The Snooper
Growing I I snooped through all my mom and step dads things. I found all my Christmas and birthday presents no matter how hard they tried to hide them. I discovered things my young eyes should never have been exposed to like my moms vibrator and butt plug collection and dads dirty magazines. I had no idea what the sex toys were, but when I found the magazines I got the first sexul hard on I can remember. It was a smattering of playboys, penthouses and playpens, nothing too filthy, but seeing the womens bodies exposed was like my sexual awakening.

I'm not sure at what age a boy usually starts producing semen, but I think I was an early bloomer, I was jacking off 3-4 times a day and was amazed at the sensations it produced. I'd lay in my bed at night and play with my hard on discovering all the different areas that liked to be stimulated. I was going through an amazing amount of Kleenex, but whenever I ran out, there was always a new box on my dresser.

I was only caught jacking off a few times, all by my mother. The first time she was in the dining room reading the paper while I was watching tv in the family room. I was sitting in my dads recliner and something came on TV that must have turned me on, everything turned me on really. My hand went into my pajama bottoms and started stroking. I reclined the chair all the way back and pulled my dick out and closed my eyes. I was getting close to finishing when I heard my mother say "You want a sandwich"? My eyes shot open and I hid my erection and shook my head no as she looked at me with a sly grin. I wanted to die from embarrassment.

My friend Mike lived 2 doors down and I would sneak one of my step dads porn mags over to his house and we would flip through the pages and both get hard. It was mike who first discovered the sex stories in the back of the mag, I was to busy looking at the pictures. Mike said " You have to read this". As I read the story about a women taking her boyfriends cock up her ass then letting him cum in her mouth, I knew exactly what cum was, but Mike didnt. "Want me to show you" I asked him. "Sure" he said. I pulled out my dick and he watched as I stroked it, transfixed by my lewd rubbing. "Here, watch" I said as my orgasm neared. My left hand went to the tip of my dick to catch my cum as it started pouring out. My head tilted back and I moaned as I filled my hand with hot cum. When I finished, I showed Mike what I had produced and said "this is cum, and it feels real good when it comes out". Then I licked my hand clean and Mike asked,"why'd you do that"? " Cuz the chick in the story ate her boyfriends cum, I thought id try it". "Oh" Mike said. "Have you ever jerked off"? I asked him. "I've played with it, but never did that". "Go ahead, try it". Mike pulled his hard dick out and stroked it for a long time, but never came. "Here, let me try this" I said and I leaned over and took him in my mouth. "WOW" Mike said, "That feels great, keep doing that". I moved head head back and forth like the lady in the story did but Mike never came.

Pretty soon Mike and I were sneaking away to suck each others dicks a lot. We'd sneak in the bushes, behind the garage, in our blanket forts, anywhere to feel the amazing sensations our mouths brought us, but still, Mike hadn't cum. I got Mike to let me cum in his mouth by reminding him the girl in the story swallowed and as soon as he could cum, I'd do the same.

"Mikes here mom, well be in my room playing" I yelled to her in the kitchen as mike and I ran upstairs to my room. We played video games awhile until I asked him, "you wana do it"? "Yeah" he said. Mike went first as always, I took my shorts and underware off exposing my hard on and he got on his knees and started sucking me, he had gotten really good at it. His mouth felt better than ever and soon I was cuming in his mouth. "Open your mouth and show me" I said. Mike opened his mouth and my cum was floating on his tongue, then he closed his mouth and swallowed.

"My turn" Mike said and I told him I had a surprise for him and pulled a tiny butt plug out of my pocket. "Whats that" mike asked. This goes in your butt, I read about it in my step dads magazine, the girl said she cums extra hard with this in her butt". Mike looked at the tiny toy and said "putting that in my butt will make me cum". "Yeah" i said, "I stole it from my mom". "Ok do it" mike said. He pulled his pants and underware down, I said, "You should probably bend over and spread your butt cheeks". Mike leaned over my bed and reached back and spread his cheeks and I brought the toy to his hole. I pushed it in a little and Mike said it hurt and felt dry. I had an idea.

