The Secret Adventure
As I sit here thinking about you, waiting for the day I no longer
have to keep you a secret. I'm just thinking how long it's been since
I've talked or seen you. She just couldn't take another day,hour,minute
or second she just had to see him. She was waiting patiently for him to
walk around the corner.
When our eyes meet, you could just feel in the air the passion that still
ignites between. She had to feel his muscular arms around her again, kiss
his sensual sweet lips. His gentle touch sends tingles thru out her body.
He takes her by the hand, grabs her waist and pulls her closer for a
passionate kiss. He just makes her heart race, and everything else tingle. She
can feel his cock bulging thru his pants coming to attention. She slowly and
gently places a hand over his bulging cock and massages it up and down.
She wants him so bad. It's been such a long awhile since they been
intimate together. They than go back and sit in the truck. They decide that
they couldn't wait any longer it's been long enough, each desiring the other
more and more so they decide to go get a room.
They walk hand in hand to the room. He unlocks the door they go inside
remembering to lock the door behind them. There they kiss more passionately
than have before. She leads him to the bed where she has him lay down. She takes
a moment and just looks at him can't believing they are finally together in
this moment.
She starts kissing him and gently caressing him. She unbuttons and takes his
shirt off. Stopping to kiss his lips, nibble and lick his ear lobes. She knows they
are a sensitive spot for him. Working her way down his chest she stops to suck and
lick his nipples.
While caressing his chest with one hand, she unzips his pants so she can get
to his ever so erect bulging cock. She has him remain laying down while she
takes his pants off. Than she climbs back on the bed. She took her top off. She
wanted to feel his cock between her breasts.
As she massages his cock and his balls, she's slowly licking and sucking the
shaft of his throbbing cock. Working her way down, she licks and sucks each of
his balls. Knowing how he loves the sensation of it. Working her way back to
the tip, she licks the precum that is starting to emerge.
She take every inch of his erect cock in her hands, massaging up and down, licking
and sucking on the head, sucking his balls. She just knows that he's about to
explode. With one last stroke and suck of his cock, she feel the cum going down
her throat. She gets every last drop.
He gently lays her down on her back, admiring every inch of her. Caressing her
from the top of her head with slow kisses, he kisses her lips with a passionate
kiss, as he's caressing her breasts. He kisses and sucks each nipple, knowing how
more and more it arouses her.
As he kisses his way down her stomach, he unzips and takes her pants and panties
off. He caresses each of her thighs with gentle kisses. He can already see how wet
her pussy is. He places a finger in pussy and with slow, teasing kisses he makes his
way to her throbbing clit. She has so been wanting to feel his lips and tongue on her
clit. As he slides his finger in and out, and sucks and licks her clit, her pussy is
just dripping wet.
He knows she's getting ready to cum when her legs slowly start to shake. So he
slides his finger faster and faster, flickering his tongue on her clit, she holds his
head down on her pussy she wants him to get every last drop as she cums in
his mouth.
He places her on her stomach with a pillow for support, he wants to feel that
wet warm pussy wrapped around his erect cock. He gently raises her hips just a little
bit so she can take every inch of him. She loves the way his hard cock feels sliding
in and out of her pussy.
So while he's sliding his hard cock in her,she's playing with her clit, cause she
wants to cum and he does. Wants to feel the warm cum of his, mix with hers. As they
move thier bodies together, with one last thrust of his cock, they cum together
once again.
I hope once we are together, we'll still enjoy secret encounters to keep things spiced up. There's nothing like an afternoon adventure!!!!!
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