The Pills- The sleepover
Layla is a proud mother of two teenage girls, she keeps them well feed and gives them affordable healthcare thanks to her job at Ridgets Inc. a company that develops prescription medication. Layla has just came home from work after a long Friday. Her girls, brunette 17 year old Melissa and blonde 15 year old Kelly are already in their rooms doing their homework and texting friends. Their father is no longer in the picture in case you are wondering.

"Girls, I am home!" Layla yells

"HI MOM!" Kelly yells.

"Hey mom" Melissa says walking from the kitchen.

Melissa is just wearing a white tank top that hugs her 34C breasts and black short shorts that are barley holding in her ass.

"How was school?" Layla asks Melissa, "Staying out of trouble?"

"Of course mom" Melissa scoffs as she starts to head to her room, "Oh mom, can I have friends over for the weekend?"

"Oh yea, sure just leave me a list of stuff you want me to get from the store" Layla says setting her purse down on the table unaware a pill bottle from work had fallen out.

Layla is somtimes asked to take some very low level medications home to try to see if they work. In this bottle is a new medication that is suppose to releive headaches within 5 seconds of taking them.

Melissa quickly puts together the list handing it to her mom, hugging her. Melissa then runs off her room to call her friends. Layla smiles before getting a quick drink of water and heading out to the store.

Kelly comes from her room wearing a red tank top and black basketball shorts. Kelly brushes her hair back off her young 32B breasts. She looks down at the table seeing the pill bottle.

"Oh what did mom bring home this time?" Kelly asks herself picking the bottle up and examining it.

Kelly reads that the pills releive headaches fast. Kelly smiles knowing she has a small headache from school. She opens the bottle and pops one of the pills before putting it back where she found it. And like the bottle says, Kelly's headache went away in a flash.

"Oh wow that is great." Kelly says before going back to her room once she sees Melissa's friends show up, "Here comes the sluts"

Kelly enters her room as Melissa comes out, and opens the door. Melissa's three friends enter all squealing and hugging each other. First, there is Becca, a short red head with 20C breasts. Next is Jessica a tall blonde with 20D breasts. Finally, Kelsey a black haired, medium height with 30C breasts. The girls all head off for Melissa's room giggling and talking.

Meanwhile in Kelly's room, Kelly is laying down feeling a bit feverish all over. Kelly slides off her tank top her breasts flopping out. She rubs her breasts sloftly.

"Damn its so hot in here." Kelly says thinking its the room.

Just as Kelly finishes saying that she feels a sharp twinge in her shorts. Kelly lookded down curious. The twinge happens again this time a bit sharper and her shorts move some. Kelly slowly pushes her shorts down and her eyes grow wide. She is looking down at a bulge that is normally for boys, in her green panties.

"No, it can't be." Kelly says to herself.

Kelly reaches down and touches the bulge and it moves a bit. Kelly nervously pulls her panties down and is speechless. Where her pussy used to be, is now a soft 3 inch fleshy cock. Kelly slides her hand on it and then pulls her hand away.

"Wha.....what is going on with me?" Kelly asks a bit loudly.

"What are you doing in here?" Jessica asks poking her head in Kelly's room.

Jessica looks at Kelly's naked body and sees what is between her legs. Jessica quickly slips in and looks some more. Kelly just looks at Jessica, loosing all normal thought in her head. Her cock starts to get bigger and harder. Soon the fleshy member between her legs stood straight up at 6 inches.

"Holy shit, you have a cock" Jessica says with a bit of a laugh.

Jessica steps up closer and touches the cock. Upon this touch, Kelly lost complete control of herself and reaches up and pulls Jessica down on her kissing her hard. Jessica tries and fights it but Kelly is too strong.

Kelly then flips over pinning Jessica to her bed. Kelly then moves up and shoves her cock into Jessica's mouth.

"Suck my cock you slut" Kelly growls.

Kelly grabs Jessica's hair and forces Jessica to suck her cock. Tears start to well up in Jessica's eyes as she is forces to take this cock from her best friend's sister. Kelly pulls her cock out of Jessica's mouth.

"Get your clothes off" Kelly commands.

"No, this is maddness you slut." Jessica says trying to leave.

Kelly pins her down again.

"Now" Kelly says staring into Jessica's eyes.

Jessica seeing the seriousness of this starts to slowly remove her clothes. Once naked, Kelly wastes no time and plunges her cock into Jessica's pussy. Jessica is about to scream but Kelly shoves her panties in her mouth.

"Be quiet and take it you slut" Kelly growls as she starts to pound Jessica's pussy.

Keely starts grunting as her pounding gets harder and faster. Kelly roughly grabs Jessica's breast. Kelly leans down pulling the panties from Jessica's mouth and kisses her hard as she starts to flood Jessica with cum.

"Good girl, now be quiet about all of this okay" Kelly says kisisng Jessica again.

Jessica just nods as Kelly pulls out of her. Kelly looks down and smirks seeing Jessica's cum seeping out. Jessica gets dressed and walks back to rejoin Melissa and friends. Kelly falls over on her bed sighing.

About 30 minutes later, Layla comes home from the store hearing all the giggling and talking. She puts the groceries away before going to check on Kelly. She pokes her head in Kelly's room and Kelly is curled up under her blanket sleeping. Layla then goes and checks on the other girls.

