The One He Wants
He has passed by her a few times now. Driving slowly and looking his fill. The first time he noticed her large full breasts barely contained and displayed to perfection in the low cut sapphire blue blouse she is wearing. A ton of cleavage showing and the top of her breasts jiggle a little when she walks. This is no silicon doll, this is an all natural woman. One that definitely knows how to entice, he thinks. The next pass he notices her ass. Not too big but not too small either, rounded and full just the way he likes. We are not talking about a bubble butt here, as that does not appeal to him. But just the right size and shape for his tastes. She is wearing an obscenely short black skirt made out of some kind of floaty material which the wind is catching and more than once a man driving by has gotten a flash of her ass as her skirt lifts up in the wind. He chuckles a little as he thinks, kind of a nice sneak peak for anyone looking and undoubtedly good for business. Her legs shapely, no doubt the appearance helped by the, what he would guess to be, five inch heels. Her hips swaying provocatively as she walked, no doubt meant for the benefit of any men watching her. Yes, this woman sure knew how to get men heated up he thought to himself.

The next time he passed he noticed how pretty she was, not a raving beauty, but very pretty. Her shiny blond hair just below her shoulders, straight and flowing, blowing in the wind. Her complexion peaches and cream, her lips bright red and wet looking. He wonders, will they leave a red ring around my cock? He intends to find out. He continues his inspection, and sees the most beautiful blue eyes. They are the clearest blue and almost glow like lit from within. Yes, he decides, this curvy woman is the one he wants.

He pulls up even with her and says "hey sexy" she responds "you looking for a date handsome?" Walking closer to the car, she leans forward to talk to him through the window, giving him an even better view of her cleavage. "What are you looking for tonight sugar?"

"I could really go for a triple play hun" he responds. She looks him up and down, he is neat, clean and very handsome in a rugged, manly kind of way with a well trimmed beard and the most gorgeous blue eyes that she had ever seen. They negotiate a price that both are happy with. She asks him "do you have a hotel room that you want to go to?"

"No, I don't want a room. I want to fuck you over there in the alley, under the stars."

She looks a little surprised and says, "you realize we could get caught, somebody might see us?"

"Yes I know, that's part of the thrill."

She shrugs and says "it's your party, but if we get arrested you have to bail me out, agreed?" He agrees. She walks to the alley, hips swaying provocatively for his benefit, as he follows behind her in his car. He pulls into the alley, drives about halfway down and stops. Climbing out of the car, he reaches back in and grabs something from the backseat, she can see it is a blanket. She thinks "oh good, at least I don't have to be on the dirty concrete." He sets the blanket on the hood of the car, turns to her, grabs her hand and pulls her tight against him. She can feel the evidence of his desire trapped between their bodies.

He takes both of her wrists in his large hand and holds them behind her back, his other hand slides into her hair pulling her head back for a hot kiss. Although kiss doesn't quite accurately describe it, it is more like he takes possession of her mouth, his tongue sliding against the seam of her sealed lips until she opens her mouth and his tongue goes sweeping in, she moans into his mouth as his tongue slides and caresses against hers. She thinks "WOW! This man sure can kiss," as her juices start flowing and she feels her panties getting damp. They break apart, chests heaving with their heavy breathing.

He lets go of her wrists and her hands travel to the button of his pants, she undoes the button and unzips his pants, reaching her hand down his pants, her eyes widen as her hand cups his hard shaft. "MMMMMMM you are a big boy" she almost purrs. "It seems like forever since I've had the privilege of being fucked by someone as big as you. I tell you what big boy, you make me cum at least six times and I'll give you the night for free, what do you say, do we have a deal, will you accept my challenge?"

"What, only six? I can do that in my sleep baby," he says cockily.

She gives a full, bubbly laugh, his response taking her by surprise. "Confidence, I like that. Now let's see if it's warranted or not," she says, throwing down the gauntlet.

He reaches around her, grabs the blanket and unfolds it, sets it on the ground and pushes her down to her knees. She pushes his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, freeing his long, thick cock, she can feel her mouth actually starting to water at the prospect of sucking this man's large cock. She takes a moment to admire his gorgeous dick and shivers at the thought that soon it will be buried deep inside of her. The streetlight above them illuminates a drop of glistening pre-cum on the tip of his hard shaft, her tongue darts out from between her lips to collect the drop of moisture before it can fall to the ground, bringing it back to her mouth to taste him for the first time of the night.