"Spread them again" I told him. He spread his cheeks and I learned in and spit directly over his asshole. I used my finger to spread it around his hole and pushed it in alittle. Soon my finger was half in. "you ok" I asked Mike. "Yeah, feels weird but I'm good, why dont you lick me right there" Mike said. I did just that, pulled my finger out and licked his asshole all over getting it really wet. Mike was saying how good it felt and I told him "wait until you cum".

Mikes asshole was dripping in my spit so I said "ready"? He took a breath and said "yeah do it". I brought my moms butt plug back to his hole and pushed in back and forth working it deeper and deeper. "You ready here it goes" I said as I heard Mike grunting in a little pain. Then the big bulb in the middle went through his ass and I asked if he was ok. "It doesn't hurt anymore and I feel full back there" he said. He stood up and turned around and said "oh WOW, it's pressing on something inside and it feels good to stand". Mike started walking around my room laughing and saying it felt pretty good. "Good, come here, let me suck you" I said.

Mike stood in front of me in just his T-shirt, his dick looked bigger than it ever had, I was going to suck him as long as I had to so he could cum. I started on his hairless balls, licking and sucking all over them then licked up his swollen shaft. My hand went through his legs and my finger pressed against the base of the butt plug and I jiggled it as my mouth sunk over his fat crown and down his shaft. "Keep doing that, its vibrating
against something and good" Mike moaned.

I sucked and sucked on Mike thinking maybe this wasn't going to work when he said "somethings happening", he was panting and moaning. "It feels so good, don't stop, somethings happening!!!!!"

I doubled my efforts and sucked fast as he moaned loudly and I knew that sound he was making well, I'd made it myself. One last moan and I felt it, fresh hot cum spewed from Mikes dick and started spraying against my tongue. "What's going on in...OH MY GOD, what are you two doing"? My mom said bursting through my door without knocking, obviously hearing Mikes loud moans and coming to check on us. My mouth flew off Mikes penis in the middle of his first orgasm, cum continued to spill from its tip. Mike, having never experienced a cum before instinctively reached down and started stroking his dick, in front of my mother. My mouth was off his dick but I was still right in front of him and his cock blasted a rope of cum across my cheek which was turned toward my mother in horror.

The most uncomfortable silence ever experienced by anyone, ever, followed. The only noise was Mikes heavy breathing as the rest of his cum spilled down his hand and onto the floor.
My mother ran across the room and grabbed my arm and yanked me up and pulled me into the bathroom. She flipped up the toilet seat and said "SPIT!!!!!" I spit the little of Mikes cum I had gotten into the toilet. She grabbed a wash cloth from the sink and wet it wiped the cum off my cheek while saying under her breath "Dirty little boys sucking each other dicks and getting cum on each other, WHERE DID YOU LEARN SUCH BEHAVIOR?" "I can't believe you two". More obscenities poured from her mouth as she dragged me back into my room and pushed me towards my bed. Mike was still standing there but he had grabbed his underware and pants. "Oh no you don't mister, you just wait stay where you are" mom scolded at Mike. Mike was still holding his dick, cum leaking down his hand and dribbling onto the floor. She moved his hand and ran the wash cloth over his fingers and palm cleaning the cum off, then grabbed his cock and wiped the head and shaft, all while cursing under her breath. "Wait til I call your parents, is THAT, where you learned this naughty behavior, I bet it is, nothing like this happens in our house". "Open your mouth" mom said to Mike. Mike opened and mom leaned in and smelled his breath, I'm sure it wreaked of my earlier load. "Your breath smells like cum, you came in his mouth, didnt you, DIDN't YOU!!!". I just shook my head yes in shame.

After mom cleaned up Mikes cum, she pushed me over the bed and started my spankings. Mom was old school when it came to punishment, she had no problem spanking me or Mike. She turned my ass cheeks as red as my face was. Then she grabbed Mike, leaving me bent over the bed, naked from the waste down. She threw Mike against the bed and pushed his back, bending him over the bed and reached back.

And then there was silence again. I looked at Mike and he looked at me and we both wanted to die, we knew exactly why mom stopped.

