The Omnipotent Teen: Chapter 1 (Teaser)
This is the first sex scene in The Omnipotent Teen #1: Neighborhood God.


The sunbeams through the white curtains beamed into the eyes of a beautiful black-haired woman who was still fast asleep. This woman, a staggeringly busty thirty-five year-old woman who had barely pulled the white sheets of the bed over her sensationally sexy body, was wearing nothing more than a very sheer red nightie which was lined with tiny red flowers and hung long over her impossibly large breasts. This woman's breasts were like two giant pillows under her body, two breasts that were far larger than her own head and much too large for her tiny frame.

This gorgeous woman in her mid-thirties appeared to have passed out from exhaustion for one of her giant breasts was hanging out of her nightie for the sunlight to see. Somehow in the night, or perhaps the night before, the tiny red spaghetti strap had fallen from her shoulder to her elbow and exposed her breast, yet she did not care to cover herself back up. In fact, the flowery seams of her red nightie had also risen up over her thighs and above her belly button, showing the sun that she wore no panties over her shaven mound.

With one hand tossed up against the white pillows behind her and her other hand resting upon her tiny, toned, skinny waist, this astonishing example of the female body slowly let her eyes flutter open, realizing that the night was over and the morning had come.

Finally realizing where she was and what she was wearing, this black-haired bombshell rose up from the white bed and fixed her red nightie over her giant breast. She looked around the room, a bedroom that was not her own, and saw a simple dresser, a closet, a mirror, and of course the large window where the sun snuck inside. The woman tossed her jet black waves from her lovely face while letting her extremely long hair cascade down her back, brushing her fingers through her hair and continuing to look around the room.

She felt out of place for she was clearly more beautiful, more glamorous, and more sophisticated than this simple bedroom. This bedroom reminded her of a younger girl's bedroom, perhaps a college student who could not afford new furniture and shopped at bargain outlets. With her flowing, long, magnificent black hair cascading down her back and with her astonishingly round cleavage exploding out from her red nightie and towering above her tiny waist, this gorgeous woman finally decided she needed to get out of the bed, call a cab, and find her way back to her own home.

The impossibly voluptuous thirty-five year-old woman who was sitting in the small bedroom naked except for her tiny, sheer, red nightie was none other than the sensational supermodel Erica Milani. The gorgeous woman who had woken up in a small, simple, ordinary bedroom was a multimillionaire who was used to private dinners, luxurious mansions, fine wine, and having her photo taken whenever she stepped out of the house. This black-haired goddess had worked hard and paid a lot of money to get the impossibly beautiful body she had; gigantic, round, full breasts, a tiny, toned, firm stomach, gorgeous hair that danced around her captivating smile, and a butt that would make teenage cheerleaders jealous.

In her fifteen years of modeling, she had never acted in a movie, she had never released an album, she had never guest starred on a television show, and she had never written a book. Despite her lack of talent, Erica Milani was a treasure of mankind who was held up on a pedestal. Photographs of her taking out the trash in her pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt were downloaded from the internet more than naked pictures of famous actresses. Videos of her drinking coffee or walking her dog were sold online and purchased by thousands.

Being around Erica Milani was like being around a bright, shining star; nothing about her eyes, her smile, her hair, her breasts, her hips, her legs, her butt, or her toes was ever anything short of perfect. Yet, as she finally heard the bedroom door open, Erica spun around and saw whose bedroom she was in. In the instant it took for her to recognize the owner of the bed, Erica felt ugly, old, fat, and worthless.

Wearing a tight, yellow athletic bra over her round, young, massive, breasts and matching yellow panties over her young pussy, the blonde teenager Hannah Deangelo opened the door and looked down at Erica Milani; the world-famous supermodel in the red nightie who had spent the night in her bed. With a toothbrush in her mouth, reading glasses over her eyes, and her short, shimmering golden hair dancing around her young face, the nineteen year-old babe with the body that rivaled Erica's own curves just stood in the doorway brushing her teeth and smiling down at the nearly-naked older woman in red lingerie.

Still sitting up in bed and with her nightie dancing high along her thighs, Erica Milani did not know what to do or say as she looked towards the blonde girl in the tiny yellow athletic bra and matching yellow underwear. This teenager's gigantic, round, staggeringly round breasts nearly exploded from her tight bra, a bra that was sheer enough to let the supermodel see her lovely, young nipples through the fabric. Tiny bands of yellow clung low on Hannah's hips as her matching pair of panties gripped her tiny waist just below her toned abs.

Standing in the doorway with her body on display to the woman who was almost twice her age, the blonde girl in the yellow underwear and reading glasses just stood above brushing her teeth, smiling through her toothbrush at the gorgeous, busty, world-famous body of supermodel Erica Milani.

