The New Touches in my Life - Part 1
There is always something special that the first touch by a stranger on our privates. It is always so exciting. I also do get surges touching them for the first time. I find there is nothing like it. That feeling is hard to dismiss, but probably the reason, I am considered loose, and like a variety in my sex life.

With a woman, I don't know, placing my hand on her mound, and slowly moving my hand down to her pussy is terrific. Listening to her response sends floods of juice to my panties. She almost knows I am about to let my fingers enter her. When that happens, I love to kiss her with my finger inside of her. That first tit to tit meeting is softness divine. When we are about even in height, nipple to nipple is almost crippling from pleasure. We both know that eating pussy is not far off.

With a man, touching you on the pussy is such a different experience. He seems to be searching for a cunt to fuck. It is almost animal-like and probably what makes it so exciting. Touching his hard cock with all its veins protruding can send shivers up my spine. You can always tell when he wants it in your mouth. I sometimes drool over such requests, but getting fucked by a nice one is the greatest of all. You have to lay there with your legs spread, wide open to the world, while a cock head pierces your cunt.

Whether they be young or old, it always seems the same way with a person that you might have known for a long time but has never touched them that way. That first touch or being touched is divine.

When I finally touched my mother, she made me promise never to write about the details. She knew I write about my life experiences and ask that I never tell about her and my experiences. I have always kept that promise, and I will continue to do so. I will say it was one of the hottest experiences I ever had. Eating her where she and my father made me really turned me on. But enough of that.

As I look back on it, I wished my father would have been more aggressive with me. I never knew if the little feels were an accident, and I will never know.

As I grew up and started dating, new experiences and touches entered my life. My mother was very conservative with me, keeping me tied down until I was 17. I was still a virgin, while other girls my age had experiences I wished I had. I knew one girl who started in middle school dating. She was very popular with the boys, and we all knew what they were doing to her. All boys are braggarts.

My first dates were somewhat mild with a kiss at the door. I quickly learned that you have to encourage the shy ones. Getting my breast touched the first time, through a blouse and bra, was somewhat disappointing. I finally dated a boy who, while parked and kissing, had his hand not only in my blouse but inside my bra. I learned I really liked my breasts fondled that way, especially my nipples. I got back home that evening with very wet panties.

When I went to bed that night, my thoughts turned to the pleasure I felt with him doing that to me. Between my legs felt full, so I put my hand down there. Oh, I had done that before washing myself, and I knew it felt good. This was different as I played with my mound and then the opening of my cunt. As I explored my pussy, I found a spot that was more than sensitive. I kept touching it softly until the feeling overwhelmed me, and a surge went through my body, and I actually screamed from it. My mother came rushing in to see if I was okay. She looked where my hand was. She winked and softly said to me, "Honey, you now know why sex is so wonderful. I will never tell you to stop doing that to yourself. It is just better with another." My mother's wise advice after I had an orgasm for the first time. The next night I did the same except for burying my face in my pillow. I did not want my father to come running in to see if I was okay. Now, as I think about it, I wished he had.

I had never seen a cock except for the pictures they showed in a sex education class. Some of the girls talked about it being hard and stiff. It all made me wonder. I came home from school one day and had to go pee. I rushed into the bathroom, and there stood my father drying himself from a shower. He tried to cover himself, but I had seen what I wanted to see. It looked big, but that was probably my imagination because I never heard my mother talk about it with her friends. They talked about sex a lot. I had even heard Mrs. Thomas ask mom if mom minded if she slept with dad. My mom replied with a big, "YES!"

I flirted with the boy would felt my tit through all my clothes and bra. I figured he would be controllable when I touched his cock. Our date wound up parked along the river, and sure enough, he got his usual feels of my right boob. I put my hand on his lap, high enough to feel what he had. It was warm and swollen. When I touched him, he jumped. I looked down, and his pants were wet. I thought then that boys got wet like girls. The date ended with a kiss at the door, but at least I got my first touch of a cock. It was time for my aggressive friend who manipulated my nipples on our last date.

Funny, we practically parked in the same spot I had got my first feel of a cock. It took no time after a few open mouth kisses to feel his hand making its way into my bra. I waited a while because I do like that sensation when he plays with my nipples. I finally put my hand on his pants. Not only was it warm, but hard as a rock. I guess that gave him the signal it was okay to put his hand up my skirt. He stopped on my inner thigh and let his thumb rub me there. The knuckle of his hand rested on my pussy. I started rubbing the front of his pants. He whispered in my ear, "Carol, you can take it out if you want to." When his knuckle pressed harder against my pussy, I started unzipping his pants. When his pants opened, his cock practically jumped out of the slit in his boxers. God, that thing was beautiful. It was all wet on the head, and its veins protruded all over it.

