The Restaurant
The restaurant was a symphony of sounds. Shantel's fellow diners talked quietly at their own tables, waiters whisked by the tables with the barely perceptible noise of their rubber soled shoes on the hard wood floors and her husband prattled on about the happenings in his life. Listening, she let her mind wander to her week. She smiled inwardly as she thought about the sexual tryst that she had had with her friend Jacob midway through the week. The stolen minutes and hours with Jacob always left her feeling refreshed and vibrant, ready to face the world. His smile when he saw her always set her heart aflutter. His hands on her body caused her breath to catch in her throat and an electrical current to flow through her body. Shantel suppressed her blissful smile as she participated in the conversation flowing around the table. Her eyes wandered around the room full of strangers dining in the room around her. As her eyes roved around the crowded dining area, there was no way she could miss him.

Jacob held the chair for his wife and sank adroitly into his chair. He leaned forward and picked up the menu that was placed before him. He gave a cursory glance through the offerings, but quickly settled upon the special. Satisfied with his choices he settled back into his chair as his wife took her time deliberating over the menu. He entwined his fingers together and settled them upon the table. His eyes darted around the busy area in front of him. He saw her immediately. Her Long red curly tresses fell around her shoulders in a vibrant display of sexuality. Her eyes sparkled with a passionate fire. His eyes glazed over as he waited for Shantel's wandering scrutiny to reach him. The moment that their gazes collide he felt the rapid spark of sexual energy course through is body. Shantel's presence had never failed to have this all consuming affect on his body.
Their eyes held for what seemed to be eternity. Words were not necessary as their gazes spoke volumes in a language that was only known to them. Jacob and Shantel knew that this was not the time to communicate, even in their private way. They tore their eyes away from each other and turned their full attention upon their respective spouses. The conversation at both tables flowed easily but the sparkle was missing from the conversation. The actions spoke of the longevity of the relationships and showed no signs of a simmering passion between spouses. Shantel and Jacob focused on their respective dinner partners. Each was determined to show no signs that their secret lover sat only a few scant tables away. It made no difference, the pull was too great, their eyes continually met and held across the room. Shantel licked her lush lips and averted her eyes as visions of Jacobs tongue on her body came to mind. Jacob's nostrils flared as he imagined Shantel's lips upon his manhood. Before long their minds and the close proximity to each other had worked them up into dueling frenzies.
Jacob shifted uncomfortably on his chair, his gaze ever diligently scanning the room, waiting for Shantel to look in his direction. His wife was talking and he took pains to shower enough attention upon her to keep her from being suspicious of his actions. Eventually she looked over at him again. He mouthed a single phrase across the heads of his fellow diners. Her confused look met his and he mouthed the word again and flicked his eyes toward the right. Her eyes quickly followed his visual gesture. The wood grained door was clearly marked with the word restrooms. Shantel allowed a slow grin to settle over her lushly painted lips as she now understood his phrase. "Meet me in the bathroom." She nodded, the die was cast.

Shantel turned her attention back to the conversation with her husband. As a lull occurred in his never ending dialogue, she broke in. "I need to go to the restroom, I'll be right back". She deftly pulled her napkin off of her lap, folded it and placed it onto the table. She pushed back her chair and rose. With grace she weaved her way through the room full of seated diners. With no hesitation she pulled opened the wood grained bathroom door and slipped inside.
The large bathroom area was completely decorated in black and split into two sections by a thin dividing wall creating two hallways. Shantel could see a small sign that directed women into the left hallway and men to the right hallway. She cautiously moved into toward the women's side and opened the first door. A self encapsulated bathroom stood behind the door. She immediately recognized the significance of this private oasis within the crowded restaurant even as she took in the black fixtures and cleanliness of this immaculate bathroom.

Jacobs hands spanned her waist abruptly as he came up behind her. His body gently pushed against her, forcing her into the small room. With great economy of movement he reached out and turned the lock on the door. With no direction from him, Shantel swiveled around in his arms. Their lips collided with a passion that had built and blazed within them as they sat across the room from each other. Their tongues met and mated together as their hands roved over each other's bodies. Jacob leaned in and rained a trail of kisses down Shantel's slender neck. She turned her head to accommodate his lips. She gently sucked his ear between her lips, her tongue traced over him as she sucked. They both groaned as sensations coursed through their bodies. His hands pulled at the hem of her short skirt, needing to feel her body beneath his hands. Her hands reached between them and quickly undid the zipper on his pants. Together they moved, working in coordinated movements. He turned toward the wall, pulling Shantel between the wall and himself. He moved forward until she was pressed tightly against the black marble that covered the wall. Her legs immediately rose and settled around his waist, her skirt hike up around her hips. Jacob lifted her by her hips and then gently lowered her. They both moaned as her body stretched over and around him. Their foreheads rested against each other as they rocked against each other with a frenzy born of the potentially volatile situation that theyfound themselves in. They moved in tandem as the rapture of their impending orgasms built quickly and steadily within them. They shuddered and came at the same time, their lips locked together, stifling their screams of fulfillment.

Slowly Shantel lowered her legs to the floor. Jacob backed away. Knowing that their time was short, they both set about straightening their mussed up clothes. With a quick glance in the black edged mirror they turned toward the door. Jacob reached out and traced his finger down Shantel's cheek and leaned forward to gently kiss her lips. With one last longing glance into his eyes, they pulled open the door and walked out of the hallway into the restaurant to return to their spouses.

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