Erica had never met a girl whose body was just as voluptuous, just as slender, and just as sexual as her own, yet as this blonde teenager stood in the doorway of her own bedroom in her yellow underwear and cute reading glasses, Erica was clearly in awe of the busty, skinny, gorgeous babe. Erica had never woken up in another girl's bed before, but that was because she had never met a girl like Hannah, a gorgeous, busty, impossibly perfect young babe nearly half Erica's age whose body alone compelled Erica to beg the beautiful teenager to take her home with her.

Erica was a married woman who the cameras and spotlights followed everywhere, yet none of that seemed to concern her the night before. As the memories of the previous night's dancing at the incredibly prestigious Divinity Nightclub, kissing on the dance floor in front of all the other beautiful people, the trip back to Hannah's house in the suburbs, and then drunken lesbian love-making entered Erica's mind once more, she was compelled to crawl across the bed towards the younger blonde.

The tabloids would tell the world about Erica's lesbian excursion as she left The Divinity Nightclub holding Hannah's hand and kissing her neck, shoulders, and lips, but that was of no concern at the moment. With her gigantic breasts swaying back and forth under her slender frame, Erica crawled up to Hannah's body, looking up at the college babe as she brushed her teeth and begging for the teenager to give her some more hot, lesbian love.

"I don't know what I'm gonna tell my husband." Erica said, licking her lips at the sensational body of Hannah Deangelo. "The phrase I want a divorce' comes to mind."

"I think the truth would be better." Hannah mumbled through her tooth brush. "He's going to find out anyway. Everyone is."

The busty babe with the short, shimmering golden hair turned around and showed Erica her sensational ass resting inside her tiny yellow panties, panties that showed off more of her phenomenal ass than they covered up. With her short, playful, shimmering golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, the busty blonde in the matching sports bra and panties bounced away from Erica and back into the bathroom, giving Erica a second to miss her as she finished brushing her teeth.

"You just tell him that you met Hannah Deangelo while you were out celebrating your photoshoot ... she told you to come home with her ... and you two fucked all night." Hannah called out from the bathroom. "I mean, that's what the press will report. I'm sure of it."

"And they'd be right." Erica smiled, remembering that is exactly what happened the night before and longing to have sex with Hannah again. "But I doubt he'd believe it."

Despite her own set of large breasts, her own tiny waist, and her own beautiful face, Hannah Deangelo was not in any way shape or form a supermodel like Erica Milani. Hannah Deangelo was just a college student in her first year of college. She was just a freshman hottie with giant breasts and an incredibly slender body who lived in an average house in suburbia with her best friends from high school Sabrina Dominguez and Aaron Moore.

Even though she was always stared at and hit on just like Erica was whenever Erica went out in public, Hannah was not a millionaire. Yet the fact that world-famous Erica Milani's own husband knew exactly who Hannah Deangelo was something not at all uncommon. Like Erica, Hannah was not in movies or sang songs or appeared on television. Yet unlike Erica, Hannah was not on the cover of any magazines, did not have photographers following her everywhere, and was not downloaded off of the internet. Hannah had never met Mrs. Milani's husband, but if Erica went home and told him that she had had sex with Hannah Deangelo, he would know exactly who she was.

In addition to that fact, he would most likely not be mad at all but would in fact ask Erica to do it again, begging her to borrow their luxurious house for the weekend and do whatever it took to get Hannah to come over. It was not that he wanted a threesome; he just wanted Erica and Hannah to have sex one more time.

It was because of that fact that Hannah insisted Erica tell her husband the truth, yet even Erica was unsure what the consequences were going to be when her husband, her publicist, and her fans that she had lesbian sex with Hannah Deangelo. The truth was that, despite her famous website, her billions of downloads, and the cameras that followed Erica everywhere she went, Hannah was more famous than she was.

"Do you know where my clothes are, sweetie?" Erica called out as Hannah put her toothbrush away.

"No." Hannah called back. "Do you need some?"

"Depends." Erica giggled as Hannah slowly back into her bedroom still wearing her tight, see-through yellow bra and yellow thong. The blonde teenager took one look at Erica, noticing that the strap of her tiny red nightie had fallen from her shoulder again and was now down along her elbow. Her giant breast had fallen out again, allowing Hannah to see Erica's perfect, massive, incredibly expensive bare breasts.

Yet, as Erica made no gesture to fix her sheer nightie over her exposed body, she instead gave the teenager girl a look of lust; a look that told Hannah she had no desire to get back to her luxurious lifestyle. Sensing what Erica meant, Hannah continued to walk back into her small bedroom, easing her bare toes on the hardwood floor while Erica sat on the edge of the bed with her skimpy lingerie falling from her body. The teenager with the short, gorgeous golden hair and the reading glasses walked right up to the older woman with black hair and let her kiss her belly button while Erica's own hands roamed up the blonde teenager's bare thighs and along her exposed ass-cheeks.

