The Photo Shoot
The Photo Shoot
by Miss Anonna

When I pulled up to the house I realized how huge it really was and honestly, it didn't surprise me considering how much I was getting paid to be a photographer for the next few hours. After one week of emails I had finally agreed to this guy's pleadings for some professional photos of a couple in his humongous house. It seems he had been planning this for quite some time and though I thought it may be photos of this guy and his wife, it turns out that he is merely trying to start up a new website and that he would be the cameraman.

We spoke for several minutes at the front door after I had adjusted my strapless blouse and accidently exposed a little too much of my breasts. After he had invited me in, I walked slowly down the large hallway and readjusted my blouse when I saw my reflection in a hallway mirror. Half of my nipple was showing like a miniature red rainbow streaking across my breast and the only reason I had looked is because he couldn't keep his eyes off my chest.

He led me into a huge living room where plenty of light came in through the sliding glass door that led to the patio and pool. I watched him closely through the dancing beams of light off of the pool while he explained the scene and where and when I was to take pictures. I set my aperture appropriately and checked my shutter speed. I remember thinking how interesting this was going to be as I had never taken photos of this nature before.

"The woman is going to come into the living room from outside to answer the door." He said frankly and pointed to all the areas while explaining the actions. "I will be set up here and move over there when the young man comes in. Then I will get set up in this area when the action begins. All you have to do is follow them around and make sure you are not in the way of my line of view. I will show you the video view each time before we begin to shoot so you will know where not to stand.

"Works for me." I said with a blushing smile and a slight hesitation. "Is this going to be really graphic?"

"Yes," he laughed. "So try and keep your panties on." His laughter diminished as sensed my apprehension and spent a few minutes assuring me all was well and everything was done in a professional manner. I felt comfortable with his talk and demeanor so we ventured over to his video camera which was indeed a professional set up. "Would you like a drink?" He asked. "Our actors should be here any moment."

"Sure I would." I said enthusiastically as I felt parched. "Ice tea or lemonade would be great." I finished.

"No problem at all." He said confidently as he grabbed my shoulders and moved me into his camera. "Look through that portal there and you will see what I will be seeing. You can watch as I go to the kitchen and get an idea of how things will look." I smiled at him and agreed. Watching him glide across the living room and into the kitchen I noticed how handsome he really was. He wore a tight T-shirt that hugged his muscles like an opaque sheen of water and his jeans showed how nicely round his ass was but they weren't tight at all, just snug. His canter suggested to me that he should probably be the male lead in this action flick but I had to catch my thoughts and make a little reminder of why I was there and then I realized that I was about to take photos of a porn. I was slightly confused but held my professionalism as he returned with a long, tall glass of ice tea. I took a sip and nearly choked.

"Holy Shit!" I cried, and then laughed. "Iced tea, not Long Island Iced Tea." He looked at me strangely as I handed the glass back to him and he hesitated to take it from me. "Actually," I said giving it a second thought. "It is really good and maybe it will help ease some tension, too." I took another little sip and he smiled at me and added a nod of approval.

"Absolutely," he said. "I don't think I could work if I didn't have a bit of juice to steady the hand." I backed away from his video camera just as he moved into it and stuck his eye up to the camera. I spun toward the living room when I heard two people walking through the hall and making their way toward us. Paul, the camera man, introduced me to the woman first who seemed to be very genuine and sweet and then he introduced me to the young man who seemed to also be genuine and friendly but a tad narcissistic. We all chatted for a few minutes and then decided to get down to business which Paul said should be very casual. The actors knew their scene and they were supposed to ad lib most of it.

I parked my drink on a table behind Paul and crouched to get ready for the scene, snapping picture after picture while the voluptuous young woman entered the sliding glass door, answered the front door and spoke to the young male actor.

"Hi!" She said with a grand smile and he returned her greeting.
"You called for a massage?" He said like a bad actor and I had to silently laugh as the scene seem to begin like a story I had written over and over. I kept my cool and made my way around the other side of Paul, making certain I never stepped in his line of view.

