The Snooper III
Mikey had amazing grades and his parents sent him away to a special High School for advanced students. He lived in an apartment with 3 other guys and only came home once a month and when he did he was busy with his family.

The night before he left my mom bought us a porn video of cumshots, we all watched in my bed and we all wore our butt plugs. My dad was working late so we took our time and worked our cocks until precum flowed like a river. Mikey finally gave me his cum when he straddled my face and fucked my mouth while my mom was behind him, pushing and pulling the butt plug until he howled "I'm gona cum, I'm gona cum BIG"!!

My mom pulled it out and slid her tongue up his ass deep while his cum poured down my throat. Then mom and Mikey shared my cock by slurping it up and down together. My cum shot high in the air and their tongues slowly scooped and cleaned up my mess.

That was it, the next day Mikey left and we didn't see him again for 2 years.

After a few months I was sad and missed my friend, my parents could tell. Nobody but my mom knew that I was secretly bi and had a huge blowjob and cum fetish. My dad's only advice was to make new friends but my mom knew I missed giving blowjobs.

Every so often my mom would give my dad a head and he'd fall asleep right after. On those occasions (which weren't often) she'd sneak in my room with a mouthful of his spunk and we'd share his load. What usually happened was that she'd hold his load in her mouth waiting for him to fall asleep but he would take too long and she'd have to swallow it.

On one such rare occasion, we were laying on our sides making out with a big mouthful and my mom started rubbing my boner for me. Her forward grip was light and she slowly stroked me up and down while we pushed cum back and forth. Then, for the first time ever, I reached forward and touched my mom's crotch. She jumped and her eye's opened but she didn't remove her tongue from my mouth. Slowly my mom lifted her leg giving me access to her panty covered pussy.

Her panties were tight fitting but the crotch was soaking wet, I rubbed all over her mound with all four fingers. Mom started moaning and her lips slightly moved away from mine breaking the seal on snowballing, cum filled mouths. A mixture of dads jizz and our spit poured down over my lips and chin. I quickly swallowed what was left and looked at my mom as my fingers started moving faster.

She had spilled cum too, as I leaned in to lick it off her chin I felt her hand reach down and pull her panties aside. My fingers fumbled through her pubic hair as I cleaned her chin.

I felt my Mom's hand on mine, she started guiding me and whispering to me while we stared in each other's eye's only inches apart. I could smell the cum on her breath while the taste lingered in my mouth, it was a delicious scene.

"Feel that bump right there, that's my clitoris or clit, it's the most sensitive part of mommy's pussy, if you rub it lightly, you'll make me cum".

She guided two of my fingers lightly over the jelly bean sized button of nerve endings. Slowly she closed her eye's and started moaning soft and quiet. Through her thin nightgown I could see that her nipples were erect, I leaned in and sucked on one through the shear material.

Mom took the hint, sat up and took it off, my mom had wonderfully huge tits and as soon as she layed back next to me, my hand was back in her pussy and my mouth was sucking lightly on her nipple.

"You can bite it a little, then lightly run your teeth over it" Mom said.

As my teeth started grazing up and down her left nip her hips bucked forward mashing her clit against my fingers, her hand moved up to grab her breast and feed me while her other went behind my head.

"That's my boy, oh my God sweetie that feels so good, rub your fingers lower, that's it, feel how wet I am, that area is called my slit or gash, if you rub lower you'll find mommy's special spot, her pussy hole. It's nice and wet, go ahead and run your fingers inside my warm honeypot. Mmmmmm, feels so good, use two fingers in there and fuck them in and out for me...mmmmmmmm, you're good at that".

Mom pulled my fingers from her pussy and brought one finger to her mouth and sucked her juice from it. "Now you clean the other one" she said. My mom's pussy was sweet and this felt more naughty than anything we had done before.

"OK, rub my clit real light, mommy needs to cum".

I leaned across her stomach so I could finger fuck her while I rubbed her clit, it worked, mom came very quickly. She pinched both of her nipples so hard they were purple.

While mom was calming down I started to masturbate. When she noticed she slid down and started rubbing my balls. I turned toward her and lifted my leg like she'd done. Mom curled around me like an octopus, our legs intertwined, one hand slid to my asshole and the other fed my cock into her mouth.

Mom's slick finger worked deep in my butt and it felt good, when she added a second finger AND slid me down her throat, I knew I wouldn't last long. Her throat massaged my cock as she bobbed her head in short strokes to keep me deep. When I came, it went passed her tongue and straight down her throat.

"Damn" I said

"What's wrong sweetie, didn't you like my throat" she asked.

"We didn't get to share mom". I cried.

"Sweetie, don't you think it's time to find someone new to exercise your little...fetish with? I can only keep getting you so much of your dad's jizz, he's starting to wonder why I never want to fuck, only blowjobs.

"There's nobody at school or around the neighborhood that wouldn't beat me up if I asked to suck them off".

"You know your Uncle Roger will be staying with us for Christmas soon". Mom stated.

"So" I said.

"Let's just say your Uncle Roger is just as kinky and dirty as your mom".

"How so"? I asked

"Uncle Roger and I had a bathroom that we shared between our bedrooms. One night while grandma and grandpa were on a trip I heard a noise coming from the bathroom. When I opened the door Uncle Roger was naked getting a blowjob from his old wrestling coach, Mr. Dean".

" what happened"? I asked.

"Mr. Dean started freaking out, going on and on how he was going to get fired. Well while he was freaking out, I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it on the ground and took Mr. Deans hand and put it back on your uncle's cock, then had him masturbate your Uncle into my mouth. I told him that if he was in trouble, WE would be in trouble. What Mr. Dean didn't know is that I'd been sucking my brother off for awhile". Mom explained

"So Uncle Roger is bi"? I asked

"Your Uncle Roger is definitely bi and loves a good blowjob. Hell, sometimes when he's over on the 4th of July, he'll pull me in the bathroom for a quickie, he's perverted, just like me. What you're going through and our special love is perfectly normal for us". Mom said.

Then she leaned in and whispered. "And...your Uncle Roger blows big loads, maybe he could sleep in here on your upper bunk instead of the couch when he visits in a few weeks".

This was goin to be an interesting Christmas I thought to myself.

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