The Red Velvet Mask

People have many faces that they show to the world and those around them. Then there is the face that is only shown to a stranger. As they would be the only one who would understand or rather not question your behavior. I knew this when I invited the stranger in.

I opened the box and inside on a bed of white paper was a beautiful, but simply made red velvet mask decorated with black ribbon ties. Picking it up I walked over to the mirror to see how it would look on me. Standing there with the red velvet mask to my face, I wondered what he was thinking when the sender sent it to me.

Had he imagined me wearing it dressed in a black or red dress or maybe a something less? The thought stayed with me all day and into the evening hours. When I later arrive home that evening to find another box, but this one was bigger. Maybe it something to wear the mask with, I thought as I opened it up the box...

Inside on a bed of white paper was a pair of fine silk black hoses accoppanied with black satin garters each decorated with a red velvet rose. Looking further beneath the layers of the white paper I found a pair of 4 inch high heeled black cum-fuck-me-pumps.

Getting the mask and the other gifts from my secret admirer I laid them out on my white eyelet lace covered bed.I stood there looking at each item for a few minutes again wondering what thought had gone into choosing these them.

Sighing to myself,I decided a bubble bath was needed to relax and ponder the situation at hand. Stripping out of my clothes along the way, first the thick blue sweater, followed by the black wool skirt and shoes, Left only in my jade green lace panties and matching bra, I decided that some mood music was needed.

Finding local smooth jazz station on the radio that played Brazilian smooth jazz in the evening.I danced my way back to the waiting bath, as I take off my bra allowing my amble assets to hang free and full. Slowly moving my hips like a belly dancer in a slow seductive circle I slide the jade green lace panties over and down my curvy behind.

Letting them fall on to the floor and stepping out of them as the music ends. Climbing into the scent bubble bath I laid back on to the bath pillow, to relax and to ponder the situation at hand.

Waking up more relaxed but in cooling bath water, I climbed out of the tub. Looking around for my towel,realizes that I had left it on my bed. Walking wet and naked into my bedroom for the towel, I find it laying across the lap of a man,a stranger.

He sat in my bedroom chair as if he owned it. Tall dressed in black pants and grey v neck sweater with a kiss of a tan coloring, trim and muscular, wearing a red velvet mask that covered his eyes. As I walked further into my bedroom he rose with the towel in hand and walked over to me. I stopped breathlessly waiting to see what he would do.

With the towel open for me to step into it he approached me slowly stopping only within a few feet of me. I took a good slow measured look at him, from his black shoes to the top of his bald head as I considered his offer.

Looking into the red masked covered face and seeing a pair of slivery blue eyes,I steped into the towel as I turned my wet and dripping my back toward for him as I waited for him to make his move.

He started to dry my skin slowly with gentle pats and caresses, but not a word did he speak. I could feel his breath on my skin next to my neck and back as he dries me. Light kisses were placed along my spine and on
each of my firm round cheeks ass he placed a single lingering kiss.

All I could do was to hold my breath and shiver with pleasure as I felt my nipples go hard and my pussy muscle contract. I licked my lips as I moaned with pleasure as I waited for him to make his move.He took his time,as he seemed to find great pleasure in what he was doing.

My skin was smooth and silky to the touch and I felt when he took a taste of me when he licked the skin on on my right shoulder and ended with a kiss.

He loved her body, full in all the right places. After drying her off, he went over to the bed and examined the items there. Fingering the silk hoses and examining the shoe and lastly the red velvet mask.

Looking over at her he allowed his eyes to feast on the site before him. Her brown eyes,large and slanted only added to her exotic look. His mouth watered, his cock hardens and he gestured for her to come to him. She walks slowly toward him seductly into his wating arms. Watching her apporach with hips gently swaying, legs, hips tighten and released and her generous breasts moving softly.

He wanted her in everyway sexually possible, but now she must be dressed. First the silk hoses, he had her sit down on the bed. Gliding each silky hose over her shapely feet and legs taking time, to smooth the top of her thighs with in reach of her pussy, he could smell the scent of her.

