The Night I Forgot The Webcam Was On
My name is Liam. I am sixty years of age, six foot tall average build and tattoos, sort of rugged looks which I find attract women to me for some reason or another I tend to get there problems.

There is a sense of mystery about me I suppose being a spiritual healer which also attracts some women who need some guidance in life.

It all happened one Friday night about ten years ago after I had been doing a distance healing session in a group situation with about ten people, a couple of men, the rest women. The session had finished and at the time it was before video and voice, I had my webcam on and had closed down the group chat.But hadn't closed down messenger just in case anyone showed up with any questions about the meditation we were discussing.

I had clicked the minimize button on everything and went for a shower. I was already naked once the group had finished as I have a tendency to roam about the house like that if my old man is away.

When I came back from the shower I decided to lay on the bed and watch a porn movie online but as I watched it an ad popped up about how to make your cock bigger, I juust had to check it so I subscribed and watched the video and read the instructions, at that time I had a penis pump so lubed up my cock with Largo cream rubbing it in over the head of my cock and slowly down the shaft, by that time I could feel the cream start to tingle and the nerve ends twitch in my cock.

I put the pump on and started to pump away and watched as my cock grew bigger than normal as the blood was forced though making the head swell up and when I took it off it felt like taking my cock out of a vacuum , the pop going off like a champaigne bottle top.

I started watching the video again and following the instructions I squeezed the base of my shaft lightly and started stroking up my shaft with tender but firm stokes to the head aiding even more blood to enter and fill the veins. I had to do repeats, but as it was my first time I had to break off now and then to let the excitement cool as after I while I could feel the cum ready to blast.

I took a little break and relaxed a bit then changed to another exercise, this time rolling the head of my cock between my hand and doing alternate strokes slowly up my cock as I watched my cock get harder than it had been previously. I rubbed some more Largo on and I had just happened to look down at the bottom of my screen when it was flashing someone wanting to connect.

I sat up and clicked the maximise button to find out it was Suzie , one of the ones from the group. I had seen her once in a photo and she looked very tasty indeed with her long red hair down to the bottom of her spine and a sparkling smile and green eyes. From the photo I guessed her to be average height with long legs and an ass and boobs that were nicely shaped. She was probably around 43 years old.

She had been wearing a mini kilt that didn't leave much to the imagination with a sheer silk top that clung to her so you could see she had no bra and her nipples were like mountains held in this blouse.

I started to react to the thought in my mind right away as my cock twitched.

" Hi Suzie, what can I do for you? "

She replied " Oh, uh, I don't know how to say this."
" It's ok, take your time, you know I am here to answer any questions." I said
" It's um, a bit personal and I am a bit ashamed in a way, and embarrassed to say what it is." She replied

I told her " It's all right Suzie, you know anything you say won't go past me and it is safe, don't worry, I won't judge you."

"All right then, I have to admit something and let you know. I don't think you realise you left your webcam on and I have been watching you and oouldn't help myself from contacting you to let you know." She replied "And" She went on" This has turned me on so much I am dripping wet down there"

I said " I am sorry if I embarrassed you but don't be ashamed, my fault for not noticing the cam on, now I am a bit embarrassed, especially as I have been caught literally with my pants down."

"Mmmmmmm. Don't be embarassed, I enjoyed watching you and that hot cock of yours looks delicious....or I would imagine it would be if it was in my mouth and me sucking all the cum from it. You can finish off what you were doing if you want, I would love to see you cum." She said "Oh, and before you do I will put my webcam on and you can watch me fuck myself with my toy imagining it is your cock inside me"

I clicked accept webcam and there she was in her glory, naked and waiting, smiling seductively at me with her lovely green eyes that held a tantalising look.

"No need to type or talk Liam, just watch and do it, I have needed this for a while, lets call it part of the healing side, sexual healing is part of the spirit too I would think huh ?"

"Ok Suzie, I am ready when you are." And smiled at her, taking her body in completely with my eyes. She was delicious with her breasts sitting proud with her nipples hard and erect with an hourglass figure that should be in a porn mag,her pubic hair was trimmed with an nice arrow shape that could have had a tattoo above it saying *ENTER HERE*.

She was twiddling her nipples with one heand and lifting them up to take a lick while she had her other hand at her wet pussy stroking her clit and opening her lips to show me the view with her legs spread on the arms of the chair she was on. I was totally mesmerised by her....she was an angel, but for a while she hang her halo on a hook and put on the devil horns.

My cock was throbbing as I slowly stroked as I didn't want to cum too quick and I wanted this to last as long as possible to see how many orgasms she might have.

Suzie picked up her toy which was a rabbit.but a big one and started to rub her clit with the end while still tweaking her nipples, I could see her squirm in the chair as she felt the pulses going though her pussy, and slowly she slid the rabbit into her an inch at a time till she had the whole length of it in, it must have been around eight inches long at least and quite thick with a little notch that vibrated her clit and made her moan every time she got near it.

My toes were about ready to curl at the end and my pace quickened. As I stroked faster I could feel the muscles behind my ass tighten up ready to blow my load. This was the biggest hardon I ever had and I knew the exercises were paying of. I had at least grown a half inch in the past week with the daily workout. I shuddered to think how big it would grow, but I didn't want too big. another inch or two would be fine.

My strokes got faster and a let out a grunt as Suzie arched her back in an orgasmic spasm with the rabbit stuffed up her as far as it would go. That did it for me as I could not hold on any longer, my cum burst forth like my cock was a volcano and splattered the screen on my pc.

Suzie had a devilish smile as she said" That was awesome.We must meet up some time and do this for real, I know you are my teacher but stuff the formalities. I want that hot cock inside me to feel the cum."

...........That meeting was another story

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