smiles down at me both of us looking and feeling spent and says meet me here tonight before you go home. He puts himself back together again and starts to walk away. I say hey wait a minute, are you forgetting something? He turns and says what?

I think you need to untie me!

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