"Go ahead, Carol, kiss it."

I wasn't ready for that yet, but I did run my fingers up and down it. It got wetter coming from that slit. When he moved his hand from my thigh to cover my total pussy. I was ready for anything. The first touch of my pussy but somebody other than me was so beautiful. I leaned down and kissed it. The wetness remained on my lips, and when I licked my lips, how sweet it tasted. I went back for more.

"Just open your mouth, Carol."

I did, and the first cock entered my mouth. It was soft and fleshy as it pressed against my tongue. I felt so much like a woman. He started pushing on my head to make me go up and down. I was surprised how much of it I took inside my mouth. I got the hang of it, using my lips and tongue to make him moan. The big moment came when he exploded in my mouth. I wasn't use to that and gagged. That didn't stop him shooting, and it got all over my blouse and down inside it. My first blow job and it wasn't that good, but it made me feel so grown up. We did try to clean me up, for I had to go home.

I did get home before curfew and went right to bed. My mother came in and standing next to my bed, said, "Carol, you smell like cum," I started to cry, "Don't cry, Honey, every woman yearns to smell like cum. It means that you were being a woman."

I stopped crying and said, "Mom, it was wonderful."

"What did you two do? Did he fuck you?"

"I put his dick in my mouth."

"Oh, Honey, you blew him. Did he eat your back?"

"No, that is all we did."

"Darlin', get him to do you that way, and tell him when he does, he can fuck you."

"Mom, I was't that good doing him that way."

"Tell you what my little girl, mom has a nice dildo that looks and feels like a cock, I will give you a few lessons tomorrow when your father is not around."

Mom kissed me on the cheek, and I know she got a few specks of my dates cum on her lips, and when she licked her lips, it made me wonder.

It was Friday, and I was nervous. I was about to tell a boy he could fuck me, but only if he went down on me. We went to the movies and left my boobs alone, mainly because it was to easy to see where his hands were in a movie theater. His hand did find its way up my skirt. I just closed my eyes as his hand nestled around my pussy. I leaned over to him and whispered, "If you go down on me, you can do what you want." We left the movie theater in quite a hurry.

He parked on a dirt road, got out of the car, and spread a blanket on the ground. I was invited to the blanket where I lost my blouse, bra, and skirt. When my panties were slipped off, I knew it was all going to happen. All brand new touches. He bent down and kissed my mound. He started to get himself out of his pants.

"Whoa, big boy, you got to do more than that."

He then licked around my pussy, and it came apparent he was a bigger beginner than I was. He didn't no shit about eating a girl. I didn't even come close to orgasm. I finally said, "Take me if you want." That hot cock of his came out of his pants, and he spread my legs and pushed himself inside me. Two new touches in a row. One bad, but this one felt beautiful. We got into a rhythm of fucking each other, and it was hot. I didn't want it to stop, but like all good things, it does come to an end, but in a very delightful way of surge of pleasure after surge.

I was smiling all the way home, feeling like a woman of the world. My mom was waiting for me to get back. I think she knew by the smile on my face. She said nothing but handed me a box, which turned out to be the morning after pill. She said, "We didn't have these when I was your age, and that is how you came along."

"Do you mean daddy knocked you up?"

"No honey, it was another. I just blamed your father after he fucked me when I was pregnant. It was the only choice I had at the time, and it all worked out well."

"So my father is not really my father. Will, you ever tell me who it is?"

"I might if it becomes necessary. Now how was he going down on you?"


"And the fuck?"

"Oh, mom, it felt divine."

"Good, Honey, good. Now go to bed."

After dutifully reading the directions on the box and doing what it said, I climbed into bed and thought of the whole evening. My first time being fucked, as well as being ate. I kept reliving that feeling of being used by a man. That thought kept being interrupted by finding out that my father was not really my father. My memory flashed that picture of when I interrupted his shower, and I liked that image.

I got out of bed early and went to take a shower. After toweling myself dry, I went to my pantie drawer, and there was a stack of 'morning after' boxes. Apparently, mom was thinking ahead. I put on a very tiny bikini pantie, which I thought made me look hot. To whom I had no idea. I now knew one thing, I had always not clothed myself provocatively in front of my father. I thought that only fair, but now that I have found he is my fake father, I plan to wear anything I want. That shower image of him kept popping into my head. I had always had those types of feelings for him, but now it was even more intense.

