The Sexual Surrogate Chapter Two
The Sexual Surrogate
Chapter two

Any concern for Deanna about a gynecology examination had now quickly vanished? This was replaced by feelings of anticipation for helpless kinky sex,... and she was the one that was going to experience some of the most stimulating and kinky, a young woman like her had ever been exposed to? The breast and clitoral attachments were only the start. The small amount of tasteful slickem nurse Joy had applied has gone from a wonderful relaxed feeling that was content and blissful at first,.. to one of more urgent sexual relief? Her nipples always sensitive were now more sensitive than ever, and the stuff on them had only softened the tender skin and allowed them to easily swell up into the glass tube like device as they were pumped only adding to the sensual sexual sensation!

First nurse Joy had released the nipple tubes, but when the fresh air mixed with the slickem the desire for some sort of nipple abuse was, oh so overpowering, but her nipples will only be a minor discomfort and inconvenience!

This attention is something she wants more than anything,... now in desperation Deanna starts to beg then plead OMG! Please! Oh help? Help Me Ohoooo! Then Deanna was more than surprised and shocked as this attractive black woman now stark ass naked leaned over and kissed her again but this time it was even a more lustful wet and perverted face sucking, all this had done was to increase her desire for some sort of sexual relief!
Her nipples were bad enough! But, OMG! What had really got her attention though was when glass tube device was released from her now swollen cherry tomato size "Clitoris"!

The vacuum was released with a sucking sound and the suction tube pulling at her now blood red "Clit" and most sensitive sexual nerve endings was causing even more desire for attention!

It had instantly left her with desire for clitoral attention, and abuse which few woman especially her, could ever begin,.. to imagine! Deanna in a low groaning voice, said please, OMG please do something? Nurse Joy knowing quite well that it had taken very little of the slick chemical to take full effect, and was teasing her as much as possible saying to Deanna! Something,... you want me to do something? "Oh My" what ever could that possibly be? Deanna now in real distress and barely able to move almost screamed, anything, Dammit, anything do it OMG!
Do it! Joy knowing that Deanna more than ever will except any kind of sex play or abuse even sexual torture for relief!... But this attractive young lesbian bitch of a woman savors the moment and slowly takes her time, with Reggie and several of those from Black Bred magazine watching the wanting anguish on Deanna's face several more flashes of pictures are taken!

My wife Deanna is totally helpless and can move very little, no matter how much she try's can do nothing to change her helplessly bound position and vulnerable predicament! Just when she is beside herself with wanton lust nurse Joy has rested her chin on Deanna's tummy and has blown her breath lightly across Deanna's swollen puffed up clit! All this along with the slickem has done is increase her wanting for ever more attention!

Now almost in tears for some sort of relief, and with Joy taking her sweet ole time, has again blown on the most incredibly sensitive over swollen clitoris, then has moved around and starts to slowly lick the tasteful slickem off, like a cat lapping some warm sweet wonderful cream! For Deanna almost immediately and with no resistance left at all, is on the very verge of an incredible orgasm, one that has started deep from within her most perverted sexual being! Just when she thinks it is going to happen and have the best of the best sexual climax!

Nurse Joy playfully stops blowing her warm breath, Deanna if not restricted and encumbered would have been climbing the walls or at her whits end, and is again shamelessly begging and pleading! Then Joy, being a bit sadistic has timed Deanna's release perfectly and clamped the cold steel of the Saenger Obstetrical Forceps tightly around and over her swollen and super ripe rose bud sized clit! This is followed by several more close up camera flashes!

The sensation is mixed as the cold steel slows down but does not stop this incredible rushing orgasm much like a male that wants to ejaculate with blue balls, and has had his cock pinched tight not allowing the semen to flow and cannot be rewarded with the incredible blissful pleasure! But the results of this restricted wonderful sexual torture makes the feeling last so much longer almost three times as long as Joy first tightens and the slowly releases the forceps little at a time, this is followed by the best sexual orgasm my young wife has ever had, and for Deanna this is saying something!

