The Phone Lit Up
Kim and Di were cyber lovers, in which their on line relationship was a role playing dominate and submissive. Di was the slave of Mistress Kim and did as Mistress Kim bid. They did everything they could to please one another; both enjoyed this fantasy.
Di worked at a jewelry store in a huge mall and it was the day after Valentine's Day, business was slow. A few customers with questions, a few exchanges and an infrequent return were the majority of the business today. She occupied herself with cleaning and getting the store ready for the next major sale. After a while she had completed all her work, the day was dragging, and Di was bored and conjured up her cyber lover Mistress Kim to help her ward off the boredom as she did mindless busy work. So Di knew that Mistress Kim would help alleviate the boredom, even if it was only in her mind.
Di's mind went into over drive as it created a sexual fantasy in her head.
Di removed her iPhone from her purse and selected her favorite social network and started to surf. Not many people on line at this time of day and she saw that her girlfriend, Kim was on line so she poked her. What Di did not know was that Mistress Kim was in the mall today.
Di's phone lit up, it was Mistress Kim sending a text inquiring if she was at work. Di replied back that she was at work and she missed Mistress Kim and could she please help her pass the time till the end of her shift. Di thought a few sexy texts from Mistress Kim would be just the thing to kill the next couple of hours.
Di envisioned Mistress Kim in her role as the Mistress and Di as her obedient slave and the following messages were exchanged during the next two hours.
The first message from Mistress Kim asked Di if she had a date last night and Di replied "No Mistress I was too busy missing you."
Mistress Kim decided to tease her slave and revealed the she had a date with a guy. She then provided her slave with the details to excite and tease Di. My pet he took off my clothes and then removed his clothes, laid me on the bed spread my legs to expose me.
Di asked Mistress Kim, "What did he do to you?"
Mistress Kim told her slave that he took me, shoved his manhood into me and hammered it into me hard. Then he screwed my ass and we did 69. It was pure raw carnal sex and void of any emotion. I let him use me. Di hated to hear that her mistress had been used but it stirred her juices.
"Oh my god Mistress Kim did he please you?" asked Di, hoping that the reply would be no.
Mistress Kim said "yes my pet he did well and I was ravaged and satisfied."
It was close to break time and Di informed Mistress Kim that she was bored and very horny, and that she missed Mistress Kim's titillating caresses. Di also informed Mistress Kim that she had her butt plug in her purse.
This revelation evoked an angry response from Mistress Kim "Slave, you put that plug where the sun doesn't shine, in your butt, right now and take off your panties as punishment."
Mistress Kim knew that Di hated to be at work without panties to cover her because she had to bend over so much during a shift. She would be crazy by the end of her shift and fully aroused.
"Yes Mistress Kim, Right now." Di responded to Mistress Kim.
Di went to the bathroom to do her Mistress's bidding. In the bathroom she quickly removed her panties, lubed and inserted her butt plug. She now regretted bringing the largest butt she owned, as it filled her ass completely. She quickly brought herself to an orgasm using a pocket rocket vibrator on her clit. This was something she would not tell Mistress Kim for fear of reprisal. She pleasured herself without permission.
Now Di envisioned that Mistress Kim in the meantime had taken a seat on the bench in front of the stored where Kim worked. She would position herself so she Di's station but Di wouldn't be able to see Mistress Kim. Kim was wearing skinny jeans, a long sleeve jersey, a hoodie and a ball cap and a pair of sunglasses. Di would not recognize her lover from a distance. Kim saw Di returning to her station, with each step she took the large butt plug excited her.
Mistress Kim had devised an evil plan to torment her slave and she would be able to watch it all play out. Mistress Kim was getting clammy just thinking about it. Di believed that Kim was at home across town.
Mistress Kim's phone lit up.
Di informed Mistress Kim that her butt plug was in and her panties had been removed and were in Di's purse. Di was very damp now.
Mistress Kim acknowledged her: "Very good my pet, as a reward, you may finger yourself and then lick your fingers clean."
Both girls had morphed into their Dom and Sub roles seamlessly in Di's daydream. Kim watched Di surreptitiously pierce the protective veil of cover that her skirt provided and retrieved a sample of her nectar from her honey pot, nestled in the crotch of her legs, uncovered. Deftly removing her fingers she raised them to her red lips, inhaled the aromatic musky fragrance of her womanhood, before her tongue would savor her flavor. Kim was astounded that Di was following her edicts, but was taken aback by the fact Di was complying at work, believing that Mistress Kim was miles away. Kim was very excited and felt warmth growing in her crotch. She light rubbed herself through her skinny jeans as she started another sext.
Di's phone lit up.