"I sure did." Said the woman and she led him to the middle of the room. Brief conversation went on between the two as the young man set up his massage table. As a masseuse, I can tell you this was an expensive table with the face mask at the end filled with jell. He told her to get comfortable as he got out his massage oils.

The woman slowly took her clothes off like a stripper, then laid on the table face down while he greased up her back and proceeded to massage her and the two began to banter and flirt. Paul stopped them several times to move the camera to another location and I got plenty of pictures of the young man oiling up the young woman thighs. At one point the two seemed to be unable to create a sexy way to begin the sex so when Paul stopped them again to move the video camera, I offered up some suggestions.

Paul had inquired about one suggestion in particular so I had set down my camera and ventured over to the massage table to demonstrate. I got onto the table and put my face into the mask and motioned for the young actor to get in front of me like he was messaging my shoulders. I explained that she could notice his erection and grab the top of his shorts to which I stretched his elastic band and looked right down into his shorts. He had an impressive hard on, too and before I knew it, his thick head was moving toward my face. I wrapped my hand around it and directed it downwards.

"Not me." I said with a chuckle and pointed behind me. "Her." I held onto the head of his cock and truly did not want to let go but I wasn't there to be in a porn flick. I sat up and threw out several other suggestions that had everyone agreeing and Paul gave me a look like he was highly impressed. I shrugged and said. "What can I say, I write erotic stories." Paul's eyes widened and I adjusted my blouse and realized my nipples were hard as diamonds. I brushed my hands over them and looked back at Paul. We both chuckled at my obvious excitement.

Once Paul had the camera set, we returned to our work and the scene became incredibly sexy. I was snapping great color and black and white photos and getting some really good close-ups. The young man's erect cock was not only huge but well-proportioned, stiff and straight. I could feel my panties heating up and several times I remember wishing I was the woman on the table. Before long I noticed the actors were really enjoying themselves and so much so that they had to stop several times to keep from ending the scene too briefly which was fine because Paul and I could change angles every time the paused the scene.

At one point I had crouched down to get a shot from below, Paul was panning the video camera and bumped into me. I could feel his erection right at my ear, in fact I purposely pushed harder into him until he gestured that he was sorry for running into me. I began to realize that I was in the same room with two big cocks and one of them was thrusting in and out of the lady on the table above me. I was getting horny watching all this action and my mouth was getting dry. I swallowed hard and then Paul stopped the scene. Everyone waited for Paul to speak.

"I want to end the scene with a facial." Paul belted. "So if you want to stay where you are and then move around to the side, that will work but you need to end up here." Paul pointed to the side of the massage table and then moved his camera into a position where he could capture it the way he wanted. I moved to the left of him where I could capture some penetration shots through the woman's upright, open legs while the young man was at the end of the table and just step back when he came around to the back side of the table to fish the scene.

The two actors resumed and I snapped picture after picture of his hard throbbing cock pumping consistently and deeply into her shaved, moist lips and I must say the images left my panties soaking. He quickened his stroke on her and she made her moans more noticeable and then he pulled himself completely out of her. I followed his bouncing boner with my camera as he strutted around the backside of the massage table and watched her bring her hand up to embrace his cock. She was still on her back and as he slid his staff across her lips her fingers drew over the top of his meaty head. It was a hell of a sight and I got right in and popped off picture after picture.

He stuffed her mouth over and over and she didn't flinch. She took every inch like a pro and then tightly squeezed his staff and twisted her hand all over his staff and then up to his head. I heard him shout and watched intently through my lens and thought for sure I was going to have my own orgasm and then it struck me. I mean something REALLY struck me and it was warm and remained there on my cheek as I kept snapping away. I watched her pull his cock towards her mouth and he shot a creamy mess all over her upper lip and then she pulled her lips together and pushed the head of his cock into her lips. He shot another stream of cream that streaked across the bridge of her nose and I felt the need to close my left eye. I had no doubt been in the line of fire and felt the creamy liquid on my cheek hoping my camera wasn't struck but had no time to stop and wipe it off.

