The Perfect Gift
"Okay, I gotta head to work now," Dan said, before kissing me. "I'll see you two after work. Bye, Gabe."

"See you later, Dad," Gabe replied, waving.

He left the kitchen and then I glanced at Gabe. "Hey, Gabe, could I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?" he pondered, strolling to the fridge.

I watched him rummage through it for a moment as I was four feet away, and I clenched my fists. I couldn't seem to let the words flow out of my mouth, even after he rose back up and I saw his face again. He looked at me, but didn't say anything back as he shut the fridge door.

I took an extra deep breath. "Your eighteenth birthday is just coming up next month, and I was just wondering if there was something extra special I could get you. There has gotta be something that maybe you can't ask your from dad."

He broke eye contact and nodded for a moment. I had no idea what he was thinking, but he appeared to have something in mind as he opened his can of soda. I couldn't help, but to smile.

"What, do you mean like porn? I can get porn, Sabrina," he informed me, raising his eyebrows.

I brought my left hand to the side of my face, and my cheeks turned red. "I don't know, Gabe. Just something special I could give you that would mean something for a woman to give her step-son, that's all. I know we love each other, but I still think there might be some more room for us to become closer," I explained before I looked back at him. "Do you know what I mean?"

He took a drink. "Well, you could buy a Slayer ticket. They are gonna be in Indianapolis next month."

I stayed silent for a few seconds and broke eye contact again. "Okay, I can do that for you, Gabe. If that's what you want," I mentioned, closing the gap to two feet.

"I'm sorry, Sabrina, but what were you hoping for exactly? I mean, you seem disappointed, as if you'd be delighted if I did suggest porn. Did you want something extremely personal to get me?"

"I don't know what I was hoping for, Gabe," I responded, shaking my head no. "I know I'll never be your real mom, but I just thought that maybe we could become closer. You've been my step-son for six years now, and sometimes I still feel like we're roommates. We don't have deep conversations or anything like that, we just have small talk, and that's pretty much it," I elucidated, waving my hands. "I think if I got you something personal or meaningful, that maybe we'd take our relationship to the next level."

His eyebrows rose up, and he lowered the can of soda. "You aren't suggesting something sexual, are you?"

"What? No, no, no, Gabe," I objected, putting my hands up and backing away. "I want us to be closer, but not like that. I'd never ask you to insert yourself in that position. A young man shouldn't be having sex with his step-mom, whether she is still involved with their father or not."

His eyes widened, and he chuckled for a few seconds. "Sabrina, I thought you that you wanted to hook me up with another woman. As if you wanted to be my wing woman."

I grinned, but covered my face with both hands. "Okay, a Slayer ticket then, I'll add that to my list of ideas. Let's just not tell your dad about this little chat," I said before dropping my hands.

"That goes without saying," he answered, heading towards the end of the kitchen. "You are beautiful though, Sabrina. My dad lucked out as far as I can tell. Your body is quite sexy, but your face is priceless. Your curly black hair is also quite a sweet piece of the puzzle."

"Thank you, Gabe," I answered, peeking at the floor.

"See you later; I'm gonna head to Jake's place now. I'll be back in a few hours."

"Okay, goodbye."

He left, and I went to the fridge.

I placed my hands on it and began tapping my forehead on it. "Well, that could have gone worse. Gabe never uttered the 'H' word, but he didn't end it breaking out the 'L' word either. How did he arrive at the conclusion that I might want to get him laid? And hot the hell did my brain think he meant that I would want to have sex with him?" I had questioned before I stopped. "I don't know, but I did at that moment," I laughed. "Well, at least he thinks I'm beautiful and have a great face. That's something I suppose."

I went to my bedroom. "Maybe a hot tub visit is an order now," I pointed out, walking to my closet.

I fished out a bikini and held it up. I nodded and smiled for a moment before I threw it on my bed.

"Well," I spoke, strolling to it. "I know we love each other, but this still might give us some tension though. I know we're not just gonna forget this," I said, taking off my t-shirt.

I stripped out of my shorts too and then ambled to my mirror. "Well, Gabe thinks I'm alluring, so it is not all bad. He must like what he sees. I know all guys love big boobs, so maybe he must really like mine," I said, bringing my hands to my tits.

I grabbed them through my bra and jiggled around somewhat. I calmly unclasped my pink cotton bra and let it fall off me. Then I lowered my matching panties too.

I peeked at myself again and rubbed my bosoms slowly. "Well, my step-son would have to be gay not to want to break off a piece of this candy bar."

