The Sex Slave
We get to the hotel room and as soon as you close the door and put down bags you stalk towards me slightly menacingly, grab my hair and pull my head back and start kissing me very passionately. When we are done kissing you walk to the bed and stand in front of it and tell me to come over here. I walk over and stand in front of you. You tell me that I have been a very naughty girl for keeping the secret of just how kinky I really am from you and you tell me for that I will be punished. You ask me if I understand and I am looking down and answer quietly. You take my chin in your hand and raise my face until I am looking at you and you ask again "do you understand me?" I say yes and you let go of my face. You tell me "your body is no longer yours, it is all mine now. Your lips are MINE, your tits are MINE, your pussy is MINE and your ass is MINE. And I will use your body whenever, however and for however long as I see fit." You ask me again if I understand and I say yes. Then you tell me good and to put on the outfit and shoes that you have laid out on the bed for me. There on the bed is a black lace see through dress with bell sleeves along with black high heels and nothing else. I strip out of my clothes and put this on for you. You look at me from head to toe and tell me to turn around and of course I do. You examine me again from head to toe, running your hand down my ass. You walk over to the bed and sit down still fully clothed and tell me to "come here" I walk to you and as soon as I get close you grab my wrist and pull me over your knee, you tell me "this is what naughty little bitches who keep secrets from me get" and as soon as you finished saying that you started spanking my ass. rubbing it every now and again in between spanks. At one point while spanking you rammed 2 fingers into my pussy, which by now is very, very wet and then when you feel my body tensing as I am just about to cum you withdraw your fingers and tell me I cannot cum yet. You tell me to get on my knees and unzip your pants I do so and you stand up to slide your pants and underwear down and your cock springs to attention just inches from my mouth. You continue to stand and tell me to suck your cock like the dirty little cum slut we both know I am. I do not waste any time and lick your cock up one side and down the other lowering my head to lick your balls and gently suck one into my mouth and then the other one. I lick back up until I reach the head of your cock and swirl my tongue around it. Then I suck just the head into my hungry mouth and suck the head of dick and swirl my tongue around it at same time. I do this for a little while and then when you don't expect it engulf your whole cock into my hot mouth. I suck you harder and harder and faster and faster wanting desperately to taste your cum. I feel your cock twitching and swelling in my mouth and know you are getting close. You put your hands on the back of my head and start thrusting into my mouth. You tell me "when I cum I want you to swallow all of my creamy load I want all of it down your throat, do not miss any, not even a single drop." With one last deep thrust you explode in my mouth flooding it with your hot, thick, salty-sweet cum and I suck every last drop just like you wanted and kept sucking you until you were spent and started to soften in my mouth. You look down into my eyes and tell me how much I have pleased you.