Placing her foot in one of the black high heel pump, he breathes more of her scent in. He felt that he needed to be free his cock as his he wanted to bury his head between her legs in that dark warm place. Leaving her sitting on the bed, he walks over to the chair near the door. He comes back with a large white box. Standing in front of her, he opened the box and lifted out a black silk slip dress.

Holding it out for her to see, she could see that it was low cut and would accent her body beautifully. Standing there she raise her arms up so he could drop the dress over her head and arms. He lets it fall and it slide down

I adjusts the dress to cover my breast as much as it could (which wasn't much). Walking over to my dressing table to put on make up and do my hair I could feel his eye on me, following caressing me and I loved it.

Combing my thick curly mane loose,I shook my head letting it fall into it's own style. He seems to know when I was finished as he approached with the red velvet mask in hand. He putting the mask on over myhead adjusting around my eye he tied the ribbons.

He stepping back and gave me a long slow look from head to toe. It was then that I heard his voice for he first time. "

"Shall we go", he said in a deep very masculine voice, with an accent...He was British!!

I smiled and responded in my soft southern tipped voice," but of course" and out the door we went. Waiting for us was a black limousine, the driver was decked out in all black from head to foot and he was a feast for the eyes. He was tall, dark and handsome with a Latin twist.

He smiled with his eyes as he opened the door for us. As I slides into the car my dress adjusted itself to expose a considerable amount of firm chocolate thigh. I could almost swear I heard them both whisper DAMN.!! Smiling to myself aas readjusts my dress as if nothing had happened.

After my date took his place along side me in the car the door closed. Once the driver put the car into motion,my date went into motion. I was in his arms and being lightly and seductively kissing into submission. My dress had shifted again, allowing him to capture one of my breast with his free hand and bring it to his close to his waiting tongue

The nipple was large and color of dark chocolate under the limousine interior lights.As he suck the it into his mouth, he long to strip her of the dress and fuck her right there in the car, but he knew he had to wait.

Stopping as fast as he started, he slide back to the far side of the limbo and straighten his clothes. He re-adjusts his mask and then his hard cock his, as he watched her readjust her dress.

I took my time fixing the dress, letting him have a good long view of my silk covering my long shapely legs. My dress rose up to give gave him a glimpse of my smooth bare pussy.

I saw him put his hand on his cock and squeeze it his through trousers as it got larger. My mouth watered, nipples harden and my pussy got tighter. I was now aching with the need to be fuck silly by this man. I smiled when I heard him moan as I put my left breast back into the dress.It was good to know that the desire was shared.

Once redressed,I crossed my legs like a proper lady and smiled at the stranger. The limo came to a stop and the driver open the door. The stranger got out first and turned to offer me his hand.

Taking his had I glided out of the limo into the soft summer night. The night air felt good against my skin as we walked up the step to one of the most glamour's mansion I had ever seen. Arriving at the front door I saw other masked couples or rather people

Some worn the same mask and others had on something totally different, but each woman was dressed very seductively. I saw everything from gowns to jeans with corset tops. As the people moved to enter the mansion,I felt the hand of my of the stranger on my lower back against my bare skin.

He started to stroke me and it felt so good, and as turn my head to smile up at him, it was then that he kissed me. The kiss was deep demanding and hot and when he released me,I felt as if I was totally naked in public, with all of my desires, wants and needs exposed to the world. I didn't care one damn bit. Guiding me with his hand on my back,we entered the mansion.

The place was as opulent inside as out. White marble was everywhere as well as expensive, yet tasteful furniture and accessories. The place was amazing! As she walked around looking at the pictures on the wall, the stranger had a chance again to admire her. He could see that other men as well as some women were looking her over with admiration and lustful glance as well.

He realized that she was talking to him about the mansion as she walked a head of him. He loved her voice, it was soft, deep and very sexy. He knew that she love his voice ,but he could listen to her as long as she wanted to talk.

This place is amazing and those pictures are they originals ?", I said as I turned to address him. It was then that I realize that I was alone but not alone. It seems that we had become separated . Looking around for the stranger,I noticed that many of the people there seem too matched up or matching up now.

