The Sex Education Class Chapter 1
I woke up super excited. This was the first day of my senior year in high school and it was going to be the best year ever! My name is Amanda Johnson and I am 18. I stand about 5.5 and weigh 120 pounds. I have long light blond hair that ended close to my ass and deep blue eyes and a perfect model type body. I had long shapely legs and an ass that drew many a man's gaze. My waist was narrow and my tummy flat and I had tits that made men drool. My bra size was a 32D. I knew I was the most beautiful girl in school and that would make this year even better.
My family was very wealthy and I attended a very prestigious private high school in Northern California. I had an elder brother, Eric, who I have not seen in 10 years because my parents sent him to a private boarding school in England and he had stayed there and completed his education in human biology at Oxford. I think he was studying to become a doctor. I also had a younger brother named Brian, who was 12 and a pain in my ass and a younger sister named Sara, who was 10.
I was the head cheerleader and I was the most popular girl in school. Many guys had tried to get into my panties but I never let them get past second base. I was waiting for the "right" guy to come along and for some reason I just knew that I would meet Mr. "Right" this year at school.
But even though I was a virgin does not mean I had not experimented a bit. My last boyfriend had been a really good kisser and he had taught me how to suck his cock. I found that I loved doing it and I could deep throat his 8 inch dick without gagging once. I loved the sounds he made as my mouth would slide up and down his big rigid pole and I even learned to swallow his load after he came in my mouth. I found I loved the taste of cum and would suck him off just to get another taste of it. But he wanted to actually have sex with me and I wasn't ready for that so I broke up with him this past summer.
I jumped into a hot shower and as I lathered up my lush body, all I could think about was Mr. "Right". I knew he would be gorgeous and also be fun loving and kind and generous. He would be super sexy and be patient as he taught me the art of lovemaking. My hands glided over my flat tummy and smoothed over my big titties as I thought about my fantasy lover. He would have curly blond hair and kind blue eyes that a person could drown in. He would have a chiseled body and a cock that would make my pussy drip with wanting. My nipples hardened and I pinched them between my soap slick fingers and pulled them as hard as I could. God that felt good. One hand moved back down my tummy and gently glided over my baby smooth pussy. I could feel myself getting slick as I thought of my fantasy lover.
I leaned against the shower wall and slid my fingers into my slick slit. I gently flicked my little nub and groaned with pleasure as my pussy started to tingle. I slid my fingers a bit further and gently inserted one finger into my tight virgin hole. I sighed in contentment as my finger moved in and out of my slippery love hole. I wondered what it would feel like to have the man of my dreams pushing his hard cock in and out of me just as my finger was doing right now.
My breathing started to get harder as my finger moved faster and faster. My pussy was so slick and hot! The tingling sensation was getting stronger and I knew my orgasm was close. I closed my eyes and rammed my finger in and out of my sloppy slick hole as fast as I could. I could feel the hands of my fantasy lover gliding over my soap slick skin and my finger was his finger making me all hot and juicy. It did not take long for my pussy muscles to contract as my orgasm washed over my body.
I slumped against the shower wall as my orgasm passed and sighed contentedly. I hoped it would not belong before my fantasy lover would be giving me an orgasm for real. I finished my shower and got out and dried off. I started to get dressed in my school uniform.
The first thing I did was slip on my sheer black thong panties. Then I snapped on the matching bra. Next, I slid the black thigh high stockings up my smooth legs. Then I slipped on my white blouse and buttoned it all the way up. I picked up my plaid skirt and stepped into it and pulled it up my stocking clad legs. It was a bit shorter than regulation, ending just below the elastic band on my stockings, but my family gave so much money to the school that none of the administration would say anything about my short skirt.
I did not need much makeup so I only added eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Then I brushed out my long hair and tied it back with a black ribbon. I grabbed my backpack and keys and jumped into my brand new Mustang for the short drive to school. My classes were going to be quite challenging this semester but the one class I was actually looking forward to was sex education class. It was a class that was only offered to seniors and it was a requirement for graduation. I felt it would be a very easy "A" for me this term.
I parked my car and then started into school. I was quickly joined by my best friend Joana and she gave me a quick hug and then exclaimed, "Have you heard we have a new biology teacher this year?"
I replied, "No I didn't know that. Do you know who it is?"
She giggled and said, "I have heard he is a young guy with a slight British accent and he is super cute!"
I rolled my eyes at her and laughed, "You think everyone of the male species is super cute!"
Joana and I were inseparable and she was my closest friend. She stood about an inch taller than me at 5.6 and she had emerald green eyes and long jet black hair. She was very thin and had perky 32B size tits. She had a nice heart-shaped ass that I had seen many of the boys checking out and she had very long shapely legs.
She giggled again as we walked into the school and said, "I know but I have heard he is super super-hot!!! And I also heard that he is not only teaching biology but he is also teaching the sex ed. class."
