The Party
I have been taking it all in. Thinking it would be an opportunity for us to get out and meet others, Alex insisted that we attend this party. It was being thrown by a good friend of his, Joe. Having only been in Chicago for a short while we knew only a few people. Also present were friends Lisa, Anna and of course, Joe. As I make my way around the room I am sidetracked by so many interesting personalities. It's funny because since we arrived Alex and I have been separated and have yet to meet up again. Whenever I think of heading in his direction I am distracted by yet another inquisitive guest. "I love your hair. How often do you have to get it done?" That question alone is enough to spark a conversation that will lead to discussion after discussion of various topics. With the exception of our friends, most don't even know we are partners.

Occasionally, I am able to catch Alex's eye. He's so damn handsome in his khaki pants and black sweater. His dark eyes are quick and watchful. I note that he has not once lost sight of where I am in the room, even when the conversation is at its deepest. I must admit, I haven't lost sight of him either. It's been difficult to focus, though, because my mind is occupied with our afternoon lovemaking. Alex was pensive and introspective this day, his mind on an upcoming project. It was reflected in his touch. I was laying on the sofa reading when he entered the room, kneeled and laid his beautiful head on my breasts. I reached to run my fingers through his hair as his hand rubbed my tummy. Our loving was quiet and subdued, as if he just needed it to clear his mind.

I couldn't help but allow my thoughts to linger there. "My baby." he kissed the words into my breasts after he'd lifted my top to taste them. He was gentle and so meticulous. He looked up into my eyes, his own brown ones soft and pleading. Taking his face into both of my hands I pulled him close to kiss his lips. "So, do you do any investing yourself Jada?" I snapped back to the conversation I was having with Jim. "Uh". As I searched the room for Alex and composure I found him looking directly at me.

He was caught up with a lovely, busty brunette. It was apparent she was all about the dark cutie in front of her. It was what I loved about him. As always, he was polite and attentive and very much engaged in the conversation. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her flip her hair more than once in flirtatious gestures. I winked Alex's way to let him know I was on to her. His slight smile told me he knew. Jim is talking about Chicago investing and in between his animated excitement stealing quick glances at my breasts. I am wearing one of Alex's favorite outfits, a thin black skirt with a little flip at the bottom edge, a sequenced v-neck top showing the luscious outline of my large boobs, sheer stockings and a pair of ankle strapped "fuck me" heels. I know he's enjoying the view from his end of the room.

Miss Brunette, having gotten nowhere has moved on. I walk over quickly and introduce myself. "Hello. My name is Jada." Smiling, he knows I'm up to my old tricks and falls right into the game. "Hi Jada. My name is Alex." As we shake hands in introduction, I can see my girlfriend give an inquisitive look from behind him. "I couldn't help but notice you from across the room. Is the host a friend of yours?", I ask. Giving me a hard, deep look Alex responds with a quiet "yes". I take a look at the growing package in his crotch and smile, then moving closer lean up to whisper in his ear that I need a dark handsome fuck and asks if he is game? Alex clears his throat as Anna comes to interrupt. She's been watching the exchange from across the room and is amused by our blatant flirting.

I walk away to join in a conversation a few feet away. I can feel Alex watching me. It is only a matter of time before he will be ready to go. As he sidesteps our good friend and her teasing eyes, he makes his way to the host and thanks him for a good time. To the surprise of the brunette, Alex grabs my hand and heads for the door. "I should fuck you right here in the car for that one Jada.", he says this as we make our way down the driveway to our ride. Once in the car I slide into my seat and pull my skirt up to reveal my gartered stockings and naked pussy. "You whore." Alex smiles. "You drive", he says as he gets out and walks to my side of the car forcing me to take the driver's seat.

As we pull away, he ducks down and begins to massage my pussy. "I'll teach you to fuck with me at a party." he warns. His face is as close as he can get to my wetness and his fingers are at work, sliding in and out, rubbing my clit. He begins to bite my thighs while occasionally running his hands the length of my legs. He reaches up to pinch my nipples and bring them to little hard knots visible through my top. "Pull over!" Alex orders. "What?!," I ask. "Pull over!," he says it again, so I pull off into a shopping center parking lot away from the congestion, but it's still a parking lot! Alex has me push the seat back and turn to face him. Spreading my legs he pushes his face deep into my pussy. He licks and bites until I am completely out of control. Thrashing about in the limited space of the car, he brings me a enormous orgasm. "Take me home baby." he says when he is done.

His big dick is pushing to get out of his pants by the time we enter the house. My pussy is jumping to receive him. Alex doesn't even bother to remove his pants, but unzips them to release his hard cock. It is so stiff and lovely that I know I must lick it. Standing there in the hallway, I fall to my knees and take him in my mouth. His hand grabs hold of the back of my head to steady his thrusts and push deeper and harder past my lips. His moans are loud and gratifying. "Fuck me my doll." he sighs.

Satisfied that he has received a good licking, he pulls me up and leads me to the bedroom. Having removed his pants and now his sweater, he throws me back on the bed, lifts my skirt and fucks me straight up. His initial entry is controlled but hard. He pushes deep and is quick to find a rhythm that leads us both into a unison that is passionate and wild. The harder his thrusts, the harder I match him. Pulling both of my legs over his strong shoulders he adds even more to his probe. "I love you my baby." he gasps. I can feel the length of him as he continues to assault my hot pussy. "Give me all of you, my love", I whisper.

We fuck without the control of our earlier lovemaking but as lovers who are wild in love and with passion. Alex's sweat is dripping all over me, his eyes fixed and watching my every response. I am with him, telling him how good he is to me and how I need him so deep inside. With the intensity of an exploding firecracker we come together in a heat so all encompassing that we sound like fighting cats. When it is finally over we fall into each other's arms on the rumpled bed to rest in our love.
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