I smiled and just stood there for a moment. I stared at myself, but then I snatched my bikini and put it on. I snagged a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I strolled out to the living room and went out the back door of the house.

I let the summer sun hit me, and I stretched out. "Yeah, a little relaxation should do the trick," I moaned before I dropped the towel.

Then I went over to the hot tub and turned on the bubbles. I went over to the other side and climbed down the small ladder.

"Oh, that's the spot," I muttered, submerging my entire body in there.

I stayed under for a few seconds, but then my head and shoulders came up above the water. I just stayed back and kept my eyes closed for the time being. I felt my body relieve the emotional stress.

"Okay, that previous statement was an understatement. This sensation is paradise."

I maintained that position for over twenty minutes and enjoyed the intense warm feelings. 'Yeah, every woman likes to be loved by someone else besides their significant other. Maybe it is my step-son in this case, but it still feels good.'

I felt the sweat coming down my forehead and shoulders, but I still enjoyed myself. In the end, I just needed to get away from it all, so I felt so good physically, that I left my body mentally for the time being.

"Dan, do I hear you walking over here?" I asked with my eyes closed.

"No, it is just me, Sabrina," Gabe answered.

I opened my eyes and peeked over at the edge. "What are you doing here, I thought you'd be at Jake's place for a few hours?" I pondered as he strolled towards me.

He stopped at the corner where I sat. "And I thought I should probably come back so we can talk. I certainly didn't mean for either of us to be uncomfortable, and I know you didn't either. I guess I had no ideas for a possible personal gift. I just felt it necessary to pay you that compliment, but after I had left, I thought it might weird coming from me. Was it?"

'Maybe, but it might be a little odd that you are nonchalantly peeking at my hooters now. So obviously, you do love what you see.'

"No, I think we'll be fine if we just forget it. I can get you something that isn't so meaningful, but it'll still be from me."

"Okay," he said before he pecked my cheek. "Would you like some company?"

"Do you mean you in your swim trunks, Gabe?"

"Yes, just sitting on the other side."


He nodded and walked away.

"Already then, maybe we're both just discovering that we might like one another. We know what we can't do anything about it, but I'm sure we can still enjoy each another's company."

I just closed my eyes again, but suddenly I pictured him the last time I saw him in his bathing suit. 'Oh, he is cute, now that I think about it. Showing off some skin would make him look that much sexier,' I thought before my right hand found it's way into my bottom.

My mouth opened and I started rubbing my pussy for a few seconds.

"No," I protested, opening my eyes. "Gabe is my step-son; I can't think of him like that. It is wrong, even if his attraction to me does turn me on."

I clenched my fists and bit my bottom lip too. "Maybe this is a bad idea."

"Here I am," Gabe announced.

I turned my head to the side. "Holy shit, he is hot," I whispered, watching him getting into the hot tub with me.

He sat on the other side and looked at me. "Oh, this is nice, Sabrina. Hot, but not too hot. And I get the sight of you in a bikini, that's not a bad deal. Damn, you are gorgeous."

"Thank you," I answered, slanting my head down. 'Okay, that was a little weird.'

We both stayed silent for a few minutes, and I kept my eyes away from him.

'I know he thinks I'm sexy and at the back of my mind, I believe that he might want to have sex with me. Could he?' I thought before a small pause. 'Crap, I don't know. Shit, I'm in hot water, but yet, I'm shivering.'

"Hey, Sabrina?"

I bit my bottom lip and calmly arched my head back up. "Yes, Gabe?"

"Could I sit closer to you, please?"

My eyes widened, and my heart started pounding against my chest too. "Why?"

"I think I might have an idea for you."

"Do you mean for your birthday?"

He nodded, but I held still for a few seconds before I nodded back. He lazily rose up a bit and made his way over to me. He sat next to me and kissed my cheek.

He took a deep breath, but never looked at me. "I didn't make you uncomfortable when I complimented your body, did I?"

"No, that was okay. I'm more worried that our relationship may take a hit because I got the wrong idea when I said that we shouldn't have sex. Even though it was entirely accidental, I would never want you to feel awkward. It is normal for you to think I'm pretty, but I shouldn't have thought that you thought that I was suggesting that we should have sex."

"I'm all right, Sabrina, I don't believe we'll have any problems. I think you are just dazzling. I mean holy shit, you are one in a million. I certainly know that we shouldn't get involved, but I would love to be with you if you weren't married to my dad," he explained, gawking at my breasts.

