The Red Headed Woman
Standing at 6ft and 200 lbs. of muscle,I am the kind of man who likes his women full figured and wild,which describes Ms.Megan to a tee. I saw her as she walked in to the Starbucks one day when I was on my way to work. As we past each other,I turned to look at her but she was digging in her handbag too busy to notice me. It was ok,I took the opportounity to look her over, from her copper red hair shoulder length that surrounded her sweet baby face with large green eyes and a sweet kissable mouth. The rest of her I noticed was full figured, with curves for days that seriously gave a coke bottle form a run for it money, especially with that ass of her. It's not often you see a white woman with a nice round ass, and the red head had it. Yes, baby girl made my dick twitch with glee at the thought of having her hot wetness wrapped around it and knew I had to have her! As I was putting sugar in my coffee, I continued to look at her out of the corner of my eyes. She was wearing a deep green wrapped dress that emphasized the shape of her body and the creamy whiteness of her skin. On her feet which were just as attractive she was wearing 3 in black heels that were simply made. Her whole outfit was simple,but attractive. When she came over to where I was sweetening my coffee I could now smell her perfume which reminded me of lavender on a spring morning. Standing next to me she looked up at me and smiled shyly and I smiled back letting it show in my eyes as well. She was soo sweet, innocent and... Could she be??

Megan looked up at the handsome man who had her blushing. She tried looking away giving the appearance that she was interesting in her coffee but she could feel his eyes on her as she wondered why?

Megan had never thought of herself as someone who could attract someone like him. He was all that she had dreamed about. He was tall,dark olive skin sporting close cut military style haircut, strong face,full lips and large black bedroom eyes. Megan had to blink twice to release herself from staring at him as she waited in line for her coffee. She later finds herself standing next to him as she was putting sugar in her coffee. She glances at him out the corner of her eyes as she felt him staring at her. She felt naked under is his stare and she didn't mind one bit.

Yes, she is... how nice. I thought as I reached into my pocket and handed her my cellphone without saying a word. She blinked as if coming out of trance, looked at my phone that I was handing her then back at me. She got the meaning of the gesture and quickly took it from me entering her name and her phone number,then hand it back to me with a shy smile. I could feel the eyes of others on us. Some smiling and some look envious but I didn't give a fuck either way as I had now found what I had been looking for. We left Starbucks without saying a word to each other and went our separate ways. I had decided to call her later in the day as I didn't now want her to wonder or for someone else to get to her. My work day went by swiftly with her ... Megan at the back of my mind but not out of sight. After getting home and heating up dinner I put on some smooth jazz and picked up my cellphone. With Tracy Carter playing in low in the background I looked up her name and press the call button and wait... she picked up on the second ring.


Megan spent all day in somewhat of a dream state. She was happy that the lesson she was teaching her English 9 class was just a review for their test on Friday. Her students realize quickly that something was up because she wasn't as attentive like she normally was. At the end of the day, she left work and turned down an offer to go out for drinks and dinner with one of the new male teachers who was on the Honey list. After what happened this morning, it seemed to her that no other man would measure up. As she drove him, Megan wondered if he knew about her little secret. Sometime she felt like it was written all over her face but and she was sure that each guy she dated could see it but not one seem to catch on. Getting home she quickly got out of her clothes and headed for the shower. The day had been hot in her classroom and the thought of the man from this morning just keep her steaming. The warm water felt soo good on her skin as it ran down and over her curves down the valley between her breasts on its way to down the rest of her body. Squeezing some of her favorite body soap into her hand, Megan started rubbing it onto her skin, slowly and lovingly she touched herself as she imagine it was his hands on her body. Squeezing the fullness of her breast between both her hands as the silkiness of the soap suds added their own smoothness to her touch. By now her pink nipples had hardened and were sensitive to her touch.She moaned aloud her pleasure as she dreamed of him. Megan opened her eyes when she reached that point... and took the shower head off the hook and turned it up to the heading that she knew soo well. Megan then took a seat in the chair in her shower and put the shower head between her legs...mmmmmmmmmmmm. The warm water beating on her clit sending her brain inot sensory overload as she gav herself to the feeling. The sensation started in her center radiating out slowly and with purpose to the other parts of her body. She could feel her skin starting to tingle as her toes curled in delicious pleasure that her body was receiving. And then... it started, Megan threw her head back, opened her opened her mouth and closed her eyes as she cried out her release. She came jerking and moaning aloud in the shower as the water hit her hard clit Megan then slid the level to the last spray and which was a more dense an direct spray against her clit. Her legs shot out and up to her chest as the she held the shower head tightly in place. Megan body shook so hard and fast as her orgasm rode her, she came screaming and crying mixing her tears with the shower spray. When Megan finallycould move she did so with great effortand finished her shower. Getting out of the shower she took her towel and wrapped around herself as she dried off. Her skin still tingling from the orgasm, Megan wrapped a towel around her head as she walked into her bedroom. Feeling so tired she laid across the bed and fell into a deep sleep dreaming about him.........then phone rang... Megan wakes up and reaches for the phone not looking to see who was calling as she did so.


