The Naughty Neighbor
The Naughty Neighbor
By: Sassy Sue

Having just recently moved to Florida to design and install a new IT system for a company and I look to be here for two years as the project lead. I found a nice house to rent which suited my needs and is easy to maintain so I rented the place. It was quite an adjustment for me as I had moved from the north, deep in the heart of cold country and found myself in Hades. My wardrobe was not fit for the hot, humid climate of Florida so I wore as little as possible most of the time at home. The humidity just sucked the life out of me so I wear as little as possible whenever I can.

The other day I had taken the day off to work around the house and in the yard. Now I am no young chick at 30 years old and pushing a lawnmower was making me sweat like a pig. My tank top clung to my body like a second skin and my running shorts drenched as well, I was soaked. I walked to the front porch and picked up my bottle of ice water when I heard the rumble of a truck and a couple of short toots on the horn.

The driver was waving and I assumed that was because I was bending over and my wet shorts did little to conceal a single thing. Being neighborly I smiled and waved back. The driver was an older man, with salt and pepper hair (more salt than pepper) pulled to the curb and being a good neighbor, I walked to the curb.

"Hello my name is Ron, you are new to the neighborhood so I thought I would stop and introduce myself. Bit on the hot side to be cutting grass, most people wait until the cool of the evening to do yard work or early in the morning," he said politely.

"Hello Ron, I am Samantha and thanks for the advice." I replied smiling.

I could see my new friend Ron looking me up and down. I did not realize that my nipples were visible through my top and my shorts fit like wallpaper. What a dirty old man I thought, he just stopping to check me out.

Well, got to roll, "Take care in this heat, it was pleasure to meet you Samantha and I hope to see more of you," he said smiling mischievously.

Waving I turned and at the same time reaching backing I pulled the hot pink fabric from the crack of my butt. Now I am no spring chicken but I do take care of myself so I am no sack of crap for a thirty year plus old woman. I have a very nice figure, some bodacious fun bags, 36C tits with big round areolas and long nipples. My hair is blonde with brunette streaks and I wear it short. I have been told my eyes are ice blue and piercing but I just say blue.

Now I am not a model, just an average, looking woman and I probably could stand to lose a few pounds. I have never had time for relationships and all the drama associated with them, so all my romantic interests would be referred to as one night stands and that worked well for me.

It was apparent that Ron wanted to chat again because each time he drove past my home his truck slowed and I could see him looking. One morning I was leaving for work and was sitting in my Camaro. I was fastening my seat belt and I saw in my rear view mirror Ron's truck blocking my driveway. Ron was walking up the driveway with something in his hand.

I placed Ron in the neighborhood of sixty plus and a good looking sixty plus at that. He was fit with a lean, solid frame, about 6'2 almost a foot taller than me. He wore a nice pair of Dockers and a short sleeved print shirt. His arms were toned and he had a tan. He pushed his sunglasses up on his forehead and leaned into the car.

"Hi" he said with a slight accent that sounded southern, maybe Georgia or South Carolina blended with a little Florida flavor.

"Here is a little house warming gift and welcome to the neighborhood gift," as he handed me a very nice bottle of wine.

"Why thank you Ron, maybe some night we could share it," I said looking into his rich brown eyes, unless of course your wife would object. Now the one thing that Ron had no clue of was that I had a penchant for men older than me, much older than his age. I could feel his eyes looking at my breasts! I could not blame him as I was wearing a white button up the front blouse and it was unbuttoned down to show a good amount of my cleavage. I wore a pleated, tan skirt that had ridden high up on my thigh and the lace tops of my stockings were showing. Ron took it all in and was the consummate gentlemen not letting his eyes linger for too long.

"You look very fetching today Samantha, and I would love to take you up on your offer soon. I will not keep you any longer, have a good day and I hope to see more of you, soon" he said with an impish grin.

I was not sure how he meant by that as it was the second time he had said it but I was sure he might see more of me than he bargained for in the very near future if I had my way.
I left for work and it was a grueling fourteen hour day, so it was late when I returned home. Walking in the house, the bottle of wine in one hand and my mail in the other hand, I sat them on the counter and opened the refrigerator. I made myself a wine spritzer. Then I stripped my clothes from my tired body and ran a bath. With the tub filling I stood in the kitchen looking out the window rubbing on my breasts, sipping on my drink as the tub filled.

