The Obedience Test - The First Day
You open the door to the hotel room, a secret plan in mind. Taking my bag, you set it aside and turn to me. Eyes dark with secret passions, soon to be revealed. You push me back, pinning me against the wall with your muscular body. Grabbing my hands you hold them over my head with one hand, your other skimming across my body. Lips wild with passion feverishly kissing my neck, then my lips taking advantage of my gasp to thrust your tongue into my mouth. The kiss going from hot to volcanic, in the blink of an eye. More heat and passion then I have ever experienced. I am about to ask what you are doing when you say "SILENCE, you are only allowed to open your mouth for two things. One is to moan, since I know you can't control that, and the other is to accept my cock in your mouth. Is that understood?" You almost get me, I almost say yes, but catch myself in time and instead nod my head. You look at me with approval in your eyes and say "very good, slut. I will make a proper slave of you yet." Grabbing my blouse you rip it open, buttons flying everywhere, my breasts now exposed to your hungry, lustful gaze. I feel a frisson of excitement. You tell me "good girl, I see you didn't wear a bra just as I instructed."

Spinning me around, you hold my hands above my head again, kissing my neck, sucking it, leaving marks of your possession for all to see. Lifting my skirt you expose my bare ass and pussy. You give a grunt of approval and say "so far you have followed instructions very well, let's just see if that continues." You shove two fingers into my pussy, they slide in easily as I am very wet. My body is trembling with excitement. I cry out at this unexpected and rough invasion. "That's it slut, get loud for me. Before this day is over you are going to be screaming for me," you growl into my ear.

I feel pressure against and then feel your finger slide into my asshole. You are thrusting it into me with the same rhythm as the fingers in my pussy. Then I feel another finger slide into my ass. I am pushing back against your fingers to get you in as deep as I can. You thrust into me over and over, spreading your fingers wider apart every now and again. You take your fingers out of both of my holes and I whimper, which changes into a groan as you fill my pussy with your hard cock in one smooth stroke. Saying "this is what you want bitch, isn't it? You want your holes to be filled with master's cock. Such a good and responsive little slut you are, such a good fuck toy for me to play with. You love it when I make you my fuck toy, don't you? Answer me whore!" I say "oh yes! I love being your fuck toy master, I do. It feels sooooooo good. Please don't stop" I plead. With that you pull out of my pussy, your cock glistening with my juices. You position yourself and ram your cock into my ass in one hard push, burying your granite like shaft balls deep into my tight hole. My breath catches for a moment and then I am breathing once more. It hurts a little at first but in a pleasurable way. This mixture of sweet pain never fails to increase the level of my excitement till I am a slave to my desires and whoever is causing such pleasure. This is the realm I love to be in, all of any inhibitions I may normally have melt away, I no longer think, I only feel, living for the sensations you are making me feel, my body one big nerve ending every touch magnified.

You ram in and out of my ass so forcefully your balls smacking against my clit with each stroke. You are fucking me so hard that I am lifting up some, my nipples scraping against the slight texture on the wall, adding one more sensation to the mix. You spank me, your hand connecting solidly with my ass leaving a red imprint. This added pleasurable sting sending me over the edge. I am cumming very hard, crying out, my pussy flooding with my nectar, gravity pulling it out of me and down your balls onto your thighs. You feel my ass spasming around your cock, squeezing you tightly. You pull out of me opening the floodgates, the rest of my cum flowing out of my cunt bathing my inner thighs with my sweet girl juice.

You take my hand and pull me forcefully towards the bed. I can tell resistance is not expected, nor will it be tolerated. You tell me to lay down in the center of the bed. It is then that I notice you must have stopped at my house and grabbed a few things, the arm and leg restraints being one of the things collected. You take my one arm, pull it towards the one corner and put it through the restraint tightening the velcro strap around my wrist. Then you take my other arm, pull it towards the opposite corner and put it through the restraint, tightening that strap around my wrist as well. You then take my leg and pull it to the corner and fasten that restraint around my ankle. Then take my other leg and pull it toward the opposite corner and fasten that restraint as well. This whole routine was done slowly and deliberately, heightening the anticipation I feel. You have made the ties so short that there is no give whatsoever, I cannot move. My legs spread so wide it is almost painful. You look me over, taking in your handiwork, and obviously pleased if the twitching of your cock is anything to go by. You say "now I have you exactly where I want you, you are helpless and mine to do whatever I want with." As you tell me this you are applying some sort of gel to my nipples, pussy lips, clit and asshole.