My mom looked down at the base of the butt plug sticking out of Mikes ass in complete disbelief. Her cursing fit had stopped and when she finally spoke it was in a calm quiet and forgiving motherly tone.

Mike had his ass cheeks clenched up preparing for his whooping, but it never came. Mom delicately gripped the base of the butt plug and tugged, but it didn't move. "Mikey sweetie, you have to relax so I can take this out your butt". Mom gingerly said to mike. "Help me" mom said to me. "hold his butt open". I reached over and took a cheek in each hand and spread my best friends ass. I watched as mom gently pulled. Mikes ass opened up and the toy came out, but Mikes ass was gaping open. "Squeeze your butt together Mikey" mom said. He did and I watched his hole close right up.

Mom turned Mike around and sat him on the bed next to me and began a very uncomfortable conversation with us. "Boys, first of all, I need to know, have you stuck your penises in each others butts"? We both shook our heads no. "Ok, tell me what's going on with you two".

I took a deep breath and started telling my mother everything, finding her sex toys and dads magazines. I explained to her that we just looked at the pictures until we read the stories and I showed Mike what cum was and tried to get him to cum but he couldn't. "Mom, I tried and tried to suck Mike off, but he just couldnt cum and he's my best friend and I wanted him to see how good it feels to cum but I couldnt make him then the story said you can cum with a plug in your butt and I knew you had one so I used it on him and, I'm SO SORRY!!!!

"Mikey, your plenty old enough to ejaculate on your own, you don't need a plug and you don't need my sons mouth, I'm sure you've masterbated plenty". Mom exclaimed in a non believing tone.

"No ma`am, I've tried and never could cum" Mike said. But Mikey, when I walked in your penis was ejaculating everywhere, you mean to tell me that was your first orgasm" mom said. "Yes ma`am". Mikey told her. "And you did all this for Mikey, just so he could experience what it felt like"? "Yeah mom, I wanted him to see what it feels like to cum".
"You really do care about Mikey, don't you"? Mom asked me "Yeah mom, he's my best friend, I mean were not gay for each other, but it feels so good to cum, I wanted him to experience it" My mom got sad and started to weep. "Mom I'm so sorry" then she cut me off. "No sweetie, I'm sorry, I should have knocked....I ruined Mikeys first orgasm".

Well my mom never did call Mikes parents, I don't think she wanted to explain where we found a butt plug. Right after our confession, mom broke into tears telling us our compassion was the sweetest thing ever, and if we wanted to make each other feel good, then we were free to do it.

A few days later my step dad put a lock on my door. He was totally against it until mom told him she walked in and caught me masturbating. She never told him what she really caught us doing. Dad couldn't really argue and agreed that boys need their privacy.

Mike would come over and we'd lock ourselves in my room and take turns sucking each others dicks for hours. But Mike again wasn't able to cum. I would suck and suck and nothing. I tried sticking my finger up his butt while i sucked him but that didnt work either. Mike wanted to cum again so bad, but couldn't, and I really wanted to taste his cum again.

Eventually I told mike I wanted to taste cum and he said "I know, I'll let you cum in my mouth, then I'll spit it in your mouth" That sounded great to me, I wasn't really jacking off anymore, anytime I wanted to cum I just called mike and he sucked and swallowed me so I hadn't even licked my fingers clean in weeks.

We took our pants off and got in my bed, Mike went under the covers and I felt his mouth on me. His lips slid up and down my young dick and it felt just as good as it always did. I watched the sheet rise and fall as I filled Mikeys mouth with my young sweet cum. When I finished, Mike crawled up my body until his face was right above mine, his lips were sealed closed as he came in close and I opened my mouth. Mike let my cum slide into my mouth and finally, I tasted it again.

As I swallowed down my cum, there was a knock at the door. "Who is it"? I asked. "Its mom, can I come in"? I jumped up and put my shorts on and hid my underware under the bed. Mikey, with his pants off, just stayed under the sheet. I unlocked and opened the door and my mom was all smiles. "Hey sweetie, can I come in"? Mom asked. I nervously opened the door and mom came in and asked "whatcha guys doin"? as if she didnt know. "just hangin out" I said, we looked nervous and guilty as hell. "Sweetie its ok, I told you it's ok and it is, you and Mike can pleasure each other all you want, you don't have to lie" she said. "I was just wondering if you guys were playing safe and had any questions".

