The Seine' as the Lights Come on
We walked all day throughout the city, the Louvre, the Gothic Cathedral and the catacombs and countless cafes and pastries sated our hunger, both visual and physically. In your basket you carried a bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion and 2 glasses, separated by pieces of Le Monde'. The sun was going down and the wide boulevards of Paris were casting their shadows, most of these shadows were of two souls intermingled and we were amongst these lovely shadows.

You mentioned earlier in the morning, after our lovemaking, that you wanted today. You said you wanted to embrace it and the many new things it could bring. I agreed and thought sunlight was always good for two rained in souls. We left the umbrella by the door and locked the key and entered a new today, a new world.

We had time to kill and the rain stopping made us thrilled. We discussed politics, sports and food and felt we knew each other all of our lives. When I would look out into the Seine', I would watch your reflection and saw that you were looking at me sideways. Your lips curled up and your wondering face seemed to be soaking in something. I turned to look, but the stare was gone and the wine to your lips, the moment had passed and I knew I missed.

The carnival like folk were always around this part of the river, looking for Euros and Deutsche-marks as if they deserved it. We laughed at them, told them to get jobs, you even said the sad clown was a slob. His teary eyed message was not a joke anymore and you rubbed it in by calling his pig-tailed wife a whore. We did not know he was big and we laughed at him, making fun of even his kids, but when he got up, to show us who was boss, you and I ran, taking our lives that we could have lost.

The laughing seemed never-ending as we kept on running, through the alleyways and across the boulevards we went on and on. Your infectious laughter made those around us stare, but you today, you did not care.

But we came to an end, you and I. The husband came from work and I had to go, leaving you, as his piece of pie. The moments lasted a lifetime in my memories, were you for real, or was this just me?

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