The Office

She walked purposefully down the hallway. Her legs were visible below the mid-thigh skirt. They seemed to stretch forever from the hem down to the sandal straps encircling her ankle which served their primary purpose of holding her stiletto heeled sandal in place. Even though she walked silently all eyes followed her progress, taking in the button down shirt that strained against her full breasts and distended nipples. They all took a deep breath when she walked by, enjoying the heady scent of her perfume wafting into their offices. She neither looked right nor left as she strode toward her destination, leaving a trail of admirers in her wake, many wishing they were the lucky man was going to be receiving her visiting. Her stride slowed as she entered an open doorway. The office was occupied by a lone man, sitting with his back to the door diligently working at his computer. She stopped and watched him work, a small smile on her full lips and a gleam in her eyes. Quietly she moved up behind him. She reached out a hand and lightly ran a long painted fingernail across his neck. He jumped momentarily but quickly settled back into his work chair as soon as her familiar scent wafted through the office. Leaning down, she nibbled at his earlobe, wrapping he hands around him and caressing his chest. He could feel her hard nipples pressing against his back as she leaned close. Her hand hands moved up and down his chest, moving closer to his pants with each journey downward. Breaking contact with his earlobe, she moved around his relaxed body. Shoving his paperwork aside, she leaned against the desk. Looking him in the eye, she leaned her upper body forward for a deep kiss. Her low buttoned shirt afforded him a close up view of her breasts as she leaned forward. Involuntarily his arms came up pull her into a hug. Immediately she stalled his action by placing both hands on his chest and pushing him back against the chair. Without saying a word, she smiled and shook he head no in a silent entreaty for him to remain still. Moving gracefully she slid up onto the desk, immediately in front of his body. The movement caused her short skirt to slide up her tanned legs. His eyes immediately lit up as he caught a glimpse of her trimmed bush peeking out from under the skirt hem. Glancing over his shoulder at the open doorway he waited for her modesty to take over and for her to pull her skirt back down into place. When she made no move to cover herself, he reached forward to grasp the hem. She smiled and slowly shook her head back and forth in a silent no. Her eyes were bright with anticipation. He tried once more but she casually pushed him back into his chair. Leaning back she wriggled her hips a little, causing the skirt to slide further up her legs. His breathing became harsh and choppy upon seeing the swollen and glistening lips of her pussy. Raising one eyebrow at his expression, she reached a hand between her legs. Her hand rested on her thigh, her finger tapped as she looked deeply into his eyes. He watched entranced as her finger inched closer and closer to her clit. His gasp was audible and coincided with the jerk of her body as her finger connected with the sensitive flesh between her legs. Her thumb reached back and slid into her pussy, while her finger massaged her clit. She leaned back in abandon, never taking her eyes off of his rapt attention to her self ministrations. In only seconds her soft sighs gave credence to her exploding orgasm. Breathing deeply, she removed her hand from her bare pussy, taking her fingers to her lips where she licked them clean. Standing to her feet, she pulled her skirt down, leaned forward to kiss his parted lips. She noted his heavy breathing as she reached in to his lap to lightly flick his pulsing erection clearly visible under his pants. "Have a good afternoon at work," she whispered before turning on a heel and walking away. She was to the doorway when his hand reached out to grab her slender arm, stopping her progress.

"No you don't," he growled, pulling her back up against the desk in front of him. His hands started at her ankles and caressed up the long expanse of her legs and underneath her skirt to cup her well rounded butt. He held tight to her arm and shoved her hand onto his lap. "Finish it," he challenged.
Her eyes darted to the open door and back to him. With barely a second thought, she straddled him so that she was facing him as he sat on his deck chair with his back to the open office door. He could feel her wet pussy dampening his pants as she ground her pelvis against him. "Not good enough," he growled looking her in the eye.
Smiling she reached between them, raising her hips to allow access to his zipper. The sound of the zipper scratched through the room, freeing his cock. Before his cock could even fully spring out of his pants, she was moving and taking him totally into her hot depths. Her hands pushed against the arms of the chair, using it as leverage as she pumped his cock with her body. He leaned back in the chair, stacking his hands behind his head, enjoying the view of her breasts bouncing in front of his face and the feel of her tight wet pussy enveloping his hard cock. Her pussy worked his cock as she rode him hard and frantically, searching for her own release, even as he urged him toward his own explosion. Suddenly his hips arched involuntarily upward into her pussy as he sent his cum deep within her. The heat of his juices and the throbbing of his cock simultaneously sent her over the edge into an orgasmic oblivion. They sat still for minutes, coming back down from their orgasmic high. With a smile she extracted herself from his chair and zipped up his pants. With her hands resting on his chest, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply before straightening and moving away. Her fingers trailed across his chest as she moved around him to exit the office.
The musky scent of their love making enveloped him as he sat in the office chair for the rest of the afternoon, reminding him that it really did happen.

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