The Question
I never thought I would have this conversation with my new husband. We were getting horny watching porn together. He had brought home a rental from the video store. As we watched two couples on the video who were sharing each other, he just said out of the blue, "Why don't we do that?"

"You're kidding!"

"No, I am not. Just think about it. What a great way to keep our marriage exciting. I would only want to if we were both turned on by the other couple."

"Why did you come up with this out of the blue?"

"It wasn't like that at all. While I was looking at the titles in the video store, this guy came up to me and showed me a video and told me this was an excellent one. The cover showed two couples getting ready to have some fun."

"Just like that."

"Well, he and his wife had seen us in a restaurant and thought we looked like a hot couple. When she saw me in the xxx section of the video store, he decided to ask if we would be interested."

"And you said?"

"I told him that I would have to discuss it with you. If you were unsure, they would be at the Labora Friday night. We would not say anything to each other, only see if you and I were interested."

"And then what happens?"

"It seems they like to make it different; each would be the date of the other spouse. He would pick you up and take you to Labora's where we would all meet, but keep the dating role-playing throughout the evening. If all works out, we will go dancing and enjoying our new company. Then if all agreed we would go rent a hotel room or two depending on our preference."

"Damn, seems you two have worked it all out."

"What do you say, babe? Would you like to try, any of us could call it off at any time."

"I will have to think about this one before I agree."

I didn't have to think about it that much as I was wet as hell from just watching the two couples swapping on the screen. I had to let him sweat a little. I needed to pay him back for what one of the bridesmaids did with him before the ceremony. I am certainly going to get back at her for that little dido.

I lay in bed thinking about how beautiful it would be to feel something new in me. If he were any good, it probably would be more than once together or alone. I was not sure about only one hotel room. Each of us having a room could be more romantic, but just one room would be erotic. I decided to let them make the decision. I left a note in his briefcase that said, ‘I am game if you are. Only cost you a new outfit.' I wondered when he got to work and found that note, how fast he would call me. He must have been at work 10 minutes when the phone rang. He expressed all the gratitude and openness I was willing to try. I felt like saying, "Honey, it is not that big of a deal, we are just going to fuck a stranger."
He came home from work with it all arranged. We would go to dinner and just look. Friday night came, and I was anxious to see who thought I was hot. We were already seated when they walked in. He was so masculine it was no brainier. Sexiness dripped off of him. She, on the other hand, was straight out of Vogue. My ‘wants to roam' husband's tongue was hanging out. She was beautiful, so beautiful I would do her myself if she wanted. We ate but observed when she went to the ladies room, and he went for a smoke. I liked him smoking. I always got turned on by smoking with a man before sex. You can still be so seductive when you smoke. We left before they did and passed by their table. Looks of wanting were evident, but only smiles were acknowledged.

Hubby asked, "You still think it is a go?" I answered the best way I could. I unzipped his pants and took him out. I sucked on him all the way home. He said no more as he knew I was ready. We stayed in the driveway until he came. I am sure he was not thinking about me when he did. My little secret, I was not thinking about him either.

I went all out with a new outfit. New shoes, which were entirely straps, were very sexy. New black lace bikini panties and dark sheer elastic thigh highs were set on our bed. A black V neck dress required a new bra, pushing more from the sides than up. Even with the low V, the bra could not be seen with the thin strap across the front. The dress was short but long enough not to show the tops of the thigh highs. I only wanted them to show when needed, and then bare thigh got their eye. A few bracelets and a long necklace to sit between my pushed in breasts. I planned to wear my hair up as I thought I looked sexier that way. I was set.

John and I were both excited the day of the big date. I put up my hair and spent an hour on makeup. The panties and bra slipped on followed by the thigh highs. The dress fits me so well I was lucky to find it. The little gal who sold it to me told me she had one like it and wore it to a party where a lot of good things happened. I interpreted that to mean she got laid. My sexy black multiple strap shoes were last. I looked in the mirror and said, "Anybody that didn't want to fuck me looking like this, is dead." John walked in and looked at me, and said. "Damn woman, I am not sure I should let you do this." I said, "Don't worry babe, you are going to get that thing of yours into Beth, and that will tickle your balls no end. You won't even think of me." He just smiled.