Mike shook his head no, he was still very embarrassed. For some strange reason, I felt slightly more comfortable and said "Mike still can't cum". She said "I thought you weren't gona lie to me, sweetie I can smell his ejaculate on your breath". "No mom, that's mine, I had Mike spit it in my mouth because I missed how it tasted" I watched my mothers nipples get hard through her nightgown. "Mikey, you haven't had an orgasm since your first one"? Mike just shook his head no. "That was over a month ago" she said. "And you've been.........sucking his dick 3-4 times a day"?

"Hey mom, how`d you know that" I asked. "Ive been saving a fortune in tissue sweetie" she said. "Most mothers can tell how often their boys are pleasuring themselves, but poor Mikey, are you just not doing it right for him" mom asked. I explained that I had been trying to get him to cum for weeks before she caught us, and that every time Mike did me i did him too. "the only time he came was with your butt plug".

Mom had a Cheshire cat grin on her face as she backed out of the room. She came back after a second, closed the door and locked it. " Your fathers watching tv in our room, so I had to sneak it out". Mom said lifting her nightgown and reaching into her panties and pulling out the tiny butt plug. She turned around exposing her panty clad ass to me and said, "you'll need this too". I looked down and mom had something in her panties. "Take it out" she said. I pulled her panties away from her body and looked at her ass, it was nice, and my dick got hard again. I reached in and pulled a tube of lotion or something out of her panties. "that's lubrication, it'll make it go in and come out easier" mom said. "

"I don't know if I can do that mom" I said nervously. "Aren't you supposed to be telling us not to do stuff like this, that its bad or something". Mom replied " sweetie there's nothing wrong with pleasing your friends, I did it when I was your age and your step father STILL does it, and just so you know, that's not my butt plug, it's his, mines the big one". My jaw fell open. mom explained to Mike and I about all the nerve endings deep in our butts and said that's probably why he was able to cum with it in.

"Mikey, do you wana try it again"? Mom asked him. "You bet" Mike said. "Ok, I'll show you guys what to do". She had mike bend over the bed, she smiled when Mike threw the sheet back and she saw he already had his pants off. She helped Mike take his shirt off so it wouldnt get stained. Mike bent over and his ass was high in the air and he excitedly wagged it around. Mom started to hand me the butt plug and lube the suddenly pulled it back and said " are you sure you two like girls"? I said "Mom....this all started with me playing with myself cuz I got hard looking at big soft boobs and the wet spots between their legs". Pussy" mom said. "I am not, I just like getting. Mom cut me off. "No sweetie, pussy is what girls have between their legs where boys have these" she said gently caressing Mikes ball sack. "Oh" I said. "Well your father certainly likes butt plugs, he cums a fountain when it's in there, so Lets do this". She said as she had Mike spread his legs further. Mikes asshole was on full display as mom handed me the lube. "Ok, squirt this on his hole and push it it with your finger" She instructed. I squirted a bunch in his butt and spread it around with my finger, then slide it in easily. Mike moaned as I fingered his slippery ass. "Oh my" my mom said as she closely watched me finger my best friends ass. "Its getting hot in here" she said, sounding like she was out of breath. I turned to ask her if she was ok, but before i could I noticed her nipples sticking through her nightgown again. I could see the hard tips and the dark area around each one very clearly. Mom caught me looking at her tits and gave me a "smartass" look and said, "focus on what your doing".

Mikes ass was ready to go and mom handed me the butt plug. "Go easy and slide it in gentle" she said. I slid it in a little and was surprised how easily it slid almost all the way in. "Breath Mikey" mom said, then I pushed it home.