Moaning in delight, she licks up and down his shaft, taking her time to really savor his taste. Her tongue, a wriggling serpent sliding all over and around his dick and down to his balls. In goes one, sucked into her hot, hungry mouth, her tongue sweeping all around, not missing any of his skin in the tongue bath she is giving. Then over to the other, it too receives her attentive sucking and licking. Soon though she is ready to really taste him, she licks up his shaft to the large head of his cock, swirling her tongue around and around the head, until she just can't wait any longer and slowly slides her lips over the cap and down his cock, taking his hard length into her mouth. Her lips are stretched wider than she can remember them being before as she glides down his shaft, at first only being able to take about three quarters of his length in, after all he really is a big boy. But as she keeps sucking him her jaw relaxes more and more until finally she feels her nose touch his bare skin at the base of his cock, and she has all of him in her hot, wet mouth. She moans and the vibrations travel all up and down his length.

She is loving the feel of her mouth being so full of cock, and sucks harder and harder, loud sucking noises sometimes escaping, as she really puts all her effort into it, taking him down her throat, tears forming in her eyes as she fights her gag reflex. She feels his hand on her head and he thrusts into her mouth over and over. He starts to groan, she feels his cock growing even more and is now throbbing, she knows soon she will get her reward. He thrusts faster and harder and she is taking his thrusts like the pro that she is, with one last thrust, he stills, moaning like a dying man he starts spewing cum down her throat, rope after rope of his thick creamy seed shooting into her mouth, she swallows over and over as his cock keeps pulsating as he unloads her reward for a job well done. Finally he stills, but she keeps sucking until his cock softens, she really just can't get enough of this stud of a man.

She finally releases his cock from the hot wet prison of her mouth. She chuckles and says "hmmm it looks like I'm up, one to zip. Maybe I'll get paid tonight after all."

"I wouldn't place any bets on that, slut. I haven't even started yet" he replies.

He helps her to her feet, grabs the blanket and places it on the hood of his car, then pushes her down onto it. He pulls her lacy boy short panties over her full ass and down her legs, bringing them to his nose, he sniffs deeply, smelling her arousal, he stuffs them in his shirt pocket and with his big, strong hands spreads her legs wide, looking at her pretty clean shaven pussy for the first time of the evening. Her lips full and swollen, slightly open, her clit swollen looking as well and prominent, moisture glistening on her slit. She is obviously aroused and enjoying every second of their time together thus far.

Bending his head, he lightly traces her lips with his tongue, eliciting a soft sigh, her hand moves to his head, fingers threaded through his hair, holding him to her needy cunt. He continues to lick her soft lips starting at the outer most edges and working his way in, in ever tightening circles, taking care to not touch her clit, his tongue every now and again dipping into her honeypot for a fleeting split second taste, then back out again, teasing her. She is moaning in need, her cries getting more urgent with each moment that passes, hips moving, trying to get his tongue where she wants and needs it most, but he is in charge of this trip, and not quite ready to reach his destination yet. He is so close to her clit now that she can almost feel it, her body straining, he blows across her lips and clit, the gentle air moving over this sensitized area makes her gasp and him chuckle. He knows he is making her crazy, teasing her so mercilessly, and enjoying every second of it. This is not just some whore acting her part, she is relishing everything he is doing and he thinks how lucky he is to have such a responsive woman under him. Without warning his lips draw her clit into his mouth and he is strumming it with his tongue, her cries echo in the alley as she reaches her peak and hurtles over it, hips bucking against his mouth, her cum gushing out of her cunt. Now it is his turn to moan as her sweet juices fill his mouth, he swallows quickly, continuing to suck and tongue her very sensitive, very swollen clit, not letting up a bit.

First one of his fingers finds it's way into her sweet pussy, thrusting in and out, then another, quickly followed by yet another. Her inner muscles squeeze his fingers tightly, he can feel her throbbing, he fills her cunt over and over, still stimulating her love button with his mouth and tongue, his sweet torment hurtling her at breakneck speed towards another orgasm. Her muscles tense, body straining, hips lifted off the hood of the car, his fingers slamming into her over and over, her constant cries, almost sobs echo throughout the alleyway, she is so close to another release but just hanging, suffering in limbo,until she feels his teeth graze and then clamp down on her clit. He didn't bite hard, just enough to send her over the edge that she had been hanging on. With an almost desperate cry she explodes, filling his mouth yet again with her sweet cream, he laps up every bit of it, then moves up her body and kisses her, she tastes herself on his lips.

Their lips part and he moves to her ear and says quietly but tauntingly in his deep sexy voice, "I hate to tell you this, but I am up now two to one." Expecting that he was going to whisper something hot and sexy in her ear, she bursts out laughing at this unexpected statement, his cocky and sarcastic wit delighting her.

