The Neighbor Lady Says We Are Going to Burn in Hell
My Mom said, "It is such a beautiful evening Melissa. Nice and warm. Let's put a blanket on the front lawn then take off our clothes and lay down on it for a while."

A few minutes later we were sitting on the blanket talking when a car suddenly came up our driveway.

I immediately jumped up and was ready to run in the house, but I noticed it was my brother Michael, so I sat back down.

He got out of the car and walked over to us then Mom said, "Honey, go inside and get yourself a drink then come back and join us. Take your clothes off if you want to."

He went inside and took off his clothes then came back out and sat on the blanket between me and Mom. After he finished his drink we all laid down. Mom and I took turns tongue kissing Michael while we played with his big hard cock.

After a while I got up on my knees and started giving him a blowjob. I was really enjoying myself and wanted him to cum in my mouth, but after about four or five minutes he suddenly pushed me away from him and got on top of Mom.

She grabbed his cock and guided it inside her then they started fucking.

Michael started off slow then began to fuck her faster and faster.

Mom started yelling, "Oh Michael, I love you so much! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your Mommy! Give her a good fucking! Fuck your mother! Fuck her good! Fuck your mother! Fuck her! Fuck her!"

I looked across the street and when I noticed the elderly neighbor ladies' living room lights came on. I told Michael that he should stop, but he ignored me.

The old lady opened her front door then shouted at us, "Are you perverts fucking on the God damn front lawn again? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Your whole family is going to burn in Hell! Stop right now, or I am going to call the Police!"

Michael suddenly stopped and I could tell that he was ejaculating inside Mom. He waited a few moments then pulled his cock our of her and stood up. Mom and I gathered up the blankets and drink glasses then we went inside the house and turned off the lights.

A short time later, a police car drove slowly down the road. When it got to our house they shined a bright spotlight around the front yard for a few seconds then continued on their way.

Mom said, "That was close. I would hate to have my picture in the paper for having incestuous relationships with my son. Maybe we better stop doing that so often. The old lady is really getting pissed off at us. Michael, come upstairs to bed with me."
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