I nodded a couple of times, grinned slightly, but didn't make eye contact. "I have no idea what to say to that, Gabe."

"You don't have to say anything, Sabrina."

"Didn't you say that you had an idea for something I get you for your birthday?"


"Would you mind sharing, please?"

He kissed my neck but stayed quiet for a moment. He had me jiggling again, and I couldn't look at him to save my life.

'What is it, Gabe? I'm waiting and feeling a little distressed too. Just spit it out for me.'

"You know what, nevermind, Sabrina," he said, backing away.

I immediately let out a deep breath. "What do you mean, 'Nevermind.'?" I asked, peeking back at him. "I thought you had an idea for me?"

"Yes, but thinking about it one more time made me realize that it isn't a good one. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get your hopes up."

He went back to the other side and failed to say a word. My mouth just opened, and I shrugged my shoulders.

I clenched my fists under the water. "Not to be bitchy, but what did you think that was a bad idea?"

"It is nothing, Sabrina. Just forget I said anything," he responded, waving his right hand.

"It wasn't nothing, Gabe. If anything, it was something you wanted, but you chickened out at the last second."

"Well, I left you speechless after I just told you that I'd love to be with you if my dad wasn't in the picture. I think if I told you the idea, it might put a strain on our relationship."

"If you say so," I said before I licked my lips. 'Could it actually be something sexual? The possibility does turn me on a little bit.'

We just looked at each other for a minute in silence.

"Gabe, I promise your answer won't leave this hot tub, but do you have a crush on me?"

He covered his face with both hands, and I immediately felt tingles going throughout my body.

"So, it is true?"

"Yes, Sabrina," he admitted before showing his face.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, but then I made my way over to him. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the side of his head. In the process, my melons pressed onto his arm, and I was sure he liked it.

"Thank you, Sabrina."

"Your welcome," I said, letting go of him.

I leaned back a bit and just stared at him for a moment. "What was your idea, Gabe?"

He began breathing heavily and vibrating too. "Do you swear that it won't ever enter my dad's ears?"


He took a deep inhale and I exhaled even sharper. "Well, you know that I think you are quite attractive, so I was just wondering..."

"You were wondering what?"

"Completely without my dad ever finding out," he said, glancing at me away from me. "Sabrina, would you consider giving me..."

He bit his bottom lip and clenched both of his fists.

"What do you want from me, Gabe? Just tell me, please."

"Sabrina," he mumbled, peeking at me. "I know you are my step-mom, but would you give me a blow job?"

I just leaned back away from him and broke eye contact. 'Holy shit, this just got real.'

We stayed speechless and motionless for over five minutes.

'Wow, it was an odd fantasy, but then those words dumped from his mouth. Crud, I just have no idea what to say now.'

"I'm sorry, Sabrina," he said, getting out of the hot tub.

I maintained my position for a few seconds, but then I got out and went after him. "Wait, Gabe."

He stopped in front of the back door and calmly turned back to me. "I shouldn't have asked you for that, Sabrina. I guess I do have a crush on you though."

I slowly strolled to him and hugged him. "It is alright, Gabe, I'm not upset or uncomfortable, I promise," I let him know before I released him. "I will have to turn you down though. We shouldn't do that, even though we are both mature and capable of keeping a secret."

"I knew that at the back of my mind, that's why I decided not to tell you. I don't know when I developed the crush, but I did."

"Okay, again, my top choice is a Slayer ticket. Let's just forget this happened."

"I will, Sabrina. I'm just gonna go back to Jake's house now, I'll see you later," he said before he skedaddled.

I covered my face with both hands. "Whoa, did that just happened? It was one thing to think he might want me, but he just admitted it. He wants oral sex from me?"

I got back in the hot tub and took an extra deep breath. "Fuck me, now that was completely out of left field."

"What was?" a female voice asked.

I turned my head. "Hey, Gillian. Are you here to get yourself wet?"

"That's why I'm in this bikini," she replied, getting into the hot tub with me. "Oh, you are a lucky lady. If I had a hot tub like this, I'd be in it every single day too."

I just watched her for a moment, but I didn't speak. My eyes were wide open, and my feet were tapping the floor too.

"So, were you just grilling Gabe about what to get him next month? I just saw him walking out to his car."

I brought both hands above the water and hit my open left palm with my fist a couple of times.

"What's wrong, Sabrina? You seem tense."

"You are my best friend, so can I tell you something completely in confidence, Gillian?"

"Of course, I only do that for people who have seen me naked."