I continues to look at the painting as searched for the stranger and I seemed to be attracting attention as I did so. The attention for the most part was admirations but alot of it was lust.As many made their attentions known when they approached me.

I knew that I had never looked more hot and inviting in my life as I did to night. So I acknowledged the look and stares with a smile and nod, but didn't stopping to talk.I wandered up the stair to the second level and found room of interest.

In some room people were in various forms of dress and undres and it looked like the begining orgy !!!.I quickly left the room, group sex wasn't an interest of mines. I continued to wander around and looking for the stranger.At the same time I continued to find people in various stages of fucking. The first couple a man and a woman,I stopped to watch were going at in the first bathroom I found.

Stretched out on the floor in this very large bathroom, the couple was deep into doggy and the guy was slapping the hell out of the woman's ass. At the same time the woman was begging for more and demanding him to fuck her harder. I forgot that I was looking for the stranger and found myself watching them as felt my own body reacting.

My nipples became hard,my pussy contract and the wetness started to gather. I started to rub my thighs together to ease the growing need for me rub pussy. Just then I felt someone behind me and then I heard his voice .

" Do you like what you see ?" he said his yummy British accent.

He leaned closer into me spooning his body against me .I could feel his warmth through the material of slip of a dress. When he lifted my back of my dress and put his warm, large hands on my bare ass. I gasped then moaned as he started to massage my it.

"Would you like to be that woman ? Would like to have me fuck you in such a way ?" He asked as he whispered in my ear.

All I could do was nod my head, YES!!.

He lead me to the other side of the room where we could watch the couple fucking madly. At first he did nothing but rub his hands up and down my back to my hips, where he cupped my ass with both hands.

As I leaned back into his embraces, I felt my legs about give away and as my felt juices slowly dripping down my thighs. He started to remove my dress. Now almost as naked as the woman in the couple, but I still had on my silk hoses, heels and red velvet mask on.

Moving away from her, the stranger got a chair with arms and had her sit down. Once she was in the chair, he spread her legs far apart and put one on each arm of the chair exposing her swollen enlarge clit for there for all to see.

The stranger could smell her scent and his mouth watered. He didn't know which invited him more her scent, her swollen nipple and or full warm breasts. Hell, he wanted her like he had never want any woman and he was going to have her ... on his terms.

Coming out of my dazed state and realizing who was standing before her and in what state. He was naked.. He seemed to be making up his mind as to where to start with me . He kneeled down between my parted legs, looking up into my face, licked his lips and began his feast.

Holding her legs a part as he inhaled, licked and sucked at her pussy. After teasing her into begging for release .He buried his face in her pussy and eats her into a wild orgasm. She came all over his face and ran down his chin and into his mouth .

He licked me clean as he finger fucked my sweet tight asshole. I was still hot and needy even thou I could barely move. He pulled me up and bend over the back of the chair spreading my legs wide with my sweet ass up in the air and pussy dripping .

He grabbed his rock hard cock and took aim .. It was said that he was build like a horse, wide and long. He slowly slides the head of his cock into her hot wet pussy and then pushed the rest in as far as he could go.

I moaned my pleasure and adjusted my body to take more of him in. Concentrating only on him,I ignored the others who had come into the room. We immediately found a rhythm, as he pushed into me, I pushed back on to his cock and could feel his balls banging against my pussy.

He began to massage her back and slap cheeks ass to drive her on... Then it was if a primal nature started to take both of them over. Faster and harder they each moved in rhythm pushed on by desire and need. Unable to reach him, she focused on her pussy muscles, contracting and releasing his cock with each thrust.

The stranger's hands were everywhere now, squeeze on my breasts, fingering my swollen wet pussy, massaging and slapping the hell out of my ass cheeks. It if he was trying to fuck me of my mind . I gave into it all and let my self go.

We became primal in our need and fucked each other with no thought to the audience that had now gathered to watching us . Some of the people had joined us in their varied forms of fucking, others were masturbating, and then there were those who stood there staring as if in a trance. All wanted to be us in some form or fashion,to be primal and open.

On the verge of cumming the stranger, pulled his cock out and inserted two fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my ass hole and began to hand fuck fuck!!