Erica did not stop kissing Hannah's belly-button or her tight, toned abs, kissing the body of the teenage girl who she had enjoyed so much the night before. Erica was a busty, beautiful, millionaire supermodel, yet she was in no rush to escape the small bedroom of the nineteen year-old college girl Hannah Deangelo. It may not have been a penthouse suite or her massive bedroom inside her luxurious mansion, but it was a perfect place for Erica to make love to Hannah ... again.

"Did you want me to leave yet? I'm sure you can arrange it so I can stay a little longer." Erica continued as she ran her hands around Hannah's thighs and softly massaged her phenomenal bare ass.

"That shouldn't be a problem." Hannah sighed.

With those words, Erica leapt back from Hannah's stomach and bounced backwards on the bed, tossing her hands behind her to catch her fall. The black-haired babe's sheer red nightie flowed back up over her thighs and exposed her own eager pussy to the teenager, dancing over her fair-skinned skin while hiding nothing underneath. As her long, wonderful black hair fell from her famous smile and her giant, round breasts bounced above her microscopic waist, the world-famous body of the sensational Erica Milani rested on the bed before Hannah, begging Hannah to do something about it.

Erica was indeed a model as she struck a sexual pose atop Hannah's bed, tossing her jet black waves from her lovely face while letting her extremely long hair cascade down her back as if Hannah's eyes were cameras at a photo shoot. She let the teenager in the yellow bra and panties soak up the site of her sensual pose, a pose that told Hannah that this older woman of a million fantasies was ready and willing to do whatever sexual acts Hannah desired.

As Erica pulled the straps of her tiny red nightie from her shoulders and let both of her magnificent mountains bounce free, it was clear that Erica's powers of seduction were far greater than Hannah's own, causing the blonde teenager to wish that she was naked and on top of the topless woman with black hair below.

"Make love to me." The topless Erica told the nineteen year-old girl as she rested on the bed before Hannah's eyes, tossing her long, wonderful black hair one more time and giving Hannah the deepest bedroom eyes her foxy eyes could achieve. "I want you so bad, Hannah. I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum all over your sweet face."

In a rush of lust and a dive of passion, the blonde teenager jumped down on top of Erica, leaping from the carpet and tackling the supermodel. Erica reached up and caught Hannah in her arms, pulling the divine body of the nineteen year-old girl tightly against her own. No words were shared as Hannah and Erica both started kissing each other frantically, fighting for each others tongue as they rested on the small bed.

As Erica started to let her hands roam over the slender back and sensational ass of the blonde teenager she was now furiously making out with, she noticed that somehow in the time it took Hannah to leap from the edge of the bed and land on Erica with her own set of giant breasts, Hannah's yellow bra and matching pair of panties were no longer on her body. Even her reading glasses and socks were gone as Erica soon found the body of a completely naked teenage girl on top of her own. Her hands roamed up Hannah's bare back and over her bare ass as she moaned into her mouth, sucking on the tongue of the naked teenager.

The busty black-haired in the red nightie was not about to ask questions but instead decided to simply accept that she was now naked so they could get the task at hand. After all, Hannah's bra and panties were just going to get in the way of things; it was better than they had somehow vanished from her body.

Completely naked and on top of the most beautiful supermodel in the world, Hannah let her lust take over her actions, finding it suddenly impossible to kiss Erica's lips enough. She fought for the busty super-model's love, running her hands up Erica's legendary thighs and wrapping her horny hands around Erica's impossibly large breasts, feeling their soft, playful, bounce in her hands. The naked blonde pressed her own massive breasts up against Erica's chest, finding it hard to lean down and kiss the black-haired supermodel for their combined breasts kept their lips from getting too close.

Yet her desire to make love to the woman of sexual fantasies around the world was too great, allowing her to lean down over their combined cleavage and pull Erica's tongue from her mouth. With Erica's tongue inside her mouth, Hannah softly sucked as if Erica's tongue was a cock, sucking and moaning and pulling on her sweetness. Erica moaned into Hannah's mouth and let the naked teenager pinch and pull her erect nipples, falling into the sexual desires of the sensational teenager.

With a pop and a playful giggle, the supermodel pulled her tongue from Hannah's lips, laughing as if she too was a horny teenager eager to have some hot, sweaty, lesbian sex with someone as beautiful as she. As if she knew exactly what Erica wanted, the naked teenager started to let her kisses roam down Erica's neck, licking and kissing her chin, her neck, and her collar bones before preparing to let her lips scale the twin peaks that were Erica's phenomenal breasts.