I looked at her and shook my head just as the bell rang. I gave her a squeeze and said, "I will see you later. Geometry is my first class."
I went off to class and sat through the first day lectures in all my classes about the absence and tardiness policy and then we would go over the syllabus. By the time the lunch bell rang I was bored to tears.
As I entered the cafeteria Joana waved me over and said, "Hey Mandy, I saved your seat for you!"
I smiled and walked over to the cheerleading table. All the normal girls were there and it was good to see the team again. As I sat down with my lunch I realized there was a buzz in the air. I looked at Kelsey and asked, "What is going on?"
Kelsey giggled and asked me, "Have you met the new teacher yet?"
I shook my head no.
Kelsey sighed and said, "His name is Mr. Johnson and he has curly blond hair and deep blue eyes! I could look at him forever."
I asked her, "When did you meet him?"
She smiled, "I am in his second hour human biology class. He is so hot! He made me wet just looking at him and his voice is so sexy with that slight British accent!"
All the girls could talk about was this new "Mr. Johnson" and all their giggling was giving me a headache so I quickly finished my lunch and then went outside to get some fresh air. I sat down on a bench in the courtyard under a tree and just relaxed for a few moments.
This Mr. Johnson sounded just like my fantasy Mr. Right and I was a bit unsettled by that. But he was a teacher so he couldn't be my Mr. Right, could he?
I dug out my schedule and looked at the classes I had left for the afternoon and saw that my sex education class was the last class of the day and the instructor listed for that class was Mr. Johnson. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of his name and I was a bit upset at my own reaction. I was not like the other girls and would swoon over a pretty face and nice voice.
The bell rang so I sighed and reluctantly went back to my classes. I had American history and English Authors and then I would be in my Sex Ed. class and meet the infamous Mr. Johnson that all the girls were swooning over.
I walked into the classroom and the first thing I saw was the back of Mr. Johnson. He was actually looking out the window as all of the students filed into the class. I took a seat near the back next to Joana and waited for the bell to ring. For some reason I was quite nervous. My heart was beating fast and my palms were sweaty.
The bell rang and Mr. Johnson turned around and strode to his desk. I quietly gasped. He was absolutely gorgeous and he was also my older brother! What the hell was Eric doing here in my school teaching my sex education class? He was supposed to be in England studying to be a doctor! I was mortified! Oh my God, this was a disaster!
Joana leaned over to me and whispered, "See, I told you he was super-hot!"
I could feel my face burning as I slumped as far down in my chair as I could. For some reason I did not want her to know that Mr. Dreamy was in fact my older brother. Eric sat in his desk chair and started to call role. When he came to my name he looked at me and I saw his eyes widen in surprise. So he did not know I would be in his class.
God, this was going to be so awkward but I was also a bit excited about it as well. I had not seen Eric in 10 years so I was excited to see him again but I had not been expecting to see him in this context. As I looked at him I did have to agree with Joana and all my other friends; he was super-hot! I took a bit of pride in that fact since he was my brother.
After role was taken, Eric, um, Mr. Johnson stood up and started the first day lecture, "I know you all know the absentee and tardiness policies for the school so I will skip that part of this lecture. I am sure you have all heard by now that my name is Eric Johnson and I was actually raised here in the states. My parents sent me off to England to obtain my education and that is why you hear a slight British accent in my voice."
I could feel my face heating up as he talked about his parents but he never let on that I was his sister. He continued, "This class is an experimental class that the board decided to try for this semester and if it is successful we may institute it permanently. In Europe many private secondary schools have instituted this type of sexual education class and it has been quite successful. In this class you will not only learn the clinical terms of sexuality but you will be able to experiment with you own sexuality in a safe environment."
He gave a bit of a lopsided grin that made my heart melt, "Yes, that means that you will actually preform sexual acts in this class, up to and including intercourse. If that makes any of you uncomfortable you can leave right now and no one will look down upon you for it. Mrs. Anderson is still teaching the traditional sex education class and we have already discussed it and she will accept any of my students that feel uncomfortable with this new class."
There was an uncomfortable silence for a bit and then 2 of the shyest girls in school got up and walked out. As they did they whispered their names to Mr. Johnson and he smiled gently and marked their names down. After they left he looked at the class again and said, "Anyone else not feel comfortable with this new class?"
He waited for a minute more and then said, "Well if any of you change your mind at any time during the semester, it will not be a problem to transfer you to Mrs. Anderson's class without doing any damage to your grade."
The he came back to his desk and opened up a drawer and pulled out about a dozen brown paper bags, "For the girls that are going to be staying in the class, please take a bag and pass it back."
He handed the bags to the students in the first row and as they were passed back each girl kept a bag. "Inside you will find 4 months of birth control pills. I want you to start taking these on the first Sunday after your next period. You will have to bring the packet in each day and show me that you have taken you pill and that will count toward you participation grade."