She feels his cock against her hip, still hard, wet now with pre-cum dripping out and running down his cock. Her fingers close around what she can of his shaft, her hand too small for her fingers to completely reach each other, but still it is good enough to be able to stroke his granite like dick, loving how hard he is in her hand. They kiss as she strokes his hard length, their tongues dancing to a slow sensual beat only the two of them can hear. Lips meeting, tongues sliding against one another, moaning into each others mouths, their breathing so heavy, they break apart, chests heaving, hearts pounding, both needing much more. She pleads with him "PLEASE fuck me, I can't wait anymore." He must hear the extreme need in her voice, he takes her hand, pulls her up, turns her around and pushes the top half of her body onto the hood of his car, her hard nipples pressed tightly against the soft fleece blanket.

Taking his cock in hand, he rubs his hard length up and down her slit, the head of his dick teasing her hard swollen clit, making her want, making her need even stronger. Her body is trembling, pussy so wet her juices are running down her legs joining the pre-cum on the tip of his purple, swollen, rock hard cock. He pushes a tiny bit more so his cap is putting pressure against the entrance to her cunt, but just shy of entering her, he continues to rub his cock up and down, coating himself with her cream. She begs him, almost sobbing with need, "please don't tease me anyAHHHHHHHHH" as his large head pushes into her throbbing pussy, her walls part to accept his hard length. His dick is so big and thick, and her clit is so sensitized from his teasing, that as he slowly feeds his cock into her starving cunt it is rubbing against her hard button, and before he is even a quarter of the way in he feels her walls contract and spasm around him. Her sobbing cries of release combined with her pussies wild fluttering, squeezing his dick spurs him on, he slams into her, burying his cock balls deep into her steamy snatch. She screams, he moans; both in the grip of intense pleasure. He slides almost all the way out of her then slams back in, the wind knocked out of her. His cock a battering ram, pounding in and out of her at a blistering pace. Her cries sounding harsher, desperate again, her pussy tightening around him, "are you gonna cum again slut? Huh, you gonna cream my cock baby?"

"Yessssssssss" she groans.

"Good, I want your cum dripping off my cock and running down my thighs. You are such a naughty fucking whore." His hands while he was saying this had gone to her shoulders, he was forcing her harder down onto his cock while he slammed up into her, his balls smacking heavily against her clit. "Oh fuck!" She sobs out and he feels her cunt flood and her cum splash out from around his hard shaft, her juices running down his thighs. They are so engrossed in each other that they don't notice the man walk up until he clears his throat. They both still, his cock still buried deep inside of her, not believing that they hadn't heard this man's approach.

The newcomer, in sweatpants, his hard on very obvious says, "I was just around the corner getting a couple pornos and was heading home, when I saw you walk into the alley. I've been watching from the entrance the whole time, getting more and more excited. You two are way better than any movie, can I watch and jack off while you two fuck. And when I'm ready to cum can I do it in your mouth, whore? I'll pay you of course. By the way, my name is Sam."

She looks over her shoulder at him and asks "do you mind big boy?"

"I don't give a shit as long as he doesn't interfere."

Sam says, "I swear I won't, I just couldn't watch from so far away anymore, and I really, really want to cum in the whore's mouth."

She tells him "alright, you can watch Sam. And I'll suck your cock so good when the time comes." Sam pulls his sweatpants and boxers down so they are cradling his balls and slowly starts to stroke his cock. His dick is good sized and it gets her even more excited knowing he is watching and seeing him stroke his hard dripping shaft.

She looks over her shoulder and asks sexily, "now where were we big boy?" He grabs her tits and pulls her up to him, kissing her neck, he says, "we were right about here," and starts slowly moving in and out of her cunt, his long strokes quickly rekindling her lust. She moans as he tweaks her nipples, pinching them firmly between his thumb and index finger. She grinds back onto him, he pushes her back down onto the hood of his car and grabs both her wrists and pulls her arms back behind her. He keeps a hold of her wrists and is pulling her back onto his cock as his hips thrust forward. He alternates between slow, long strokes and hard fast ones in no particular pattern so she has no idea what to expect. She looks over and Sam is stroking his cock still, his eyes glued to them. She has never been watched like this before and finds that it's getting her very excited.

She is moaning, loving how hard and big he feels stuffed into her tight pussy. His strokes quicken as he starts pounding her cunt again, pulling her back against him tightly. He lets go of her wrists and lays his chest against her back, puts his arm around her, his fingers seeking and finding her clit. Fingers firmly rubbing her swollen hard nub, he continues slamming in and out of her pussy, his strokes faster and faster, fingers strumming against her, wanting to make her cum again. He can feel her building, tension rising, body straining, searching for release, then yet again she hoarsely cries out, her pussy tightens like a silken vise around his cock, cum floods around him and runs down his balls. Squelching sounds come from her cunt as he rides out her orgasm with her. They hear a soft, awe filled "fuck" coming from Sam, obviously pleased with what he sees and hears.

