The Party
Expecting it to be just another company function that would boar me to near death, it was a challenge to force myself to go to the Christmas party the other night.

Having selected a pair of dress slacks, long sleeve shirt, and a sport coat, I reluctantly headed outside to my truck. After cleaning off the accumulated snow, I was on my way, re-evaluating my decision with every yard traveled. Countless times I was ready to turn around and go home to enjoy a night of writing code for my web sites, but I pushed on and eventually found myself adding a fake smile to my apparel for the evening as I strode into the room.

Scanning the mass of bodies to see who all was there, I saw Anna, the personnel administrator, dressed as an elf. It seems that half of the people there had dressed as some character, while the other half, myself included, had dressed in the more normal way. I couldn't seem to withdraw my stare from Anna. Her short skirt showed more of her legs than I had ever seen and even though they were covered with white stockings, their contour was captivating.

The T-shirt she wore snuggled tight against her torso but the vest she had on hid a lot of her shape. I knew from having talked to her countless times through the years that she had a great figure and my mind started fabricating scenes of enjoyment for me.

"Really didn't expect to see you here, but glad you came!"

Turning toward the female voice I recognized instantly as Deb's, I was grinning. Deb is a woman about my age that I found to be very nice and most pleasurable to talk to on breaks. Yes, I had thought of asking her on a date a few times, knowing she too was a divorcee, but never did.

"Well, it's not exactly my ideal evening, but figured I'd show up and clean out the buffet," I chuckled as I gazed into her eyes. I realized instantly that I had never really noticed how good looking she actually was. I knew she has a nice posterior, and a nice shape over-all, but in the dress she was wearing, she looked very alluring.

We chatted for several minutes and then slowly made our way to a table and sat down. The table would seat eight people, four on each side, so I sat on the end and Deb took the seat to my right and we continued talking.

This conversation was different than the "this friggin' company" talk we usually had; this conversation was more personal in nature. She had turned it to a more personal nature with her early asked question.

"What would your ideal evening be like?" she had immediately asked me in response to my opening comment.

To answer her query, I was trying to be honest without sounding too crazy. I had told her that I'd much rather be writing source code if I was to spend the night alone.

"And if you weren't alone?" she asked me as she crossed her legs and her foot rubbed against my knee. I knew that wasn't an accidental event because it took a noticeable effort on her part to make it happen.

Taking a chance, which is something I rarely do when sober, I put my arm over the top of her chair back. Cautiously I put my hand on her upper arm, near her shoulder, and began to describe how the evening might unfold if I had someone special with me. Surprisingly, she gave no sign of not wanting my arm around her and I began to relax.

Sitting there beside Deb was actually producing a happier feeling for me than I thought I'd obtain all night. It was nice to be talking to and touching a lady again. It had been alone too long I guess. The conversation flowed quickly and easily, as did the alcohol. I was feeling a slight buzz and could tell Deb was much less inhibited as well.

"May I have this dance?" came a question as a hand touched my left shoulder. Turning slightly, my vision confirmed it was, in fact, Anna that was asking.

"Certainly," I said with a smile. Excusing myself from the table, Anna and I progressed to the dance floor. The band was playing an instrumental tune that was good for slow dancing and our bodies were soon tight against each other as we danced together.

"You and Deb have something going on?" Anna asked as she looked up at me and grinned.

"Not that I'm aware of," I replied, not mentioning the fact that I wouldn't mind if we would have. "We've been friends for a long time and this is the first time we've been able to talk without a time limit. We usually only can talk on our breaks."

Feeling the ample breasts that were pressing into me, and as my hand slowly and 'accidentally' dropped to her ass, my mind began replaying some of the many fantasies I had enjoyed at my desk that involved this dark haired, short stature woman that was now in my arms.

"Your hands..." Anna whispered. Instinctively and swiftly. I moved my hand upward to the small of her back.

"I'm sorry," I began to instinctively utter but I noticed her expression was different than the one I expected.

"Don't be silly. I was going to say your hands feel good on me," Anna said with a coy smile. "It's been a while since I feel a man's hand on my ass," she confessed.

"Don't your husband..." I began.

"Pfft!" she shot back. "My husband doesn't have time for me. He's too busy trying to impress his girlfriend. He thinks I don't know, but..."

Now, I admit, Ladies and Gentlemen, hearing that made me think I might need to take a chance with her, for mutual satisfaction of course. That thought quickly transformed into the fabrication of an unrestrained boner in my pants. Since I usually go 'commando', there was no restraining it and I know Anna felt it pressing against her.

The song ended and as we parted, she winked and said, "I want more before the night is over."

I returned to the table and sat down beside Deb once again, tossing around all the possibilities, good and bad, that could be interpreted into her comment.

"I'm next," Deb said as her hand patted my upper thigh after I had sat down. Her hand was very near the still stiff flesh in my slacks, and I was not going to object to anything at this point.

"Sure! But I only slow dance," I admitted. "If I fast dance, I feel like I'm Dumbo with his two back legs tied together."

