The Phone Call
The phone rang nothing unusual I answered.
Heard breathing heavy like two people were going at each other hot n heavy.
Then I heard your voice " I want your hard cock in my mouth now".

I realized that the fantasy I told you about You were making come true for me. You were actually going to fuck your lover leaving your cell phone on for me to listen.

He had no idea. I heard him gasp as your lips surrounded his hard cock and heard all the noises that make a blow job so fucking hot.
I could hear your mouth sucking and licking as you worked his cock and the soft moans coming from you as I know how much you like the taste of a hard cock.

My own was hard as I released it from my pants and beagan to stroke it totally turned on by what I was hearing. I knew what your hot mouth was capeable of and he was one lucky guy at this point in time. But I also knew that your pussy was dripping wet by now.

You knew I was listening and made every move known to me fully describing what was going to happen next. "Oh baby you said I love your hard cock jerking you off while I lick the pre-cum from the head". I heard you moan in delight as you tasted the the hot manjuice that leaked from the head of his cock.

"Baby will you eat my pussy while I suck your cock" you said as you jerked his hard on. He moaned his approval as you turned around pushing that tight little pussy into his face. I heard you moan in delight as his tounge delved into the moist depths of your wetness.

You came immediately as his tounge slid between your moist lips and I heard you gasp as you went back down on him moaning your delight as your mouth pumped up and down on his cock. I knew how he felt as you came all over his face releasing his hardness as you screamed in delight as you came.

I knew how he was feeling as you ground your tight wet pussy into his face as orgasm ripped through your body. I knew the feeling the smell the taste of your cum as you rode his face throught your climax and my cock was almost as hard as you could make it in person as I pumped it intensily turned on by what you were doing not only to him but for me. No wonder I'm crazy about you. You are so fucking hot.

"Ok" I heard you say as finally you could speak after the orgasm you just had. "I want to ride this hard cock". You spun around saying as you straddled him "You like watching me guide your hard cock into my pussy dont you"? I heard a faint grunting of yes as you guided the stiff dick into your dripping pussy.

You moaned loudly aand said "I love feeling your hard on slide into me". as you lowered yourself onto him. All I heard next was you moaning and the slapping sound of you banging your dripping pussy down onto his cock and within minutes I heard you cry out as another orgasm hit you.

This had me extremely hot as I pumped my stiff member visualizing you naked riding him his cock streching your tight little hole as you rode him no doubt his hands playing with those gorgeous tits as you fucked him.

The moans got louder and the slapping of your bodies banging together increased as you both drew close to the peak of your encounter. Again you screamed as you came yet again and this time it pushed your lover and me over the edge. I heard his gutteral moans join yours as he filled u with hot cum and you peaked yet again I pumped my cock fast and hard as my cum shot out all over me in creamy white spurts.

As the noise died down I heard you say to him "that was great" and kissed him"I wonder what my other fwb would think if he heard what just went down" ? He replied "I can't say for him but I know it would have made me hot as hell". He excused himself to the bathroom and you picked up the phone and said to me "I hope you enjoyed that babe because that was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you" !
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