"Hi,this is Connor we met this morning at Starbucks."

"Oh yes,"Megan said as she grabbed the towel pulling it tighter around her as if he could see what she had or didn't have on through her phone. She even took the towel off her now semi dried hair and shook it a loose so it spread around her head and down her shoulder and back. Sitting on her bed with towel tightly wrapped around her and her hair all over her head looking for the entire world like a 50's pin up girl. So for the next 10 minutes they went from,exchanging of names,to general conversation as to jobs and how each others day went.

"Tell me Megan, just before you picked up the phone what were you doing and thinking of?"

"Well,I ahh well,I had gotten out the shower and I sort of dried off and fell asleep," Megan said blushingly as she realized that she was telling him that she was still naked.



I loved how she said my name and I am sure I that I would love it even more later when I had her screaming it, but right now I was interested in how amiable she was to my request.

"Megan, I want you to lie back after you unwrap the towel from around you. Tell me when you are comfortable,I add as I listen to her follow my request."

"Ok,I am comfortable now and my towel is just lying across me," Megan said with a tingle of excitement in her voice.

"Good girl! Now I want you to listen to my voice and only my voice... I want you to close your eyes and don't do anything else until I tell you to." I said as listen to her breathing could tell that she was ready for what was to come.

"Now Megan I want you to slowly move the towel down your body as you massage your skin. Say yes if you understand me."

"Yes Connor," Megan said in a breathy little girl voice.

Megan loved her own touch and to think that Connor was telling her want to do and how to do it seemed to make it all the more sensual and erotic. Laying the phone in her hair next to her face after she had turned up the volume, Megan started following Connors request. Stroking her shoulders then moving own to her breasts as she push the towel down her body she grabbed as much of breast as she could whole in her hands massage their fleshy bounty ....

"Megan what are you doing?"

"I am massaging my breast..."

"I didn't tell you to do that,I said sternly?" Megan had gone father then I had wanted her to... but it pleased me to know that she was more than willing to do all and more if asked to.

"I am sorry Connor and it's just that it feels soo good!!"


"I am sorry Connor... I will stop", Megan said a little afraid that she had upset him.

"Megan what color are you nipples?," I asked now knowing that I had her full attention.

"They are pink... kind of like bubble gum pink," Megan said a she examined her nipples, which were plump and fat.

"Nice,now pinch them for me," I said as I envisioned her doing what I had requested. I could hear her moan softly in the background and I felt my cock respond. I pulled it out and started to stroke .

"Let me hear you, Megan," I said.

She started to moan louder and as I listen closer I could hear her purring.

"Yes, Connor"

I smiled at how sweet the response and how respectful......

"Is your pussy shaved or not?"

"Oh noo Connor it not ... I"

"That will be taken care of,"I said as I imagine her laying there looking like a little girl who had gotten caught for doing some bad...

"I want you to slide two fingers into your pussy and rub your clit softly for me and do it until I tell you to stop." Still stroking with precum leaking out of my cock, I waited to hear her response.

Ohhhhahhhh Megan moaned into the air as she massaged her pussy not just her clit, which was all warm, wet and yummy. She imagined Connor watching her masturbate for his pleasure and it soo turned her on!

I listened to her enjoying the pleasure that she was given to herself and to me as I listened and I smiled.