Deb laughed and disagreed, but I know my limits. We soon decided that it was time to hit the buffet line and as she glided over the floor in front of me, I was watching her cute little ass as it moved seductively under her dress with each step she took.

'Wouldn't mind a buffet of that!' I thought to myself as my appetite was whetted with our progression to the food line.

Standing in line waiting our turn, my hand, most accidentally of course, bumped against her ass when I stepped forward to talk to her. It felt every bit as firm as it looked. My smugness of thinking I 'got away with something' was soon shattered like a fragile glass ornament hitting a hardwood floor.

"You like it?" Deb asked, looking me squarely in the eyes. Scanning her face for a clue of her thoughts, her expression gave no hint if she was irritated or intrigued by the 'accidental' feel I had taken.

I thought I'd play the part of a stupid male - something I can do very well.

"Do I like what?" I asked as innocently as I could sound. Her answer shocked me. She said nothing but turned to look behind her and moved slightly backward, pressing her ass tightly against my hand that was down by my hip. She wiggled it ever so slightly back and forth as she pretended to be searching the room for someone. Without a thought of what I was doing, I turned my palm toward her ass and discretely but gladly grabbed a handful. My cock sprang upright. I wanted it!!

She turned back to face me and was smiling. "I'll take that as a 'yes'," she with a chuckle. My mind was racing down many paths at once - all of them on a sleigh ride in a sexual wonderland. I even had a few thoughts of enjoying Deb and Anna simultaneously, which really caused my bells to jingle.

As the evening progressed, many sexual innuendos were exchanged between Deb and I. When Anna came back and asked me for another dance after Deb and I had enjoyed a few dances together, I naturally accepted her offer. As we swayed together, she shocked the cringle out of me by telling me that if I didn't get lucky with Deb tonight, she wanted me!

My reaction was non-verbal, but she heard me loud and clear as she pressed herself tightly against my wildly throbbing candy cane in my pants. "God! You feel massive!" she moaned in my ear as she pressed herself even tighter against me.

My blood pressure had to be off the charts with all my blood gathered in one particular appendage.

When the song ended and I returned to my chair beside Deb, I was sure my excitement was more obvious than the glow of Rudolph's' nose.

Seating myself and quite casually putting my arm around Deb, she leaned against me and put her hand on my lap. Well, truthfully, she put her hand on my crotch and felt the throbbing hidden there.

"Geez. Merry Christmas!!" she said softly as her fingers gave me a quick but most pleasurable squeeze.

Time flew as rapidly and the band announced it was last call and last dance. "Would you join me?" Deb asked as she stood up and held out her hand. I accepted and we were soon once again in each other's arms as we danced.

Our conversation the entire evening had been full of sexual overtones but I have learned to never get my hopes up. Women enjoy teasing a guy like me, only to drop me like a lump of hot coal when it comes down to the nitty-gritty time.

Well, my hopes, like my shaft, rose rapidly when I heard Deb say, "you live closer than I do, so how would you feel about us going to your place for a night cap?"

"Do you trust me to behave myself?" I asked.

She looked at me and grinned devilishly. "I'll handle you," was all she said. Naturally, the ambiguous wording of that produced several images in my mind.

Less than an hour later, I was closing the door as I watched Deb take off her coat and then her boots. I slipped my coat off and couldn't believe my eyes as she continued to remove her clothes.

Her dress was already off her shoulders and on the floor around her ankles. I stood there, watching with pleasure as she removed her bra and then slid her panties down, stepping out of them as well as the lump of cloth her dress had formed around her feet.

"Come on, Santa," she giggled. "Don't tell me you prefer reindeer!"

I couldn't say a word as she stepped over to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Having my shirt completely undone but keeping the cuffs buttoned, she slid my shirt down behind my back, effectively using my shirt as cloth handcuffs.

My belt was quickly unbuckled and my slacks had fallen to the floor as I stood there in shock. Her hand felt like silk as it grasped my pulsating rod of flesh she had exposed.

"Oh God, Deb!" I moaned as I felt her warm breath on my flesh. When her wet lips touched me, I unknowingly pushed my hips forward and forced my shaft into her mouth. Her reaction was only to push her face into my abdomen and force my shaft deep into her throat as her hands cupped my ass.

She took me deep into her throat several times before she stopped. "I want some," she said. Kissing the tip of my aching erection, she lead me to the sofa by holding onto my flesh protrusion. My arms were still quite restricted from movement by my shirt as she laid down and parted her legs, exposing her trimmed palace to me.

Kneeling on the floor, I was between her thighs in a flash and lightly licking at her pink, hard clit peeking from it's hiding spot between the puffed lips of her pussy. Her hips began to lift almost instantly and much to my surprise, as my tongue continued to ravish her, she was soon at the big 'O', and I'm not talking about here!!

Squeezing my head tightly between her thighs, the bucking motion of her hips, the gasps and moans from her mouth as well as the flood of juices I was enjoying confirmed the intensity of her orgasm.