Not realizing I had left the light on in back, I presented a perfect silhouette of my naked tits in the kitchen window. Daydreaming I heard the rumbling of Ron's truck going by slowly. I was positive he was enjoying the show and got a great shot of my tits! I stepped from the window and headed for my bath. I was so horny and I was going to rectify that in the bathtub with my finger.

The next morning I sat at the breakfast counter eating breakfast wearing a pair of daisy duke shorts and a bikini top so I could wash my car. I was washing my car and I was completely soaked. My rounded cheeks of my ass were exposed and my breasts were spilling over the electric blue string bikini top as I reached across the hood. Ron's truck rumbled to a stop and the old man walked up to me and he got an eyeful of my tits swaying as I washed the hood. I did not stop, I wanted this old codger to get a good look, and hopefully he wanted to do me as much as I wanted him.

"Nice view, but not as nice as the show you put on last night Samantha. You looked very sensual standing in your kitchen window exposing yourself," Ron commented. "You a beautiful woman without a doubt, thank you for the treat."

"I had a long day and I normally do not parade around naked for the neighborhood voyeur's to watch, but then, I am not ashamed of my body. Hey when you get back could you stop by and help move and connect my washer and dryer. I have some unmentionables to wash," I teased.

"Sure" he replied but it will be late around five or six p.m. I would love to help you wash your delicate things; in fact I would love to wash you."

You are such a dirty old skirt chaser, be careful you might catch me someday and then what? What would your wife say?"

Nothing, she would say nothing, we have not had sex for a few years now because it hurts her too much to become sexually aroused, so we stopped. She realizes I have always loved sex so we agreed that if I could find a woman to put up with my libido I could have sex with her approval. It seems to work for us, she approves and I am grateful for not cutting me off completely.

"Really Ron, so you have an open marriage then and you get a little bit on the side, interesting," I said with a big smile on my face.

For Ron's benefit I sprayed the soap off of my body with the water hose, giving Ron another peak at my breasts and my erect nipples straining against my, now, transparent t-shirt. The outline of his cock in his shorts revealed that he was very hard and I took a mental picture.

"OK Ron, I have to get back to work and you have seen enough for now, I teased. See you tonight and I will have the wine on ice for us to enjoy afterwards. Please bring your tools to do the job."

"Only saw what you were showing and you do have lovely breasts, I would really enjoy seeing more of you, for sure. Oh yes Miss Samantha, I have the right tool for the job."

With that being said, I bent over the bucket to wring out my sponge, my shorts pulling tight between my pussy lips giving Ron a brief, tiny peek of my pussy lips. When I stood up I looked at Ron's crotch and there it was a bulging hard-on and he made no attempt to conceal it from me. The dirty old man wanted me to know he could still get hard and he had an above average size cock.

"Nice," I said teasingly and with a sly smile.

"What's nice," Ron returned, giving an impish grin?

"The weather, just the weather," and I drew my soapy hand over my thigh.

"See you tonight then," Ron waved and walked awkwardly back to his truck and I could tell his cock was diamond hard and I wanted it.

It was approaching five p.m. and I was prepared for Ron's arrival. The wine was on ice and I was as close to naked as I could be. An old pair of yellow nylon running shorts hung from my hips. The liner of the shorts had been removed long ago and now I just wore them around the house as they were almost transparent. Under the shorts I wore a tiny, pale, yellow sheer thong that just barely covered my swollen labia then vanishing between the cheeks of my ass. This was a teaser for Ron and I suspected he would get woody from looking at my crotch.

Now don't get me wrong, Ron is definitely a pussy hound, but it is a fine pair of tits that gets his motor racing and that was my goal. To achieve that I slipped on a little red lacy shelf bra the pushed my tits up and allowed my aureolas and the top of my nipple revealed. Then I slipped on gold satin top with thin spaghetti straps that hugged my body and the neckline would droop giving anyone whose was looking a view of my ample breasts. If I let them gaze at my girls they would see my dark aureolas and stiff, pink nipples. I just knew that Ron would stare at my tits as he always did and salivate like a dog in heat.

It had been over two months since I got laid last. The only sexual contact I have had has been with my fingers or a toy and I wanted a silver fox to fuck me soon. Ron was going to be the one.