Mistress Kim said,"My pet, I want you to think about me on your bed, my legs are splayed, your face is nestled in my hot crotch and you are licking my pink slit." "Slave, I want you so wet that your savory juices trickle down your thighs." "Understand slave?"
"Yes Mistress Kim, you are so delicious." was the text Di dispatched to Mistress Kim. As a customer approached, Di felt her face blush.
Di momentarily left her daydream and waited on the customer. The transaction seemed to take forever as Di wanted to return to her imaginary sexual encounter. The customer left and Di resumed her daydream
Di was very wet and had just experienced a mini orgasm thinking about her and Mistress Kim in bed together. She could feel her juices on her thighs, warm, sticky, and felt an urge to clean her thighs, but, that was forbidden by Mistress Kim. Instead she rubbed against the corner of the counter seeking relief from her sexual tension; she pretended to dust some imaginary object so the corner of the counter would rub against her crotch. All she accomplished was to amplify her horniness. Kim watched Di in amazement and fascination of Di's reactions to Kim's sexting.
The crotch of Kim's jeans was showing dark wet spots that were increasing in size as Mistress Kim prepared to send her slave another sext message.
Di's phone lit up.
Mistress Kim had sent the following message, "Slave, you are to keep your phone where you can see the screen at all times."
Kim wanted to ramp up the sexual tension that Di was experiencing. She wanted her pet ready to explode when they made love that evening. She wanted her on the edge for the remainder of the day. Mistress Kim, already on the edge and squirmed with excitement as she sat on the bench watching Di.
Di's phone lit up and this message was displayed. You are lying on my bed with your sexy little green panties on and watch as I seductively spread your legs open. I place my thumbs under the waistband of those sexy little green panties and stared to slide them over your hips.
Di sent this to Mistress Kim, "Please take them off."
In response Mistress Kim said, "Patience my pet, I am sliding them over your hips, the top of your wet pink opening has come into my view." "Your muff is exposed."
"My pet I want you to fondle your breasts, stroke your erect nipples and pinch them." Mistress Kim instructs Di in her next sext.
With great glee Kim watched Di. Di had picked up some signs and held them in front of her breasts. With her other hand she gently rubbed her tits through the fabric of her blouse. Her nipples were very erect. She stood there as if contemplating the placement of the signs she cradled in her arm. Di rubbed her breasts through the fabric of her blouse and felt her hard nipples. Unbuttoned a button and eased her hand into her blouse and swiftly pinched her nipples She withdrew her hand swiftly and buttoned her blouse Kim stroked her breasts as she watched Di.
Di's phone lit up with another teasing sext.
"I am licking your wet slit, you taste so sweet." "I am licking your clit and touching your rosebud." "My pet, are your golden thighs wet your juices flowing?"
Di replied, "Yes Mistress Kim, very wet and sticky, just how you like them."
Mistress Kim was filled with titillating joy and told Di "Excellent pet, you may reward yourself by pleasuring yourself but, you can't climax."
Kim stared intently as Di served several customers. She grinned mischievously as she sent another sext, an image this time.
Di's phone lit up.
Di saw the sext from Mistress Kim and smiled. Kim had sent her an image of two women engaged in 69 and were in the throes of passion. This image made Di a bit uncomfortable as she waited on her customer as she was so hot she thought the customer might pick up on her vibes.
Di's phone lit up as she was ringing up the customer Mistress Kim had told her, "Rub your crotch before you give that woman her change."
Di puzzled,ook on her face. How did Mistress Kim know she was ringing up a customer? She had to be here but Di could not see her and attributed the sext to a lucky guess. It didn't matter; Kim had her as hot as fire on a cold boring night.
Di's phone lit up and Mistress Kim relayed to her in her next message, "I can smell your musky odor emitting from your honey pot." "Slave, place juice from your VJ on your finger and put a dab behind each ear and between your breasts as u would apply perfume."
Di squatted down as if to rearrange a showcase display and obtained the nectar from her honeypot. With stealth she applied a dab behind each, between her breasts and she added a drop on each wrist. In a small act of defiance she tickled her clit, and took the extract on her finger. She stood and ran her finger over her lips to savor her flavor. She broke the rule and sent a text to Mistress Kim.
Mistress Kim's phone lit up and she read, "Mistress Kim I have on my new perfume, put some on my wrists as well."
Kim stared with disbelief as she watched Di perform for her. Did she know that I was here Kim pondered. Kim had just expected a cyber-reply not actual execution of the directive. Di must be super bored and really into the role playing today. Kim's crotch was wet and sticky. This was so hot that Kim had a hard time restraining herself.
