The Professor's friends
Dan's story
I woke up in the woods about 2 miles away from home , I was lost and I was stark naked, the police thought I was some kind of pervert, the newspaper are warning residents there is a flasher on the loose. I know I agreed to the drugs trial but the side effects are not worth the measly amount your paying me, I have been put on the police sex register!

Dan had agreed to do a drugs trial, he was lazy and just wanted easy money. He had expected Professor Williams to be some old guy but the Professor was a middle aged good looking women and her good looks made it hard for Dan to say no.

The Professor convinced Dan to continue with the trial she changed his pills, she needed to know more, why had he got naked and how did he get so far into the woods. She booked him in for an appointment with her and a psychiatrist.

The psypsychiatrist was a young women called Mel, she was sleek body dark hair with a red streak, her boobs were unnoticeable behind her white coat. She asked Dan to recreate what happened that night.

Dan was uncomfortable, the Professor gave him some meds to relax him. It was hard for Dan the last thing he remembered that night was watching porn would they judge him?

(Dan) well I was watching a video, a porno.
(Mel) hmmm ok tell me more.
(Dan) the girl in the film was touching herself.
(Mel) where was she touching?
(Dan) well down there.
Mel opened her white coat, etched up her skirt and placed her fingers on her panties.
(Mel) was she touching her pussy Dan?
(Dan) yes yes she was, she was rubbing her pussy.
(Mel) like this?
Mel's fingers stroked her white panties Dan could see Mel was getting wet.
(Dan) then the guy licked the girls pussy.
Mel looked Dan in the eyes and licked her lips.
(Mel) do you want to lick my pussy Dan?

Dan stood up, he undone his jeans, he had to release his bulge, with his bum in the air Dan got on all fours and tucked his tongue in Mel's panties. Her scent was wild it woke his passion, his tongue became a slide for Mel's juice to enter his mouth.

Mel removed her panties allowing Dan to get a sniff, he held her bum and buried his face back in her pussy, his tongue constantly rubbing inside at the top of Mel's pussy, her reaction reassuring him he was pleasing her.

Mel was sitting half in pleasure half in fear, the Professor watched on, Dan's tongue reached further than any cock and did so much more but now she felt his teath against her mound, his body was now covered in hair, the man was now a wolf.
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