The Plane
I sat down on in my assigned seat and settled in to wait for the plane to take off. I sat enjoying the quiet after a crazy vacation. I looked at the empty seat beside me, hoping that I would not have a seat mate on the small cramped flight. I laid my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. The light tap on my shoulder caused me to stir. I opened my eyes and looked up into your clear eyes. Your hair was rakishly tousled and your grin was welcoming. I breathed in the smell of your cologne as I stood up to allow you to slip into the seat beside me. I played it cool. I didn't stare at your classic good looks. I didn't swoon, I just nestled back into my seat . I didn't look your way but I see your every move. I could see you reach into your bag and pull out a blanket and flip it out to cover you. You laid your head back and it looked as if you were asleep immediately. I relaxed and waited for the plane to begin to taxi. Finally , the plane began to move and the lights in the cabin flipped off.

Everyone settled down and the cabin became quiet. Suddenly, and very involuntarily my body let out a shiver from the cold circulated air. I shook it off and tried to relax, but once again a cold chill tore through my body. The blanket flipping over my body and your warm arm around me caused me to look over at you allowing me to get another glance at your face. I breathed in deeply as your eyes shone brightly as you looked directly at me, your eyes reading into my soul. You must have been able to read my very thoughts and feelings. You must have been able to sense my loneliness and my repressed sexuality. You leaned forward. I watched you come closer with eyes wide. Your lips pressed against mine . It was a marvelous feeling. It had been so long. For a scant second I sat in a confused daze until my bodies natural inclinations took over and I returned your kisses with my own.

Our tongues melded and mated together, our breathing becoming deeper and more rapid as our excitement grew. Your hand under the blanket reached up, slipping under my sweatshirt . Deftly you pushed my bra aside and your fingers began to pinch and tweak my nipples. They grew hard under your ministrations. I gasped with pleasure, a heat gathering and pooling in the juncture between my thighs. Your mouth held firm against mine and you swallowed the sounds of my moans. Not to be outdone, I snaked my hand toward you and lightly brushed my fingers up your thighs. I marveled at the feel of your strong hard thighs as my fingers inched upward. With reverence I caressed higher and higher. Finally I felt your hard body under my fingertips. I could feel your body twitch against my hand alerting me to your excitement at my touch. My hand pushed it's way into your loose pants and I began to stroke your cock. When I felt your free hand move down to my wet hot juncture I spread my legs, looping my one thigh over your leg to give you easier access. The feel of your fingers delving into my moist heat was pure pleasure. My back arched in response to the sensations and I deepened my kiss even as my hand began to work your cock in a stronger more pace. I knew I wasn't going to last long and I wanted you to join me. Your finger circled my clit. My hand enclosed around your cock. Your fingers delved into my depths. My fingers teased your balls. Back and forth we gave even as we received immense pleasure.

I was on the edge and ready to explode when you with drew your hand. My eyes flew open and I looked directly into your eyes. I could see the barely veiled raging need in your eyes. For a split second I didn't understand what was happening. You didn't utter a word but your hand clasped around my waist en pulled me out of my seat and onto your lap. Your hands pulled at my clothes and before I knew it my clothing was pushed aside and I was poised over your hard cock. There was no hesitation on my part. I pushed downward and took you deep into my body. The feeling was incredible. I glanced across the aisle at the other passengers. The two guys were staring over at us, their eyes wide, their hands buried in their laps, enjoying the show that we were giving. I felt a thrill of excitement. I had always wanted to perform for others.

"Don't worry about them, focus on how I feel inside you," you whispered in my ear as you flipped the blanket off of our bodies, fully exposing us to view. I shuddered with excitement.

I gave in to all sensations and thoughts and allowed your manhood to caress and pull me to the ultimate sensation. I exploded. My body began to spasm. It tightened and flexed upon your cock. That was enough to drive you wild. I felt you bite into my shoulder as you came. Your body pumped furiously, filling my sexual cavity with your hot juice. I continued to rock upon your body until we both had sufficiently calmed down.

Finally I moved from your body. Your gentle hands helped me restore my clothes before I settled down into my seat. Flipping the blanket over my body, we nestled together and slipped into an easy sleep. The plane touching down stirred us both from sleep. We looked at each other smiled as we sat about gathering our belongings. We didn't say anything to each other, just smiled gently at each other.

I was the first one to stand and leave the plane. I turned around and looked you directly in the eye. "Thank you" . I looked at the other two passengers and nodded my farewell and then I walked off the plane. I knew I would never see you again.

As I hurried across the airport to my connecting flight, your cum dripped out of my pussy and slowly dribbled down my leg. I knew I had just shared the most erotic experience I had ever had and I couldn't wait to close my eyes and relieve each and every second!
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