"Hey girls, I am back from the store." Layla says walking in and seeing her older daughter and her friends all in skimpy tank tops and their panties.

"Okay mom" Melissa says before the girls go back to their conversation.

Layla just looks at all of them for a bit before walking away to start cooking dinner. After dinner was ready, Melissa and her friends all come in and get their plates and head back to Melissa's room, except for Jessica who lingers a bit when Kelly comes out now wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.

"Hey Jessica. "Kelly smiles at her with a wink.

"Hey Kelly" Jessica responds before slowly heading back.

Kelly starts fixing herself a plate of spagehtti and meatballs. Layla feels there is something wrong with her young daughter.

"How was school Kelly?"

"It was good, nothing exciting." Kelly shrugs.

"Oh, okay. Pretty boring with all of your sister's friends here huh?" Layla asks leaning against the counter some her 30DD breasts pressing against her blue blouse.

"Yea, I guess" Kelly says before sitting down at the table to eat.

Layla sits across from her and starts to eat also. Layla starts to swing her foot a bit and grazes the small bulge in Kelly jeans. Layla freezes a minute and then shakes her head before finishing her plate. After Kelly finishes eating, she gets her stuff ready for a shower.

"Mom, I am going to go take a shower." She says to Layla who in now in the living room.

"Okay sweetheart."

Kelly enters the bathroom not closing the door all the way. She strips and the cock is still there. Kelly sighs before stepping into the shower once the water is to her liking. Meanwhile, Becca who has had a thing for Layla thinks, she is in the shower.

"Oh perfect to get after that body." Becca says softly before slipping into the bathroom and closing the door.

Kelly unaware Becca is in the bathroom with her continues to shower. Becca strips out of her clothes and slides into the shower slowly behind Kelly. Kelly turns around and sees Becca, and Becca lets out a gasp.

"Oh my god, I thought....." Becca starts to stammer.

Kelly does now say anything as her cock become erect again. Becca stares down at the cock. Kelly pulls Becca against her.

"You were thinking, I was my mom wern't you?" Kelly asks grinding a bit against Becca's leg.

"Umm umm.....yyee..yyyees" Becca stammers still in shock.

Kelly smirks and pushes Becca to her knees. Becca stares at the erect cock, which unknown to her has grown bigger than before. Kelly forces the cock in Becca's mouth. Becca starts to suck the cock looking up at Kelly.

"Good girl, you know how to suck a cock don't you slut" Kelly grins.

Kelly pulls Becca to her feet and then bends her over. Kelly then takes a lufa and shoves it in Becca's mouth. Then she shoves her cock into Becca's pussy.

"Ohhh yes you are such a dirty girl, wanting to fuck my mommy so badly." Kelly growls as she starts to fuck Becca.

Kelly then grabs the thin detachable shower head and shoves it in Becca's asshole. Becca lets out a muffled scream.

"You are going to be such a clean slut when I am done with you" Kelly says as her pace picks up.

Soon, Kelly slams Becca one more time and cums inside Becca. Becca also cums as well squirting all over the shower. Kelly pulls out of Becca but does not remove the lufa or the shower head.

"Oh you are a dirty slut arn't you?" Kelly asks kneeling down to Becca.

Becca just nods. Kelly grabs ane empty bottle of shampoo, and removes the showerhead but quickly shoves the bottle in its' place. She pushes it in till only about a quater inch of the bottle is sticking out. Kelly then removes the lufa from Becca's mouth.

"Wha, what are you doing?" Becca asks with tears pouring down her face.

"This bottle does not leave your asshole, for any reason till I say so, got me!" Kelly growls

Becca just nods. Kelly finishes her shower as Becca gets out, dries off, gets dressed and leaves. Kelly is now in her room and horny. Kelly as much as she tried she wanted Kelsey.

Later in the night once, Layla is in bed, Kelly waited around the corner from Melissa's room waiting for Kelsey to come out. Kelly is so blind with her lustful craving, when she sees someone come out, she waits for them to get near and grabs them shoving a pair of panties in their mouth.

"You are mine, you slut." Kelly growls in the girl's ear.

Kelly takes her back to her room with force, and throws her down on her bed. Kelly yanks down the panties the girl is wearing, almost tearing them, and plunges her now 8 inch long rock hard cock into her pussy.

"Oh yea, you are so loose you slut." Kelly moans pounding hard on the girl.

Kelly pulls out and lays on her back, and forces the girl on top of her facing the mirror in her room.

"Ride me, slut, look at yourself, and look how slutty you are!" Kelly growls.

The girl starts to ride Kelly's cock, and Kelly groans in pleasure feeling herself get close as she feels the girl's cum dripping on her leg.

Kelly groans loudly as she unleashes a huge load of cum up into the girl. Once Kelly calms down, she practically throws the girl out of her room.

"Don't tell anyone about this you stupid slut" Kelly commands before going to bed.

Little did Kelly know, she just raped her sister, Melissa. Kelly's craving for pussy made her unable to identify who she was fucking and that all she knew it was a girl. Melissa removes the panties from her mouth and head back to her room after calming herself down.

The rest of the weekend, the girls stayed to themselves and left Kelly alone. Kelly though was nervous about going to school with this new attachment she has.

-more to cum-
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