"Okay," I giggled, prior to looking at her. "Gabe did give me a rather personal gift idea. It was something I had to pull out of him."

We both didn't utter a word for over a minute.

"Sabrina, are you gonna tell me what it is?"

I took the deep breath I possibly could. "Gabe asked me for something no guy should ask from his step-mom, but he did it because he genuinely wants it from me."

"And that is?" she asked, leaning her head towards me.

I took an extra deep breath. "Gillian, Gabe requested that I give him oral sex."

She slowly began grinning. "Seriously?" she chuckled.

"Yes, he also confessed that he has a crush on me."

"No kidding?"


She broke eye contact and smiled very widely. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I knew it was something. I still felt a weird feeling in my stomach, but yet, I liked it a little bit at least.

"So, are you gonna do it?" she wondered, bringing her head back.

"What, no, I can't suck his cock," I protested, shaking my head no. "It is taboo."

"I know, but maybe you should at least consider it."


"Simple: even if you had to yank each word from his mouth, you should feel thoroughly pleased that he eventually felt comfortable enough to ask you for that. You are right, he shouldn't have, but you should still feel good that he did. He loves you, and I think if you did that for him, you two would establish a powerful bond forever. I'm pretty damn sure you two couldn't possibly get that close any other way. If you look into his eyes as suck on it, that'll make it even better."

My eyebrows rose, and my mouth was wide open. "Are you serious? You legitimately think I should give him head?"

"Even if it just lasts ten seconds, yes, I do. It is out there now, but if you go through with it, I'm next to positive: you two are set up for life. You'll be the closest step-mom and son in the world."

"Are you forgetting that would mean cheating on Dan?"

"Yes, technically, but think about it: you'll be so close to Gabe, that he might even ask you for sex advice. That is the tippy top of the relationship. Don't you think Dan would want that for you two?"

"I have no idea," I responded, shaking my head no. "I just don't see it that happening."

"Well, there is only one way to find out. Do you know how big his dick is?"

"No, of course not," I answered, putting my hands up. "How would I know?"

"It beats me, but I say do it. Take Gabe's member into your mouth and suck on it for him. Don't swallow his seed, but do it until he has to cum. Let him shoot it on the floor the first time if you'd like. I know he already loves you, but I just know your relationship with him will soar."

"Okay," I said slowly. "Although, what if Gabe wants to have vaginal sex though? A blow job could just be the gateway to him wanting me ultimately."

She nodded and broke eye contact.

"I don't know, Sabrina," she divulged, shaking her head no. "In the end, you are the one who will have to make your choice. If I had a step-son and he asked me for that, I'm sure I'd do it. I can't say I'm one-hundred percent positive, but I'm next to positive. I think that Gabe is a hunk, so take the risk. Give him a blowjob and make him cum. I've seen you two spend time together, and I can see the chemistry. So I just know it'll be a good idea."

"And this is you just being my friend here? You aren't telling me to go through with it because you are horny, or anything else?"

"I wasn't horny when I first got in here, but I'm your friend first and a horny bitch second."

"Do you have a crush on him?"

"Maybe now I do, holy shit," she said before coming over with me. "If you are talking about it first, then it isn't about the act itself. I don't think you are thinking about that, but what it would mean from then on. I know Gabe would love to get his cock sucked, but I think it speaks more that's it is you doing it. You are his step-mom, Sabrina. Maybe you both just want a way to be closer to each other. If you didn't, you wouldn't have brought it up to me."

"Okay," I muttered before I hugged her.

"If you do it, just tell me about it, I know how to keep a secret. I've been supportive of you since high school, and now we're in our mid-thirties. Have I ever steered you wrong, even when I was horny?"

"No, Gillian. I'll take your words under advisement."

"Well, just in case he shows back up to talk about it, I'll make sure you are alone."

"Okay, I'll see you later."

"Yes," she mentioned, getting out. "If I'm the only other person you tell, I'll eat your pussy if you'd like."

"I'll get back to you on that."

"Okay, talk to you later," she said before she grabbed a towel and went into the house.

I thought about her words for a while as I just soaked in the hot tub like a dish with a bunch of dried up food drifting off it slowly with my eyes closed. 'Shit, she is right, I am seriously considering it. Of course for the record, I had to decline, to begin with, but we both know that we love each other. We've seen each other in our bathing suits several times, so it is likely that he saw the goods and just developed a crush. Or it could have been my red hair or green eyes. I've never thought of him like that, but him asking me was flattering though. Wow, I'm in love with the idea, and I'm terrified of it at the same time,' I thought before I brought my head back up.