Kim laid her hoodie across her crotch, stretched her legs out and undid the top of her jeans. With care she retrieved a small finger vibe from her purse, slipped it on, and placed her hand under the hoodie. Quickly Kim was overcome by a warm sensation and a large smile occupied her face. Kim thought about what to do next to Di when the answer appeared at the entrance of the jewelry store.
Mistress Kim quickly sent her slave a text and Di's phone lit up. The message read, "Just respond to my directions and keep your phone so you can see the screen while you wait on the redhead wearing the short yellow skirt."
A very curvaceous woman in her late twenties with flaming red hair cascading down her back was entering the store. The woman was impeccably dressed, wearing a short bright yellow skirt, a deep V-neck sheer white blouse with a white translucent bra and black 3" inch heels. The bra and blouse did nothing to conceal her large areolas and excited nipples. She approached the counter and as she Di's phone lit up.
Di placed the phone on the counter behind a counter sale sign so she could view the screen.
Di's phone lit up and she read the message, "My pet I am licking and biting your nipples." "Spread your legs so your juices can run down your leg."
Di and the redhead exchange pleasantries and Red asked Di to show her a piece of jewelry that was in the far corner of the showcase.
Di's phone lit up and Mistress Kim had directed Di to brush her tits against the showcase door and to make sure Red gets an eyeful of your ample bosom. Di complied and unbuttoned one more button on her blouse before she opened the showcase door. She reached in and her blouse drew tight against her body as she retrieved the requested piece, giving Red a view she could not miss. Red looked at the piece and requested to see another piece.
Di's phone lit up with the following instruction; "Slave, pretend you are not sure which piece she wants to look at and get Red to squat down to show u the exact piece."
"Be sure your legs are spread and she can see your pussy." Mistress Kim sexted
Di spread her legs wide as she squatted and making sure that her short skirt was riding up on her hips. Di asked Red to show her the exact piece that she wanted. Red slowly crouched; her skirt rode up on her voluptuous hips and spread her legs wide to maintain her balance.
Di looked in Red's green eyes and asked "This one?"
Di's phone lit up and Mistress Kim directed her to look up her skirt, a task that could remained unsaid for di was already taking in the view. Di saw the item that Red was pointing to picked up the piece as she causally looked up her skirt. Red was not shaved; instead she had a manicured trimmed triangle of flame red pubic hair. The pubic hair surrounding her lips had been shaved to accentuate her full, pouty pussy lips. She saw droplets of moisture on the sensual lips of Red. The drops were like drops of water on a lily pad.
Red gazed up Di's skirt and saw rivulets of Di's juices on her thighs, her vulva was bare and smooth and her lips were puffed-up and in need of some attention. Red salaciously glided her tongue across her lips in a display of desire. Both women rose in unison, their sexual ballet complete, their skirts fell back in place as the curtain closed on their performance.
Di could smell her musky odor that she was emitting filling the air around her and she blushed.
Red said to Di, "I love your perfume that you are wearing. I have a similar fragrance, it is called Baise Moi. {French for Fuck Me.}
Red bent at the waist to examine the pieces of jewelry and Di's phone lit up.
"Bend over so she can see your tits and you can see hers." Mistress Kim commanded.
Di looked at Red's breasts as they overflowed the cups of her white, sheer lacy bra. The top portions of her dark caramel colored areolas were peeking over the lace as was the top of each erect hard nipple. It was no longer a stolen glance of a bare breast; Di was outright scrutinizing Red's tits lustfully.
Red consumed Di's bosom with her eyes. Di's breasts had come out of her micro bra and the perky tits stood upright. They broke their gaze as Di's supervisor approached them. Di cautiously stole a glance at the phone and hoped that Mistress Kim would not sext her.
Red selected the piece of jewelry she wanted and handed it to Di. She returned the other piece of jewelry to the showcase and Di's phone lit up.
"Slave, place your name and phone number into her package." Mistress Kim wanted future contact with the voluptuous woman in the future and if she contacted Di
Di completed the transaction, wrote her name and number on the back of the store's business card and dropped it into the bag with the receipt.
Smiling at Red, Di, in a sultry voice, said "If you want anything else that you have looked at today, just give me a call and I will make sure you get it."
Di's supervisor stepped up and asked Red if Di had shown her everything she wanted to see.
Red laughed sensually, gave Di a sly grin, and said "She has shown me everything I wanted to see." "I will call her about the other piece I want."
With that she thanked Di for the service, turned and walked away. The supervisor left; Di leaned against the register and her phone lit up.
Mistress Kim said, "Pet you did wonderful, and you deserve a treat, so turn around."
When Di turned around there was Mistress Kim stepping into Di's line of vision, giving her an impish smile and waving at her.
Di's phone lit up and Mistress Kim said, "My pet, I will be here when u get off." As Mistress Kim melded back into the crows the phone fell silent.

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