The Perks of Babysitting
I started babysitting for a nice couple across town a few weeks ago. They lived in the affluent artist part where anything goes. Nightclubs, parties until all hours of the night.... it was exciting. Their little boy and girl were 8 and 5. I saw them all day three times a week when I wasn't at my other job. Once the parents came home around 4:30-5, I was paid, ans then left to go home. These people went through quite a few sitters and I was wondering why because the children were nice enough and caused me little grief. I stopped really thinking about all of the reasons why once I got to work a while.

They invited me to eat dinner with the family one evening after they got home. We had fun just talking about our days, current events, dry stuff. This went on for several evenings and was fairly uptight. I dressed conservatively but cute and acted straight laced even though after being with kids all day I just wanted to get into my lingerie and play on my cam. I got tipped if I was pleasing and I made a lot of money, so I suppose I was. I entertained men, women, and my favorite: couples. Most would tell me they like to watch so they can both get off, or learn something. For my random "boyfriends" who could handle it, they would perform with me. I loved turning people on. It made me hot and boosted my confidence in my body and beauty knowing I could do the same with others. I got a lot out of it.

One night after I got home from work, I relaxed, got dolled up, and sat there for a minute before I finally got a request for a private show. The screen is now live and I see two headless figures sitting there in their regular clothes. They are messaging me about random things, then asked me to watch them. I would get a good tip just to be a voyeur. I watched for a minute or two until they both moved and I saw their faces. It was the couple I babysat for and then they looked up and saw my face! The next day I had to see them again to babysit. No clue if I had the ability to see them again, but I needed to suck it up and quit in person. I go the next day so red-faced and ready to be shamed only to find them still home with the kids at their grandmothers' house for the day. I knew it, this was it and the kids wouldn't know a thing. Interestingly enough they were very calm with this odd look on their faces and invited me to sit down at the table. They look at each other then the wife finally says that they know it was awkward seeing each other on the webcam and that they have watched me for a while on the public viewing. They asked me if I am into a little three person playing. Taken back by their request but still a good bit interested I said sure. They could tell I was nervous so they promised nothing too freaky.

I get home and think about my first three way, and with the people I work for. At least good for me, they were attractive. He was an average build with medium brown hair, and she was a little bit shorter with him and medium as well with blonde hair. Our "date" was Friday when their kids normally had sleepovers and it was difficult over the next few days concentrating on work and staying off of the cam because of them. I got through the next few days miraculously enough without pleasuring myself. On Friday, I wake up, eat, and just chill out waiting for my fun little workout tonight. At five I dress and head over to their house.

When I arrive, they have dinner waiting for me. I see a big bottle of wine sitting there. I prefer being sober to fully enjoy the experience. They down almost the whole bottle throughout and then she walks me up to their room. He cleans up the dishes while we talk and she refreshes her makeup. Their room is nice with a plush comforter and springy mattress, nicely decorated and cozy. We hear him finishing up and walking toward the room. He comes in and immediately flops himself in a chair. He tells us to sit on the bed together. We sit down hip to hip and he looks at us in preparation to tell us what to do. She starts taking her hand and running her fingers through my hair. She says,"so hon, what do you want to see?" He takes a minute and replies,"I want to see some fondling and kissing.... basic man fantasy stuff. I trust you two will know what to do." We laugh at him and start to lean on the bed and run a hand over the other. Simultaneously we lean in and start kissing. I never kissed a woman before, but she was soft. Her small tongue and mine went into each others' mouths easily. I was pleasantly surprised at how different but interestingly nice it felt. He made comments as she started putting her hand on my ass and pulling like she wanted me even closer. Her hand slides down to the back of my knee and I put my leg over hers. "You have a great ass! Mine is so small." I envied her breasts. Mine were as I felt; so ordinary. Hers were pretty big and were perfectly conical and pointing down a little making them look like even more. I jokingly offered a trade. Her hand returns and she puts her hand down my pants and starts squeezing a cheek. I started unbuttoning her cardigan and got under the tank top. Her husband is shifting a lot in his chair obviously getting aroused by us.

We stop kissing and she motions him over. We sandwich him and commence with kissing and rubbing his thighs and chest. An arm is put around each of us as we start going lower to unzip him. Each hand has a side pulling them down as hers grab him and massages the tip while I make long strokes on the shaft. He lays back and she takes his pants and underwear off while I speed up. After a few minutes, he takes our hands off and sits up telling us to take off each others' clothes. While stripping we look at him giving dirty glances and rub our bodies together tits to tits and vag to vag. We squish together while he watches and gets everything situated for our play. He moves to the head and puts a pillow down, then tells me to lay on it.

I crawl onto the bed and prop up on the pillow on my with my head right at his lap. His wife sits right next to me and pulls me up to where I am on all fours. She starts tapping my cheeks making them ripple while he takes my head and gently pulls it to his cock. He guides the head into my mouth and pushes in. I grab it and take over. She is spanking and he is watching the both of us. I see them watching each other getting hot as they pleasure each other by way of my body. His hand starts at my chin and slides down in the middle of my chest down to my abdomen. He finds my lips and sticks a finger directly in me. His thumb massages my clit while the other digs deep. His forearm is moving between my girls and my head still moving on him. She groans,"Let me get on you now!" He asks how we want to be positioned and she needs to ride him bad to start getting off while I need wait. It works out perfectly. He lays down as I scoot up to his face and she grabs his thighs. I slide onto his mouth and the feel of his light whiskers tickle my inner lips. It is sensational with his tongue flicking at me. He grabs my lower back ans pushes me down on his jaw as it opens and his whole mouth is covering my pussy. Now I get his hot breath, hair, and tongue working on me. It is too much and I lose control starting to grind in every direction. He starts gargling and sucking everything while I arch back and pour into his mouth. She just finishes on him soon after and primes him for another rough riding by me. We switch places with her on his mouth and me on his lap. We face each other as she grinds and I shove him in. We watched each other go at him and she leans forward to help me get all of him. On his chest now, she grabs my waist and pushes me down. That adds an extra inch beyond the already more than enough I managed to get in myself. She repeatedly shoves me on there until I stiffen and and slump over after my double orgasm. All of us lay together and grope and kiss one another relaxing. Hands feeling over everyones' body.

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