I heard the rumble of Ron's truck as he pulled up in the driveway and I slipped on my sandals and I met him in the driveway. We exchanged pleasantries and Ron complemented me on my appearance. I led Ron through the garage to the laundry room so Ron did not see the rest of the house. Ron was watching my nice round ass as I walked in front of me, leading the way. I quickly volunteered to be Ron's helper.

We got busy moving the washer into place, Ron on one side and me on the other. I was bent over so there was no way that Ron could miss seeing my tits rocking in my bra as we wrestled the washer into place. He was looking, his eyes were bulging and there was a bead of sweat on his brow. Next he began hooking up the washer.

That is when I noticed he was already hard. His cock was straining on the fabric of his tight shorts. We both bent over simultaneously to pick up the hoses. I had them in my hand and gazed into his warm brown eyes. His eyes were clearly focused on my tits nestled in my bra swaying for his pleasure. I also took notice that the old geezer was going commando as there was not a hint of drawers spanning his plumber's crack. I thought he was a crafty old devil.

I was doing a lot more bending down in front of Ron so he was seeing a lot of beautiful chest! Then Ron had to reach past where I was standing to plug in the washer.

Ron had obviously not given much thought to what he said next or maybe he had.

"I really need to shove this in," instantly blushing afterwards.

I did not move, gave a seductive smile and I said "It might be hard to do with clothes on!"

I thought Ron was about shit right then and there. However, he just smiled and smoothly replied, "That depends where I shove it, doesn't it."

I laughed and said "You are right about that! But anyway is fine with me."

I then got serious and I said "Somehow I do not think we are talking about hooking up a washer and dryer."

Ron smiled and said "No, but we are talking about hooking up!" Then he got serious and said "I am alone more than I am with anyone and I have seen you many times working around your house. Maybe I am way off base but I think you like what you see here. I just want you to know that I like what I see too and I want all I can get."

I reminded Ron that I was less than half his age and he just laughed.

"More experience means more fun for you and besides age is just a state of mind."

Well that did it for me that was all I was waiting to hear so I leaned in and kissed Ron on the mouth with my tongue prying his lips open and Ron responded in kind. A few passionate kisses and I had to put the brakes on this fast moving train when Ron cupped my breast in his hand and it was wunderbar as my German ancestors would say.

"Hold on Ron lets finish here and then have some wine. I do relish the thought but I need my washer and dryer.

Ron was like a child who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and I broke the grip he had on my tit. I was like a man dying of thirst in the desert, but I had to pace the evening.

We quickly finished hooking up the washer and dryer and retired to the coolness of the air conditioned house. I was warm and wet, but figured that would be addressed shortly. I open the refrigerator and took the wine out and took the corkscrew from the drawer. I felt Ron behind me, his arms around me and together we pulled the cork from the bottle. I could feel his erection pressing between the cheeks of my ass through my yellow running shorts and he was slowly grinding against me make my juices flow. I wanted him; I wanted his hard flesh in me. I pushed back just slightly, wedging his stiff cock between the cheeks of my just to let him know I was willing.

We took our glasses and sat in the living room under the cool breeze of the ceiling fan and talked for a while. I had to slow things down as I needed more than one shot tonight. We talked about many things and of course sex was the topic of both of our interests.

Ron' hand was caressing my thigh, soft, gentle, strokes his fingers made me feel alive evoking the passion within my soul. My thong was saturated and I could smell my ripe scent wafting from between my thighs. Ron pulled me close and his fingers were exploring my body. His hands were under my top pushing it up.

I raised my arms and letting him remove it from me exposing my tits that were contained in the dainty lacy bra. My nipples were aching as he kissed them through the lace. Licking them with his tongue just enough to make me crazy. I left him to amuse himself suck and fondling my swollen breasts.

Placing my hand on his shorts over his throbbing cock, I caressed his hard swollen prick. I did his zipper and peeled back his shorts. I had been right he was commando and his excited cock was thick, long and circumcised. The head of his cock was almost a royal purple with a glistening drop of pearl cum in the eye of his prick and looked to be delectable.