Mike gave a little grunt, then stood up when it was firmly in his rectum. "That feels really good in there" Mike said as he turned around. Mikes dick was rock hard and it was right in our face. "Thanks mom, I think I got it from here" I said to her. "No No, I'm gona make sure that comes out, I'll be here for technical support, besides, are you gona go put it back in the drawer"? She asked. She had a point, dad would see me and wonder why I was going through his underware drawer. "Just go ahead sweetie, suck Mikes dick". I couldn't believe my ears, it sounded so dirty the way she said it.

I leaned my head in and took Mike in my mouth and heard them both moan. I started sliding my lips up and down Mikes shaft as my mom looked on. After a few minutes my mom said "Can I make a suggestion". I slid Mike out of my mouth and looked at her and wiped the drool from my chin and said sure. A shiver ran up moms spine as she said "If you really want to please his cock, take it in your hand while you suck him, then move your mouth with your hand, like this". She reached over and took Mikes spit covered erection lightly in her hand and started stroking it smoothly. "And while you do this, you put it in your mouth and suck gently, but firmly, even use your tongue on the tip".

Mike looked at me then my mom, he couldn't believe my mom was stroking his dick for him. Then he noticed her nipples too, I saw him stare and I started to stare again too. "You boys are something else, is this what you wanted to see" and with that, mom slid the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders and the garment fell, got caught on her left nipple, then fell to her knees. Mike and I just stared, they were big and creamy and looked very soft. Mike spoke first, "they look so soft", "yeah they do" I said. "Boys, come over here" mom said pulling mike and I to either side of her. "I want you to use your hands on these, GENTLY" she said. Our hands went to her boobs together and we felt and squeezed and felt some more. Moms eyes ever barely open as we fondled her heavy breasts.

"Mikey, squeeze my nipple, you too" mom said. I squeezed her already hard nip and moms eyes close. I started pulling on it gently like she said and her mouth opened slightly. Her body was shuttering and we both squeezed and jiggled her nipples at the same time. Her breathing was deep and she moaned "HARDER!!!" so we squeezed harder and I started lightly twisting, her mouth opened all the way, she looked like she was screaming, but no sound was coming out.

When she finally cracked open her eyes, Mikes hard cock was the first thing she saw and she stared at the young cock inches from her face. She brought her fingers to his erection and very lightly stroked its swollen head before dragging her nails down his shaft, past his balls and rested a finger on the butt plug. Mikes hands dropped to his side as mom played with his toy. Mikes knees went weak and mom stood up and said "Ok, II think Mikey needs to cum now". "Oh my god, I wana cum so bad" mike said on his trembling legs. "Good, cuz when your done, I need to cum again too" I said.

"Why don't you two just suck each other at the same time" mom suggested. I laughed and said "Yeah right mom, how are we supposed to do that, stand on our heads"? Mom shook her head and said "you boys are lucky I'm here". She lightly took hold of Mikes boner and lead him to the bed by it and had him lay on his side, Then she walked back to me and got on her knees.

Mom pulled my shorts down and off then stood and gripped my dick and started to lead me to the bed, I almost came. "No dont touch it!!" I said to her. "sweetie, nobodys gona know your mom touched your hard penis" she said. "no mom, I almost came the second you touched it". Mom grinned and said "playing with mommys big titties got you really excited, didn't it". I told her it sure did. Mom smacked my ass and said "on the bed".

She positioned us in a side by side 69 then took hold of Mikes cock with one hand and my wrist with the other and put my hand on his dick while she brought it to my mouth. I wondered why I never thought of this as I took his cock in my mouth as my mother smiled down.

She went to the other end and warned mike that I was ready to cum and he should take it easy. She explained that during a 69 you try and cum at the same time by feeling the bodylanguage, listening to the moans and trying to time your orgasms together. "Mikey, until you feel close to orgasm, try just licking his cock up and down, maybe suck his balls, and when you feel like your going to cum, then grab his penis and suck on it" mom explained.