I rubbed my face with both hands and shook my head a few times too. "He is my step-son, but I love him. It did take some courage for him to spill his guts, but in the end, he eventually arrived at the point where he felt it would be appropriate to tell me," I explained, shedding a single tear. "Maybe it is lust, love, or a mix, but he asked."

I took in another deep breath and continued to sit there. "I don't know," I chuckled, bringing my hands out. "My skin is all pruned now."

"Sabrina?" I heard Gabe ask.

I turned my head to him. "Yes, Gabe?" I wondered, getting out of the hot tub.

"I just want to apologize again," he put on the record, positioning his hands up. "I know I screwed up royally and I certainly hope you'll forgive me. I love and respect you just as much as my dad, so I wish this doesn't create a wedge between us. I know we said we'd just forget about it, but we can't erase it," he revealed, slowly strolling towards me. "Just please, absolve me of the guilt of asking you for that," he said before stopping in front of me. "I would never want you to be upset with me."

"Gabe," I whispered, taking his hands in mine and looking into his brown eyes.

"Yes, Sabrina? Do you forgive me?"


"You don't?" he sobbed slightly.

I delivered a single kiss to his cheek and brought my head back. "Is a blow job what you sincerely want from me?"

"I guess," he cried, shedding a couple more tears.

"Then you shouldn't feel ashamed, Gabe. I had to yank it out, but you still told me. I surely would never want you to feel guilty for wanting something like that from me. You can't control your feelings, so I'll give you a blow job."

"Seriously?" he asked, grinning.

"Yes," I replied, gently rubbing his crotch.

He shimmered around somewhat and closed his eyes. Even as the summer sun was still beating down on us, I knew he was sweating heavily because of me.

"When can we do it?"

"It is your birthday present, so I'll let you decide."

"Tomorrow night, my dad is going out with Bill for his bachelor party."

I brought my lips within a couple of inches of his. "Would you like to kiss me, Gabe?"

He immediately kissed me placed his hands on my butt.

I returned the favor, but his lips jumped off mine after only seven seconds. "Thank you, Sabrina."

"Your dad never finds out though, understand? We take this to our graves."

"Yes, I would never spill the beans."

"Good," I whispered before I kissed him again. "If you'd like me to suck your dick as your birthday present, then I'll do it," I muttered, bringing my right hand to his cheek. "Only because I love you, Gabe. I'm only gonna do it until you cum."

"Okay," he said, cheesing.

"Just promise me things won't get weird between us."

"I promise," he answered, hugging me.

"Oh," I moaned, encasing my arms around him. "Your schlong is rock hard."

"I know."

I let go of him a moment later and peeked back at him one more time. He couldn't make eye contact with me, but he kept smiling nonstop. I found myself jiggling around a bit and smirking myself.

I got out of the hot tub and came to him. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow night then, Gabe," I mentioned, prior to smooching his cheek and walking into the house with my towel.

"I guess it is gonna happen."

The next night came, and we saw Dan off.

"Have a good time, babe," I told him, hugging him.

"I will; I promise I'll be back before four in the morning," Dan informed me before kissing me. "Probably after three though."

"Okay," I said, letting go of him.

Then he shook Gabe's hand and was off.

As soon as the door closed, Gabe came to me. "I can't wait, Sabrina."

"I know, do you want it now?"

"I'd love it right now, but I'm not asking for it immediately."

I placed my hands on his shoulders and closed the gap between us. "Just remember, when it is all over, I'm still just your step-mom."

I know," he moaned, shaking around.

"Let's go to your room now," I proposed, putting my hand out.

He took mine, and we held hands as we both began strolling towards his room.

"This means everything to me, Sabrina. You are drop dead gorgeous, and it is an honor for you to be the first one to give me oral sex."

"Okay then, just don't fall in love with me," I warned him as we walked into his room.

We went to his bed, and I had him sit down.

I stood in front of him as we both looked at one another and licked our lips too.

Although, after a moment, a few tears formed on my face. "I swear, if I lose you, I'll never forgive you or myself. So, is this really what you want, Gabe?"

"Yes, Sabrina."

"Okay," I whispered, slanting my head back.

I took in a deep breath and glanced back at him a moment later. "You know this is just a blow job, right? There won't be any vaginal or anal activity of any kind."

"I understand, Sabrina."

"And no talking during, you can tell me how much you love me afterward, okay?"

"I got you." 