She under the present circumstances is almost numb and would not need to be bound or restrained at all! As after experiencing such sexual pleasure, she would not or could not move a muscle! But she needed to be bound tightly for what was coming next! As she laid there helplessly Reggie AKA Dr Mc Nausty first used the vaginal dilator , then forcefully inserted the gigantic duck billed stainless 30mm Vaginal speculum! She could feel it go deeper and deeper until the cold steel of the tapered flange was tight against her warm wet pussy lips!
Then the threaded wing nut adjustment was turned again, and again opening her vaginal passage a little at a time stretching even her pelvis bone along with her vaginal tunnel,... but now easily open enough so that a gigantic black base ball size cock head could with little trouble be inserted!

Just as she was able to tolerate this most uncomfortable stretching Reggie slowly forced in an anal stainless stimulator called the trailer hitch through her tight pink little sphincter ring asshole muscle!

This was another of his doctor friends device's that he had pioneered. Both now have left Deanna's eyes wide in wonder? Once her cunt is wide open it has given, Dr McNausty easy access to Deanna's urethra passage! The tissue around the urethra is full of super sensitive erotic nerve endings and Reggie's Dr friend has assured him that most women can easily be stimulated in this area with very pleasurable results. Deanna cannot see at all what is happening to her pussy, but her imagination goes crazy as she can only feel, as Reggie inserts a 130 mm long Female - Urethral stainless steel ribbed stimulator, one rib at a time The entry point end is only 5 mm but once fully inserted , and at the very end is almost 10 mm in size as the last rib passes and snaps into her with its full length!

As each rib snaps past her tight little urethral pee hole opening and into the passage this sensation is mind boggling, it is another thing she has never experienced nor could even imagine?

But this was only the beginning of female sexual stimulation the likes of which few women have ever experienced! Again for Deanna all of this was new,... very new! Just when she thought there could not possibly be anymore, the buzz box was wheeled up close, and electrical connections were made to the steel anal trailer hitch ball probe ribbed stimulator and speculum, then the buzz box was turned on low?

Her sphincter muscle tightened up slowly at first followed by her vaginal tunnel that the speculum was holding open! Then the stainless urethral stimulator was charged as the buzz box alternately sent small amounts of current to one and then all three!

OMG! For Deanna she felt her buttocks around her sphincter first helplessly tighten raising her up firmly against the leather belt around her middle, then her upper thighs and vaginal muscles contracted followed by her and pubic mound, was it ever erotic to watch as her body and muscles reacted uncontrollably, and the electrical current did its thing, as Deanna's pubic sex organs were charged again and again!

For Reggie having the doctor explain the procedure and how it worked was one thing but to see the actual effect and results of it on a naked bound helpless female, made ole Reggie's dick instantly hard! Nor was this perverse sexual stimulation lost on nurse Joy!
Reggie's doctor friend had warned him not to exceed 500 mili amps or past the red arc! This doctor had taken from the Antique equipment of the day, and had developed adapted and improved upon these Clitoral Vaginal, Anal devices.
This added to the "Excitement and Enhancement of these Systems," using the old along with the new and his own experiences, was something he used almost daily in his practice, of stimulating well to do white women!
Vibrators are one thing but. electrical urethral and prostrate, (yes women really do have a prostrate , also called ‘Skene's gland', is located a few centimeters into the vagina, in a place better known now as the G-spot.) simulators, like these last items would as Deanna was now finding out take the kinky mechanical and electrical sex play to a whole new level.

Electrical stimulation of the urethra and the Skene's gland can evoke incredible pleasurable vaginal contractions. The good doctor by using this slender metal rod with ripples and inserting it into her urethra followed by electrical stimulation, could would and did attain numerous explosive orgasms!.

Deanna's bottom would roll from side to side and her pubic muscles would contract tightly around the speculum as if trying to fuck this duck billed steel device! Her body continued to do this time after time to the commands of the electro stimulating buss box!

For Deanna there was no doubt that Nurse Joy was indeed naked! She with her head hanging upside down had a wonderful view of Joy's incredible cunt thighs and clit that were only inches away from her lips! She, (Joy) had what one might call gap, as a full figured black woman with large buttocks she had an incredible spread between her thighs just below her pussy! It was well over three inches that would make entry to it easy! At first with Deanna's head hanging down helplessly Joy had raised up on her toes and spread her legs, maneuvering her almost dripping cunt lips up to and directly over my wife's painted red lips! This had left her helpless to resist!

Again for Deanna perverted thoughts of sex and pleasuring this black woman were ever so appealing as her, big well stimulated clit came closer and closer and her soft thighs were now on either side of Deanna's head!

