The Porch Swing
The Porch Swing
By: Rockin Rach

It is one of those days, a lazy summer afternoon and I am curled up on my porch swing and enjoying the balmy summer breeze from the ocean. It is just me, a tall cold glass of lemonade, a computer, and my thoughts. As so many times in the past my mind strays into the erotic portion of my brain and I recall memories of past love and then my thoughts turn to the present and I take note of my body tingling and the fact I should respond to this urge. I have come to the realization that I love sex. I suppose that does not make me unusual; most women do. But, my urge to share my desires with people online isn't so common. Maybe I love the attention, and maybe by sharing, part of me hopes others will share their own desires with me.

Such things are never easy to speak of or accepted in today's society. Maybe it is easier for guys, but I don't know if that's true. I do know most girls find it very difficult to talk about their intimate secrets and I think that is a shame. How can we hope to achieve a satisfying sex life if we are too embarrassed to share our needs, our desires, and passions with others? I never hesitate to tell my lover how I feel, or what I want him or her to do to or for me.

Today I am thinking about masturbation. I would like to masturbate with someone else today, but alas, I am home alone. Noting that, I unbutton the top of my cutoff jeans and ease my fingers just under the black waistband of my panties. I can feel the warm skin of my mound and my labia swollen a bit, not fully engorged yet. I can feel the silky moistness that I have come to love.

Boys, always fun for me and that, is saying a lot for a bi-sexual woman to admit. I am drawn to a man's strength and confidence that men exude. I have had sex with men since I was in high school, so I am very aware of how my body reacts to their touch. Sharing a sexual fantasy with the right man can be intensely satisfying for me, but I am not exclusively
Straight as you well know. I enjoy the company of other women as my personal preference. As I have had sex with men less often, and often I will share my sexual fantasies with some of them, but those moments make me feel special, and can be very powerful for me. Regardless of gender though, a passionate lover, with whom I can connect with, turns my simple moments of self-pleasure into something far more satisfying.

Writing for me is my way of expressing my naughty thoughts and I have found it not to be much different stories that I read online and often times, like now I let my fingers wander and the result is very pleasing. Oh, yes, It is only a one way dialog, but I assure you, I become just as aroused and wet when I'm writing a good story as I do during a hot round of online sex. As you are reading this, I assume you feel the same, so, I am just going to come out and ask, would you like to play with me?

I want to play with you, and just so you know, tonight, I am a sure thing, an easy lay. Mmmm, saying that to you makes me blush. I am biting my bottom lip as I think about it and then I shove my finger into my wet pussy. I am going to be such a slut for you though. I will be nasty and explicit in relating to you every little detail of what I am doing to my tight, little body. Therefore, without delay l will work on my afternoon orgasm and if you like feel free to join me. Wrap your fingers around your prick, give it a little squeeze, lean back, and enjoy masturbating as I tell you my erotic thoughts.

My favorite place to fantasize and play with myself is while lying in my chair. A big, overstuffed leather recliner just swallows me up when I curl up in it. I find it puts my body at the perfect angle, allowing me to tap on my computer while still being able to touch my cute little kitty. I am holding the tablet under my breasts right now. I love how the lighted screen silhouettes my nipples in front of it. Mmm, I can easily flick my thumbs over my fat nipples, getting them all hard and pert for you.

Fuck, I am already getting wetter. Telling you that makes me blush more deeply, but being able to be a wanton slut is part of my fun. If you could just see me laying here, with one leg over the arm, spreading my thighs open and letting my pussy lips part slightly. A hint of pink bath in fresh nectar makes my pussy glisten.


I bet you would love to run your tongue right between my swollen lips and that I imagine as I finger myself. My wet fingertip is not quite so soft or warm as your tongue, but if I tickle my labia just so... Oh, fuck yeah, just like that. Mmm, I love it when a firm, wet tongue laps my juicy kitty and it sends shivers racing through my body. I am cupping my naked breast and pinching my nipples as you lick my damp pussy. The sensation of fondling my boobs while your soft lips caress my fevered pussy seeps straight into my inner core. I drag my nails roughly over my mound, timing my touch to yours...

Oh My God, I am soaking wet, dripping a little to tell the truth.

My two fingers are slipping deep into my pussy now, making those sexy, squishy sounds that guys like so much to hear from a woman. It used to embarrass me when my pussy got this wet, now; it just makes me want to feel a nice, hard cock slamming up inside me. I am beginning to wish I had brought a dildo with me for this. Oh, fuck! I just rubbed my wet fingers over my clit. Just barely touching it sends this warm pulse into my belly. I am holding my breast with my left hand, tweaking my thick nipple as my right draws quick little circles around my engorged hard clit. Oh, my gosh, I can feel the warmth spreading into my thighs now...

I wonder are you touching yourself. I hope so, baby. It turns me on to know you are playing with me. I think about it, thick, pulsating as your hand is pumping it and the pre-come dances on the head of your dick. I would love it if you were stroking your cock for me. Maybe you will read this and then rub one out later letting you cum spew like a geyser tonight...
I do that a lot after reading a story. Sometimes, I will be wet for hours before I make myself cum. When I am that hot, I sometimes imagine sucking off every cute guy I see, or just sinking my nails into a pretty girl's sweet ass and screaming as I cum on her pussy.