Ohhhhh Shit was all I could say as I felt the waves of my orgasm hitting my body again.I jerked as my pussy expanded and contracted hard on to the stranger's three fingers fuck.

Oh fuck me" I screamed and moans my release as I collapsed on to the wooden floor. The stranger smiled as he was pleased with his results.

I was almost at the point of exhaustion, but I knew that I had to get my own back. Pushing myself to my knees I reached up and with both hands grabbed the stranger cock. Tasting the mixture of us on his cock I gave him one long wet lick from the based of his cock to it's head.MMMM.

Looking into his silvery blue eyes then I put the head of his cock into my wet hot mouth and sucked. I would almost swear at that moment his eyes rolled back into his head.He stood there like a statue as moaned and begged me not to stop. I fondle him with glee, stroking his skin, squeezing his ass cheeks and lick and sucking lightly on his balls, while jerking and sucking his cock.

The stranger could feel the pressure in his cock rising as she sucked and licked him. He tried to regain control but was unable to stop his cumming .Looking down at the beauty woman sucking and licking his cock he lost it. He came hard as cum shot out of the corners of her mouth as most of it went down her throat. She sucked him until he stopped cumming and slide to the floor into her arms.

No words were spoken ,,,none needed to be. They kissed deep and long as they tasted each in the kiss as the rest of the room came and went among moans and screams of pleasure given and received.

The weekend
It was tweleve noon when I got out of bed. Laying there for a while deciding what do first grade some papers or do lessons plans for the week? I ended up doing both and after doing other routine things round the house. I decided to call a taxi and go to the mall and maybe buy myself something nice.

Wandering around thru the mall and ending up at Victoria Secrets. Where I came across some black lace panties and then a black lace thong with a matching bra. I smiled in remembrance and brought the black lace panties and the matching set. Arriving back home, I tried on my purchases, the panties, and matching set.

I standing in front of the full length mirror and admires how the black lace graced my body. I took off the bra, and immediately became hot as I looked at myself in the mirror. These days that happened a lot, since that night. As I thought of him, my slided hand down into my thong......

He was masturbating for the third time that day, he couldn't get her out of his mind or out of his body... she was a craving that was slowly turning into a need. The rules were clear, at no time after the "date" could he contact her. It was all suppose to be secret, but he had broken that when he had gotten into her place and when had not got involved with others on the night of the date.

They had spent the whole night together .Leaving the orgy, they had found an unoccupied bedroom. Where they satisfied every sexual fantasy that two people could do together. There in the wee hours of the morning, they just laid together and talked about anything but themselves. They tried to be mindful of the rules. As he came again he made his decision ......

Laying on my bed after my orgasm,I made a decision to see if I could find him. How? Since no names or addresses were exchanged. I went through the items from the date, and the boxes but couldn't find a thing that would tell me who he was or how to find him. I laid back on my bed and wrapped my arms around myself as the need in me grew.

I called a taxi to get work that morning , since my ride had become ill . I had thought about calling in sick since it was a Teacher's Work day and my grades where already in. I really didn't have any reason to go in as I was all caught up. I decided to go in just check on thing and then leave early.

Hearing the taxis driver's horn,I open the door to find a hot muggy morning and was immediately glad I had chosen to wear my black lace thong and bra. I would be nice and cool even if I had on a long skirt. Getting into the taxi and with out looking at the driver I said," please take me to...

This was going to be his early day since he had classes in the evening . He was given his first pickup for the day, someone who wanted to go to one of the local high schools. He didn't think anything of it until arrived at her house and she got in his taxi.

They both sat there looking at each other in his rearview mirror. She looks into his silvery blue eyes as he looks back into her brown ones. They just sat there for a few minutes and then she gave him the address of where she wants to go and he took her there.

Upon arrival she got out of the taxi and came around to the diver's side. Now able to see each others face clearly they both were pleased and they smiled. She gave him money for the fare and her black lace thong along with her telephone number. With soft flip of her long skirt she walked off into the building as he sat watching her with a full smile on his full lips and a serious hard on in his pants.

The End

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