This had left Joy's incredible warm wet black on the outside and pink on the inside cunt lips on either side, and draped over Deanna's nose almost smothering her with a heady female ambiance. The smell of a woman ripe for sex, this and the sensation was over powering as Joy with one hand, had reached under and pulled Deanna's head up firmly! Then, said to my lovely young wife suck me, as she placed Deanna's lips perfectly under her gigantic clitoris and pulled them both together tightly! For Deanna being totally helpless as she sucked this incredible "Clit in" was every thing she had ever fantasized about sex with another woman, but this was nothing compared to what happened next? Once Joy had felt Deanna's soft red lips securely around her clitoris, and before Reggie could stop her, she had reached over and turned the knob on the electro stimulator buzz box full to the right, this had brought the needle to the very top of the red arc!

For Deanna it was the be all and end all of stimulating sexual perversions all rolled into one! She had just gotten this incredible pink of Joy's clit fully into her mouth as it hung down by only the fleshy black skinned membrane and was doing her best at trying to nibble abuse and suck it down! But surprise and shock was when the flash,... of several jolts of burning milli amps shot through her genitals like a lightning storm as more and more flashes seemed to occur? It was as if all of her sex organs and sexual nerve endings had been electrocuted with the maximum amount of electrical current an oversexed young woman could stand!

It was a wonder she had not bitten Joy's clit clear off! But Joy looking for the ultimate sadistic perverted orgasm had taken the chance?... Deanna had bitten her pretty good, but it was exactly what she had wanted! At almost the same time, Joy had leaned forward and had taken a big mouthful of Deanna's swollen clitoris! The results were predictable as one was experiencing jolts of lightning and the other satisfying herself with clitoral blissful abuse, then after several minutes they shared incredible mind blowing orgasms together,... this had left them both shuddering! Deanna's pubes were jerking up and constricting with sexual pleasure followed by jolt after jolt as the machine slowly ran its course! After this Joy just laid on top of her with big breasts against each other and the only way she was able to stand was to keep her mouth on Deanna's clit, and clamp her incredible thighs tightly around Deanna's head!

For Deanna it was wonderful at first to have her face buried in between Joy's incredible thighs and wet slit! But when she could no longer breathe and was almost smothered by soft wet dripping black female flesh, she started choking for air! Feeling the only way to get relief was to actually bite Joys' clit Joy after being pleasured did not expect this and really jumped in surprise that allowed her incredible ass cheeks thighs and breasts jiggle and ripple obscenely! But the results for Deanna was fresh air and as she gulped it in several more flashes occurred?. Joy then scolded her giving her a look of wonder along with playfully calling her a cunt sucking little bitch! The flashes were not all lightning inspired by the jolts of the machine as the photographers from the Black Bred Magazine had taken some incredible shots of both Joy and Deanna, shall we say, that were and had been intimately together!

Nurse Joy now free and able to stand was assisting Dr Reggie as he removed the electrical connections the anal ball plug and the speculum. This had left Deanna's vaginal passage stretched wide open, but had tightened her sphincter like it had been sucking of a lemon! Joy again with the big looped forceps!
Clamped them tightly around her swollen clitoris!

Now with her cunt hole wide open , and clit clamped at the same time had slowly started to removed the ribbed urethral stimulator one rib at a time! Deanna even though the electro buzz box was turned off and disconnected, was still experiencing incredible pubic contractions along with her buttocks that continued to tighten and raise her up ever so perversely. Along with each rib of the probe as it snapped out she would jerk and yelp, oh!, Oh! O My! OMFG! Then after it was removed Reggie had tightened the forceps even more and nurse Joy had taken a small syringe and injected some of the good doctors most special stimulant before releasing the forceps, for Deanna still unable to see only feel this she thought, was about all the abuse her over stimulated and abused clit could take!... But she was wrong?

Her cunt began to slowly tighten up, at first he just flicked his fore finger off his thumb using her swollen clitoris like a small fleshy little nub! Again and again he flicked it making her clit absorb the stimulant. He used the tip of his finger nail, like trying to knock a pesky bug off of a picnic table! Deanna would squeal hold her breath and squeal again as each time as her "clit" was flicked hard! Then, he was able to stick several of his finger in her tightening slit roll it around point it up and massage her over stimulated area, better known as the "G" spot! For Deanna it was instant pleasurable orgasms, several right in a row as she shuddered and thrashed around! She gasped again and again! OMG!, OMFG!...... Please stop, oh G! Please stop, Oh please! OMFG! Please don't stop! Her mind was going one direction and her body completely out of control was going quite the other, neither could quite decide what was actually happening how to react or what would happen next?