"Fuck yes." Erica moaned as she squirmed atop Hannah's bed. "How did you know I want that?"

"I know everything." Hannah giggled, squeezing Erica's giant breasts in her hands before diving mouth first over one of her eager nipples.

As the naked blonde continued to suck and tug on Erica's massive nipple, the supermodel in the disheveled red nightie eagerly spread her thighs wider, hoping that her new lover would soon find her way between them. The naked teenager with the short, golden hair did not quickly take Erica's invitation to move between her legs but instead rolled her tongue around her nipple and pinched the other, taking a moment to enjoy the world famous breasts that were atop the big-breasted supermodel.

Yet the idea of sucking on Erica's pussy soon became too much of a treat to ignore any longer as Hannah's tongue rolled down the massive, round sides of Erica's giant breasts, licking towards her tiny tummy while the teenager scooted lower and lower down the bed. Erica placed her hand in Hannah's short, lovely golden, pushing the dazzling teenager further down her body while silently praying that the heavenly coed would suck upon her pussy and make her cum just as she had done the night before.

Hannah playfully snickered as Erica's pushed her down her body, quickly kissing down her naked curves towards her lips for the horny supermodel was dying to have this hot teenager eat her pussy. It was as Erica looked up at the plain ceiling above that the sensational blonde answered her prayers and gave her what she wanted. With Erica's hand in her short, lovely golden hair, Hannah found the beautiful pink lips of the super-model's wet pussy in her face and quickly gave the black-haired bombshell a long, sensual lick.

"Yes. Make me cum." Erica moaned down to the teenage girl who was eating her pussy with such loving passions.

"I'm your first, aren't I?" Hannah giggled as she looked up from Erica's beautiful, soaking wet lips.

All Erica did was nod, admitting she had always been as straight as a pole, that is until Hannah Deangelo slipped into the seat beside her at the Divinity Nightclub in a very revealing, very luxurious black gown and asked if Erica wanted to dance. As Hannah clamped down on Erica's thighs with her hands and buried her tongue inside her lover, Erica remembered the magnetic attraction she had towards Hannah the night before, losing herself on the dance floor with the intoxicating blonde and letting her hands explore her younger, voluptuous body under her flowing gown, a gown that showed far more skin than it covered and left little-to-nothing to the imagination.

Obviously the security at the Divinity Nightclub was not going to ask Hannah to cover herself up: that in itself was a crime. As Hannah sucked on Erica's pussy and tasted her beautiful juices, the naked teenager remembered pressing her own giant breasts up against Erica's larger set as they danced, enjoying the view of their combined cleavage rubbing together while trapped inside their beautiful outfits. While Erica tossed above the bed, hanging on for the morning ride atop Hannah's beautiful face, she remembered her drunken train of thought as she danced with the girl who had a body just as beautiful as her own, a drunken thought process that compelled her to kiss the blonde girl in front of everyone at the Divinity Nightclub, causing gasps, applause, and more than a few hard-ons.

As Hannah moaned at Erica's soaking pussy, eating her breakfast between her thighs, the blonde teenager remembered the flash bulbs of the paparazzi who had heard of Erica's presence at the nightclub, shocked that she walked out of the nightclub holding hands with the sensational blonde girl in the long, flowing black gown, a gown that showed off far more of the teenager's beautiful naked body than it hid.

Finally, as Erica looked down over her giant breasts at the beautiful blonde teenager ate her pussy, she recalled how Hannah wrapped her arms around her the night before in front of dozens of cameras, kissed her deeply, and then let everyone know that Erica Milani was going to come back home with her for more lesbian passions.

"So close!" Erica moaned, buckling on the bed above. "God, I love your tongue."

"You're so sweet, baby. I love your pussy." Hannah gasped, coming up for air while letting her chin drip with Erica's nectar. "And you don't have to call me that."

As the sun beamed from Hannah's bedroom window, it saw a glimpse of lesbian beauty atop the teenager's bed. It saw the sensationally busty woman with black hair Erica Milani resting on her back with her giant breasts in her hands and her sheer red nightie bunched up over her tiny waist.

It saw the bare back and the round ass of a teenage girl whose head was bobbing up and down between Erica's thighs, a blonde teenager who was joyfully eating out the thirty-five year-old supermodel above her. The morning sun became just a little bit brighter as it sent its beams in through the window, sunbeams that looked like glitter upon the round, sweaty breasts of Erica Milani and the perfect butt of Hannah Deangelo.

As Erica tossed, she looked up to the ceiling above and bit her lip, trying not to scream out and wake the rest of the neighborhood. Unsure if the blonde teenager had roommates or even parents living in the house with her, the beautiful supermodel decided to muffle her moans with her own breast, pulling her nipple to her mouth so she could suck upon herself.