By the time the two actors settled down I had forgotten that I was the victim of a stray bullet. Paul set some dials on his video camera and I stood up to greet him and he looked like he was about to bust up laughing. I took a deep breath and wiped my face with my finger. It was slick and it was thick. I smiled sarcastically.

"Bathroom?" I pleaded.

"It's that way." He said as he pointed and then chuckled. "I am so sorry," he continued trying not to laugh. "Let me show you...." He said as he followed me down the hallway. I stormed into the bathroom but I wasn't exactly upset, instead I was frustrated... sexually. He followed me mumbling. "There are towels." He stuttered. "Under here." He pushed himself into me to get to the doors under the sink which is exactly where I was going to look first but none the less he was trying to get there first. I felt him against my ass which was up in the air and he was harder than a baseball bat. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath then grabbed a washcloth and headed for the sink. "Let me get that for you." He said taking the cloth from my hand and I stopped, took a few steps back and sat down on the toilet.

"I should have known better than to stand that close." I said laughing. I watched him run the water and dampen the cloth and then he shook it out in the sink and headed towards me. He stood right in front of me as I sat on the toilet and delicately put set his hand against the side of my face, wiping away the violating cock candy. "That scene was pretty damn hot, wasn't it?" I said expecting a confirmation.

"Yes, it definitely was." He said. "One of the hottest I've seen." He continued to wipe my face like a father would do to his little girl and as I looked directly at his belt, I couldn't help but notice his excitement bouncing against his Kakis. "Did you get it anywhere else?" He asked and I turned my head and lifted my hand to point to my neck.

"Maybe on my neck." I said, urging him to look. As I lowered my hand I accidentally slapped it against his hard cock. "Sorry." I pleaded as he turned my head using my jaw. He jumped slightly and we both chuckled.

"Don't worry about it." He said, handing me the towel. "I think I got it all. Let me go pay my actors and get them out of here and we can go over the photos and choose the good ones." He moved towards the door and I looked up at him like a little child.

"OK." I said rubbing my neck. He walked out of the bathroom and headed into the living room and soon I heard some mumbling, shuffling and more chatter, then some goodbyes. I stood up and peered into the mirror, turned to see my shoulder and attempt to see my back but found no ruminants of semen. I sat back on the toilet and spread my legs to look up my miniskirt only to find that my panties were soaked. I took a deep breath to attempt to subdue my need for a good hard fuck. Reaching up into my skirt I pulled my panties off and stepped out of them. I took them over to the sink and ran the hot water. Paul popped his head into the bathroom.

"You OK?" He asked. I smiled at him and held my panties up briefly and then put them under the running water, talking into the sink.

"My panties are completely soaked." I said and made a face of frustration, surprise and disbelief.

"What?" Paul cried. "How the Hell did he get you there?" I looked Paul right in the eyes and paused with a raised eyebrow. I was imagining attacking him, stripping him and using him for pure sexual pleasure.

"I uh," I said hesitating. "I think I did this on my own, ya know?" He looked confused at first and then as he stood there with his own issues of sexual frustration I could see he understood as he nodded. "I'm really sorry. Would it be OK if I hung these up to dry?" I asked him very frankly.

"Sure," he said quickly. "You want me to throw them in the dryer? It won't take near as long." I rung them out and then flicked them and hesitatingly held them up.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Thongs don't take very long in the dryer." I said laughing. He held his hand out to take them from me but I flicked them into the clutches of my hand. "Lead the way, Mister." I said in a naïve narrative. I followed him through the hallway and then to a door and he opened it, giving me the signal to enter through the door like a gentleman but I insisted he lead as I did not know where I was going. We ventured down a flight of stairs that curled around a pole and when he reached the bottom, he glanced back at me. At first his eyes met mine but then his gaze was fixated up my skirt. I smiled at him and he caught himself, turned back around and led me to the wash room.

