The Poles Part 2
She was still standing but,barely. A soft glow on her face as she smiled at me. "I love the way you eat pussy babe" she said in between breaths. "Maybe you should have a taste then" as I rose and slid my tounge into her mouth. She moaned softly as she tasted her cum her hands immediately going to to my hard cock.

"Your turn" she said as she dropped to her knees unzipping my pants and releasing my throbbong hard-on. There was no mistaking what she wanted as she slid her mouth all the way down my cock. This blowjob wasnt about finesse it was about me cumming in her mouth.

No playing around teasing she wanted it and now. Her head began to pump in long strokes taking my entire length as she pumped with one hand and played with my full balls with her other. The noises from the blowjob she was giving were as incredible as the moans coming from her as she sucked.

As hot as she was I knew as soon as I came in her mouth shae would cum again too and after the work over she gave me it was fast approaching. I felt my balls begin to tighten as she buried her face in my abs my entire cock down her throat and then all the way back up to the head as she fucked her mouth onto me.

I moaned as I felt it begin deep in my balls and my cock throbbed and began to pump. She felt it too and cried out around my hardness as I exploded into her mouth. Theinstant she tasted the hot white cream she came again and kept cumming as my pulsing member pumped volley after volley of hot man juice into her mouth and inbetween screams of her own release she swallowed as much as she could but, leaving some run down her chin and onto her gorgeous big tits.

As we both came down from our climaxes she kept sliding the full length of me slowly enjoying the taste of me. then looked up at me and licked my cock clean. Without saying a word she stood and slid her tounge into my mouth and we moaned at the taste of each other's mingled cum.

I kissed her gently and held her in my arms as I told her " babe that was wonderful as always but your night is just beginning"...............
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