It was nurse Joy's turn, as she wearing black latex gloves had taken a small plastic bottle shaking it up quite well then squirted some orange cream onto the glove and at first started slowly rubbing it up and down the inside of Deanna's cunt lips and down into her vaginal opening. At first it was much like the slickem, warm soothing and almost euphoric? But after several minutes of rubbing it had slowly turned into a most sinister smoldering sensation, one of wanting and to be ever forcefully rubbed and touched in just the right place! Deanna started whimpering and moaning with her eyes watering and perspiration forming on her brow as the stuff took effect and it was rubbed around on, and all over her swollen clitoris this had detracted her from it slowly swelling!

Again for her this situation has gone from wonder to pleasure the multiple orgasms of concern embarrassed humiliation and now back to sexual sadistic abuse! OMG! For Deanna her cunt seems to be on fire, and if this is not bad enough her swollen overstimulated clitoris it is as if someone was holding a burning cigarette on the very end of it! Just when she has resigned herself that there is nothing she can do to escape from this naked bound helplessly abused torture and that it could not possibly get any worse or more perverted and abusive?.....

The first of several sharp cracks of a leather belt has struck her firmly on her bare over heated pubic mound and Reggie was the one doing it, and paying close attention to her cunt lips and clit!

Please check out this video it is what I am describing that was done to Deanna with a folded belt only a bit milder!

Some of the few kinky and sexually sadistic games that Deanna and I had played was a bit of mild pussy whipping, I have used about 12 to 14" of my belt folded in half, and not all that hard, just enough to really get her body to respond to watch her labia lips and clit slowly respond and appear from her slit was so erotic! This was one of the suggestions I have given Reggie, and for him to try even more aggressively on my horny young wife! For Deanna it is a welcome relief from the burning and stinging sensations of the cream, and the desire for abusive rough sex is becoming ever so overpowering. Whack after whack, again and again has made my wife call out,.. with those words that the most perverted sexual sadist loves to hear! Softly at first she says in between the crack of the belt, "Please Harder", then louder "Harder, then groaning and louder yet Harder! OMG! Harder!....

The desire for abuse is tempered for a moment from the touch of the belt as one type of painful discomfort and abuse is offset soothed and replaced by another! Several more cameras flash with some vivid close up pictures, one of her red hot abused pubes and the other is a distorted facial expression is almost priceless, as her face changes back and forth from blissful pleasurable, to abused pleasure?

For the last several hours or so, my oversexed young wife has experienced helplessly bound humiliation abuse and incredible orgasms more than most women experience in a lifetime, and her date to meet Darryl at the Black Cobra has not even started! Finally her helpless gynecological examination has run the full stimulating course, and it is over! Nurse Joy has taken the warm soapy solution and sprayed it all over Deanna's well used and abused pubic area, and still wearing black latex gloves has washed and wiped away all of the orange cream. Then nurse Joy has released the metal bands around Deanna's breasts and with Dr Reggie's help have easily unstrapped her bonds, and have helped her up leaving her sitting on the wooden Gynecology table. Deanna still shaken from her incredible perverse ordeal, and with Joy's comforting help takes a period of time for her heart rate and pulse to return,.. anywhere near normal!

OMG! What an incredible experience! Even though she has been well washed it, the electrical buzz and the small injection in her clit has left her with a warm subtle wanting desire, that of an almost insatiable nymphomaniac one that will not nor cannot easily be satisfied, and one that will require quite a number of equally horny oversexed black men, in order to take the edge off of this desire,... much less actually satisfy her and give her some real sexual relief!

But the fact that she is already pregnant is also part of the reason she is so horny. Had she actually thought about her past pregnancies she would have known that it was a super horny part of pregnancy and remembered that being pregnant also increased her desire for sex especially her fantasy's for rough and perverted sex with forceful black men!

Being totally naked and helplessly bound like she had been, for Deanna was one of her most deliciously enjoyable fantasy's when it came to sex! I asked her once why this was such a turn on, and her answer was, that anyone especially big mean black men (Part of her Fantasy) could do anything to her and she would have no choice in the matter! So being like this, along with her imagination left her almost dripping and if one added a blindfold her sexual imagination would easily go crazy!