He walked into the washroom and pulled the dryer door open signaling me to place my panties into the dryer. I hesitated. "Do you have anything else that needs to go in here?" I asked him knowing it was always better to have several items in a dryer. I threw my panties in and he shut the door, leaning over the top to set the controls. I stared at his crotch for a minute running my eyes along the bulge his erection was creating and leaned against the dryer seductively. The hum of the dryer filled my ears.

"Not that I know of." He said. "I did laundry a few days ago." I pointed at his cock.

"Maybe you should wash your shorts." I said smiling at his boner. "I bet they're all sticky." He looked down and we both stared at his pants and chuckled. I put my hand out and flipped my fingers back signaling to him.

"OK, C'mon." I said in a serious manner. "Take em off."

"Are you serious?" He asked.

"Yes indeed." I said. "You don't want to be trudging around in sticky knickers, do you?" His hand covered his belt buckle and slowly he started pulling it through the buckle, then shrugged his shoulders and popped the button.

"I suppose you are correct." He said unzipping his pants and slowly pulling them off his ass. I watched him intently as his huge cock popped out of his shorts and he shimmied out of his clothes. I knelt down and helped him pull his Kakis off staring up at the erection above me. I knew he was looking down into my skirt, too because his eyes were not upon mine. I grabbed his pants and shorts and stood up, handing him his pants and heading towards the basin sink.

"You can put these back on if you need." I said just as he grabbed his Kakis. I made sure that my hand brushed the throbbing head of his cock as I pushed past him and felt the transfer of a tiny bit of his excitement from his cock to my hand. Placing his shorts in the sink I turned the hot water on. I bent down as if I was looking for something, spreading my legs to hike up my skirt. I looked to the left and then to the right, arching my back to stick my ass out from under the skirt.

"Do you have any soap over here?" I asked and then heard him walking towards me, slipping on his trousers one leg at a time.

"Uh, no." He said confused. "I don't think I do." I could hear him pulling up his pants so I stood up slowly stretching my legs to stand but kept my hands on a ledge in front of me, my ass pointing straight up into the air. I could hear him getting closer to me and then I looked between my legs and noticed he was almost right behind me, cock in his hand and that huge head pointing straight at my womanhood. I arched my back ready for his grand entrance but he hesitated. I don't think he knew I could see him. Cupping my hands under my shaved lips, I slapped them twice with all my fingers and then I had his full attention. He inched forward and I felt his shaft on my fingertips. The head of cock slowly parted my slick lips and with a slight push upwards on his cock, he entered me. I nearly had an instant orgasm.

I walked my hands up the wall and pushed back into him getting his beautiful cock as far into me as possible. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and a feeling a pure bliss ran throughout my body. God he felt so good inside of me. Paul rested over my back and did not move.

"Wait, Anna." He said softly. "Don't move. I'm sorry but I'm so worked up that I am about to explode." We remained still for at least a minute and then he slowly pulled out of me. I felt the pop of his head as he completed his removal. I was on the edge and my legs were beginning to quake. Paul pulled on my left hip and spun me around to him, bent down and grabbed me around the thighs and picked me up, burying his face in my cleavage. Stepping out of his pants that were now around his ankles he walked me over toward the dryer while I pulled off my blouse bouncing my breasts against his face and directing one of my taught nipples to his mouth.

Paul set me down on top of the dryer and drew his hands up around my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples like a mad man switching from one to the other then back. His hands roamed all over my supple little mounds, squeezing and groping them while my hands filtered through his hair on the back of his head.

"You animal!" I cried. "Masher! Pervert! What are you doing?" He came up for air and his eyes met mine. I could see a confused look upon his face so I pushed his head back into my chest and kicked off my shoes, firmly running my feet down his side until they found his big, hard tool and there I fondled him with my toes, sometimes pushing my feet together to feel the whole length and girth of his cock between them.