You tell me to lie face up on the bed. You grab my one wrist and tie me to the bed then reach across bed and tie the other wrist. Then you walk down to the foot of the bed and grab my ankle and tie that to the headboard as well, then you move to other ankle and repeat the same process. This position has both my pussy and ass totally accessible and ready for whatever you want to do. You look down at me and tell me how slutty I look and how excited this makes you. You go to the side of the bed and turn around with a ball gag in your hand and put that on me. I am now totally helpless and at your mercy and I have never been more turned on in my whole life. You take the oil out and pour it over my pussy and ass. Then you take a butt plug and start pushing it in and out of my ass telling me how hot it looks seeing my ass spread by the plug you are using. You insert the butt plug and tell me that it is going to stay in there for a while. You then pour more oil on my pussy and start to finger me, you start with 2, ramming them roughly in and out of my pussy. I am moaning but ball gag keeps noise from being too loud. You then add another finger and thrust in and out until you decide you want to stuff another finger into my pussy. You look at me and tell me what a good little slut I am for taking so many fingers in my pussy and tell me that I am not done yet. You add your thumb and then turn hand around in circle in my pussy pushing as you turn trying to stuff your whole hand into my pussy. I am almost constantly moaning at this point as the feeling is so intense. You finally manage to get your whole hand in my pussy and firmly thrust in and out. You tell me what a naughty little slut I am for being able to fit that much in my pussy. Then you proceed to smack my ass. I cum so hard from all the pleasure/pain that you are making me feel. Luckily the ball gag is in as otherwise screams would be very loud and it is is very muffled because of gag. You ask me does that feel good my little cum slut? Am I making you feel good, huh? You say "Oh I think I am, your pussy is covered with your cum and pussy is spasming around my wrist. Bet you think I am done with you don't you? Well think again, we are not done here, not by a long shot." You untie my wrists and ankles and turn me over face down. You tie my arms to the bed and then reach down and tie one ankle to foot of bed and the other one you spread very wide. You tell me to let you know when it starts to hurt. You keep spreading my legs wider and wider until I say "OW" and then you put it fractionally closer but it still is almost at the point of pain. You look into my eyes, yours are dark with passion as I'm sure mine are as well. The butt plug is still in my ass and you spread my cheeks and play with that for a little while thrusting it in and out of my ass. Then you walk to the side of the bed and grab another toy which you shove into my still wet pussy. You start shoving both toys into me in unison and tell me how hot this looks and how much it turns you on. You take the butt plug out of my ass and squirt more oil on my ass. You start spanking me telling me what a dirty little slut I am for letting you do this to me. My ass feels hot and I know it is probably red from the thorough spanking you have given me but it doesn't hurt, what it has done is turned me on so much that I am squirming and moaning and if I didn't have the ball gag in I would be begging you to fuck me. You come to the head of the bed and stick your cock right in my face and tell me "I bet you wish I would fuck you with my nice hard cock, don't you?" Since I can't talk I nod my head quite vigorously. You chuckle and tell me since I have been a good girl taking everything that you have thrown at me maybe I have earned a good, hard ass fucking. I moan in excitement. You ask me "is that what you want baby? Want me to shove my rock hard cock in your ass and fuck you good and hard? I know you like it rough baby so I am not going to hold anything back, and you are going to take whatever I give you like the good little bitch that you are, aren't you?" I nod my head vigorously again.

You walk towards the foot of the bed again trailing your hand lightly down my back raising goose bumps on my flesh. You give my ass a hard smack when your hand reaches it. Your cock is rock hard in anticipation of how tight my ass is going to feel. You position your cock at the entrance of my ass and push firmly into it. We both groan in unison. You hold still for just a minute letting me adjust to your hard cock. I am breathing very heavily from excitement as are you. Then you start to move, thrusting in and out of my ass. God it feels so good, I am so filled with your cock in my ass and toy in pussy. I have never done dp before and find the sensation incredible. I cum over and over. As soon as one orgasm is over I climb right back up and another begins. Of course this is squeezing your cock and feels extraordinary for you as well. You begin to fuck me harder and harder and faster and faster getting closer to your own release. I feel your cock swell in my ass and know that you are very close to cumming. You pull your cock out of my ass and come to the head of the bed. You tell me to turn my head more so you can cum all over my beautiful face and ball gag. You stroke your cock a few more times and then explode covering my face and the ball gag with your hot, thick, sticky cum. With your cock you rub it all over my face telling me what a good little cum slut I have been for you and how pleased you are with me. You untie my wrists and ankles and take the gag out of my mouth and tell me to lick the gag clean. Then you run your cock all through the cum you have blanketed my face with and feed it to me. You do this multiple times until my face is clear. Then you shove your cock into my mouth telling me to lick and suck you clean. When I am done with this you give me a passionate kiss then come lie down beside me. We lie there with my head on your chest until our breathing and heart rates return to normal. I look at you and say "That is the most incredible fucking I have ever had." I kiss you tenderly and we both drift off to sleep for a little while to get our bodies ready for the next round.

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