"Mmmmmfuck. MMmmmyes." Erica moaned into her own breast as she pulled at her own nipple, trying to be quiet yet begging to scream out and let the world know she was getting eaten out by Hannah Deangelo.

Erica's sweaty brow and muffled moans of joy were an invitation for Hannah to stick her fantastic tongue deep into the older babe in a search for her orgasm. With Erica's thighs spread wide over Hannah's face, the naked teenager pulled at the black-haired supermodels beautiful lips, eating her out with an increased vigor and feasting on her pussy. Hannah fucked Erica hard with her own tongue, gripping her thighs firmly in her hands and getting wet at the sound of Erica's moans.

As the blonde teenager's tongue ravaged the soaked lips of the sensational supermodel, Erica began rub her pussy against Hannah's beautiful face, trusting her wetness up against Hannah's tongue and nose while massive bare breasts bounced up and down as well, swaying about in her hands and sparkling with sweat and saliva. The black-haired babe's towering breasts bounced atop her chest as Hannah's lips pulled and her pussy, sucking her hard and demanding her juices explode from between her thighs.

The naked teenager clung tightly to Erica's thighs, holding on for dear life as she sensed the busty woman with black hair's coming orgasm. It was as Erica tossed her hands backwards and found the wall waiting for her palms, that she tossed her long, silky black hair behind her and let back arch wildly. With her hands against the wall and her giant, round, sweaty breasts pressed up towards the ceiling, Erica could not contain her orgasm.

"Yes!" Erica yelled repeatedly as her nectar poured into Hannah's mouth, unable to stop herself from screaming. "Fuck yes! Oh shit!"

Trying to contain the supermodel, Hannah clenched her thighs with her hands and held her in place while her mouth prepared for the coming rush of joy. However, Erica's orgasm instantly rocked her body, causing the thirty-five year-old woman to squirt her cum from her lips and onto the blonde's lovely face. Drenched in cum yet thankful for it, Hannah moaned and wrapped her mouth around Erica's pussy, opening wide for the flowing rivers of the woman with black hair's juices.

As her cum dripped from her face and her golden hair, Hannah moaned along with Erica and drank from her pussy, swallowing up her orgasm with great pleasure. The black-haired super-model's body bounced frantically atop Hannah's bed, bouncing with joy as she forgot about everything else in the universe for just a few moments. Finally, as the rush of joy flowed from her pussy, Erica's sweaty, basically naked body collapsed atop the bed, bouncing her final bounce as her mind tried to get a grip on what had just happened.

As the busty supermodel in the red nightie tried to catch her breath, her teenager lover quietly rested between her thighs, sucking up her sweet cum and enjoying breakfast in bed.

"God, that was great." Erica giggled, feeling as though she had just done a workout at the gym, a gym that also served shots of tequila.

"I told you that you don't have to call me that." Hannah giggled, still licking slow licks up Erica's soaked pussy.

"Sorry. Force of habit, I guess." Erica sighed.

"It's okay. I get it a lot." The teenager reminded her older black-haired lesbian lover.

Exhausted, sweaty, and with her red nightie bunched up high over her belly-button and hanging below her giant, bare breasts, the black-haired Erica Milani remained on her back among Hannah's sheets, watching as the beautiful blonde teenager finally got her fill of her cum and pushed herself up from between her thighs.

With her lips and chin still wet with Erica's cum, Hannah bounced her naked body up from her bed, allowing her giant, perfectly round breasts to jiggle above her toned abs as she let her toes ease back down on the carpet behind her. She looked down at the basically naked, world-famous supermodel in her bed and smiled a smile of success before tossing her short, golden hair from her lovely face yet letting it still dance in front of her beautiful eyes.

Hannah had always wanted to have sex with Erica Milani, and now she had done just that ... twice in fact. While the night before was much more passionate, frantic, and a new experience for the older woman with black hair, Hannah liked how casual their morning sex had been. She felt like Erica was her long-time girlfriend and not some millionaire supermodel she had picked up at a nightclub and brought home for a one-night-stand.

Men and women the world over would have enjoyed finding Erica Milani in their bed naked and ready for a one-night-stand, but that morning she was in Hannah's bed. Men and women the world over would have also enjoyed seeing Hannah Deangelo standing naked at the foot of their bed with the sun beaming in from the window and accenting her giant breasts and tiny waist, but that morning she was standing before Erica Milani. Both girls felt a sense of a life-goal achieved as they admired each other and wanted to be like each other.