He got dressed and left to pick up Beth, as I waited for my prince charming who I didn't even know his name. Him looking like he did I didn't even care if I ever knew it. When the doorbell rang, with a quick look in the mirror, I went to the door and opened it. He looked at me, and said, "Madam, Peter at your service." I thought, ‘I certainly hope so.'

"Peter, Natasha here."

"Natasha, lovely name, lovely woman."

I decided that I was not going to use my real name, but have fun being the new me all the way. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. His hands were strong on me. I felt like saying, ‘Let's just stay here and fuck!' but then we would miss all the fun of maybe a single room, which I hoped would happen. All the possibilities with one place were just too erotic to pass up. I did want to see John fuck another woman, and wanted to see his face as Peter fucked me. Or maybe all of us in bed fucking our new partners, and perhaps even fucking our spouses.

Peter led me out the door to his car, opened the door and watched me get in. I did it right, and the skirt rode up exposing the top of the thigh highs and even a little bare thigh, which I modestly pulled the skirt down after he got his eyeful. Now I knew that later I was going to be naked with him, but I just wanted him to want me as much as his Beth. On the way to Labora, we chatted about the world situation. I was hoping we would talk about our situation but arrived at Labora before that happened. The valet attendant opens the door and helps me. Poor lad didn't know where to look, bare thigh or exposed tits. He just admired as much as he could of each.

The hostess led us to a shell booth where my John and Beth were nestled in. The usual banter of how lovely Beth and I looked as I slipped into the booth next to Beth with Peter following me in. We ordered drinks then dinner, and finally, the talk turned to sex.

"We have to decide whether to get one room or two."

"Peter, I think we should let the girls decide."

"I don't mind one room. How about you Natasha?"

"I guess it is one room then."

With that, I felt a hand on my leg well above the thigh high tops. I looked at Peter, and he smiled as he pushed my skirt to my panties and a finger or knuckle pressed on my pussy. It was pretty bold of him to do that in the crowded restaurant, but I did not stop him. He withdrew his hand, took out the phone from the waiter, and called which turned out to be a hotel in the area and reserved one ‘smoking allowed' room with a king size bed. I was getting close to having a strange cock when another hand was on my leg. It was not Peter who was still blabbing on the phone. I looked at Beth, and she smiled, as she moved her hand and pressed it against my cunt. The only way I could get my right hand to explore her was to lean towards John to ask him something. While having my conversation with John, I slipped my right hand up her skirt and felt her bare thighs until I reached her pantie-less pussy. I don't know when she started or if Peter knew, but I learned about the delights of another woman's pussy in college, and it was the most fun I had at college. We indeed went both ways. She leaned over holding her hand on the side of my breast, and whispered, "It doesn't have to end here with you and me." I nodded. With the bill paid we all went to our cars and drove to the hotel.

Peter took the lead and caressed my ass all the way down the hallway to the room. John and Bess were behind us, and god knows what John was up to with Beth. We entered the room, and it all did look inviting for a romp. The men started shedding clothes, stopping with John in his boxers and Peter with boxer briefs. Both of them were slightly swollen, but I am sure Beth and I would take care of that. Jewelry was removed to allow the men to take off what they wanted from us. When I looked at Beth, John had her completely nude, and if that didn't turn him on, I certainly was. What a fucking body she had. As I was looking, I lost my dress, followed by my bra and panties. Both men wanted us to keep our heels on and my thigh highs. Beth and I stared at the men exposed themselves when they dropped their underwear. I was not unhappy with what I saw. Both of them standing there with their cocks at half mast was more than an invitation, it was so sexy,

John started making out with Beth. OK, I was jealous, watching him explore her with kisses and hands. Him kissing her breasts got me going when Peter came up behind me and put his arms around me. He had a lit cigarette in his hand and put it to my lips, as I felt him push against my ass with his cock. I took a deep inhale of the cigarette and turned to him and kissed him, blowing the smoke into his open lips. I whispered to him, "I want to share even more with you." He leaned hard into me, and we kissed which seemed like a forever time, with both our tongues exploring each other's mouth. He spun me around and held his cock against my ass. He asked, "Do you ever take it here?" as he bumped my ass with a gentle stroke. "Only if you want to," I whispered back.