Then he picked up another group of brown paper bags and handed them out to the boys in class, "These are condoms and you will be required to wear one in class whenever you participate in actual intercourse. Wearing a condom every time will count toward your participation grade."
He continued, looking at the girls, "It should only take a full month to have all of you on birth control so for the first month of class it will only be lecture and more of the traditional sex education class that you are expecting."
Joana raised her hand, "What happens after the first month of class?"
Mr. Johnson looked at her and I saw his eyes glance at me as he replied, "After the first month we will start slowly and you will be able to explore each other's bodies. You will be evaluated on you performance here in class but you will not be expected to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I want this to be an enjoyable and safe environment in which you can each explore your sexuality."
Then he looked at the entire class but you could tell that the statements he made were directed toward the boys in the classroom, "If I hear of anyone making unwanted advances to anyone inside or outside of this classroom you will fail this class and I will push for your expulsion from school. This is a very serious issue so I want to make sure you all are aware of the consequences so you all will have to sign this form stating you have been told the consequences of such actions."
He passed out the forms and said, "I need all of you to sign and date this form and turn it back into me. You will also need to sign a release form for the school. We are trying to take every precaution to make sure there is no unwanted pregnancy or STD's but you need to sign this release form stating that you are aware of the risks and you will not hold the school responsible if you become pregnant or develop an STD."
He passed out the release forms and we all signed and dated them and then turned them back in. Next to me, Joana was so excited she could hardly sit still. She whispered in my ear, "I knew this was going to be the best year of our lives. I am so wet right now it feels like I peed my panties. I hope Mr. Johnson will be doing more than observing. I would love to fuck him silly."
I frowned at her but I was also quite wet thinking about what this class would hold for me in the near future. I know I shouldn't have been but I was just as attracted to Eric as all the other girls in school were and he was my brother! What was wrong with me?
Just as Mr. Johnson collected all the legal forms the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. All the teenagers scrambled to get their books together and leave. Joana tugged at my arm and said, "Come on Mandy. You can come over to my place and we can hang out together and you can have dinner with my family."
I smiled apologetically at her, "Maybe another time I have some things I have to take care of at home tonight."
She shrugged and looked a bit hurt. I hugged her and said, "We will hang out tomorrow. I have some family stuff to take care of tonight."
She had a questioning look in her eyes, "What family stuff?"
I smiled at her, "I will tell you later, I promise."
She shrugged again, "Ok." Then she picked up her backpack and walked out the door.
I stayed back and let all the students leave. I wanted to talk to Eric and welcome him home and find out what the hell was going on.
Many of the girls stayed as long as they could just to look at him and say hi to him so I had to wait for a while. Finally the room cleared out and it was just me and my big brother.
Eric picked me up in a bear hug, "Oh my God, Mandy, I am so glad to see you! The last time I saw you, you were just a little kid and now you are all grown up!"
I hugged him back and tried to control my body's reaction to his touch. My nipples had hardened and my pussy muscles clenched when I smelled his cologne. God what was wrong with me? I was getting turned on by my own brother!
I pulled away from him and said, "Why didn't you tell me you were going to be coming home and why the hell didn't you tell me you were going to be my sex education teacher!" I knew I sounded harsher then I meant to but I was a bit shell shocked at his sudden appearance in my life and the way my body was responding to him.
Eric looked at me quizzically and responded, "Mom and Dad and I were hoping to surprise you and I had absolutely no idea you would be in my sex ed. class. I can transfer you to Mrs. Anderson's class right away."
He started to walk towards his desk and then stopped, "Wait a minute, you knew who I was the moment you saw me and you did not take up my offer to transfer to Mrs. Anderson's class before." He looked at me again, "Why not?"
I was acutely uncomfortable under his gaze and I fidgeted badly. I could feel my pussy tingling as he gazed at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. I shifted my weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other, "I am the head cheerleader, for Christ's sake! What do you think my friends would think of me if I chickened out of your sex class?"
He smirked, "We could tell them the truth; that I am your older brother and you felt weird being in a sex class like this with me."
I gasped, "Don't you dare! None of my friends can ever know you are my brother! Oh my God I would just die!" I felt tears forming in my eyes.
Eric walked back toward me and lifted my chin with his finger. "Don't worry, sis, no one will know we are brother and sister." Then he lowered his head and lightly kissed my lips.
That flustered me even more and I pulled away, "I-I need to get home. Mom and Dad are probably wondering where I am."
Eric pulled away and smiled at me, "Ok, I will see you in a bit. I am coming over for dinner tonight."
I blushed as I backed away from him, "Ah, ok. I will see you at the house then." Then I turned and practically ran out or the classroom.
I did not stop till I was safe in my red Mustang. What was wrong with me? I wanted my own brother to throw me down on his desk and ravish me. I must be going insane! I pressed my hands to my hot cheeks and tried to will my heartbeat to slow down.
I pressed my forehead against the steering wheel and thought, Dear God this was going to be a long semester!'
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