Yet, which Hannah already seemed to have a body just as voluptuous as Erica Milani, the world-famous millionaire Erica Milani, despite her hourglass figure that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous, despite her giant, round, glorious breasts which were bigger than her head and her tiny, toned waist which was smaller than her head, despite being followed by photographers day in and day out who took photos of her that sold for thousands of dollars each, despite being offered millions of dollars just to wear certain designer brands in her everyday life, despite owning three giant mansions in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Monaco and despite traveling to them quite often with her equally rich husband ... Erica Milani knew she would never be as wonderful, as beautiful, and as perfect as Hannah Deangelo.

As Hannah Deangelo stood at the foot of her own bed before Erica completely naked, she reminded Erica of who she was and why she was so famous despite her humble bedroom.

As the sun poured in the window, the naked blonde stood before Erica and calmly brushed her hands down her naked body, easing her hands down her sides before tossing her fingers down towards her bare toes. Erica rested on her back with her breasts enjoying the morning sunbeams and watched as the same yellow athletic bra and yellow panties Hannah was once wearing simply appeared over Hannah's body, wrapping around her sides and over her giant breasts while diving between her thighs and along her shaven pussy.

As Hannah looked up from the clothes that had somehow instantly appeared over her body, she tossed her short, golden hair from her lovely face yet letting it still dance in front of her beautiful eyes, showing that she was wearing her tiny, black reading glasses once again. With her hands back along her thighs and her giant, round, perfect breasts about to explode from her tiny yellow bra yet again, Hannah tossed her short, lovely golden hair aside and looked back to her gorgeous lover atop the bed.

Erica was impressed yet not at all surprised as the yellow underwear somehow magically appeared over Hannah's naked body. She was in fact slightly disappointed for Hannah's desire to be in her clothing again meant that the time had indeed come for Erica to go home.

"God, you're so amazing." Erica moaned as she rose up from the pillows and crawled along Hannah's bed, crawling towards the teenager in yellow while her own giant, bare breasts swayed from side to side under her tiny body. "I'm so lucky to have been yours, even if for just the night."

"Did you want to take a shower before you go?" Hannah asked, knowing well and good that Erica still wanted to have sex and trying to change the subject.

"With you?" Erica begged, looking up from Hannah's bed and into the blonde girl's beautiful eyes.

"Ha ha. No. Not this time." Hannah smiled, easing her hand along Erica's lovely face before combing her fingers through her long, jet black hair. "I have told a cabbie near by to come and pick you up in twenty minutes. He is already on his way."

"When did you call him?" Erica asked, confused at the teenager's words.

"Just now."

The busty babe in the yellow bra and panties then held out both of her palms before Erica as if she was holding something, yet there was nothing in her hands. After a glare from her eyes behind her reading glasses, Hannah's hands were soon holding a lovely, white skirt, a red button up blouse, a lovely white coat, a red thong, a red bra that was Erica's size: 34HH, and a large, pink towel that was folded over itself and warm as is it had just come out of the dryer.

As these things all materialized in Hannah's hands, she waited a second and then glared at the towel again, causing a beautiful pair of red stiletto heels to appear on the top of the towel. Erica looked at the clothes in Hannah's hands and then took them from the blonde, understanding that these clothes were created by Hannah Deangelo for her to wear. "It's not what you were wearing last night ... but it's what I'd like you to wear for me."

Hannah smiled. "You may notice the shoes have some ... interesting qualities about them. Don't lose them or loan them out ... or tell anyone I created them."

With her red nightie still hanging around her tiny waist, Erica leapt up and kissed Hannah's lips, thanking her for a gift she did not know the details of. Yet, she wanted to know badly. She wanted to know why the red shoes were so special. As Erica bounced off of the bed and tossed the other clothes aside, the busty woman with black hair slipped the red heels on to her feet, dying to know why she could not lose them. Erica's feet slipped into the shoes perfectly, finding them to be the most comfortable pair of stilettos she had ever worn, and she had worn hundreds of pairs from dozens of designers all begging for her favor.

As Erica finally pulled the straps of her red nightie back over her gigantic breasts, slipping the tiny straps over her shoulders one by one, she felt warmer. She felt lighter. She felt happy and calm as if a voice in her head was telling her she would never feel pain again. Her back felt stronger and now able to carry her giant breasts around. Her head felt lighter as if she had spend the last two hours doing shots of tequila.

Yet above all else, she now knew things about the universe she had not known before. She knew things about Hannah that Hannah had not told the press. She knew impossible secrets, and she knew these secrets were not to be shared with anyone.

"See you tomorrow?" Hannah smiled for she obviously knew what Erica knew.

"Yes ... I ... I will be there." Erica smiled. "That's ... wow." She then laughed.

With her new shoes and knowledge, the lovely Erica Milani grabbed her new clothes and rushed out of Hannah's bedroom, acting like her one-night-stand with Hannah Deangelo was over yet knowing it was not. She bounced her giant breasts out the door and towards the bathroom, leaving the blonde babe in the yellow underwear smiling. As Hannah heard the bathroom door lock and the shower turn on, she was reminded that she had other things to tend to downstairs.

