The Secret Animal
I was leaving my chemistry class one night, them I realized I had forgotten to hand in my homework. I walk back in and my chem professor was sitting at his desk. I hand Professor Dreyfus my homework. He grabs my hand.

"Alice your doing exceptionally well, an A-"I stood there in shock we had been in class for 6 months but he appeared to know no ones name. "I believe you could get the A+ you want though by doing a little extra work."

"What specifically do you mean professor?" I was nervous and uncomfortable.

"Well, I heard you are an exceptional anatomy student. I would like you to prove it to me." He was acting quite strange he rarely ever talked about anything not stoichometry related recently.

"How would I do that do you want me to label a chart, do an essay or something along those lines?" He got up out of his chair and reached up my mini skirt and held my pussy very strong.

"I think you know the best way." I always found him attractive I just never thought he would be interested considering the fact he was married with two little boys.

"Sir this is kind of inappropriate." I am still in shock that this man who I found very respectable had this animal inside him.

"You do not think I have not seen you? Legs wide open no panties! You think I sit down the entire class period because I like to. I am hard for an hour and thats the reason some days end early. I have to go play with myself because you get me hot. Now take off your clothes." I am exhilarated and thrilled. I do as I am told. He takes my hands and ties them behind my back. with what I do not know he starts kissing me. his tounge darting in my outh and swirling on th tip of my tounge. He places me on the desk. And after moments I feel me geting really wet. I start to moan softly as he fondles my breast with his strong hands. He knows I am craving him he starts sending small kisses down towardm y breasts. he puts each nipple in his mouth and slowly starts kissing each. Them he takes one in his mouth and starts sucking hard I am moaning pretty bad I want him!I want to touch him. I want him to know the pleasure he is giving. I know better. He goes down on me and pushes my back a little. I feel his so circling my clit as it swells in his mouth he. I orgasm with and earth shattering moan.

"It is time." he takes his huge cock out of his slacks. I want to suck it so bad!

"Let me taste it!"

"No, I like the control, but I want to serve you." he shoves his big cock in me, pounding me from the minute he enters me. He has a soft rythm to his pushes. Then, he starts back on my nipples while pounding. Me I could feel me starting to climax. He as well, then I know it is over. I moan and he realeses. He unties me and I put my clothes on. He put his tool away.

"I will change your grade in couple minutes have a nice night."

"You too Professor." I say as I am walking out, I wish all my pofessors were like this.

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