My high school lover was eager to get his dick into me again, but I was not in that much hurry. I thought an older guy would have more experience. I had always enjoyed older men winking at me in the mall. It was easy to figure out what they wanted, but now I became more interested. I decided to go to the mall. Putting on some of my clothes that showed a lot of me made me horny.

You didn't have to be in the mall that long to start being followed. It seems that the older crowd likes to watch young ladies' ass swinging. Knowing they were waiting just made me swing it all the more. I noticed an elderly man standing in front of a jewelry store. I made sure I passed him multiple times because I could tell he was looking me over. He had gray hair, and he was rather thin, but nice looking. I stood in front of a window display on the other side of the mall aisle. I looked at the reflection in the glass, and sure enough, his full attention was on me. I purposely dropped my carry-all and bent over to pick it up. There was no doubt he would see my bikini panties I had worn with this short of a skirt. I knew I had a wedgie, so there was plenty of my ass cheeks showing.

I walked up a few stores, then snapped my fingers like I had forgotten something and walked the other way passing right by him.

"Say, Miss, you got a minute? Are you interested in a job at my store?"

"I might be," I replied.

"Come on in. I would like to tell you about it."

I went with him, and we passed the counters and went back to his office/workshop.

"Go ahead, Miss, sit down, and let me tell you about the job."

He directed me to a chair that was against the wall, and with him sitting behind his desk, he had a full view of my legs on up. I sat down and crossed my legs. I am sure he was enjoying the view. He explained that the job would be his assistant requiring odd and ends-type things, including a little cleaning. He told me he couldn't pay much, but I could buy any jewelry he sold at cost. I recrossed my legs, and he stumbled in his pitch about the job. I asked what else I would have to do.

"Honey, with how you look, having you in this store would draw a lot of men into the store who are my main customers."

"How would I have to dress, Mr. Tellie?"

"Just like you are or anything you would like. Little is better."

I asked for the bathroom, and he directed me to it. I went in and slipped off my panties and put them in my carry-all. I flushed the toilet like I had peed and went back out and sat down. I didn't cross my legs until I knew he would be looking. I kept my pussy bare, so I knew he would see a lot of me when I crossed my legs. He started to say, "So, what do you..." It got interrupted with a crossing of my legs slowly. He finished that sentence with an "Oh my god."

"Do you like that, Mr. Tellie?"

"Would you honor me and let me fuck you, Miss?"

"Call me Carol, and yes, I would honor you, but only if you go down on me."

"No problem, Carol, I do that to my wife all the time."

"Your wife will not mind."

"If she was here, she would join us."

For some reason, that made me horny as hell. He moved a few things, and a bed was lowered from the wall. He came to me and started taking my clothes off. When he slipped off my bra, he said, "Carol, we both like young tits, and you got em, honey." When my skirt hit the floor, he started kissing me. I felt him unzipping his pants, and soon a magic wand appeared. And it did look so magical. He was thin, but his cock was not. He pushed me to the bed, opened my legs, and made strange noises with each new showing of my body.

When his face touched my cunt, a new touch, and much better than the high school boy, I was fucking. He knew what he was doing. His tongue danced over my pussy, finally concentrating on my clit. Enough sucking and licking to make me want to jump out of my skin went a violent orgasm overtook me. In the middle of settling down, he was on top of me, pinning my legs open and pushing that big cock into me. He fucked me like I was his forever. It was so awesome the way he fucked me that another orgasm came immediately. My first multiple orgasms shook my body to the core. Mr. Tellie could fuck me anytime he wanted.

A buzzer sounded and startled, I ask, "What is that?"

"Somebody came through the front door."

"Didn't you lock it?"

"Of course, it has to be my wife."

"Your wife! What she is going to say with use laying here naked."

In walked a very gorgeous elderly lady, and she softly said, "Well, darlin', what did my handsome man find for us today? Oh my, you did well darlin' this little girl, as they say,
she is fuckin' hot!"


"Hello yourself, darlin'. You going to let Audrey eat that husband of mine, cum out of your pussy?"

"If you want."

Oh, darlin' I want bad, but first, your lover and I have to go to the bank on business. Let's all get dressed and lock up. Can you come back at 4 PM."

"I will try."

But I didn't, and the next time I went to the mall, the jewelry store was closed and empty. I never saw them again, and I was so looking forward to having Audrey between my legs.
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