Undoing his shorts and sliding the zipper down I was not the least bit disappointed at the treasure that stood before me. Nestled in a patch of curly silver gray pubic hair was a magnificent, three inch thick and I would estimate at least seven inches of hard, erect cock. Ron's cock was engorged with a distended veins flowing along the length of his pink shaft. I could not resist and I traced the warm veins with my fingers making Ron groan from my exquisite touch.

"I am in for a treat," I squealed excitedly taking Ron's hand and we headed for the bedroom.

In the bedroom Ron peeled of his shirt revealing a well-toned body with silver hair on his chest. Standing behind Ron I wrapped him in my arms, pressing my body to his back and rolling my hips as I rubbed his chest hair. My hands dancing over his body and down to his hard erection and curling my fingers around his turgid shaft I methodically pumping on his fabulous making his balls jiggle with eagerness. His rod was inflamed and he wanted more than a hand job and so did I.

Running my finger over his mushroom head, my fuck finger stole the glimmering drop of pre-cum perched on the eye of his cock.
Moving in front of Ron I seductively placed the droplet of his pre-cum on my lips and I kissed him sharing his nectar with him. Now while most men object to tasting their own cum but it has been my experience that an older man has learned what makes a woman super horny and I love to share. I stepped away from Ron and he sat naked on my bed, patting it for me to join him.

"Still need to shove that hose in baby," I asked watching Ron play with his balls and stiff cock?

Reaching behind my back I undid the clasp on my bra and let it float to the floor as I was dancing and gyrating for Ron's pleasure. I was doing my best stripper imitation for Ron and I hooked my thumbs in the elastic waist band as I twisted my body. Slowly I worked my yellow shorts down and off my hips letting slide to the floor. Arching my back I thrust my thong covered pussy towards Ron and rub the wet satin fabric with my wet fingers to really get Ron hard. Ron was licking his lips and I was ready for him to put that tongue in me. I stepped in front of Ron with my pussy at nose level.

"Take it off big boy," flexing my thong covered pussy in his face.

Ron took the thong and slowly began peeling the saturated garment from my cunt.

Leaning in Ron inhaled the scent of my arousal and planted a soft, gentle, butterfly kiss at the apex of my swollen pussy lips. My body was trembling as his lips were touching my pussy for the first time.

"Your scent is positively intoxicating and your nectar is the wine of the gods."

Ron pulling me to the bed and I was spreading my legs wide for him, he knelt between my thighs. The purple head of his juicy cock was touching my pussy lips. He pushed a little, my wet lips parting to give him access to my honey hole. Shivering, pushing my cunt to his cock's Ron cock stretching my tight hole, he penetrated my pussy. I moaned as he impaled his hard spear in me. Ron then raised my legs and draped them over his broad shoulders.

Feeling his cock fill me I began working my hips on his prick and Ron was fucking me hard. Each slight movement of him in me made me crazy and it was not long before I was tingling and on the edge of a great orgasm. My pussy was milking his cock, and covered with goose bumps, arching my hips I came for the first time that night, but not the last. I collapsed with Ron's cock in my cunt.

Ron was feasting on my tits, keeping me hot and excited as Ron pulled his pleasure stick from my dripping pussy.
"Come on Samantha, roll over and we will do it again, I want to do you doggy style. Be my bitch I will be your stud."
I rolled over to assume my favorite position, on my knees with my legs spread as wide as I could get them. Feeling the air kissing my exposed wet lips and Ron dipping his finger in my sloppy slit was exhilarating, making me moan loudly. Ron was taking his time with rubbing my juices on my brown bud and reaming my asshole with his magic tongue.

Wanting him to get on with it, wanting his cock in my cunt I wiggled my ass and I could feel his hard dick entering me again. He was no gentleman this time, Ron simply drove his throbbing cock; balls deep, into my pussy. Ron was fucking me hard treating me like the slut I am. Long, violent, deep strokes which I met with thrusts of my own. We were fucking like animals in heat and with a sheen of sweat coating our writhing bodies.

His strong hands on my hips, Ron held me tight like two dogs locked in lust, he proceeded to fill me with his rich, thick, milky cream, and I could feel each shot of cum ricocheting off the membrane of my cunt. Once again I went over the edge, my pussy clinching his cock and cumming for my stud. My silver fox had delivered and I was beaming. We finished our savage fuck and lay in a heap of hot flesh on the bed.

