The Overlook
The Overlook
by MissAnonna

My afternoon walk typically consists of hitting the trails at my favorite state park and this particular afternoon was no exception. I had parked my car at the trail head and opened the door, swung my legs out onto the gravel lot beneath me and proceeded to fix the tongue of my left sneaker. I glanced down between my thighs and realized my shorts were so tattered that the seam was buried in my vagina and displaying my lips for all the squirrels to see.

I chuckled at myself and stood at my car door, stretching and taking in a deep breath of mountainous air before slamming the car door and heading down the path. The birds were chirping and the forest was teaming with life all around amongst the loud crunching of the gravel beneath my feet. About a mile into my walk a noticed a path that had been previously closed off due to some construction but was now open and as I recollect the view at the end of this path was spectacular.

As I approached the end of this part of the trail something was very different and I noticed it right away. At the cliff edge, there was a newly constructed deck providing an even more spectacular view than in the past as the park had cut trees down the obstructed much of the scenery in the valley beyond. It was breathtaking, no doubt as one could see the winding river for what looked like miles into the distance. The deck hung out over the cliff giving me a slight sense of vertigo and yet held my attention at the railing for at least 10 minutes.

On the left side of the deck, there was a built in wooden bench and as I took in the smell of newly treated and cut wood I ventured over to it and took a seat, throwing my arms onto the back rest of the bench and taking in yet another deep breath of fresh air. It was so peaceful just sitting there while a slight breeze combed through my hair and the sun poked through the clouds every couple of minutes. I could feel the breeze tickling my thighs and a slight bit more, drawing my hand into my crotch to check the warm surge of sensuality flowing through my body and my fingers found a slippery entrance just beneath the very little bit of material covering my vagina.

I must have played with myself on that seat for nearly ten minutes but felt a sudden presence of someone or something. Nestling myself into the corner of the bench I crossed my legs and tugged at my sport top, looking down to make sure my nipples weren't hard but they were and there was nothing I could do about it. I could vaguely hear footsteps coming my way and looked down the path as they became louder.

An older gentleman walked toward me, following the path to the newly created overlook where I was seated. He was built rather nicely as far as I could tell as his chest and arms filled into his tight t-shirt and his hairy legs stuck out of what looked like sweat pants in the form of shorts. His calves were very muscular and his hair was grey but shrouded a ruggedly handsome face. He smiled at me as I studied him closely. His face took on a puzzled look as he spoke.

"How long has this been here?" He asked still looking confused. I raised my hand and waved at him.

"I guess they just finished it." I said smiling and bouncing my crossed leg providing a wonderful feeling in my shorts. "Check out the view." I said as I motioned toward the railing. He paused momentarily and studied my face then turned toward the view and took a few steps up onto the deck and walked forward.

"Wow!" He exclaimed. "Look at that! Looks like they cut the trees, too to give us a better view, huh?" I nodded when he turned toward me and then I smiled as he turned back toward the valley. I stared at his butt and began to bounce my crossed leg again. I looked down and noticed my nipples had not settled down so I tugged at my top again but that seemed to only worsen my situation. He turned toward me again and I smiled. "I think I've seen you here before." He said.

"I come here a lot." I said. "At least to this park. I used to always walk down here but it's been..." He cut me off.

"Closed," he quipped. "I know, I love this view, too and now it's even better." I could tell he was staring at my nipples but I noticed he was protruding a bit in the shorts and so much so that he quickly turned back toward the valley and nestled his excitement into the railing. He spoke to the trees it seemed. "I thought I had seen you around here. I'm Danny." He walked toward me slightly awkward and held out his hand. I hesitated, attempting to remember which fingers were just recently inside me and then shook his hand. Luckily, I had been using my left hand. I giggled.

"I'm Anna." I said. "Nice to meet you, Danny." I kept eye contact with him and smiled as I shook his hand but pulled him in closer to me, peripherally noticing his half erection. He quickly turned back toward the valley and again nestled his bulge into the railing as if to hide it. At least it seemed that way, I didn't know for sure. "It's so peaceful and quiet out here." I said looking around into the trees. "And hardly ever anyone around." He nodded as I was spouting. "Makes you feel at one with nature."

"Yes!" He shouted. "Like making love to Mother Nature." I giggled and then realized what he said and gave him a puzzled look. "I mean..." He stuttered. "Well..."

"How would you make love to Mother Nature?" I asked in a chuckle. He began to turn red and I uncrossed my legs and sat forward. I gave him a serious look. "Seriously." I said and then felt a cheesy grin come across my face. He was completely at a loss for words and slightly turned to face me. My eyes travelled down his chest and settled at his bulge. "Would you, like.." My eyebrows fluttered. "Cum all over her or something." I said. His eyes widened and his lips parsed and he began to growl.

