The Poles Part 1
It was late and i waited for her call anxious. She had no idea what I had planned for her this night. The phone rang it was you almost there babe you said. Good I said back I have something planned for you I know your going to like.

Minutes later a knock on the door. I open it and your standing there, low cut v-neck blouse tight skirt and killer boots. You looked even hotter than you normally do, even with your demiure attiude and soft spoken style but, I know the animal that lurks under the cover of the the lamb. The unbridled sexual animal that I know you are.

I could see the tops of your creamy white large tits and it made my cock twitch knowing what was going to happen tonight and how much it was going to turn you on. No panties right ? You just smiled and pulled me to you sliding your tounge into my mouth and guiding my hand up your skirt.

Even with the night I had planned for you I knew that you were ready now and would still be ready later. my hand slipped under your skirt and my fingers found the moist slit of your pussy already wet. As our tounges intertwined my fingers pushed inside and you moaned with pleasure.

Kissing down I found the soft mounds of your tits and with my other hand unbuttoned your blouse slipping my hand inside and cupping one of those big firm titties. Gently I took hold of a nipple and began to pinch rolling it between my thumb and fingers causing yet another gasp from you.

Knowing you were close I dropped to my knees and spread the lips of your pussy pushing my tounge into you tasting the sweet nectar and causing your body to quiver with delight. My lips closed around your clit and i sucked and licked as you began to cum one of the first of many orgasms you would have tonight.

I kept at you as you came intensily licking at your hot box as your cum flowed into my mouth and coated my lips and cheeks.Damn I love the way you taste. As the climax began to subside I thought about gently letting you come down then, changed my mind and went all out pushing you immediately into another mind blowing orgasm.

Having fun babe ? I asked as u regained your senses a bit and licked gently at your still pulsing clit savoring every drop of your sweet nectar. You just groaned and shook your head. Good I said because this is just the beginning of what I have planned for you tonight............. TBC
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