She knew that her roommate Sabrina Dominguez was awake and that she and brought yet another dim-witted hunk home with her, and longed to watch Sabrina's morning unfold. Using the same thoughts that she had used to create her yellow bra and panties, Hannah clenched her fists softly as they rested by her side, causing a lovely yellow robe to materialize over her nearly-naked body. This robe flickered into existence around her, flowing down from her breasts all the way down to her bare toes. With her reading glasses still upon her face and her short, golden hair shimmering in the sunlight, Hannah looked down at the floor of her bedroom and simply hopped into the air.

As calmly as anyone else might jump, Hannah softly jumped off of her feet and came back down just as she expected to, only she did not stop falling. Somehow, the bare toes of the busty blonde in the yellow bra, panties, and yellow robe slipped right through the floor below her as if it was not there, causing the rest of her beautiful body to fall as well.

As if she had just jumped off of a balcony, the beautiful teenager in yellow seemed to slip right through the carpet, falling fast and disappearing through the floor as if she was some kind of ghost.

Somehow, Hannah had fallen right through the floor.

The night before when Erica Milani had gone to the Divinity Nightclub to party and let her picture be taken in her new, bright, neon pink dress, she nor the staff at the nightclub knew that God was going to make an appearance. As the lucrative party went on and the young bodies bounced and danced against each other, a sensational blonde teenager simply appeared at the Divinity Nightclub in the middle of the dance floor wearing a long, flowing, beautiful black gown that hugged her massive breasts and flowed down from her slender frame in glittery seems of black satin.

With dazzling, black stiletto heels on her feet and a matching black gloves which shimmered with glitter as well, this divine, nineteen year-old blonde girl seemed to simpy materialize out of thin air, fading in slowly in a tornado of white light so that the dancers could give her room. This girl did not care that the slit of her godly gown flowed down from between her breasts and along her bare thighs, allowing the eyes of the other dances and the lights of the dance floor to witness her tiny black thong as it sparkled with glitter.

No one was going to tell this girl to follow their dress code, hide her giant, round, perfect breasts, or cover up her long, bare legs and tiny black thong. No one said anything to her or asked her where she came from; they simply stepped back and got out of her line-of-sight, a sight that was fixated on the busty black-haired supermodel sitting in the corner of the room with her celebrity entourage.

Now standing in the middle of the floor in her black heels, this blonde girl started to walk through the crowds, watching as they parted for her and moving out of her way as if she was royalty. The flowing seams of her dazzling, black gown danced behind her walk, exposing her long, bare legs as she pulled her dress behind her. Knowing what she came for, this blonde teenager soon found Erica's private suite with her famous friends, friends that stopped talking the moment the blonde girl stood with them.

Erica knew who this girl was and knew she was not supposed to be scared, but this busty, beautiful, blonde girl in the divine black dress did make Erica very nervous for Erica knew what she could do. Erica did not move as her bodyguards stepped aside and offered the blonde girl in black a seat next to Erica, clearing a path for her and hoping she was comfortable next to the busty supermodel.

Erica did not fight back as this younger girl placed her hand upon the super-model's thigh, eased her fingers up along her panty-less pussy, toyed with her celebrity slit in front of everyone, and then whispered into her ear that she wanted to suck on her pussy until Erica came on her face.

No one said anything as this blonde teenager took Erica from the Divinity Nightclub, taking her by the hand out along the velvet rope and literally leaping into the sky with the supermodel in her arms, soaring up towards the moon with her black dress flapping behind her like the cape of a superhero. No one questioned the blonde teenager for Erica Milani, her entourage, and everyone else at the Divinity Nightclub knew this beautiful nineteen year-old girl in the flowing black gown was the one and only Hannah Deangelo, and everyone knew that Hannah Deangelo was basically God.

Just five years ago, in the privacy of her own bedroom back in her parent's home, a little girl with a freckled face and thick reading glasses woke up and found she could fly. At just fourteen years old, a dorky little girl named Hannah Deangelo climbed out of bed as if it was just another day and realized she could not only hear her parent's thoughts in the other room, but she could control their thoughts and make them do anything she pleased.

After she was done toying with her parent's free will and made them do silly dances, the little freckle-faced girl soon found that she could also control non-living things, picking up her bowl of cereal, the gallon jug of milk, and even the entire breakfast table with her thoughts. When that became boring, the fourteen year-old girl wanted to go outside, finding that as soon as she wanted to be outside, she could zip there in a flash of light.

Realizing that their little girl could now fly, read minds, use telekinesis, and even teleport, Hannah's parents asked her to never use her weird abilities to harm anyone and keep her powers a secret. Hannah happily agreed to their first request, but could not keep the second.