He pulls out of her tight, sopping pussy, replaces his cock with two of his fingers, then a third, getting them coated with her thick creamy cum. He pulls them out of her snatch and pushes one soaked finger slowly into her ass, he thrusts in and out a few times, then adds a second finger, thrusting over and over, then the third finger, stretching her asshole now. He fingers her ass, then reaches between her legs and strums her clit again, he knows she needs to be aroused to the max, so when he does what he wants, she will not hurt as much. His skilled fingers bring her quickly to the edge, then he slams three of them into her cunt, she screams, bucking her hips against his hand she cums, her inner muscles clamping down on his fingers tightly. For the moment he leaves his fingers in her pussy, still stroking her, but he removes his fingers from her ass.

She feels his thick head pushing against her tight, dark hole, then it splits her open, he stills letting her get used to his size. Man that hurts, she thinks, but his fingers stroking her pussy take her attention off the pain, which allows him to push in farther, then farther still, he keeps feeding his long, thick cock into her ass until he is finally buried fully inside of her. He stills to allow her body to adjust to his big dick. Slowly he pulls out, then thrusts back in, pulls out and thrusts in again. He takes his fingers out of her pussy, grabs her hips, and starts fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster, driving his hard cock into her repeatedly. She is slamming back onto and grinding her ass on him, her cries of pleasure spurring him on, making his cock swell almost painfully. His fingers dig into her hips as he pile drives into her ass, finesse no longer possible or cared about by either of them, both hurtling at breakneck speed to their release. Her ass is getting tighter around him with every second that passes, and she feels his cock swell even more, thinking for a split second how is that even possible? But that thought flies out of her head as he pounds into her, moving his hands to her shoulders, he pushes down against them, grinding up into her ass. With one final thrust he buries his throbbing cock in her ass, she feels it swell, then explode, rope after rope of cum shooting out of his dick deep into the recesses of her ass. He pumps into her over and over, moaning the whole time, she can't believe how much he is cumming. Feeling her ass being filled with his spunk sends her over the edge one last time, a sobbing cry escapes her, her ass squeezes around him, milking the last of the cum from his cock.

He leans his chest against her back for a few minutes, trying to catch his breath. Her body moving against him trying to calm down. Sam all but forgotten about for a minute or two until he says "when you pull out, can you pull her ass cheeks open and let me see the cum flooding out?"

"Sure man, if that's what you want, I don't care."

He pulls out of her and spreads her ass cheeks wide open. Sam watches as a large amount of cum leaks out of her still gaping asshole and runs down her legs. His hand moves faster and faster over his cock, he moans, and says "get on your knees whore and suck my cock." She drops to her knees, takes his cock into her mouth and sucks forcefully. He puts his hands on her head, holds it and fucks her mouth just as if it were her pussy. He thrusts fast and hard and with a final push, buries his cock down her throat, groans, and spews his thick salty-sweet load down her throat, spurt after spurt fills her mouth and she swallows quickly so as not to miss a single drop. When he finishes he tells her to lick and suck his cock clean like a good whore. She of course does so and when he is licked clean he pulls his boxers and sweats up and hands her a hundred dollar bill. "That's the best hundred bucks I ever spent. Maybe I'll see you around some time again."

She says "yes maybe" vaguely, as he walks away presumably going home.

He comes up to her and says "I believe I counted seven orgasms, I was going for extra credit. What can I say."

"Yes, you're right" she chuckles. "I always honor my bets, so that was on the house." He walks up to her, gives her a kiss, gets in his car and pulls away.

She straightens herself up the best she can, leaves the alley, walks around the corner, and hops in the car.

I say "that was so fucking hot babe!" I kiss you passionately.

"I know" you reply cockily.

"I can't believe you let me suck that guy, Sam off" I giggled.

You say "sure, why not? I know who you love and who you are coming home with. What do you think you're gonna do with the hundred bucks?"

"I thought maybe I would let you pick out an outfit for our next role play session."

"MMMMM I like that idea. You know you still owe me, you said you would do me for free all night, and it has not been all night yet, unless I am mistaken."

"MMMMMMMMMM I guess we'll just have to go a few more rounds once we get home babe."

We kiss once more, you start the car and take us home for me to finish honoring our bet.
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