The New Normal
I'm beyond disgust.

Please understand... I DO NOT consider rape or sexual assault in the same category as sexual harassment.

I also DO NOT believe in any payments (hush money) made to someone if you've done something wrong, especially if that payment is made from taxpayer funds.

Any woman in their 50's, the 60's... who DIDN'T experience sexual harassment in the workplace is an anomaly.

For those who did, to bitch and moan now about it... is just ridiculous.

"Dirty Old Men" has been around since the age of time.

I worked in the Fed Government and was working in a male-dominated field.

Sexual harassment happened every day.

It is how I CHOSE to respond to the offending male that made the difference.

Avoidance, reporting (although nothing was done) etc., I certainly wouldn't and don't complain about it today... to ANYONE much less the media....

What is the point?

Females like me... thousands... put up with the chauvinistic male culture, which infiltrated just about every profession...

Kudos to all of us who broke those barriers... even with the BS that came with it!

The culture was different then.

WHY are we holding men who did crap 30-40 years ago to the standards we have in place today?

If I shoplifted 35 years ago (which WAS and IS still a criminal act), should I be made to pay for the loss of my career, family, etc., now?

(I didn't by the way... shoplift).

Women forget they flirted etc...

And recalling harassment from 30-40 years ago may have lost the fairness factor.

I saw MANY females flaunt themselves, openly flirt, etc... to get ahead. And yet, they would deny they flirted...

How many of us have done something, anything in our early years that wouldn't pass the public litmus test today?

I sincerely doubt many of us have nothing in our past.

When passing judgment on all these people who have had things in their past... but nothing within the past 20 years... I don't give a crap if they were in jail, potheads, were guilty of poor conduct, etc., THEN... I want to know how they've lived their life for the past 10 or so years...

And lastly, I've always held firm from my high school days (the early 70's) that any guy who bragged about girls/women and what they did/didn't do, rarely did any of the things they bragged about.

They wanted others to be envious; they said stuff that totally never happened... locker room talk... nothing more.

I'm truly sickened of locker room talk by the Weinstein's in this world... and the blame... people like him can be shared by hundreds of those who knew... the enablers.

But all these other 1-offs (single time) being thrown out to the public for scrutiny, embarrassment... is shameful.

Can I tell you how many men touched me (I've assumed to be incidentally) on the metro, bus, putting carryon in the overhead, etc...?

Perhaps one of them is now a public figure. I could turn that incidental touch into a public trial.

I feel sorry for men today... they're going to have to get consent to date, touch, etc...

Because who knows, 30-40 years from now, the female will suffer convenient memory loss and the guy's life, work, and family will be destroyed.

We have truly jumped off the deep end with this stuff...

It's become impossible to judge what legitimate sexual harassment really is!

Credit: (Written by Kim Newton, Alexandria VA)

(Edited by Sami; spelling, punctuation, and spacing)
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