I peeked down at his crotch. "Is it hard?"


"Would you like me to do it naked?"

He cheesed and nodded. "Oh, yes, I would, Sabrina. I'd love it in fact."

I shook my head back at him for a split second before I brought my hands to my blue tank top. I took it off, and my boobs immediately entered his sight.

"Holy shit, you aren't wearing a bra," he moaned, rubbing his crotch.

"Nope," I answered, leaning down and pushing my matching shorts down too.

"No panties either?"

"I guess I wanted to be extra sexy for you, Gabe," I whispered, arching my back towards him. "I wasn't gonna offer to do it naked, but then I thought it might be more memorable if I did."

I kissed him and blindly brought my hands to his pants again. His hands instantly moved, and I managed to get his shorts undone.

Once I did, my lips slowly parted from his. "Would you like me to take it out, or would you like to unveil it?"

"I want you to."

"Fair enough," I muttered before I lowered myself to my knees.

I peeked back down and placed my hands on his shorts. I tugged them off him along with his boxers, but then he immediately covered his rod.

"What's wrong, if I'm gonna suck on it, I'm gonna have to see it, Gabe."

"I'm sorry," he moaned, uncovering it.

"Don't be," I told him, prior to kissing his cheek.

I glanced at it. "Wow, that is a substantial size, Gabe."

"That's what women say when they think it is small."

"No, I'm sure you can still satisfy any lady with it," I made clear, glancing back at him.


My right hand calmly went towards it. "May I?"

"Of course."

I wrapped my hand around his schlong. "Oh, nice and hard for your step-mom? That is rather sweet of you," I praised him, stroking it.

"Thank you," he moaned, jiggling around.

I viewed him seeming to have a panic attack as my hand kept at a slow speed going up and down about two inches. "Your welcome, Gabe. Do you love my naked body?"

"Yes I do, but stop teasing me now," he moaned, closing his eyes.

"Just ask me one more time what you'd like me to do."

"Okay," he muttered before taking a deep breath. "Sabrina, I know you are my step-mom, but would you please give me a blow job?"

"Maybe, but where are you planning to shoot your seed?"

"On the floor, I guess."

"No," I whispered, coming towards him.

I kissed him once again. "I want you to cum on my hooters, Gabe. Now take off your t-shirt and let me see your entire figure."

He quickly followed my instructions as I continued to rub his schlong. "Okay, I'm completely naked now, Sabrina. Will you please take my johnson into your mouth?"

"Only because you asked nicely," I said before I lazily arched my back down and went towards his wood.

I puckered my lips and kissed the very tip.

"Oh, that tickled," he giggled, twitching around.

My tongue slipped out, and it landed down at the base. I kept it there for a few seconds before I licked Gabe's six-inch dick in a single movement while I held it in place. I heard him breathing heavily, and he wiggled around even more.

"You are driving me crazy."

"I know, but it comes from love, Gabe," I replied, applying pressure to his member. "Is there any better reason for it?"


"Correct," I pointed out before I parted my lips and took his cock into my mouth.

"Oh, holy shit, Sabrina, thank you," he murmured, bringing his hands to my head. "Your lips are even softer on my manhood than on mine.  Please, thrust those delicate lips as lazily as you can," he mumbled, caressing my head.

I kept my hands down at the base and held him down as best as I could. His hands never stopped moving, but I also noticed the top half of his body moving back and forth.

'I can't believe I'm sucking on my step son's dick. My lips are rubbing back and forth rather calmly, and I feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. It is wrong, but my motor is running into overdrive. He is scrubbing my head, and he already seems to be losing it. I don't even know where the idea of him cumming on my breasts came from, I just thought it and let the words fall out of my mouth. His cock tastes so good, but that could just be the taboo aspect of it. He also loved seeing me nude too, so he must have a giant crush on me. What kind of bitch would I be if I denied him a blow job? If it is the one thing he wants, then I'll do it.'

He still vibrated a bit, but he managed to keep it together. After thrusting my lips for a couple of minutes, I began to go down just a little further.

"Fuck, you are going to deep throat me now? Oh, I love you so much, Sabrina. I'm naked and sweating my ass off. I've never felt this good in my life. I'm sorry that I'm talking, but I can't help it. You just an evil angel wrapped in a sexy dream. Take the whole thing in your mouth for me. Do it so I can remember it as fondly as possible."