Nurse Joy had helped her stand and had escorted her to a small wash room and assisted her in freshening up, after which she helped Deanna slip on and wiggle into her dress. Now refreshed and re covered to somewhat normal, Joy said I want to see you soon? We, some of my girlfriends are having an all girls lingerie party and I really want you to come and model for us? Also I am planning on stopping by later at the Black Cobra to see how you and Darryl are getting it on!

For Deanna still a bit naive in many respects the off handed comment went right over her head as she thought what Joy had actually said was "Getting Along"? But then realized she had said "Getting It On"! Then still slightly shuddering from her experience and with a smug knowing smile knew exactly what she had meant by Joy's comment. The examination room was empty. Almost everyone, those from the magazine Black bred were gone leaving only Joy and Reggie. Reginald again being the perfect gentleman and still playing the part shook her hand that was still trembling and said that Deanna's tests and response to the exam would be sent to the sexual surrogate clinic and that in his opinion she would have no problem at all being able to bare and mother an interracial child! Going on to say that she was welcome back anytime and that he or his colleague (The Good Doctor who's office he had used) would be more than happy to see that she was more than stimulated again, and that the clinic would pay for the service, this comment was made with a wink and a big smile from Reggie!

Joy had called our cab driver friend then saying that the "Black Cobra" was not far just around the corner, had escorted her to the door saying I don't want you be late for your date with Darryl! As Deanna opened the door, Joy grabbed her again pulled her close, face to face and said I want you,..... I really want you,...followed by another forceful kiss! Then said oh,... what I really meant to say was,... I want to see you soon.........
For Deanna this had taken her breath away the whole experience had been incredible, now with being kissed and obviously propositioned by this attractive black woman along with the residual from being stimulated six ways from Sunday and what seemed to be her clitoris swelling had left her flustered, but ready for just about any kind of sexual adventure. As she walked down the hall towards the old elevator she had forgotten her purse as her thoughts of Darryl and her date with him was interrupted when she pushed the old elevator button.

When the door opened Old Tom had this knowing look on his face and Deanna now looked at him quite differently, and a little closer? The bulge in his pants was still there apparently she had not been mistaken earlier, and this trip in the old elevator she was about to make, was going to be much different? He, for an old black man now seemed more hansom virile and forceful than ever! But the reason was the good doctor he had also been experimenting with erectile dysfunction in older black men especially those with large cocks that like old Tom had become flaccid and had come up with the answer that would make an old man hard for over four hrs and Tom was one of the first to experience this gift! Again he offered her his hand and helped her in closing the metal safety cage. Then Deanna was surprised as the rickety old elevator jerked shuddered and headed up ^,.... not down? Deanna with naively weak knees said nothing and made no effort what so ever to inquire or stop him? Both just looked at each other like two wild hungry dogs in heat as the elevator lurched along, past floor after floor. Her "Big abused Tits and Bare Bottom Jiggled Obscenely", as the elevator traveled up, and finally stopped at the 14th floor?

It was as if they were a young horny as hell, high school couple on a first date where the girl had told the boy she was not wearing any panties, and that he could do whatever he wanted , her! Old Tom did not have to be told nor did Deanna as both knew exactly what was going to happen or at least the old man did? He had unzipped his pants and out flopped a big hard black cock, but not quite what Deanna had expected, it was about 10" long though and quite firm, but the big difference was it curved up most interesting and perversely!

For Deanna to be fucked by an old black man on the top floor in an old elevator, and by one that was old enough to be her grandfather was pure fantasy! But the thought of his big black curved cock thrusting up into her was so sinfully perverted exciting, and inviting along with the fact that she, sill stimulated was ever more ready to be fucked, more than at any time in her life! Her green dress was very loose fitting after being stretched from getting in and out of it, she without any words being spoken had easily pulled the top down exposing her big soft beautiful breasts to him! For old Tom he was like a schoolboy again as desire and lust easily overcame his tired old worn out body!

His long black fingered hands lovingly caressed the fair white skinned breasts needing them harder and harder, the harder he squeezed the more she liked it, especially when they found her nipples! But he was not the only one enjoying himself as her hands had found his most unusual curved up dick and cock head! She could not believe an old man like this could have such a rock hard cock, and that she was the one that was causing this? Again it was as if both for the first time was enjoying the others intimate sexuality. Then he ordered her to turn around, face the wall and spread her legs!