As she recovered, I kissed her soaked crotch a few times. Each time my lips touched her, she wiggled and moaned.

"Oh shit!" she panted as her hand gently pushed my head back far enough from her to prevent any further contact. "It's been so damned long since I got oral sex I thought I was going to die!" she managed to say. "Christ almighty! Where did you learn to eat pussy??" she asked with a wide smile on her face as I stood up.

Turning so she would hopefully unbutton the cuffs of my shirt, I didn't answer. Luckily, she took the hint and within a few seconds, my shirt was just another lump of material strewn about the room.

Turning around, my erection was bouncing playfully in the air. Her right arm lifted and I soon felt her fingers rubbing lightly back and forth on the length of my protrusion.

"Have you been a good boy this year?" she asked playfully, cupping my balls in her hand. My cock bobbed it's confirmation to her question.

"Do you want to slide into a wet chimney?" she asked. Again, the up and down bobbing of my shaft gave her the answer. She leaned up and kissed the tip of my cock which was oozing proof of my excitement.

"Santa, I think you better be ready to cum before Christmas gets here," she laughed. As I moved back onto the sofa, her legs parted and I positioned myself over top of her. My erection was slapping wildly against her saturated pussy hair as we moved into alignment. I felt myself pressing into her slippery pussy and lowered my hips to get the tip against the orifice of her alluring 'chimney'.

Pressing lightly against her slipperiness, my penetration was not only easy, but breathtaking as well. Feeling my hot flesh entering her sent a shiver of pleasure through me. We moaned in unrehearsed unison as my thickness squeezed into her divine snugness. I began stroking my length back and forth, almost overwhelmed by the perfection of her body as it massaged me.

"Wait," she moaned as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my full length into her. The taunt skin covering my aching balls was pressed firmly against her soft skin as I lay there, my privileged shaft of flesh rhythmically pulsing inside of the warm grasp of her pussy. She began squeezing my shaft with her inner-fingers of fantasy. "Just lay here inside of me, okay?" she asked, pulling my head down to her shoulder.

My answer was unspoken but given with a nod of my head and several seconds of uncontrolled flexing from the hardest muscle my body had.

For several minutes, I lay there on top of and inside of her, feeling her pussy massaging my cock as her hips slightly lifted and lowered. I fought hard to refrain from succumbing to the extreme desire I had to fill her with my cum as she inched closer to another orgasm. It didn't take long until her soft breathing had transformed into short gasps as her body trembled beneath me. I felt her release a flood of satisfaction as a long, deep moan erupted from her. Her blue eyes rolled up into her head as I felt another shudder race through her.

For a few seconds I wasn't convinced I could withstand the temptation her body was teasing me with, but I soon found out that my diligence was to be rewarded.

"Want me to roll over, or do you want me like this?" she whispered as her eyes once again became visible to me.

"Yes!" I answered quickly, trying to suppress the laughter I felt building inside. She laughed and asked again, but this time, told me to choose which position I most wanted her to be in.

"I've always enjoyed looking at your ass, so..." I began as I lifted myself off of her. She quickly was on her stomach and I still can't figure out how she did it with me where I was. I hadn't hardly lifted myself off her body and she was rolled over, her ass only an inch or so away from my well lubricated rod.

"It's been a long time since I had it that way, but I do enjoy anal, so you..." she began to say, quickly stopping when she felt the thick head of my cock pressing against her sphincter.

Her hips lifted slightly and I was soon penetrating the ass of this sexy doll, just as I had dreamt of many times over the years of knowing her.

With the coating her pussy had put on my shaft, combined with the fact I was now almost dripping a steady drizzle from the extreme arousal I had been enduring, it was pure ecstasy as I pressed past her puckered skin and began to slowly slid into her. She unexpectedly lifted her hips which forced me deeper inside and at a faster rate than I was prepared for. As the tightness of her ass engulfed the thickness of my rod, it was too much for me to endure.

"Oh-h-h--h-h!" I howled as the first massive glob of cum shoot into her. It was too late to even think of trying to prolong my pleasure. I pumped my hips back and forth as the soft firmness of her ass cheeks rubbed my shaft, increasing the tantalization I was getting from her snug rear.

My eruption was massive as I stroked my cock back and forth in her warmth, filling her quickly. Again lifting her hips in unison with my thrusts, she took my full penetration while I was squeezing her ass and the final shots of my pleasure was injected to her. Drained of my stuffing, I paused to catch my breath, leaving my shrinking cock in her ass. Feeling her flexing her ass, giving me several gentle squeezes, she turned her head my direction.

"That was wonderful!" she said over her shoulder to me. "It seems like years since I felt a cock in my ass, and I really miss it!"

"Hang around me and you won't need to worry about that again," I said with a chuckle as I began to pull out.

"Don't!" she exclaimed. "I love the feel of your cock in me!"

Lowering myself onto her back, I lay there with my now limp cock still being the happy recipient of her occasional ass hugs.

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