I felt mike licking my balls as mom came around to watch me suck Mike
s dick. I closed my eyes and nursed on his cock trying to get my bestfriend to fill my mouth with cum. I felt moms weight on the bed after a few minutes and opened my eyes to see my mom squeezing her nipple with one hand while her other was moving around inside her panties. I pulled my mouth off Mikes sweet cock and asked her what she was doing. "Well, its like when you see something on tv and it makes you want to rub your penis, watching you two has excited me, so I'm rubbing my pussy" mom explained. "put Mikey back in your mouth sweetie" mom said. I gobbled Mikes cock again, but watched my moms tits shake as she rubbed a finger through her soaked pussy.

Mom was really squeezing her tit hard, she watched us suck each other and started fingering herself faster, then she threw her head back and bucked her hips forward and held very still. Slowly mom brought her head up, she had a huge, satisfied smile and she looked at me with my mouth full of cock. She crawled down next to my head and got so close I could feel her breath on my ear as she started whispering to me."Oh sweetie, your doing so good, thats it baby, suck Mikeys cock for him, suck that big load out and swallow it down"

I felt my mom tugging at the cock in my mouth and as soon as I pulled him out, mom swallowed his cock all the way down, I heard Mike moan. I watched moms full lips slide up and down his pole a few times then she leaned it back towards me, she was still bathing his cock with her tongue. I took the other side of Mikeys cock and we slurped up and down that sweet cock for ten minutes before mom said "I just wanted a taste, it looked so yummy". Then she slid down to check on Mike who was slowly stroking my cock while licking my balls. "Mikey do you feel like your getting close yet"? I heard mom whisper in his ear. "Everything feels so good, but I felt a little something when you took me real deep". "Thats called deepthroating sweetheart, feels good doesn't it" mom said. Mike shook his head.

Then I felt two tongues on my balls licking all over them, mom lifted my leg and her tongue went behind my balls leaving a trail of saliva. Mom moaned into my balls and went deeper until her tongue was licking my ass, she moaned as she spread my tight butt and licked deep, it felt amazing.

After awhile mom came back up and took Mikes cock away from me and she started deepthroating him again. She looked really sexy with cock in her mouth and lust in her eyes. I started licking Mikes balls and playing with the butt plug, pushing and pulling it gently, it actually popped out once, but went back up his ass easily.

Then I felt Mikes mouth slide down over my cock, I was still very close to cuming and I felt it rising up my shaft and I started to fill Mikes mouth. Moms eyes shot open and she slid her lips up and off Mikes cock and I watched a thick load of cum shoot onto my moms lips as she bent his cock in my direction so I could enjoy the rest of his creamy treat. Mom jiggled the butt plug and Mike moaned as we filled each others mouths. I had finished cuming but Mike was still unloading in my mouth, I swallowed to make room in case he had more, and boy did he, his cock jerked and pulsed in my mouth as my mom watched in silence as he filled my mouth 3 times.

My mom used her hand on Mikes shaft to milk out the last bit of his cum onto my tongue, then she gently squeezed his balls and i felt another big glob spill out in my mouth. I swallowed down the last of it and took him out of my mouth, kissing the tip. "Oh my GOD Mike, that was so much cum, it tasted so good, you filled my mouth 3 times" i said. Mike was still panting trying to recover " SO.......GOOD" was all mike managed to say.
"Mike I cant wait to suck you off again, your cum was so delicious, I just wana drink it all day" I said. My mom grabbed my head and brought her lips to mine, she kissed me deep and pushed her tongue into my mouth, then i felt it. More of Mikes cum poured from moms lips into my mouth. My eyes closed as I felt closer to my mother than ever before as my bestfriends sweet cum mingled with our tongues. We kept kissing long after i swallowed what she saved for me.

Mom spoke first "Mikey, sweetie, he's right, your cum IS delicious, and there was so much, I've never seen anything like it, you filled my mouth, then his 3 times, incredible". "guess waiting a month to cum was worth it, a buddy" I said. "YEAH" was all mike could muster still. I looked at mom and noticed the shot of cum Mike had put up her lip and over her cheek, I leaned in and licked it off my moms face and savored the last of Mikes giant load.

A few days later Mike and I ran up to my room to suck each other off and there was a present sitting on my bed. I opened it up and it was matching butt plugs. There was a card that said

To my "sweet" little boys, may you always find pleasure in one another. Love mom.
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