Ron was sucking my tits, his cock was half hard now and I figured his was done for, but reaching down I began playing with his semi hard-dick. Feeling his thick prick glide between my fingers was a celestial feeling of sensual dominance over Ron. We talked and I was stroking his semi-hard prick. Feeling the mushroom head and tickling the underside of the underside of his cock which made his cock pulsate. Drawing my finger along the puffy veins down to his balls and fondling them in my hand. We lay there teasing each other's bodies while Ron recouped and was ready for me to suck his cock.

I kept imagining his hard cock between my lips, his hips rocking as it slid in and out of my mouth. I wanted him, I wanted to feel his hot cum pumping into my mouth, and I wanted his balls touching my lips. My lips gently kissed the tip of Ron's now hard prick before I slid it slowly into my mouth. His cock was engorged again, much to my delight, hot and hard, Ron was ready to be sucked.

Truly obsessed with fellatio, found myself wondering, what would his cum taste like, how much, would he pump into my mouth? I couldn't believe I was thinking all of these things about Ron so I was going to find out the answers.

I could feel his cock stiffening against me. I slid my hand down to feel his bulging manhood, while sucking the tip of his cock. Cupping Ron's cock between both hands I could feel his thumping shaft and my mouth was watering to have his cock deep inside my throat. Stroking Ron's erect cock with both hands slowly up and down each side,

I could feel the pulsing of his blood rushing through the very a large vein which ran along the left side of his cock. My eyes examining every inch of his manhood and I would gently suck the tip in and out of my mouth.

I had to have Ron's succulent sausage cock between my lips. Opening wide I slowly slid the entire length of his cock to the back of my throat. I drew it back out and then I pulled back on his quivering tube even slower and Ron's body was shaking even slower. Resting the tip between my lips and gently sucked it in and out of my mouth. His cock was jumping up and down. Once more I slowly took the entire length into my mouth, holding there as I swirled my tongue around his tip and sucked deeply.

Ron's hands were clutching the sheets tightly as I was sucking his cock. I knew I was pushing my silver fox to his limits. Ron was going to cum and I wanted all of it in my mouth.

I was sliding his hot prick in and out my mouth at a rapid pace. Ron was rocking his hips in rhythm with my head bobbing on his dick. Ron's was pounding and I could feel his cock becoming engorged with the flow of his cum.

My hands surrounded his ass as I pulled him closer to me. I wanted to feel his entire cock in my mouth when he came. His tip reached my throat and I gently swallowed, allowing its entire length inside of wet mouth. Ron's legs shook uncontrollably. His hands were on the back of my head pushing his cock deeper into my hungry mouth. His moans were in perfect rhythm with his rocking hips. I could feel my juices gushing from my pussy and running down my legs.

Feeling the tip of his cock grow larger in my mouth I knew from my experience that Ron about to shoot his load into my mouth. Slowing down my head bobbing movement I was concentrating on sucking harder. His cock pressed tight against my hot lips and I could feel his throbbing passion. Going down for one more suck and I felt his cock pulse wildly. Ron stiffened his body and he shot an enormous load of hot rich, thick cum against the back of my throat. Without hesitation I swallowed every drop, savoring the silky strands of his cum as Ron was feeding me his hot seed.

I was ecstatic feeling his warm hard cock sliding over my lips and pounding the back of my mouth, it was my favorite feeling of all. I wished it could last longer. Such pleasure is over so fast. I could hear him panting as his cock pulsed again and another flow of his creamy cum coating my mouth and tongue. His cum tasted a little on the salty side with a slight hint of sweetness and quite thick and I was enthralled with the feeling of Ron pumping cum into my mouth and coating my tongue.

Each time I would swallow his shot of cream Ron would give me yet another blast of cum and Ron pumped three loads into my mouth before he was drained. I swallowed each drop of my creamy reward. As I pulled his cock from my mouth, I closed my lips tight to squeeze out every last drop of cum. I kissed the tip of his spent prick and licked off a tiny trickle of cum that remained for our mutual pleasure.

I looked at my silver fox with admiration and Ron could see my lips were coated with his cream. He smiled and kissed me passionately, once again tasting his cum.

"Not bad for geezer," I teased.

I asked if he was ready for more and I kissed his cock one last time.