"Tell me how it feels Baby...," I whispered in the phone envisioning all that creamy white skins and that copper red hair.

"Ohhh Connorrrrr I am want to come Megan said whaling

"No,not yet spread your legs for me and close your eyes until I tell you to open them."

Again,Megan did as she was told not knowing what to expect she continued fingering her pussy which was now slobby wet.

I looked down at her and she was as I had imagined her to be. Her skin soft and the color of rich cream with a downy patch of copper red hair there, her long hair spread out around her head like a copper halo. Megan beautiful green eyes were close and her mouth open as she moaned her pleasure. I reached down and smack her fingers out of her pussy and her green eyes shot open in surprise and pleasure. I took off my tee shirt dropping on the floor wearing only my jean I reached out and grabbed her by her nicely tapered ankles and pull her to the edge of the bed. Now with her eyes wide open and still in shock I looked into Megan's lust filled green eyes and smiled.

NOOOO he can't be here, Megan thought as she looked up at him. Connor was standing in her house at the foot of her bed smiled down at her with just a pair of jeans on. Megan felt her whole body contract with want looking at him. She closed her mouth and moaned softly.

Still looking at her baby doll face,went to my knees and placed my lips where her fingers had been. Slowly licking and sucking on every inch of skin in her pussy before sucking her clit into my mouth. As her plump thighs hugged my head I grabbed her ass with both hands and massage the plump fleshy mounds. This woman was exquisite and all that I desired now time to make her mine...

Megan mind was screaming wait,no stop as her body was going full steam head into whatever Connor was offering. She knew that she couldnt stop now if she wanted to when his mouth took control of her pussy. Now purring with pleasure as he gave her such delicious oral worshipping,Megan rubbed her silky smooth thighs against the side of face. Squeezing her breasts and even putting the nipple of right breast in her mouth sucking on it as Connor made her purr even more.

I glance up to see a sight that sent my blood boiling. Megan is sucking her own breast like a child at her breast nursing, while she massages and pinched the nipple of the other breast like I had told her to do earlier. I pushed her thighs apart with little effort and slid up her body to her candy pink lips as she released her nipple from her mouth. Megan innocent and surprise formed her mouth into a perfect pouty candy pink perfect O. I smiled inside and out as I claimed her lips and replacing her hands with mines. I feasted on her softness and sweetness of her flesh against mines as my cock was straining to get out of the confinement of my jeans. It was time to claim what was mine to claim..........

Megan was melting inside and out as the heat mixed with desire radiate from their bodies. She had never been made to feel like she was so desired by any man until now. Kissing him and licking his lips she tasted herself and moaned into his mouth. Megan wanted more but was unsure of her place or how to ask for it.

I stood up out of her embraces and softness, backing away from her but still close to the bed. Looking down at her I could hear myself and feel breathing deep and hard, fighting hard to control the desire that was rising in me. I closed my eyes to shut the vision that lay wanting and desirable that was Megan before me.

"Undress me," I said my tone of voice was clear and direct.

Megan sat up shaking with desire and uncertainty. I knew that I had to motivate her... to let her know it was alright to give in. With her long red hair hang wildly all round her she timidly made her move under my watchful eyes.

Megan move to obey Connor's command not sure if she else's she had a little problem unbuttoning the top button, but on the second try she was able to get and then unzip his jeans. Looking up at Connor to see if it was ok, Megan put her arms arm his waist and from a sitting position on the bed she push the jean over his hips and down. She had not looked at his cock but as she pushes Connors jeans down it flopped out at her. Megan looked up at Connor in shock and then back down at his cock. She started to lick her lips as she opened and closed her mouth like a fish seeking air. Megan looked up at Connor again seeking permission to do what she desired most at that moment.

"Yes,Megan you may"I said. I knew that my little red head loved to suck and she didn't not disappoint me. Megan couldn't get it much of me in but what she could Megan had me fighting for control. She licked and sucked her way around my cock and balls then started up my body leaving her busy and talent little hands to massage and jerk me off. Reaching my nipples,my naughty girl sucked at my right nipple then pulled back just a little hold it between her teeth. I was sucking in air fast and heavy by then, I open my eyes to see her looking up at me with a wicked smile in her lovely green eyes. Ohhh my Megan thought as she was having fun... hummm

I pushed her back onto the bed after she released my nipple and joined her there. After driving her to begging and pleading for me to fuck her, I turned her over on to her stomach, with her ass up and head down near the edge of the bed. With me standing on the floor behind her,I took a few minutes to examine my....

