The Preparation
It's early in the morning when my alarm goes off. The rooms are still dark, fighting against the spreading light from the sunrise that is occurring outside of my bedroom window. I quickly turn my alarm off and hop out of bed. I am filled with sense of great anxiety but yet imbued with a sense of excitement. I laugh at this dichotomy that ripples through my conscious being. For the first time in ages, I feel alive. I am taking control of my life. I am taking care of ME.

I walk into the bathroom and turn the faucets. The shower immediately starts running with hot water and the room quickly becomes moist and sensuous with steam.. I quickly strip off the tee shirt I slept in and step into the shower. Steam envelopes me even as the hot water begins to cascade over my lithe body. I soap my hands and run them over my stomach and across my breasts. As my fingers run across my already hardened nipples my body involuntarily spasms and arches as I come to realize how worked up I am at just the thought of meeting him today. I lightly pinch both nipples at the same time. Moaning as the they continue to harden under my practiced fingers ministrations. The sensation in my nipples spirals wildly through my body, almost out of control until it finally settles as a burning heat between my thighs. I can feel my body growing slick with a moisture that has nothing to do with the water that pounds down upon my fevered body. I moan but resist the temptation to slide my finger into the heated folds of my most private body part. I mustn't forget that I am up early and in the shower all in preparation for meeting him for a day of sexy fun.

Reluctantly I remove my fingers from my nipples and recommence with soaping my body. After the water sluices away all the soap, I pick up the shaving cream. I start with my legs. I work up a good lather and begin to coat my long legs. My hands slide over my muscled calves and down to my ankles. Fully coated, I pick up the razor and begin the process of running the razor up my legs. As I the razor grazes up my leg, my mind once again slips into the anticipation of our time together. I imagine it is your gentle hand moving up my leg instead of the slow steady cadence of the razor. I imagine it is your fingers and tongue touching my body in all the places the razor is caressing. My imagination flies on wings of it's own. My breathing deepens causing my chest to rise and fall in a rhythmic pattern. I close my eyes as I gather my senses. My needs are so great that I'm struggling to not give in to the temptations to take care of that pressing, burning need. But no, it will only be a short while until I'm with him....he will take care of those needs for me, and in a much better way than I can do on my own.

Keeping the razor in my hand, I move up my body. I know that I will be absolutely tortured as I continue my shaving duties. There is no way that I can not notice the wetness lingering on my pussy lips as I slowly and carefully work the razor over and around my most sensitive flesh. I had thought I had reached the pinnacle of torture as I had envisioned his hands caressing my flesh instead of the sharp razor scraping against my skin. Nothing compared to the sensations that spiraled out of control as I shaved this area. My innocent touch caused me to burn with a fire that I knew would remain unquenched until you touched me. The utter sensuous nature of shaving this area rippled through me. Coupled with that was the fact that I knew that this was going to be the first time in quite some time (if not ever) that you were going to be with a woman that was completely shaved. Some of my excitement was simply this knowledge. I knew that you were highly turned on by this fact. On my end, knowing that I was doing something that was going to incite you to passion beyond reason just inflamed my senses. I was doomed. I slipped my finger between the dewy folds of my pussy. My body reacted and instantaneously I felt my body reacting and building toward a fast approaching orgasm. I groaned out loud. I could not do this. I had said that I was going to not cum until we were together at last. Heaving a sigh, I withdrew my finger and finished my shower without the release that my body was screaming to receive.

My torture was not over. My body was warm and highly stimulated from my shower and the carnal thoughts that had flitted through my head during the highly personal act of showering and cleaning my body. I felt every touch of the towel against my aroused skin. Every stroke up my body as I sluiced the water off of my skin made me think of how your tongue was going to feel on my body. The thought of that hot tongue of yours tracing paths over my skin had me shivering with anticipation.

Lotion was next. I slathered my body with the gentle softening power of the lotion. The gentle scent rose up to swirl around me in the arid room. Once again my mind ran in circles knowing that in just a few hours that you were going to have your hands caressing my body in the very same way that I was doing. The fire burned hotter still. It was only my promise that I had made to you that kept me from slipping up to sit on the bathroom counter and pulling my vibrator out of the drawer. But no, a promise is a promise. I ruefully shook my head as I turned to the task of dressing without fulfilling the need that incessantly shrieked it's need inside my head.

In a short matter of time I was on my way. The nervous energy kicks in.
"Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my God, it's really going to happen!" This litany goes through my brain over and over as I drive. It pounds against my senses as I grip the steering wheel as I drive in the morning traffic. I moan each and every time that the traffic slows. I have made up my mind to meet him, I've prepared my body and now I just want to get there.

I pull into the parking lot where we are set to meet. My womanly lips are moist with sexual anticipation even as my stomach clenches with nervousness. My eyes scan the parking lot. The nerves are on high alert my body hums with sexual tension. The duality of my emotions isn't lost on me. Finally, I see him standing beside his car. He greets me with a large smile and holds out his hand to mine. I grasp his hand and in a flash all is ok.

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