The Pills-Bathroom sex
"Well, well, well." A voice comes from the entrance to the stall.

Kelly opens her eyes and sees Portia. Portia is a tall raven haired girl in the same grade as her sister, who likes to wear black clothing, but she is not gothic. Kelly goes to say something, but Portia puts her finger to her mouth. Kelly looks down and sees Portia is carrying a black duffel bag.

"Now, be a good girl, and all will be good" she smirks.

Kelly sits there, her cock getting hard again. Portia reaches into her bag and grabs a few large bundles of rope. Kelly again goes to say something, but Portia again stops her, this time by placing a ball gag in her mouth.

"There we go, now we can do this easier" Portia says kissing Kelly's cheek.

Portia takes the rope and ties Kelly's arms to the back of the toilet and her legs spread out and tied to the bars on the side of the stall. Kelly groans watching Portia.

"Comfy?" Portia laughs.

Portia leans over and licks along the tip of Kelly's cock. Kelly moans just a bit as Portia slowly takes off her skirt and Kelly's eyes widen. Portia's skirt hits the floor and Kelly is staring right at the 8 inch long 4 inch wide cock.

"You like?" She smirks. "Just like yours, bout time I find a girl just like me."

Kelly groans and moans as her cell phone starts to buzz. Portia reaches down and picks it up. She reads the text message Kelly got from Cassandra. Portia quickly replies as Kelly.

"Your horny friend will be here soon, she seems to really want you." Portia smirks

The bathroom door opens, and Cassandra walks in but stops shortly after entering.

"Okay my eyes are closed." Cassandra says.

Portia walks up to Cassandra and ties a blondfold around her eyes. She guides Cassandra in front of Kelly. Kelly watches as Portia takes Cassandra's clothes off, but Cassandra thinks its Kelly.

"All this silience is turning me on so much" Cassandra moans.

Portia starts to roughly rub and squeeze Cassandra's breasts. Portia then forces Cassandra to bend over. Portia then gets Cassandra to start sucking Kelly's cock. Kelly starts to moan looking at Portia who then buries her cock into Cassandra's pussy.

"MMMMM" Porita moans as she removes her shirt showing her 30B breasts with pierced nipples and heavily tattooed torso.

Portia is fucking Cassandra really hard drigging her nails into Cassandra's tan skin. Soon both Portia and Kelly cum in Cassandra. Portia pulls Cassandra up and turns her and pushes her down so Kelly's cock went into her asshole. Kelly's muffled groans as she feels herself slipping with ease deep into her best friend's ass.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Portia whispers into Kelly's ear.

Portia again buries her cock deep in Cassandra's pussy. Portia grabs Cassandra's throat and pushes her head back enough so she is moaning Kelly's ear.

"Ah, ahhhhhhh oh Kelly yes oh fuck me" Cassandra moans.

Kelly just lets out muffled groans and moans. Portia moaning as well slapping Cassandra's breasts hard. Cassandra's moans start to get faster.

"I'm.......I'm.......going to cum" Cassandra moans.

Soon all three cum. Portia pulls Cassandra off and shoves her towards the bathroom door throwing her clothes at her. Cassandra gets dressed and leaves. Meanwhile, Portia unties Kelly.

"One more thing and then I am done." She smirks.

Kelly's eyes go wide thinking what more could she want. Portia takes Kelly and bends her over the sink and plows into her asshole. Kelly lets out a muffled scream. Portia grunts and moans as she pounds Kelly's asshole, before filling it with cum 5 minutes later.

"Good, girl, I will be by later to take you again, maybe even your sister" Portia kisses Kelly removing the ball gag and getting dressed and leaving.

Kelly, after a few minutes collects herself and gets dressed. The rest of her school day goes by without any problems or sex. She heads home not knowing what or who she is going to get into next.

-more to cum
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