Hannah's ability to fly was quickly captured by the news as she soared into town to meet her friend Sabrina Dominguez, floating down from the sky above to meet her teenage friend at a fast food restaurant. Cameras tracked down the fourteen year-old girl who could fly and she was more than happy to show them what else she could do.

With a point of her finger, the little girl in the glasses picked up all five news vans that were now huddled around her, as well as everyone within a fifty-yard radius ... except for her friend Sabrina of course. The teenager giggled as she held fifty people and over ten cars and trucks in the air with her mind, laughing as if it was a game to her yet scaring all the adults who floated around her.

After placing everyone carefully back down on the ground with her staggeringly powerful telekinetic powers, it was only a matter of hours before the National Guard showed up and surrounded her. Yet, little Hannah still thought it was a game pointed her hand at a large tank that had rolled into town, causing the gun turret to bend and tie into a bow as if it was made of string like the little girl's shoe laces. Fearing the worst, the orders were given to open fire on the little girl, but bullets bounced off of her skin as if they were shooting Styrofoam peanuts at her.

Hannah still did not understand why the bullets did not harm her nor why everyone was scared of her. As she stood in the middle of the street looking out at the guns pointed her way, the fourteen year-old girl wished they would all just go home, fighting back the sad tears and making her desires strong in her mind. As her wish formed, that's exactly what happened; each member of the National Guard disappeared from their posts and reappeared at home with their families just as Hannah had wished.

It would take three days for the officers and soldiers to all report back to duty, and it was clear that the little teenager Hannah Deangelo was not to be messed with.

The American Government decided to try a different approach and let Hannah show off her powers before a worldwide audience. Her telepathic powers told her quickly that these suited men wanted to show the rest of the world they had a magical little girl on their team, and Hannah wanted to let them know she was not on their team, but everybody's team. With a point of her finger, Hannah wowed the world as she created an entire aircraft carrier with her mind, a massive vessel complete with fighter jets, bombs, missiles, and all the electronic equipment needed to go to war.

Then just as she created the vessel, impressing the war department greatly, the little girl showed the world that she could pick up the entire air-craft carrier with her mind, picking up the gigantic boat from the water and moving it high into the air. Letting the world know there was no need for such things, Hannah literally threw the entire boat into orbit, throwing it into outer space with just a calm gesture of her hand.

The fourteen year-old girl showed the world that yes, she could not be shot and killed, agreeing to stand before a firing squad for it was all just a game to her. Again, the bullets bounced off of her body like pebbles against steel. For fun, the teenager told them to try again, showing how she could stop the bullets in mid-air with her telekinesis just inches before they touched her. Finally, she told them to fire again, and let the world witness as the bullets zipped right through her and out the other side, passing right through her body as if she was just a hologram.

After proving her invincibility, the fourteen year-old girl then showed the world everything else; she could fly, she could teleport, she could turn invisible, she could turn into a tiny bird, she could turn into a giant giraffe, she could turn into water, she could turn into sand, she could create food, she could create clothing, and she could even create a team of ninjas with her mind to fight anyone who wanted to challenge her. After the ninjas beat up some volunteer Marines for the televised event, Hannah turned the ninjas on herself with her mind, using her bare elbows to stop their swords and her telekinesis to knock them against the wall.

The little girl in the reading glasses easily beat up the expert ninjas who had just bested America's finest, leaving the audience speechless and a bit scared. Ninjas could not beat Hannah. Marines could not beat Hannah. Guns could not kill Hannah. The American Navy would not stand a chance against Hannah. The world now all knew about Hannah; the fourteen year-old girl with unending superpowers. They all knew she was invincible. They knew she was omnipotent. They believed she just might be God.

Hannah was not God, or at least she did not think so. Now five years after her powers came to her in her sleep, Hannah just wanted to go to college and be a normal girl in a normal world. She wanted to go to class. She wanted to live in a normal house. She wanted to have friends. She wanted to have lovers. She wanted bigger breasts. She wanted softer hair. She wanted so much in life, but she had to be careful not to want anything too intensely or she would get it immediately.

It would take the world five years to get back to normal with Hollywood movies and stock markets and baseball games and even the occasional war, but in a world where a teenage girl can do anything she thinks, things could never go normal. Hannah had worshippers who prayed to her Senior High School photo every night. Hannah had enemies who still tried to kill her but failed each time. Hannah had mortal, average parents who still treated her like she was just their daughter and not an omnipotent God.

Hannah had friends and lovers who could not wait for her to visit. Hannah even had roommates, one of which who was standing in the kitchen in her own black bra and thong, drinking a glass of water to fight her hangover.


Hannah's day has just begun.
What other powers will she use?
What is an average day for a living god like?

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