Whew... I could come quickly now, if I wanted to but I like to ridge the orgasmic edge with you. Thinking about all of this has me in fucking heat. My whole body is flush, and I feel a tingling in my cunt that's just screaming for me to cum all over my fingers. My shaved pussy is inflamed and my lips are full and puffy as I rub my fingers over them. Ah, ouch! I am pinching my nipple hard as I frig my clit. The sudden sting makes me ache, and I bear down on my fingers putting a death grip on them. I am dying to arch my back now. A fine sheen of sweat covers my body. I so wish I could hear you moaning as your strokes are furious, your cock straining, I want to know you are getting close. Whether you are stroking your big, fat cock, or rubbing your finger over your balls I just love to watch you jack off.

I am edging myself. It is damn hard to pull my fingers away from my slit, but the sensation of my nails dragging lightly over my inner thighs makes me quiver in my chair. My legs are wide open for you. Would you let me play, or just flip me over and fuck me hard?

God, I need that so badly now. My toes are curling as I think about you bending me over this chair and drilling my sloppy cunt hard. Begging you to pull my hair and slap my ass until I scream. That thought of it is making my pussy drool. I feel so empty now. I need your stiff fingers plunging into me, or your warm mouth sucking my juices out. A hard cock would feel so good inside me now. Come on baby; stroke that fat cock for me. Imagine yourself fucking my tight little pussy.

My fingers dripping with my juice and I would offer them to you if you were here. Having you lick them clean would be so fucking hot. Licking them myself is almost as good though. I love the tangy taste of my pussy. At first, it has a very slight musky taste, but the more I play, and the wetter I get, the fresher it becomes. I lick them clean several times as I masturbate for you, covering my fingers with saliva, before bringing them back to my sensitive little button.

Oh damn, baby! My touch feels electric now. Breathing hard and squirming in my chair. I use my fingertips to rub circles around my clit, making her pulse with a radiant heat that is filling my body, enveloping me in a haze of lust. I wish you were here with me right now. God, the things you would do to me if you saw me like this. As much as I do want you to fuck me, we have plenty of time for that. What I would like more is for you to stand right in front of me, almost between my quivering thighs as you stroke that big, beautiful cock of yours.

The vision of your fist gripping your shaft so tightly that it turns purple, and that distinct 'fwap fwap' of your fist pulling your skin over your turgid head makes my mouth water. When I close my eyes, I can see you jacking your cock right over me. My blood is blazing with the need to see you cum. God, I can't even begin to describe how sexy it is to watch you jack off over me.

"Come on, baby," I whisper to you. "I want you to come all over my tits."
Would you grant me that wish? You have no idea how much it turns me on to see you come. Hearing you grunt as those thick ribbons of hot cum explode from your cock, and the sensation of it splashing on my body makes me gasp. Oh, fuck. I love how it feels on my skin and the scent! It is just overwhelming when I catch the odor of fresh cum.

I am rubbing my pussy faster now. My fingers are slick with my juices, and my body feels like it is on fire. Maybe you would pull me to the edge of the chair and slide your fingers into me. Oh, yeah, fuck me hard, baby; I love it hard and rough. Mmm, fuck, it almost feels like you could make me squirt... Oh, my God, I love having my pussy abused like that.

By then, I would be begging to suck your cock. I can almost feel your hands in my long hair, pulling me out of the chair and forcing me to my knees. To feel the slap of your cock on my cheeks, to rub that thick head on my lips and make me beg for it with my open mouth. I am rubbing my pussy hard as you shove that thick organ down my throat! Fuck baby, make me choke me on it; make me gag on it until my face turns bright red. I can almost taste you now...
I bob my head faster, sucking you deep into my mouth and swallowing your scrumptious prick down my throat. My fingers are strumming my clit so fast, like a banjo player playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I can feel my need to cum growing in my core. Oh, fuck, I want to taste your come. Please, don't make me wait! Fill my mouth and I will cum all over my fingers for you...

I know you would not let me off that easy, would you? No, you would not be satisfied until you get to fuck me. I can feel your strength as you push me into the carpet. Your body is so heavy and powerful; I just love having you take me like this. I love feel the sting of your hand as you slap my thighs apart and when you drive that hard cock into my cunt... Ohh fuck, it feels so thick as it stretches my tight hole.

I'm powerless under you, holding on, just trying to breathe as you pound my pussy with your cock. I feel the pressure of your body slamming into me, making my breasts bounce each time you drive it deep. My channel clasps around you, milking you in my sleeve as we fuck. I feel your hot breath washing over me, inflaming me until my body grows taut. The constant, deep massage of your cock head in my cunt is making my thighs quake. My eyes bore into yours, seeing your feral need consume you. It is what I need, baby. Seeing you become lost in your lust for me! It's what I have been craving, and my heart is thrumming so fast I can hear my blood rushing in my ears.

I scream out-loud, as I begin to come on your cock. My pussy pulses and throbs, squeezing you tightly, and I writhe under you as you join me in orgasm! I feel your grip on me tighten, and your cock seems to get even bigger as you thrust it deeply into me. Then, I hear you grunt and growl as your hot cum floods into me...
Mmm, fuck! I love that feeling. Your wetness adds to mine and you still banging me as your balls empty into me. For a moment, your whole body is as hard as steel, and then, your strength fails you, and you collapse on me.

Baby, you have no idea how satisfying that is for me. Knowing I drew such an amazing response from you... Oh, my god, I just love it when your head falls onto my breasts and your breathing begins to slow. I smile and hold you, letting you know how good a lover you are.

Now my shorts lie on the porch, my panties lie on the swing and my pussy coated with my fresh cum. I feel warm and very satisfied with my afternoon delight. My lemonade is gone and now I need a shower as my fantasy ends for now. I hope yours was as good as mine was. See you in my dreams lover.

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