You say "you have listened and been a very good girl so far, but now you will be tested to see how obedient you are. I have this room for the next three days and each day I will test you. The tests will get more and more involved and extreme as each day passes. I will see just how obedient you are to me and how far you are willing to go to please your master. If you pass, I promise you can come with me on my upcoming trip to Mexico and when we get back I will come and see you every other day to spend time with you and fuck you. If you fail, you will not get to come with me and I will not come and see you for a period of three months as punishment. So you would do well to please me. This is the only time for a while that I will allow you to speak, so tell me if this is acceptable to you." I reply, "oh yes master, I am confident I can pass any test or challenge you set before me. I will prove how obedient I am to you." You reply "good, I am hoping so, I would hate to have to punish you, but I will if you don't pass my tests."

You tell me that the first test is that I am not allowed to speak, no matter what you say or do until you tell me I can speak. In addition, I am not allowed to cum unless you give me permission. As you tell me this I start to feel a tingling sensation in the areas you had put the gel. It gets stronger and stronger until I can't ignore it anymore, I have an overwhelming urge to rub those areas. They need to be touched, caressed, seen to. It is a feeling like I have never felt before, the closest I can come to describing it is an itch that needs to be scratched but no matter how much you scratch it is never satisfied. I am trying to move and get relief from this maddening sensation but being tied so tightly I can barely move and can't get the desperately needed relief. You must have noticed me squirming and ask "it looks like that arousal gel must be starting to work." Now I realize what the gel he spread on me must have been and why I am in such discomfort. I am naturally in a state or semi arousal to begin with and now that master has put that arousal gel on I am almost painfully aroused.

Master comes to the foot of the bed and starts stroking his hard cock. I close my eyes to shut out this sexy sight guaranteed to make me more excited and I try to avoid that, but he tells me "open your eyes slut and watch your master stroking his cock for you." I have no choice but to watch. Your hand wrapped tightly around your cock, slowly stroking, watching me the whole time. You say "I bet you would love to have my rock hard cock buried deep inside your pussy, wouldn't you? You can have it, all you need to do is beg me for it." You move to the head of the bed still stroking slowly. You are close enough that I could touch you if I could move. You say "I would so love to be inside that hot, wet, tight cunt of yours. All you have to do is ask, just say the word and I will give you everything you need." I am so tempted, but know the consequences if I do say anything, so I stay silent. Your cock is so hard, I can actually see one of the veins throbbing with every beat of your heart. It would be so easy and pleasurable to give in but I am a very stubborn woman and am determined to pass this test. You tell me "maybe you just need more incentive."

You climb between my legs and start rubbing your hard shaft up and down my slit, paying special attention to my throbbing clit. I moan deeply, but say not a word. You circle the head of your cock around and around my hard clit, teasing me. I am panting, moaning, barely holding off my impending orgasm. You say "does my pretty slut need to cum?" My passion fogged brain almost allows me to respond, but I come to my senses just in time and moan instead of speaking. My muscles are all tensed, my hips moving with a mind all their own. My head thrashing from side to side, constantly moaning now, almost sobbing, I don't think I can hold out any longer. Then you say the magic words, "cum for me slut, come NOW!" The words barely leave your lips and I explode, my orgasm slamming into me like a runaway freight train, a scream ripped from my throat. I have heard the saying I saw stars but never had experienced it until now. Despite this mind blowing orgasm I just had my body is still painfully aroused, the gel you had applied mercilessly keeping me more aroused then I ever have been before. I start to seriously worry that I am not going to be able to pass this test.

Tears in my eyes, knowing I am about to fail and beg you to fuck me, I look at you and open my mouth to speak. All of a sudden you gasp and say "fuck", your eyes getting wider,you look down at your cock. I realize what is happening and close my lips tightly against the words that were about to escape. Something I had not thought about at the time, and probably escaped you as well, is when you were rubbing your cock over my clit and pussy lips you were also rubbing the arousal gel all over your cock and balls. Now the tormentor will be tormented right along with me, I laugh to myself, in my head of course. I know what you will be feeling in just a few minutes and know that I only have to hold out a tiny bit longer and you will be filling my needy cunt with your hard man meat.

