The Pool
We walk hand in hand into the pool room. We both notice that the room is empty and I give you a mischievous smile. All kinds of naughty scenarios are running through my head and I know you can tell this by the way you are smiling and wink at me. We get into the pool and the water is very refreshing and feels good against my skin. We swim for a little while, playing and splashing each other and then I head to the side and am floating against the side of the pool facing inward so I can watch you, just relaxing. I close my eyes momentarily and then sense you in front of me. I can feel the heat of your body close to me and I open my eyes. You float closer to me and pull my body to you and start kissing my neck and then trail a line of kisses up my neck to my mouth and start passionately kissing me. I gasp and you take this opportunity to slide your tongue into my mouth rubbing it against mine our tongues intertwined. Both of us affected by this kiss and breathing heavier than normal.

You turn me around so my back is to you and I feel your hand slide up to my breast. You slip your hand into my swimsuit and start caressing my breasts until my nipples peak in your hand. I start to moan and you tell me we have to be quiet so we don't get caught. You start pinching my nipples softly at first but then harder and harder and I am pushing my breasts into your hands not being able to keep still needing the sensations you are creating.

You stop playing with my breasts and trail your hand down my body to my pussy which you can feel through my suit is very hot. You slide your hand into the bottom of my swimsuit. Your fingers on my clit rubbing and teasing it. You slide a finger into my hot pussy and start thrusting in and out and then add an additional finger. I gasp and you know I may not be able to continue being quiet so you kiss me your mouth catching and muffling my moans. My hands have not been still during the teasing you are doing, driving me crazy with lust for you. I have reached behind me and am rubbing and stroking your cock through your swimsuit. I am thrilled to feel you so hard in my hand.

You tell me to remain still for a minute, remove your fingers from my pussy and then I feel you move even closer to me, so close I can feel your erection poking against my ass. You make an adjustment to your suit and mine and then slide your hard throbbing cock into my red hot pussy from behind. You feel so good inside of me. The feel of your hot shaft is contrasted by the cool water and the sensation is incredible. I tremble in your arms. You start a slow and easy rhythm letting our bodies float in the water. We come apart and come together come apart and come together just like the waves in the ocean. The sensations you are building are very sensuous and I can feel my own passion climbing higher and higher until I explode in an orgasm so intense it takes my breath away.

You slide your cock out of my body and turn me around to share another passionate kiss. I look around and make sure we are still alone. Once sure I take your hand and lead you from the pool into the whirlpool. I give you a minute to get settled and then climb up onto your lap with one leg on each side of you. I readjust both of our suits and take your still hard cock into my hand and guide it to the entrance of my pussy. I slide down onto your cock taking it into my pussy. Once you are all the way in I still for a moment to savor the feel of you inside of me. I love that the whirlpool almost makes me feel weightless and start to move on your cock.

I start a slow rhythm but am not able to stay that way for long. You put your arms around me and grab my ass. You push me up and down on your cock. Our combined rhythm gets faster and faster, I can feel your cock start to throb and get more swollen. I know you are not far from cumming. So I get off of your cock and pull your body so your hips and cock are just above the water,

I engulf your hard, throbbing cock in my mouth and begin to suck you. I moan at the taste and feel of you in my mouth and begin to suck even harder and faster. I desperately want to taste your cum. I want you to bury yourself deep in my throat and shoot your hot creamy load into my mouth and down my throat. You start fucking my mouth while holding my head to you and give one last stroke and tell me "Oh God, I am cumming, oh yes swallow all the hot, thick, sticky cum I can give you. Don't miss a single drop of my sperm baby." I feel you swell and then explode in my mouth your hot cum sliding down my throat, You pull out from between my lips and rub your cock all over my face. You then lean over and give me a gentle kiss.
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