"My God you are hot!" He cried. "I could eat here every night and still be hungry for more." I sat up and pulled his shirt off then laid back against the dryer's control panel. He kissed my breasts goodbye and ran his tongue down to my belly. His strong hands found their way under my knees and pulled my feet and knees up into the air. He kissed his way down to my clitoris which was begging for attention and wrapped his tongue around it. I let me hand fall around his neck and worked my fingers over to my love button and felt his tongue darting all around my lips. I had never felt my clitoris so hard as it was then. It felt as if it were an inch long. I put two fingers on either side and pushed into my hood while his tongue was penetrating me. He buried one of thumbs deep inside of me and then flicked his tongue across my button protruding from my fingers and I my back drew up.

I squeaked like a chipmunk, took a deep breath and hollered loudly.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed. "Son of a Bitch!" I began to shake intensely and felt all my inner muscles contracting, then pulsating to the same beat the dryer was humming. Paul held tight as I pushed his face into my clitoris and then I felt his tongue draw down into my love canal. I was breathing as if I were in labor and then it subsided and my back fell to the top of the dryer. "Shit!" I cried as my body quivered one last time.

Paul rose and looked at me wide eyed. "Dayum!" He cried. "I bet that one felt good." He said with a huge smile on his face.

"You will never know." I said between breaths and sat up propping my feet up on the edge of the dryer. I put my hands on his shoulders and ran them slowly down his chest and onto his belly running my fingers through his treasure trail. I hopped off the dryer and knelt in front of him , wrapping my hands around his thick cock and pulling down to my mouth. I kissed the head so delicately and heard him moan softly, my hands twisting slowly around his meaty shaft. I opened my mouth as wide as it could go and forced his cock deep into my mouth until it brushed past the back of my teeth and felt his thick head against the back of my tongue. I pulled him out of my mouth and ran my tongue all the way down to his testicles, kissing and licking his taught balls while squeezing and teasing his head with my hand and fingers.

Paul reached down to urge me to stand and I did reluctantly. I wanted his seed so badly but he boosted me back up onto the dryer and attacked my flower with his throbbing muscle. He pushed himself all the way inside me with force and then slowly back out and like a train taking off from the station his thrusts became quicker and quicker, deeper and deeper until my hands found their way around his taught abs, holding him back from going too deep. I felt his testicles slapping against my ass. I planted my feet against his chest and watched a bead of sweat drip from his forehead and onto my belly ring.

Paul pushed deep and hard and stopped. All of his muscles tensed up and he looked as if he were in pain. I could feel him throbbing inside of me. I pushed him back and his cock popped out from between my lips and I quickly wrapped my little hand around his shaft just below the rim of his head and squeezed. I could feel the intensity as he pumped his cock through my hand in one swift jerk. I clamped his balls between my thumb and forefinger, pulling down and then I squeezed his cock as hard as I could and jerked him quickly. Before I knew it glistening streams were flying through the air. I kept up on pumping his cock through my hand and another thick, gooey stream sprayed from his massive tool, coating my cheek and neck. He jerked back and his cock slid out of my hand but I quickly gathered it up again and shook his cock at my tummy. When he finally settled I ran my hands through his semen on my breasts and floated my hands back down to my swollen lips, then grabbed his cock again and bounced it against my clitoris, squeezing the last drop out and wiping his head across my lips.

"Oh, my God!" Paul cried between breaths. "I apologize. I did not mean for that to happen." I put my finger up to his lips and ran it down his chin, neck, chest and abdomen, then wrapped my hand around his cock again.

"We both needed that and you know it." I said in a whisper. "Let's get cleaned up and go over the footage like we were supposed to do." I smiled and swiped my finger along my rib cage, gathering up his seed and brought it to my mouth. He took my hand and pulled me off of the dryer.

"C'mon." He said. "Let's go take a shower."
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