You look down at my glistening pussy with lust filled eyes. With an almost animalistic growl you slam into my snatch burying yourself deep inside of me in one hard thrust. You ram into me fast and deep over and over, your hips like a piston. You tell me "your pussy is so tight, it feels sooooo good slut. I can feel you tightening around my cock, you're getting close to cumming aren't you whore? Is master's slutty whore gonna cum all over his cock? Speak slut, tell me what you want." I reply "I want to cum all over your cock master, I need to PLEASE, please let your slut cum master" You say "you can cum whenever you need to this time slut." You ram into me a few more times and I can take no more, I explode, my pussy muscles tightening around your cock. Both of us moaning, you say "that's right whore squeeze your master's cock." You continue thrusting into me milking every last ounce of pleasure from my body. When my orgasm subsides and my pussies wild contractions stop you slide out of me.

You undo the restraints from my ankles and my wrists then tell me to stand up at the foot of the bed. You walk up behind me,and push the top half of my body onto the bed. Grabbing the wrist restraints, you fasten my wrists once more. You start stroking my pussy from behind, your fingers getting wet and sticky with my cum. You rub up from my pussy across the smooth sensitive skin between to my asshole, then stick one finger into my ass, moving it in and out. You tell me "I dreamed about you last night slut. I dreamed I was fucking your tight ass. I was ramming in and out of you, our bodies slapping together, your ass was jiggling every time I slammed into you. I woke up and my hard cock was in my hand and I was stroking it. I think about fucking your ass so often now. You are an incredible ass fuck, the best I have ever had, and I want that right now." You slide into my ass in one smooth stroke, your balls touching my ass. You start thrusting in and out of my ass, slow and more gentle at first but getting harder and harder, until you are ramming into my ass just as hard and fast as you did my pussy. Saying "take it slut, take your master's cock up your ass. Fuck, it feels so good reaming your ass. So nice and tight around master's cock. Next time I fuck your ass I am going to fill it with my cum, but I have other plans for my cum this time." You keep pile driving into my ass, I am constantly moaning now, my ass getting tighter and tighter because of my impending orgasm. I am pushing back against you, grinding down onto your cock. You say "you are going to cum again aren't you slut? Do you need to cum all over master's cock again whore? You are such a nasty thing getting so much pleasure from an ass reaming. You may speak bitch, and that is what you are, you are a bitch in heat." I say "I know master, I am your bitch. And I need to cum so badly, I am so close, please may I cum?" You reply "yes slut you can cum, since you asked so nicely." You intensify your strokes into to me going even harder and faster, I am slamming back onto you, our bodies moving perfectly together. With one last hard thrust I groan loudly and start to cum, it flows out of me dripping down your balls, spasming wildly around your cock. Once you feel my contractions cease you pull out of my ass.

You unfasten my wrists and tell me "get down on your knees slut." I do as you command and am on my knees in front of you. You are stroking your cock faster and faster, I see your muscles tightening and then with a deep gutteral moan you start to cum, rope after rope of your hot, thick, creamy seed shooting all over my neck and breasts.

I was a little surprised at how much cum was on me, but pleased as well. You tell me to lick your cock clean, and of course I lick every last drop of your delicious cum off of you. You then tell me to rub it all over my neck and tits, you tell me to get it all over, to not miss a spot. I do as you order and then you tell me to lick my fingers clean. My tongue laps up all the cum on my fingers and hands, I am careful not to miss a drop as I want to please you. You help me up off my knees and tell me to get dressed that we are going to dinner in the hotel restaurant. You tell me I am allowed to speak freely now. I start to walk into the bathroom and you say "what are you doing? I told you to get dressed." I say "I was just going to wash up before dressing master, I am a mess." You say "I am well aware of that my slut. I want you to leave the cum right where it is, after all you are my cumslut so your last test of the day is to wear your master's cum, while we go to the restaurant. And I want you to periodically rub where some of the cum is to remind me of what a nasty, dirty cumslut you are. Oh and by the way, you passed your first test, with flying colors.
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