For Deanna to be ordered around, along with being half naked wearing heels and fucked from behind was one of her most favorite positions, and to be done this way with a big curved black cock would make the experience ever so perversely enjoyable, the thought with her clit slowly swelling had left her instantly wet! The green dress was no hindrance at all, as it left most of her hourglass bottom easily exposed especially with her hands up helplessly out of the way on the elevator wall! This had allowed the dress to inch up even farther exposing her entire bare bottom!

Deanna had this most unusual habit of sub-conscientiously pointing her toes inward as she would stand with her legs apart and stick her ass out making access to her much easier and was more than sinfully ready for what she thought was coming? He had rubbed his curved cock head up and down her wet slit readying it. The fact that she still had some of the residual slickem from her trailer hitch stretching stimulation would make what was about to happen even easier! But, OMG! To her surprise, she gulped ,...and her eyes widened in "Shock" followed by the word "No"! This escaped from her lips as his big black curved up cock easily found its way up,... and into her pink tight little ass hole sphincter muscle! For Deanna being fucked in her back side, was never one of her favorite things as she thought to be fucked in the ass was only something a true slutty whore would willingly do! This was something we had done little of, and was so to speak "Virgin Territory"!

But the nasty penetration while wearing only this short dress and being lusted after my an old black man, along with being fucked in the ass on the top floor of this old office building had quickly made her clit buzz, pussy tighten and her slit start to drip! Oh was he ever hard, she could not help herself and screamed out as he thrusted up into this almost virgin place, harder and deeper each time with her heels apart an up on her tip toes with them pigeon toed had allowed him up and into her ever deeper as she tried to steady herself against his nasty back door invasion and the elevator wall! Thrust after thrust almost picked her up off the floor each time, she squealed and squealed like a stuck pig never thinking that having her Hershey highway packed like this would turn her on,... but it did! In what seemed like minutes but in reality was much longer this virile old man had cummed warm semen, and for someone his age a lot of it! He kept squirting up and into her as he pulled her white bottom down harder and harder against his hard curved cock!

She had not realized that the elevator had started down while she was humped from behind? The lurching old elevator only added to her perversion as her butt fucking came to an end, she was still squealing obscenely as the elevator door opened and the metal safety screen was pulled aside! OMG! She was treated to several more camera flashes of her almost naked, and him still wearing his cap and short jacket, was naked from the waist down, with his pants around his ankles? The office buildings main lobby earlier had been entirely empty, but now not only was there the camera crew from the magazine, also a number of onlookers had gathered! Several were white women on there way up to experience some of what Deanna had previously enjoyed but from the real doctor!

They were all pointing and murmuring at this most nasty public display of perverted sex! Deanna 's white skin instantly turned beet red at being caught naked in public with a black dick up her ass, was horribly dreadful, and embarrassing! The old black elevator operator at his age could have cared less who saw him and as he pulled out,.. his unrestricted cock squirted its last vestige's of cum all over! The crowd that were watching had gone from hushed comments to several whistles, some were even clapping as the old man turned to face them with his curved slimy cock wagging about, removed his cap and then, took a bow! Deanna embarrassed even more had pulled her loose fitting top up over her breasts and with cum still dripping from her bare ass hurried by the crowd not daring to look at anyone, and out onto the sidewalk, trying to escape this horrid public humiliation!

She had hoped the cab would be waiting, but it was not? The street was much busier now as cars drove past but no cab was in site? She in a panic not thinking had started off down the street, remembering what Joy had said the "Black Cobra" night spot was just around the corner, she did not noticed the two big black men that were following her at a distance? It had been a warm spring day and was just getting dark.
She had nothing, no coat or purse only the short green skimpy dress that was well stretched and barely covering her!
Joy had called our cab driver friend alright, but this call was just a signal for another of my kinky and devious plans that was about to take place!

Deanna had numerous fantasies some cute some dark and several about rape! One of them was to be raped by experienced black men, ones that were really horny! Men that have never had sex with an attractive white woman, they were the kind of men that had been disadvantaged and treated poorly by the mostly white establishment! The kind of men that would love to take out their anger frustration and extreme feelings of racial injustice by brutally raping a young shapely white woman like Deanna? Especially one like her that now found herself half naked wearing only this short green dress, high heels and on her way to an all black bar to be romanced and fucked by Darryl. Her first real date with a handsome forceful black male!