Ron looked at me and smiled, "It is my turn to taste your hot cream pie!"
My silver fox knew what he was doing and with a practiced hand he splayed my legs wide. Taking a small throw pillow he stuffed it under the small of my back. I lay there, playing with my aching nipples. Removing my hands from my tits he began sucking my hard nipples, first one then the other. His large hand was cupping my dripping pussy lips toying with them and toying with me.

I was filled with lust, crazy with desire to have my silver fox snacking on my sopping cunt that was filled with the remainder of his creamy cum. To feel his tongue, licking my most intimate places, giving me orgasmic pleasure once again while I squirm like the slut I am.

Now I was now exposed to Ron, in a most vulnerable a position as imaginable, my naked cunt open to Ron and God. My twat recently waxed and bathed in our cum from out great fuck and my pussy were already swollen with need; the pink inner lips turned outward begging to be licked.

Ron running the tip of his index finger between the pussy lips and his finger told him that I was more than ready to entertain his wide, pink tongue. My wetness glistening between the folds of my cunt and a small rivulet of Ron's cum twisting down the folds of my pussy. His white cum was trickling down to my asshole where Ron was lubing my bud with his finger and our leftovers.

I moaned loudly from his finger on my bud and the muscles of my sphincter quivering as I was squirming, moving against Ron's finger, he obviously wanted me panting before he ate my pussy, panting like a bitch in heat.

I was staring at Ron with my lips parted, breathing heavily. "Play with your tits," Ron commanded, "I like to watch a woman play with her tits."

Rolling my hard nipples between my thumbs and fingers I was in a decadent sexual frenzy. As worked the tender flesh my nipples were glowing a rosy red.

"Lick them," Ron said as he toyed with my ass.

Pulling a breast to my mouth I licked the rigid nipple with my tongue. I was making oral love to my own breasts for Ron's salacious pleasure, not to mention mine.

Ron sank three fingers into my, wiggling, wet twat, turning them around inside of my cunt. Exhaling sharply I could see Ron holding them up for me to view them dripping with our cocktail of cum. Holding them in front of my face, my tongue fully extended she leisurely licked one side clean and, when he turned his hand around I was licking the other side clean. I was sucking his fingers just to put on a little show for my silver fox. I was a very turned on woman and I wanted Ron to take full advantage. He did not disappoint me.

With my legs spread Ron starting at my knees, began kissing, licking, occasionally nibbling and biting, her thighs. Reaching the edge of my pussy Ron deprived me of my expected treat, his tongue. Pausing he changed up to my other knee prolonging my sexual desire to feel his tongue in me. Reaching the outskirts of my cunt, Ron, once again lingered and returned to my other knee and to start all over. Ron was intentionally avoiding my wet pussy. I was a mess moaning and begging Ron to eat me. This torture went on for another two frigging slow circuits.

My body was on fire, I was whimpering for him to eat my pussy and reaching out I took hold of his head and tried to force it between my opened legs. Having none of this Ron resisted my efforts. I thought I might burst as Ron was hovering over my cunt for a beat of five before the first languid, long lick came. As soon as his tongue hit my steaming pussy lips I began jerking my hips forward, grinding my twat against my lovers face, while unleashing a low, long desperate growl of an animal in heat.

Ron placing his hands on the inside of my golden thighs, spreading me wide open like an all you can eat buffet bar. Drawing his tongue from just above my twerking asshole, he was giving me another super slow lick, top of my pussy. Ron emitting a groan of his own as he dozed my pussy repeatedly. I was positive he was letting me know how much delight he took in eating my cream pie. Ron kept licking and soon her had my clit protruding from its hood. His tongue made my body convulse with each lick. He was quite an accomplished lover.

Ron did not want me to cum yet, he was showing his dominate side, and Ron was sucking my hard pink clit into his mouth. He began to abuse my delicate, pulsating, pussy pearl by battering the pink nub back and forth. Ron ran it over hard with the flat of tongue, trapping and jamming it against my body. Placing the side of my hands on Ron's head, holding him tightly to my pussy my thighs were flexing and relaxing as he devoured my drenching wet pussy.