My lips slithered up a bit so just the head was in there and I peeked at him. 'Oh, he loves it like nothing else,' I thought before the head fell out too. "It is alright that you spoke a bit, but no more now. Not if you honestly want me to take this entire cock in my mouth," I alerted him, stroking it.

"I want it, Sabrina."

I angled my up slightly and brought the head towards my cheek. "Then be a good young man and shut up," I ordered him, grazing it on my cheek. "Your step-mommy wants to pleasure you, but you have to abide by her commands."

"Okay, I'm sorry."

I blew him a kiss, and he blew me one back right before his schlong sought shelter in my mouth once again. My lips calmly shifted all the way down to the base, and he instantly fell to his back.

I had to grin a bit as I kept my lips in that position. I sucked on it hard, but not too hard for the time being. I knew that Gabe loved the pleasure and it caused him to shake the entire bed too.

'I wonder if he can control himself enough, so he doesn't shoot his load down my mouth. Although, I'm sure his seed has an incredible nectar.'

I kept my hands at the base the whole time in efforts to contain him, but I noticed that the harder I sucked, the more uncontrollable he became. I could only see his pubes if I opened my eyes, so my eyes stayed closed.

Although, I could imagine his actions quite clearly. 'Yes, cover your face and move your body from side to side to make sure you don't cum too early. Who would want that? Your step-mom is giving you wicked oral sex, so make it last for as long as you can. You'll be on this very bed masturbating thinking about me nonstop after all this is over and done. Oh, now you are hitting the bed?'

"Yes, step-mommy," he cried, twitching a bit. "Pull your lips up; I don't want to blow too early."

My lips immediately rose up, and I wrapped both of my hands around his johnson. "Don't worry; maybe I'll say this: tell me you love me one more time, and I'll suck your dick again after you cum. Would you like that?"

"Yes, and I love you, Sabrina. I love you, and I love you some more," he moaned, failing to make eye contact with me.

"Look at me, Gabriel!" I growled, stroking his cock even faster.

"Yes, step-mommy?" he asked, glancing at me while staying on his back.

"I want you to submerge my bosoms, so will you do it for me?"

"Yes, but will you promise you'll give me another blow job?"

"I promise, only because you are you, Gabe. Make your entire twitch and let your seed loose all over my nude boobs."

We maintained eye contact for a moment as I scraped his dick as hard as I could.

"Oh, here it comes, step-mommy."

"Cum for me, Gabe," I whispered, bringing it back towards my bosoms.

Suddenly I felt his cum present on my left tit and then I brought his schlong to my right one. I failed to look down for even a second; I just wanted to watch him. I still felt another four streams of his seed saturate my melons over the next twenty seconds. After he had finished the job, I kept my hand on his wood as he calmed down a bit.

I couldn't help, but to smile at him. "You are a great step-son too, Gabe."

"Holy crap, Sabrina, that was fantastic," he muttered, breathing heavily.

I just leaned towards him and took his hands. "I'm not done with you yet," I warned him, bringing him up to his feet with me.

As we both stood in front of each other, I took his hands and placed them on my hooters. "They are wet because of you," I reminded him before I kissed him. "Now this time, I want you to stroke your wood before you shoot my face. Do you like the sound of that?"


"Good," I mentioned, lowering myself to my knees. "You may cherish the memory and jack off thinking about it as much as you want, but you may not tell a soul, understand?" I inquired, wrapping my right hand around his wood.

"I'd rather cut my hands off than upset you, Sabrina."

"Good answer," I muttered, rubbing it. "Remember, you have to take your dick and cum on my face this time," I warned him before I took his pecker into my mouth again.

"I'll do that, Sabrina, only because you are my alluring step-mom," he moaned, peeking back at me and positioning his hands on my head as I took the whole thing in there. "Only a great step-mom would suck on her step son's cock. You are the best step-mother in the world; I love you so damn much," he let out, shuddering around.

I grinned as much as I could as my eyes stayed on him. 'Even as he appears to be losing it already, he is eyeballing me. His favorite color is green, so maybe he is love with my eyes. He does have sexy brown eyes, so maybe that's a connection. I do love sucking on a real dick, and Gabe has an extraordinary one. Thick and long, but still not too big.'

"Oh, yes, amazing woman, rub those mushy lips on my dick as slowly as you can again. I loved feeling you suck on my rod and felt like I cured cancer as I splattered your melons with my cum. I'm sorry, I guess when there is a beyond dazzling woman giving me head, I just have to keep talking."

I calmly let his manhood fall out of my mouth. "That's quite alright, Gabe," I let him know, taking it in my right hand. "There is nothing wrong with admiring your step-mom during such an intimate time. Just make sure you give my face your seed, fair enough?"


