The Pills-Morning at school
Monday couldn't come soon enough. Kelly was ready for the day. Since her weekend was filled with lots of interesting things. Nothing much happened after Friday's adventure, yesterday before the girls left for home, she told Becca to take the empty shampoo bottle out of her asshole. Kelly is at school now getting her stuff ready for her first few classes.

"Well, well, well if it aint little miss smarty pants" Kelly heard and shuttered a bit knowing who it was.

Kelly turns around and is shoved against her locker hard. She is looking into the face of Sarah, one of the few people she can't stand. Sarah is taller than Kelly and has long straight blonde hair. Sarah's favorite shirt is barely holding in her 40C breasts.

"What do you want Sarah?" Kelly says pushing her away to finish getting her books.

"Just to make sure your day is as bad as your hair" Sarah says and makes Kelly's hair a mess.

Kelly growls and puts her books down and sees Sarah go into the bathroom. Kelly goes into the bathroom staring down Sarah who stares right back. The two square up for a fight, but it does not last long as Kelly gets the upper hand pins Sarah against the wall grinding her leg hard into Sarah's crotch.

"Hey hey, alright alright" Sarah says looking into Kelly's eyes which are filled with anger and lust, "Wha....what are you going to do?"

Kelly just smiles and forces Sarah into a stall. She then forces Sarah to sit down on the toilet almost falling in it.

"You scream, I will hurt you very badly, got me?" Kelly asks getting in Sarah's face.

Sarah just nods. Kelly slides off her blue shorts and panties and her cock springs up rock hard. Sarah's eyes widen seeing the cock. Kelly smirks seeing the look on Sarah's face.

"Suck my cock you little whore." Kelly commands.

Sarah just leans in and starts to suck Kelly's cock slowly. Kelly moans a little as she moves a bit faster in Sarah's mouth.

"Good, now take your clothes off." Kelly says rubbing her breasts some.

Sarah slowly takes her clothes off. Kelly's cock starts to get a bit longer now at 9 inches when Kelly sees Sarah's bare breasts. Sarah stands up to take her shorts and panties off, Kelly sits on the toilet.

"Ready for a ride of your life?" Kelly growls.

Sarah looks back seeing the lust in Kelly's eyes have overtaken her. Kelly pulls Sarah down so her cock is slammed up into Sarah's not so tight pussy. Sarah is about to moan loudly but Kelly grabs a medium roll of toilet paper and shoves it in Sarah's mouth.

"Shut your slutty mouth" Kelly growls and makes Sarah ride her hard.

Sarah rides Kelly hard and fast cumming many times. The toilet paper falls out of her mouth and Sarah starts to moan a bit loud.

"I said shut up" Kelly growls pushing her off.

Kelly then turns Sarah around and shoves her head into the toilet her face inches from the water. Kelly then shoves her cock deep into Sarah's pussy again. Every time Sarah tries to moan her face got dunked into the toilet.

"Oh yes yes, yea take it you lil slut" Kelly moans. "You want to embarass me? I will embarass you!"

Kelly then fills Sarah's pussy up with hot, thick cum. Kelly pulls out, pulling Sarah's head out of the water. Kelly bites Sarah's neck softly before pulling her pants up.

"Good slut, you won't be needing these." Kelly says picking up Sarah's bra and panties.

Kelly walks away quickly putting Sarah's bra and panties in her locker. Kelly heads up to her first class. Nothing interesting happens during the first three periods. Lunchtime, Kelly sees her sister and her friends sitting at a table. Kelly just smiles at them as she sits down with her friend Cassandra.

"Hey ho" Kelly smirks at Cassandra hugging her.

Cassandra is a short brunette-black haired girl with 28C breasts. Cassandra hugs Kelly back as they start talking.

"Oh, my god, I can't believe all the hotties at the beach I was at" Cassandra starts rambling.

"Oh really, and you didn't invite me?" Kelly giggles.

"I tried to, I sent you a text saying 'Hey hot guys and girls here'" Cassandra says rolling her eyes.

Kelly did get the text from her hot bi-sexual friend. The thing was, she was busy buring her cock into hot teenagers instead.

"You owe me, I gave one of the girls your number" Cassandra says smirking.

"How may I please you?" Kelly says rubbing up against Cassandra running her hand along Cassandra's leg.

Cassandra smirk and reaches under the table touches Kelly's cock through her shorts. Cassandra is only a little shocked. Cassandra then smirks licking her lips.

"New toy?"

"Yea, wanna go try it out?" Kelly smirks.

The two girls walk into the bathroom off of the cafiteria. Once inside they go into a stall and instantly start making out. Cassandra can't take her tank top off fast enough as Kelly buries her face into her big squishy tits. Cassandra wraps her arms around Kelly's head moaning softly.

"Oh yea Kelly, I want your toy deep inside me" Cassandra moans pushing Kelly away getting on her knees.

Kelly smirks and slides her shorts down . Cassandra not caring that the toy is real or unaware goes right in and sucks her cock. Kelly leans against the wall of the stall moaning. Kelly pushes Cassandra away and Cassandra removes her shorts.

"I love your body." Kelly moans.

"I love you making sweet love to my body." Cassandra moans back.

With those words, Kelly sits down on the toilet and Cassandra slides down on Kelly's cock. Cassandra starts to ride Kelly as Kelly leans in and sucks on Cassandra's breasts again.

"Oh yes Kelly oh it feels good." Cassandra moans bouncing on Kelly's cock.

Kelly moans against Cassandra's breasts making Cassandra bounce harder. Cassandra starts cumming and Kelly goes faster now. Cassandra lets out short loud burst of moans. Soon Kelly starts filling her best friend/lover up with cum.

"Oh fuck Kelly that was great." Cassandra moans kissing her friend before getting dressed, "See you in class"

Cassandra gets dressed and slips out quickly. She didn't even see Brandi and Jenna a pair of red headed twins standing there listening the whole time. Kelly sitting there panting sees them.

"Well, hello girls." Kelly says smirking.

"H...hi" Brandi says as both stand up straight, their 20A breasts barely poking out.

Kelly motions them into the stall. Both girls enter the stall shutting and locking the door. Kelly looks ove both girls as her cock gets hard again. The twins slowly take off their dresses. Jeena moves up and slides down and starts to ride Kelly.

"Oh horny lil girls arn't we?" Kelly moans a little smiling.

Jenna leans forward and starts kissing Kelly as both start to moan. Brandi stands there slowly rubbing her breasts and pussy as she watches. It does not take long until Kelly cums up into Jenna, and Jenna cums.

"My turn" Brandi says as Jenna gets off.

"Whoa you girls are horny." Kelly pants, as Brandi starts to slowly rub her cock to get it hard again.

Kelly's cock is barely hard and Brandi is already on it. Kelly moans as her cock stiffens up inside the slutty redhead. Jenna comes over and kisses Brandi. Kelly almost loses it and leans forward and sucks on Brandi's breasts. Kelly soon cums inside Brandi who cums.

"Oh fuck" Kelly moans panting hard.

The twins kiss Kelly before putting their clothes back on. They leave the bathroom, leaving Kelly in a hot sweaty mess in the stall. Kelly sit there glad she does not have another class for a few.

-more to cum-
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