This was one of her darker delicious sexual fantasy's, and that was to be forcefully raped by mean nasty black men, men that would treat her with disdain, and give her the rough sexual abuse she had fantasized about! This fantasy was about harsh prolonged hard driven sex by at least six big black perverts! All of this particular fantasy had been told in detail to our cab driver friend and he in turn had seen to it that most of men she had described in her fantasy and everything she had fantasized about, like it or not was about to happen!

There were six of them alright and unknown to her the fact of being purposely set up like this could not have turned out any better. Most were exactly the kind of men Deanna had masturbated to, the perverse thought, of men like them really doing her, being caught half naked in a back alley and her having absolutely no choice in the matter had produced incredible orgasms as she would fantasize and pleasure herself! Now we would see fantasy and reality become one, and it definitely would be the abusive sexual satisfying experience she had hoped for,.. and more! Just as she reached the corner two more big mean looking black men appeared OMFG! For Deanna this fantasy of hers instantly flashed across her mind as she stumbled and turned to beat a hasty retreat, but as she turned around and started back towards the office building she could see two more equally distasteful looking black men coming toward her!

Should she scream or try to run,... her only escape seemed to be a dark alley just ahead, she quickly turned into the darkness and hurried along clutching the stretched top of her dress that had slipped down even farther and was just barely covering her sensitive nipples! She had glanced back expecting these men to be right behind! But was surprised at first, then somewhat disappointed that they did not seem to be following her? As Deanna made her way farther down the alley she could see lights and the lit up sign that said "Black Cobra" it was still some distance and across the street from the alley, she could not believe her luck, she was almost halfway their?
As a half naked white female in a dark alley in the poor black section of the city she was both excited and scared to death! Her heart and breasts were almost pounding out of her dress, again with mixed emotions of escape or being dreadfully raped! In only moments she would be safely in the bar with Darryl. Deanna could clearly see the sign and that the picture on it was of a big black cock perversely and cleverly altered into the image of a snake, one of a "Black Cobra", but there was no doubt that this depiction was, that... of a big black cock!

Her thoughts had gone from being brutally raped only moments ago to a most pleasant romantic and sexually satisfying evening with Darryl? All of these thoughts were shattered when two of the biggest meanest looking black men seemed to appear out of the dark from nowhere, blocking her path to the bar bright lights and safety! Deanna was stunned unable to move for the moment and as she relaxed her hold on the dress, this allowed it slip down, exposing her abused nipples that were now hard as rocks! Her big white "Tits" were heaving in the excitement of it all and were now easily and totally exposed to these black nasty men! OMG! Deanna thought,.. she was had,... and all of her fantasies of being brutally raped now replaced any thought of escape, and her clit was still swelling, and over stimulated pussy was starting to drip uncontrollably!

These two muscular men unlike the others had raped numerous white women and had recently been released after being held in jail for several days! They had been accused of a sadistic brutal rape, the white woman they had done this to, would not press charges as they had brutally raped threatened and intimidated her? Had Deanna known this she like that woman would not have been quite so excited or anxious for abusive sex! These two men were actually brothers, they were stocky looking older bald headed men in their early 40s with ,what appeared to be beer bellies!

Deanna now scared out of her wits had turned to run, and as she did the others, all four of them now blocked her way! Just as she realized their was no escape one from behind had grabbed her thin green dress and pulled,... easily ripping it off leaving her stark ass naked in only high heels! To be like this totally naked in front of six big black men was one of Deanna's most perverted sexual dreams and one she had almost hurt herself masturbating to!

As she stood there naked surrounded by these horny black men, one of the two brothers had removed his belt and had gotten up close to Deanna? Then placed the belt around her neck pulled it tight and slapped her hard, then with his face next to hers said,... do what you are told you little white bitch, and maybe, just maybe we wont cut your "Nipples" off, when were done! Our cab driver friend had been told that my wife only needed a vocal threat and a hard slap to the face after which she would willingly do anything!

For Deanna being threatened and slapped hard with her face still stinging and her eyes watering, said hesitantly I will do anything, anything please don't cut my nipples off, she finally realized her most dark delicious perverted sexual fantasy was about to come true!! ....

To be continued in chapter thre
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