"Your wood is just right for me too, I love that," I told him before it ventured into my mouth once again.

"Aw, good, Sabrina," he moaned, placing his palms on my head.

Our eyes met yet again as I calmly began thrusting my lips again. I kept my hands on my legs and just moved the top half of my body as our eye contact remained solid.

"Your mouth is perfect for me: it is willing to suck on it for me. I love that quality; it just makes you so much hotter. I swear, every time I saw you in a bikini, I got a major hard on. You are stunning, Sabrina," he complimented me, rubbing the top of my head. "I can't get over it; I just had to ask you. Getting a blowjob from my ravishing step-mom is a dream come true."

I grinned and giggled a little bit as I stopped with about an inch still in my mouth. I kept at that position for a few seconds before my hands came up towards Gabe. He casually brought his hands to mine with his fingers apart.

Our hands came together, and as time went on, we both applied pressure to each other. My soft lips began rubbing on Gabe's cock again, but then his head immediately slanted back. I felt his pecker get harder by the second and he couldn't seem to stop moving at that moment.

"Holy shit, step-mommy, I wish I could tell Jake about this, he would get jealous. He would want every single detail," he moaned before he peeked back at me.

I nodded and brought our hands up. 'Now Gabe is biting his bottom lip, and it almost feels like he wants to break my hands. Although, you don't know just how strong I am too, Gabriel. I can suck your dick slow and make it so pleasurable; it'll feel like it wants to explode with your seed. Give me your load, my handsome step-son. Let your step-mom receive it as if it is a Christmas present. What better way to give it to me than right from your cock, as it is as warm as lava for two seconds before it goes ice cold. Look right into my eyes as the final moments go by, you'll remember it forever. It'll be superb masturbation material for the rest of your life. I certainly hope you use it wisely though; I certainly wouldn't want you to suddenly lose interest in seeing me in my bikinis in that hot tub.'

"Shit, Sabrina. I'm sorry, but I gotta shoot already," he mumbled, waving his arms around.

I let his wood out, and he took it in his hand.

He instantly began stroking it. "I can't possibly tell you how much this means to me, Sabrina."

"Tell me with that white stuff."

He broke eye contact, but kept his member right in front of my face. I looked directly at it and kept my eye on it until his load came bolting right out. The first shot got my nose but splashed and went in every direction, getting almost my whole face.

"Yes, give your step-mom what she craves," I moaned through my teeth.

"Yes, step-mommy," he let out before delivering four more shots all over my face.

Immediately after each one hit my face, I was sure I loved him just a little bit more. He had my face drenched in his seed by the time he finished his long orgasm, but the real prize was that he made me love it.

"Son of a bitch, Sabrina, you are a goddess, I swear."

I let out a giant breath and slowly stood up with him.

I wiped my eyes with fingers from each hand and glanced at him. "Would you please kiss me again, Gabe?" I requested, taking his rod in my right hand.

He nonchalantly leaned his head back and featured a somewhat sick look.

"I promise I'll give you the same birthday present every year until you get into a serious relationship if you kiss me right now."

He licked his lips for a few seconds before he slowly closed the gap between our faces. "You are lucky I love you, Sabrina," he reminded me before he kissed me and placed his hands on my butt.

I stroked his manhood, and he caressed my ass for over a minute as we made out. 'Oh, what a stud.'

His lips came off mine. "Damn, that's just weird, my seed is all over your face."

"It is alright, Gabe. I didn't think you'd last twenty seconds," I let him know before I pecked his cheek. "So, did you enjoy your birthday present?"

"Yes I did, it was perfect."

"Good, but you can never let your father find out. I'll lose you, and then you'll never get your special birthday gift again. You certainly wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

"Of course not."

"I'm delighted to hear that. I'm going to put my bikini back on and go out to the hot tub. You are more than welcome to join me out there; I may even flash my tits for you if you'd like."

"I like that a lot."

"So, I'll see you out there?"


"Splendid, you suave young man," I whispered before I kissed him one more time. "You are a good kisser too."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome," I said, letting go of his cock. "Hang onto that, I like it," I told him before I bent down and grabbed my clothes.

I went to the door. "Don't make me wait too long, Gabe, I certainly enjoy your company," I praised him before I opened it and walked back into the hallway. "I did it, and I loved it. I guess I like him more than I thought. I just can't tell Gillian, she is a blabbermouth."
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