As quickly as Ron began assaulting my clit he quit, I was in agony and wanted to drown him in my cum. Ron, inserting his index finger into my aching cunt had me shrieking when he planted his mouth on my wet labia and sucking them robustly. I could feel his finger skating down the trail of juice that flowed across my perineum and coating the cleft of her. Ron was watching my eyes, reading my face, as he was fingering the outside of my anus. I jumped as his finger was penetrating my tight ass. My eyes must have lit up as my sphincter was clasping the invading digit in a death grip. His eyes never left mine when I jumped and for a moment Ron must have thought he had gone too far, but I relaxed, settling my ass onto his finger. That was my go ahead and Ron resuming to caress my asshole.

Ron was busy fucking my asshole with his finger which was bringing me to edge. His wet mouth still sucking my cunt lips and he was slipping his firm tongue into me. His tongue was exploring my inner lips and licking the cum coated membrane of my twat and Ron was drinking our nectar. Pushing on the tip of Ron's embedded fingertip, he interrupted that as an invitation to bury it in my butt.

There was no resistance, the copious flow of juices from my cunt now provided plenty of lubrication, and when I began gasping in delight. Ron accepting the invite propelled his thick finger into my ass, moving it as he was taunting the nerves implanted in the walls of my asshole.

Ron was tongue fucking me as I was writhing out of control on the bed. I thought Ron was pacing me, holding me on the precipice of an orgasm. Ron had a talent of balancing women on the edge of an orgasm, and he had to lay between many a pair of women's thighs to be so fucking skillful and he was sure to bring me off soon, I hoped.

Ron returning to my clit was sucking on it, vacuuming it into his mouth. He caught it between his lips and working it over, tonguing it in a variety of ways. Ron used the flat of his tongue, the tip of my tongue, left-to-right, up-and-down, in ovals and circles, memorizing how I responded to each motion. He was mixing things up by releasing the pressure and drawing shapes around my sweet aching nubbin. I was pulling at his hair and I wanted, no I desperately craved release from this sensual prison. I was ready!

My groans became harder, sharper and much louder, there was no question about what has happening. On the edge I could no longer restrain as Ron toyed with me. My thighs shaking and the muscles of my cunt clamped down and I was arching my back. Pressing my shoulders into the bed, my fingers locked onto Ron's head, I drove his face into my tingling cunt. I was coming, squirting juice into Ron's face which he greedily devoured for the most part.

My body was quaking uncontrollably, covered in sweat and cum as I was wracked by several powerful orgasms. Ron had made me cum like a teenage girl.

I finally pushed Ron's head away gasping, sweating and letting my breathing return to normal and I finally managed to weakly, mutter, "Enough."

Ron wrapped his arms around me and we just enjoyed the moment. We talked some I told him he was an incredible lover and I wanted him again soon.

"Very soon, I was glad this dirty old man could show you he still had it in him to put it in you. I look forward to seeing you again Samantha," Ron said with that sly smile as my silver fox slipped into the night.

I lay in the bed feeling thoroughly satisfied and thinking about the great sex I just experienced. I found a man who can likes to just fuck me and the best thing is I am in Florida for two years.

The End (for now)
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Letter to a Friend
Morning Beauty
My Master's Lesson
Anger Sex
Chronicle of a Fellatrix--Chapter 4 The Game
Cum Again
The Chronicle of a Fellatrix Chapter 3
The Chronicle of a Fellatrix
The Elf's Gift
The Magic of Christmas
The Thought of You
Bad Boy
The Trio
The Window Seat
Cock Slut
My Thoughts on Cock Sucking
Lingerie Shopping Part 2
Lingerie Shopping Part 1
The Funeral
Happy Valley Social Club
The Wager
A Brief Encounter of the Erotic Kind
The Fetish
Beth and the Goofy Grape Panties
Sip, Lick But Never Spit
elder Love
The Date
A Letter To Beth
Saturday Night Slut
The Love of a Man
Bend Over Please
A Day At Work
Under The Blanket
The Meeting
In The Alley
Afternood Tea
Big Ole Licorice Stick
Happy Campers Part 2
Happy Campers Part 1
A View From My Window
The Conversation
Red Lace Panties
The Appetizer
A Day At The Museum
My Addiction
Private Pleasure
A Candy Cane
Samantha's Senior Lust
A Thanksgiving Meal
The Itch
Anal Cherry
Pink Solo Cup
The Phone Lit Up
Paramour Cove
The Bus Ride

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