The Pills- The Conclusion
Kelly gets home and everything seems fine, no Portia in sight which is good. She heads to her room and shuts her door. She later joins her mom and sister in dinning room for dinner. Melissa starts talking about her day at school, Kelly just remains silient. After Melissa gets up and clears her plate and heads to her room, Kelly soon leaves.

"Kelly, is there something you want to tell me?" Layla asks.

"No mom, why do you ask?" Kelly says turning around to face her mom.

Kelly feels her heart sink into her stomach as her mom holds up the pill bottle she brought home the one time. Layla taps it a bit.

"Did you take one?"

"Yes, I did." Kelly says with a nod.

"Oh, okay, did it cure your headache?" Layla asks.

"Yes it did." Kelly smiles, but in her mind she is saying "It did something alright"

Layla puts the bottle back down on the table and goes to the bathroom. Kelly can't resist and takes another pill. Kelly sighs and then heads back to her room. Layla returns and sees, Kelly left the pill bottle open. Layla goes up to Kelly's door which is slightly opened. She walks in and Kelly is covered up under blanket

"Kelly, all you have to do is ask for one, no need to just take one and run off." Layla says sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Okay, I am sorry." Kelly says, "You can go now."

"What is your deal, what are you hiding?" Layla asks tugging at the blanket.

"Nothing!" Kelly growls.

Layla over powers her daughter and rips the blanket back and Kelly has her rock hard cock spring out. Layla gasps at the sight and Kelly looks her mom straight in the eyes.

"They don't cure headaches," Kelly shakes her head, "I thought taking a second one would get rid of it, but its just made me bigger."

Layla reaches out and touches her daughter's massive cock. Kelly lets out a soft groan. Layla then opens the pill bottle taking three of them out.

"No mom, don't!" Kelly pleads, but too late, Layla pops them in her mouth.

Kelly watches as her mom removes her skirt and then her blue panties. Kelly tries to look away but can't keep her eyes off her mom's perfectly shaved pussy. Layla stands there as they both watch as her pussy soon turns into a cock. The cock grew and grew to 9 inches long, an inch longer than Kelly's.

"Oh my god, mom why did you do that?!" Kelly asks in shock as her cock twitches.

"I didn't think it was true" Layla giggles then the hormones start to kick in, "You stole my pills just to get a cock huh? You really wanted to fuck like a guy?"

Kelly just gulps as Layla is now standing over her. Layla shoves her cock into her daughter's mouth. Kelly starts to suck her mom's cock. Neither know that Portia has made her way into the house. Portia is now standing in Kelly's room.

"Mmm now that is a site." Portia says now stroking her cock.

"Well don't just stand there, get over here and fuck this thief!" Layla growls at Portia.

Portia grins and gets up on Kelly's bed, lifting Kelly's hips up and slamming her cock into Kelly's ass. Kelly groans against her mom's cock. Portia turns her head to the door and motions for someone to come in. In steps Kelsey, who Kelly thinks she fucked over the weekend.

"Yes, ma'am." Kelsey says looking at Portia.

"Get up here and ride Kelly's cock!" Portia groans pounding Kelly's hard.

Kelsey climbs up on the bed and slides down facing Portia as Kelly's cock sinks easily into her pussy. Kelly moans as Layla shoves cock in further into her mouth. Soon all four of them start to cum. Portia then grabs the bottle of pills and takes four of them out. Kelly watches as Portia force feeds them to Kelsey who is pretty much passed out from the orgasm she had.

"Why did you do that!?" Kelly asks after swallowing the large amount of cum her mom spurted in her.

"For some fun later." Portia says moving Kelsey down gently on the floor.

The girls turn their heads hearing a gasping noise. The noise came from Melissa who is in shock at what she is seeing. Layla, Kelly and Portia's cocks all reharden to solild rocks.

"Get naked and get over here, I am going to shred your pussy." Portia growls.

"No, you don't!" Layla says grabbing Portia's shoulder, "My daughter, that is my pussy to fuck first!"

Portia just nods, as Layla gets up and walks over to Melissa. Melissa starts to walk away but Layla drags her daughter back in. Portia and Kelly help Layla remove her clothes. Then the girls put their cocks to Melissa's mouth and force her to suck and lick them.

"mmmm her mouth feels so good" Kelly moans out.

Soon all three of them cum on Melissa's face and chest. Melissa starts to sob as she swallows some of the cum. Layla then lifts Melissa up on her hands and knees Kelly moves up over Melissa driving her cock deep into her sister's ass. Melissa goes to scream but Portia slams her cock into her mouth. Layla slides under Melissa and slams into her daughter's pussy.

"Oh god, your pussy feels so good." Layla moans as the three of them pound away at Melissa hard.

"Ohhhh yeeees" Kelly moans then squeals as she feels something long and thick enter her asshole.

Kelsey had woken up with a massive cock of her own and is fucking Kelly's ass. It does not take long when all of them cum. Melissa ties to pull away but is held in place as the girls continue to pound away at her. Melissa squeals loudly as Kelsey sinks her cock into her pussy along with her mom's cock.

"Oh god, she is just barely fitting us both." Kelsey moans.

Kelsey reaches over and grabs the bottle of pills and takes a few more. Layla grabs the bottle and takes some, Kelly then does the same. The three fight over the last remaining pills while fucking Melissa hard and fast.

"This is so hot." Portia moans making Melissa take every inch of her cock in her mouth and throat, "You like your mom, sister and best friend fucking you don't you slut?"

Melissa just squeals and moans as three of the cocks in her are growing fast. The girls pound Melissa harder and faster. Soon all four of them scream loudly as they let out one last burst of cum into her. Kelsey and Kelly fall over their cocks still in Melissa. Portia and Layla lay there, their cocks still in her. They all pass out.

Kelly wakes up, with everything back to "normal". Portia still has her cock because she was born that way. Layla and Kelsey don't have cocks anymore. Melissa though is laying on her bed with hot, thick, sticky cum just all over her. The girls get up and go to the kitchen to eat breakfast since it was morning leaving Melissa on the bed to soak in their juices.

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