Oh my God he is amazing and he taste soo good and droplets of precum coated her tongue Megan thought massaging his firm ass as she tried to suck as much of him as she could into her mouth and down her throat. He didn't not put his hands into her hair which she would have love for him to do, to hold her in place and make her suck more of him into her mouth. She liked to be handled roughly at times and this was one of those times. When he pushed her back on the bed and then flipped her over pushing her to on to her knees and smacking her ass as he did he Megan thought she was going to cum. Now on her knees with her ass up in the air Megan was praying that he would fuck her, she wanted him inside her so badly that she was aching for it....

Looking down at her pink pussy peeking out from under the light down of red hair I couldn't wait to play in it. Putting my cock at the entrance into her, I grabbed a hand full of Megan's long red hair and wrapped around my fist. As I pulled her head back toward me I rammed my cock in as far as I could while holding her in place by her hair. Damn she is tight soo damn tight and hot... I almost lost it and then calm came to me as I felt my cock thicken and lengthen. The calm took over and We fucked her pussy slowly at first to give her time to adjust to the changing. Then finding our rhythm We move to claim her ......

Oh MY God! Megan screamed as his cock slid into her tight hole. She wasn't a virgin but still this man was larger than any she had been with before and now it feels like is getting bigger. Slowly the pain was replaced with pleasure as they found a rhythm. On her hands and knees Megan felt her body give totally into the pleasure and even the pain of having him in her. She fell whole and fill at the same time...

He glance into the mirror that was near him on the far side of the bedroom and saw the change taking place and knew it was time.

"Megan... who do you belong to?" he asked in a voice that was deeper than before.

Megan banging herself against Connor, with some of her hair plastered by sweat to her back and face could only moan.

Megan, who, pussy is this,I asked between banging hard into her pussy from behind in between each word.

"YOUR CONNOR, YOURSSSSSSSSS," Megan screamed as her orgasm hit her hard and fast, with her skin glowing blush she was shaking hard and crying. "PLEASE CONNOR ... PLEASES .... "

They had to have her and they had to take her now, so they did. Leaning his tall large body over hers, Connor started to change even more as he rammed his cock deeper and harder into Megan body. They could smell the scent of their mating in the air their orgasm can like a wave crashing down upon them and total control was lost. They pushed her Megan's hair to one side and bite down into her shoulder as she screamed in orgasmic release. Pleasure and pain, Pain and Pleasure for that moment in time it was all the same....

Megan came screaming in release and in pain as Connor bite to her shoulder and she turned her head to the other side to glance in the mirror at the far side of the room. What she saw the real call of her screaming and she screamed and screamed...

Setting up quickly in her bed throwing the towel across the room as Megan scrabbled across the bed to toward the door. Once getting there she stopped and looked around with her heart beating so hard she could hear in her ears. With tears running down her face she Megan went into the kitchen and with shaking hands got a glass of water. She took a seat on the floor in the kitchen and just sat there until she calm down. Once she was sure of herself, Megan got up and walked slowly back to her bed room. Looking in and seeing not thing out of place she looked around the room picking up the towel as she space by the mirror. Megan glanced in the expecting to see something only to see her naked self. Megan went and checked the time and found out that it was almost two am. She then reasoned that she had fallen asleep after taking her shower and had slept the evening away. Megan walked around to the other side of the bed and almost felt when her feet became entangle in something. Megan reached down and pick up the tee shirt and looked at it. She brought it up to her nose and inhaled his scent and fear creped in walking to the mirror she stood there for a few second looking at herself in the mirror then into her own eyes she slowly moved her hair away from her right shoulder. Seeing nothing in the front, Megan breathe and out slowly and turn her back to the mirror and then looked again with trembling lips as she heard a voice saying inside of her head.

My love,all is well.... Come to me...

The music that inspired this story
Tracy Carter: Quiet Time

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