"You are so beautiful! Full lovely breasts and your bare cunt is something to behold. Your ass is divine, and I would love to fuck it."

"If you have lube, I would more than welcome you to fuck me there."

"I came prepared. The first time I saw you in Labora's with your ass swaying I just had to have it."

"I did prepare it, just in case."

"You hot fucking bitch!"

"Are you going to eat this hot fucking bitch? You even give me some human lube on my ass entryway."

"Lie on the bed Natasha; it is time for me to get introduced to that bare cunt of yours."

As I climbed into the bed, I saw my John fucking Beth like there was no tomorrow. She had her heeled feet high, just the way John liked it. His rhythm made her gasp with every stroke. I didn't know who I was jealous of more her or him. I felt my legs being lifted and spread. I felt sucking on my thighs, and when I looked down, I watched Peter go down where it all counted. He came up only for a second and said, "You fucking cunt. Be a whore for me, Natasha!" I pushed my pussy against his face and yelled, "Eat this whore's cunt. Maybe you will get that prick in me, Peter." It is evident that Peter liked dirty talk while doing sexual things. I didn't mind that at all. I sometimes wished John would like that as much as I did.

The explosion of John cumming was something I liked to hear. The thing I wanted I about it this time was Beth shouting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you asshole." Wow! Runs in the family, it was nice to know that Beth liked the dirty talk too. Peter's tongue done exploring with pleasant feelings on the lips of my pussy and the bud of my ass, he finally concentrated on the right spot, and I saw flashes of light as I came hard. My body jerked around like a puppet on a string. Peter did not wait but moved up and took his cock and stuffed into my cunt. He pumped me for only a minute, and I came again. Oh god, did I cum! As I turned my head, I saw John and Beth watching me. I enjoyed the fact that they had interrupted their lovemaking to watch. Peter sent a series of grunts in the air, as he came and dumped his load in me.

Then if by some signal both men went to their spouses and started eating us. John was licking me like crazy, and I heard Beth say, "Right there, right there, you mother fucker!" Peter was lapping her cunt even faster than John was drinking the wetness from mine. I thought, ‘Could it be the boys like more than pussy to play with?' If that happened, Beth would be free game for me. After making Beth cum, Peter slithered over back to me, pushing John in the direction of Beth. John and Beth cuddled trying to recover from all the action. When I saw the tube of lube in Peter's hand, I knew he was not done playing and have no intention of cuddling. He rolled me over and lifted me to my knees then pushed my shoulders down to the bed. Again, John and Beth decided to watch.

The lube was cold on my asshole. He cleaned his hands all over my cheeks. I felt that touch there that was made to go the other way, but this time with a little poking and prodding enough was open for a full, smooth stroke. He was partway in, and it hurt as it usually does at this point, but when I pushed back, it slipped in all the way. That feeling of fullness felt terrific. I was getting nicely corn holed. He started a slow fuck. The more he stroked, the better it felt. He kept mumbling, "Fuck your pretty ass, Natasha, fuck it!" As he pumped me, I looked at John and Beth, and John had his finger up Beth's ass. I guess it was going to be that kind of party. Peter dear, filled my ass with some cum, screaming what a whore I was. I thought, ‘Oh my, what is next?'

I wasn't ready for what happened next. Peter rolled me over on top of him. He got his cock back in my ass, and John came to me and slipped his cock into my wide open pussy. I was double penetrated, and my fantasy came true. I wondered if they could feel their cocks working inside of me. Beth came to me and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, "Double Fucked, you lucky girl." She kissed me again, and then took my left nipple into her mouth and teased it unmercifully. I was getting so many feelings I could not handle it, and I went into dreamland, as the men were cumming in me as I orgasm-ed before they did. The only thing I needed was sharing pussies with Beth. I wanted that very much.

We all laid on the bed pretty well spent. We did talk about doing it again, but that never happened. I will never know if John did Beth again, but Peter never entered my ass, mouth or pussy again. Beth was a different story...

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