"Well," he said trailing the end of his word for quite some time. "Yeah." He chuckled. "yeah, I guess that would do it, wouldn't it?" He said questioning his own answer. He looked deep in thought and then laughed. "Yeah." He laughed again and I put my left foot up on the bench and grabbed my knee. He turned more toward me and leaned his ass up the against the rail while we both laughed.

"I wonder how she would feel about that." I said as we were laughing. I knew I was showing a lot more camel toe than I should have been but it was exciting to see him try and avoid looking. I looked away and out over the trees. I could feel my shorts digging into my wet lips. He spoke into the trees again.

"To be honest, I do masturbate out here." He confessed and then looked down. "A lot." He said slightly chuckling. I looked at him inquisitively.

"Are you serious?" I said. "Where? Here?" I questioned as he nodded affirmatively. I put my other leg up and leaned back against the bench, crossing my arms in front of my knees. I could feel the air against my labia and it was making me even wetter. "I'm sure you're not the only one." I said with a giggle. I watched his eyes float down between my shins and I knew exactly what he was looking at. A smile came across his face and then his gaze came back up to my eyes and his face turned into surprise.

"You?" He said, slightly bucking his head forward. I smiled and watched his bulge go from prominent to obvious. I nodded and smiled even more as I watched his cock. "No way." He said. "A beautiful woman like you?" I closed my eyes and nodded.

"In fact, I was playing just before you showed up and I'm willing to bet you came here to do the same." I said as I watched him smile and turn red. He looked down and noticed his own erection. Instantly he attempted to cover up and apologize. "Honestly," I said slightly embarrassed. "I won't stop you."

"Are you serious?" He said grabbing his hard cock and trying to figure me out. I set my feet back down on the platform and leaned back into the bench while he held onto his tool and bit his lower lip. I smiled at him. I motioned to him with my head.

"Go ahead." I said smiling. "I'll just sit here and watch." I started pawing at my breasts and then one hand moved down to my crotch. He began to release the monster from his shorts and soon I saw the head of his cock pop through his forefinger and thumb. I could feel a warm sensation in my loin as my fingers pushed the seam of my shorts aside and I began to fondle my soaking lips. I watched him slowly work his cock with his muscular hand while my fingers inched deeper and deeper into my flower. "You can come closer, if you like." I said through my hard breathing. "Just no touching." I smiled and he began to step forward. I continued to motion him forward until his toes were right at mine. His cock was throbbing and his head was so engorged. It was driving me insane.

My fingers fell out of my pussy and travelled up my lips to find a rock-hard clitoris that was begging for attention so I spread my lips with both hands and began to stroke the underside of my clit. I heard him moan and then I watched him close his eyes and it through me into a fit of clit slapping.

"Oh God, yes." I cried. "Cum on my tummy!" I moaned again as I felt like I was out of control? He started breathing erratically and there were clear drips falling from his fingers.

"Are you sure?" He said and I nodded frantically while the slapping sounds coming from my vagina got louder and wetter. I looked at his confused face and smiled, nodding frantically. I took in a deep breath and held it involuntarily and my hand stopped. I let out my breath along with a deep moan and felt every muscle in my body contract. I pushed my button hard and then watched a steady stream of clear liquid squirt out my pussy and spray the underside of his cock and all over his fingers. When the stream stopped our jaws just dropped. My hand flew over my open mouth and I looked up at him.

He had stopped stroking and had a look of sheer amazement on his face. I sat up slightly and began to apologize as I never expected that to happen but he looked down at his cock and I too looked at his cock and a thick stream of pearly white goodness shot from his cock and struck my hand with such force that it pushed its way through my fingers and into my mouth. He quickly pointed his tool toward my belly button and proceeded to fill it up while bucking like a bronco. He stumbled slightly backwards and leaned into the railing.

"Oh my God!" He cried. "That was intense." I began to laugh and shake the semen off my fingers over the railing behind me, scooping up his jizz on my belly afterwards. I stood up and held my hand out over the rail, letting the gooey mess slowly fall from my fingers and giggling.

"Apparently we both needed that." I said chuckling. He pulled a paper towel from his pocket and handed it to me. "Thank you." I said and proceeded to wipe down my belly and fingers. I could still feel some on my lips but my tongue got it before my brain could warn it. His semen was slightly sweet and I didn't even worry about it. I smiled at him and told him I should be running along, figuring I would wash up at the restrooms near the trail head. He threw his hand up as he was cleaning himself off.

"Nice to meet you, Anna! Maybe I'll see you around!" He shouted as I stepped off the platform and headed down the path. I turned around and smiled at him.

"Could be very interesting!" I said as I waved him goodbye and headed up the path. A quick swipe of my chin revealed a bit of spilled cream and I smiled just after I stuck my finger in my mouth.
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